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The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and enhancement of the quality of life for people living with cancer.

How we achieve our mission

To make the most impact in the fight against cancer, the Society is:

• leading research to better prevent cancer • influencing public policy for quality cancer

care everywhere in Canada

• focusing support programs on the greatest needs of patients and caregivers

• engaging more Canadians in the fight against cancer

What is the Financial Assistance


The Financial Assistance Program is one of the support services offered by the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division. The program gives support to people in financial need for transportation and accommodation when travelling to and from treatments and appointments at cancer treatment facilities in Alberta*.

Some financial assistance is also available for caregivers.

*In some instances, treatment in other provinces may be considered if the applicant is a resident of Alberta.


Who qualifies for the Financial

Assistance Program?

You may qualify for the program if you are: • a resident of Alberta

• currently living in Alberta

• receiving active cancer treatment or follow-up at a recognized treatment centre in Alberta • living outside the boundaries of the Canadian

Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division’s

Volunteer Driver Program

• in financial need

• not qualified for support through any other program (e.g. AISH, Income Support/ Social Assistance)

• a caregiver to a cancer patient who meets the above requirements

• a caregiver (that qualifies)

Please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office to find out if the Volunteer Driver Program

serves your area. Local contact information is on the back of this brochure.


How do I apply?

You can apply for the Canadian Cancer Society

Financial Assistance Program by:

• contacting your local Canadian Cancer Society office for an application • getting an application from your

treatment centre

• downloading an application form from

If you need help completing your application form, please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office and a staff member will help you fill out your application.

Once your form is filled out, you can mail it, fax it or drop it off at your local Canadian Cancer Society office.

How will I know if I’m approved?

If you are approved, you will receive a letter stating your subsidy amount.

Why do I need to submit a

treatment schedule?

You will be asked to submit your treatment schedule to your local Canadian Cancer Society office prior to each reimbursement.

Schedules must be signed by a health professional at your treatment centre to show you went to your appointment. All information you give to the Canadian Cancer Society is confidential and used only for subsidy claims.


What can I use my subsidy for?

You may apply your subsidy towards: • travel (car, shuttle, bus, air)

• accommodation (hotel, private home) • caregiver travel and accommodation expenses

How much will I be reimbursed?


• An approved per-kilometre rate if you are driving by car (up to your maximum subsidy amount) • Some of the cost of your bus or shuttle ticket

(up to your maximum subsidy limit)*

*Please note that if you travel by bus or shuttle, you also need to submit a receipt stating how much your ticket cost when you send in your appointment schedule.


• an approved rate per night at the hotel of your choice, up to your maximum assistance amount (see Canadian Cancer Society staff for a list of hotels)

• an approved rate per night at a private home up to your maximum assistance amount (family member or friend)


Caregiver Costs

• If you wish, you may apply your approved assistance to costs incurred by a caregiver, up to your maximum assistance amount

NOTE: Reimbursement will occur up to your maximum approved amount for within one year from the date of your application approval.

How can I provide feedback?

To ensure the Financial Assistance Program

meets the needs of people using this service, you will be sent a Client Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback helps the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division, to make sure we offer you a high-quality service.


Other Canadian Cancer

Society programs

In addition to the Financial Assistance Program, the Canadian Cancer Society offers a wide range of community services including supportive care programs and comprehensive cancer information for patients and caregivers. To find out more about other programs available in your area, contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office or visit our website at


1 800 263-6750

When you need someone to talk to,

CancerConnection is there. The peer support program matches newly-diagnosed patients and caregivers with survivors and others who have had similar experiences.

Cancer Information Service

1 888 939-3333

The Cancer Information Service is a national, toll-free service offering comprehensive information about cancer and community

resources. The service is offered to cancer patients, their caregivers, family and friends, healthcare professionals or anyone who has questions about cancer.

Compassionate Financial

Assistance Program

Cancer costs at end-of-life can be overwhelming for many families, and those caring for loved ones can experience significant psychosocial and financial burdens. The Compassionate Financial Assistance Program provides modest financial support to residents of Alberta who have been diagnosed as palliative and have exhausted all other means of acquiring financial support.


Volunteer Driver Program

The Volunteer Driver Program relies on a team of dedicated volunteers in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge who donate both their time and their vehicles to transport people who need assistance travelling to and from cancer treatment.

Inspiring Hope Support

Group Series

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society can provide emotional and informative support through the Inspiring Hope Support Group Series. For more information, visit

There’s a world of information at your fingertips on our website, including a cancer glossary, the

Canadian Cancer Encyclopedia, and a complete directory of community services available to the public.

Patient Care Kit

The first trip to the cancer centre after diagnosis can be overwhelming. So the Patient Care Kit, which contains practical items and information, was created to greet patients on their first visit to the cancer centre and to help them cope with their diagnoses.

Wig Lending Program

Wigs go a long way in restoring confidence in patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, but are a luxury that many cannot afford. For that reason, the Society maintains a wig bank in Calgary and Red Deer, where the operation is supported by motivated volunteers.


Your local contact is:

1 888 939-3333 |

Let’s Make Cancer History

Calgary ...(403) 205-3966

Edmonton ...(780) 455-7181

Fort McMurray ...(780) 791-0174

Grande Prairie ...(780) 538-8205

Lethbridge ...(403) 327-5452

Medicine Hat ...(403) 528-2125

Red Deer ...(403) 347-3662

Yellowknife ...(867) 920-4428





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