<Insert Picture Here> Refreshing Your Data Protection Environment with Next-Generation Architectures

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Refreshing Your Data Protection Environment with Next-Generation Architectures


Program Agenda

Storage challenges

Key enabling technologies

Oracle solutions and value

Reference architecture


IT Storage Challenges Have Not Slowed


Current IT Storage Challenges

Uncontrollable data growth

On average companies are doubling their data every two


Approximately 20% is structured data and typically

“Business Critical”

– database backups

Approximately 80% is unstructured data – file systems


Budget restrictions

Whether decreasing, flat, or increasing

budgets are not

keeping pace


Current IT Storage Challenges

Rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLAs) − Data

growth, economic pressures, and competitiveness in

the global market are causing:

Crushing backup windows

Driving shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and

aggressive Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

24x7x365 access to data

Greater regulation

Legal, compliance, and regulatory issues are forcing


Why is Data Protection So Important?

Top Data Protection Issues for Companies of All Sizes

Safeguard corporate information

Maintain efficient business operations

Conformance with SLAs and regulations

Recovery time and recovery point focused

Drive out costs - efficiency

Shrink the backup window


The Availability Continuum

Data Protection - Backup &


Data Availability / Mirroring


Disaster Recovery for Data





Disaster Recovery for Application High Availability for Application High Availability for Data


Backup & Restore is the FOUNDATION of data protection!!





Traditional Database Backup and Recovery

Slow and Inefficient


File System Backup Realities

Tape vs. Disk

Disk to Tape

Disk to

Deduplicated Disk

Access Retention TCO

Low Medium High

Access Retention TCO


Storage challenges

Key enabling technologies

Oracle solutions and value

Reference architecture



Data Deduplication Changing Backup

Data Deduplication Benefits


• Optimized capacity

• Store more data for a longer period of time

• Reduced management • Reduced bandwidth requirements • Centralized data protection and management

• Mitigate security risk of lost media


Deduplication for Backup − Choices

Clients Based Deduplication

Source based deduplication

Backup Software with Deduplication

Target based deduplication Backup Server

Backup Server

Deduplication Appliance

Device based deduplication

Hybrid Based Software Deduplication


Backup Software Deduplication Benefits

Reduce Costs

Leverage current backup software

“Inexpensive” and high performance Sun servers Shrink backup window by up to 90% (client dedupe)


Deduplication at the client, backup server, neither, or both

Deduplicate by data type – eliminates “all or nothing” approach

Reduce Risk

No hardware vendor lock-in

Regular disk and tape storage – taking advantage of compression and encryption


Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Simplified Logical And Physical Recovery


Intrinsic knowledge of database file formats and recovery procedures

Fast Recovery Area

Fast incremental backups

Backs up only changed blocks

Image copy backup rolled forward with incremental backup

No need to do full backups

Tape Library


Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape With Deduplication

Tiered Storage Economics and Scalability

0 7 30 60 90 365 Infinite

Days since backup


Leveraging The TCO of Tiered Storage

Access Retention TCO


Program Agenda

Storage challenges

Key enabling technologies

Oracle solutions and value

Reference architecture


Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape with Deduplication

Data Protection Architecture

Infinite storage scalability

Lowest total cost of


Deduplication flexibility

“Right” sizing

The “right” storage The “right” capacity The “right” access

The “right” throughput performance For the “right” price


The Changing Role of Tape in Open Systems Backup

Paraphrasing Mark Twain…

“The reports of Tape’s death have been

greatly exaggerated.”

Tape is the only cost effective, long-term storage


Focus on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly full backups

Reliability – 15 to 30 year shelf life

Drive and media generational compatibility

Secured encrypted data – Lost tape? Who cares.


The Changing Role of Tape in Open Systems Backup

High speed, linear scalable performance

Economical “green” storage – ultimate in data at rest


Data growth make disk too costly and too risky – even

with deduplication

Tape is 100,000 time more reliable then disk (bit error rate of



vs. 10



RAID only makes this worse – more components to fail

Tape provides the maximum in


Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Backup To The Fast Recovery Area

Simplifies all recovery processes

That’s why you backup in the first place

Logical and physical

Shrink the backup window

Incremental backups Changed blocks only

Image copy backup rolled forward with incremental backup

Default disk location for all recovery-related files

High performance backup to Tape

Tiered storage economics


Program Agenda

Storage challenges

Key enabling technologies

Oracle solutions and value

Reference architecture


Database Backup Architectures

Performance, Scalability, Reliability

Reference Architecture:

Exadata and Database Backup


Reference Architecture:

File System Backup,

Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape with Deduplication


Oracle Secure Backup (OSB)

Enterprise Tape Backup Management – Database Backup

Oracle Database

RMAN Integration

Oracle Secure Backup

Tape Library Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

File System Data

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle database backup / recovery


– Utilize RMAN command line restoring to original or alternate location

Provides media management layer

for RMAN

– Built-in integration – No additional licensing costs

Exclusive performance optimizations

– Achieving 25 – 40% faster

backup to tape than comparable products

More than 75% less expensive than


Sun Oracle Database Machine

Sun Oracle Database Machine – Backup To Disk

Internal Fast Recovery Area

Full Database Backup to Disk

1 instance, 2 RMAN channels:

3.4 TB/Hr

2 instances, 2 RMAN channels/instance:

5.1 to 6.5 TB/Hr

2 instances, 4 RMAN channels/instance:

5.4 to 7.1 TB/Hr

Full Database Restore from Disk

All instances, 2 RMAN channels/instance:

Quarter Rack:

5.6 TB/Hr

Half Rack:

13.7 TB/Hr

Full Rack:

24 TB/Hr


Sun Oracle Database Machine Infiniband Quad Data Rate Network OSB client transmits RMAN backup data streams via TCP/IP

over IB

Sun Oracle Database Machine – Backup To Tape

Internal Fast Recovery Area

StorageTek SL500

Brocade 5100 8GB FC SAN

OSB associates each backup data

stream to a tape drive

Sun Fire X4170

Oracle Secure Backup Administrative Server

Two Sun Fire x4275


Proof of Concept Summary

Full Database Backup to Tape - all instances, 14

tape drives, one RMAN channel per drive:

8.6 TB/Hr

Full Database Restore from Tape - all instances, 14

tape drives, one RMAN channel per drive

Quarter Rack:

6.1 TB/Hr

Half Rack or Full Rack:

7.8 TB/Hr


Sun Fire 4170 Oracle Secure Backup administrative server

Sun Fire 4275 Oracle Secure Backup media servers with

Infiniband QDR adapters


Oracle Database

Sun Storage 6000 Series Fast Recovery Area

Oracle Database

Sun Storage 6000 Series

RMAN backups, archived redo logs

stored in Fast Recovery Area


Fast Recovery Area

FC Disk

Indexes, Tables, Redo logs


Indexes, Tables, Temp, Undo, Redo logs

Media Manager

StorageTek Tape Storage

Media manager backs up recovery area files to tape for longer-term


Solution Highlights

Leveraging Fast Recovery Area for simplified and high performance physical and logical data recovery and Tape for long-term storage Sustained throughput disk read: 6,400 MB/s (per controller)

Sustained throughput disk write: 5,200 MB/s (per controller)

Database consolidation

SSD, Fibre Channel, and SATA disk – best price per performance (IOPS and MB/s)

Automatic Storage Management and Partitioning – simplifying management

Driving down the cost of online storage

Enterprise capabilities and reliability at modular disk costs Configuration flexibility – IOPS – throughput – both!

On the fly dynamic reconfiguration Product line scalability


Infinite Disk Repository


infrastructure Each database instance has it’s own “virtualized” disk

Tiered Disk and Tape

Policy based data movement

Data read direct from storage

Oracle 10g/11g Database Server

Sun Storage Archive Manager

Metadata Server

Individual Fast Recovery Areas

Sun Storage Archive Manager Infrastructure


Infinite Disk Repository and Sun Storage

Archive Manager

Infinite Disk Repository for each Oracle instance

All Data Protection data looks like it resides on disk

Faster recovery time objectives and better recovery

point objectives

Mitigates need for redundant backup application

Retention policies in database control


Oracle's Reference Architecture for Next-Generation

Data Backup

Oracle Solaris Backup Clients AIX Backup Clients HP/UX Backup Clients Linux Backup Clients Windows Backup Clients

10Gb and 1Gb Ethernet Client Network / VLAN

Infiniband Fabric 10Gb Ethernet Data Network 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN

PureDisk Server Options Master / Media Server Options

Sun Blade 6000 Chassis

Sun Blade X6270 X4170 ServerSun Fire Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server

Sun Blade 6000 Chassis Sun Blade T6320/T6340

Converged Network Backups

Sun Datacenter Gateway

Disk Pools

Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems

Fibre Transport Media Server


Backup Performance to Build On

Equates to performance of 5 to 52 TB/hr.

Server Number of 10 GB Ports Number of Threads Maximum Network Backup

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120

Server 2 16 1.4 GB/sec

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220

Server 2 16 1.4 GB/sec

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240

Server 4 32 2.8 GB/sec

Sun Blade 6000 Chassis with 10 Sun Blade T6320 Server Modules*

20 160 14.4 GB/sec


Backup Architecture Highlights

Multitier architecture including backup clients, media

and master servers, and a wide variety of disk and

tape devices

Highly flexible

Virtually unlimited scalability

Real world performance results


Program Agenda

Storage challenges

Key enabling technologies

Oracle solutions and value

Reference architecture



Reduced operational costs:

Complete solution - tested architectures

Leverage existing knowledge base in backup/recovery software Automation throughout the software and hardware solution

ECO-friendly - Servers, Deduplication, Disk, and Tape

Right-size the backup processes

Deduplication where, when and if it is needed Tiered storage economics and scalability

Meet future requirements simply, easily, and cost effectively

Achieve SLAs - meet and exceed Recovery Time Objectives


Highest performing servers, disk, and tape

From the trusted backup expert – Oracle


Additional Resources

Oracle Database High Availability

http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/availability/index-087701.html Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture

http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/availability/maa-096107.html Oracle Exadata

http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/exadata/index.html Sun Oracle Database Machine

http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/database-machine/index.html Oracle Recovery Manager


Oracle Secure Backup

http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/secure-backup/overview/index.html Sun Storage Archive Manager


Oracle Tiered Storage Portfolio





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