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Participle. 國 中 英 語 自 助 餐


Academic year: 2021

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1. Chuck: Did you watch the tennis game between our school and Wanlai Junior High School yesterday? It was really .

Frank: Yes, we especially liked David. He was really a good player. (A) excites (B) exciting (C) excited

2. Mom: Why do you study English every day? Don't you have math or other subject homework?

Son: Yes, I do. But I'm in it, and I hope I can go to the USA some day. (A) interests (B) interesting (C) interested

3. (At the birthday party)

Fanny: My dear Wendy, open it. It's for you.

Wendy: (Open the box.) Wow! What a beautiful doll. It really me. (A) surprises (B) surprising (C) surprised

4. John: Mom, can I not go to the music class? Mom: Why not? Isn't the teacher good enough? John: No. I just feel it is .

(A) bores (B) boring (C) bored 5. Father: Where's Tommy?

Mother: He's sleeping in his room.

Father: Sleeping? It's 9:30 now. Wake him up.

Mother: He didn't go to bed until 2:30 this morning. He's too . (A) tires (B) tiring (C) tired

6. Mr. Liu's girlfriend wants him to have lunch with her, but his boss wants him to go to Tainan on business now. To go or to stay? The problem him.

(A) troubles (B) troubling (C) troubled



7. Walking too much will you, too.


9. My favorite basketball team lost the game last Sunday, and it me very much. (A) surprises (B) surprising (C) surprised (D) to surprise 10. learners usually learn things more slowly. So, you have to cheer yourself up.

(A) Bore (B) Boring (C) Bored (D) To Bore

11. Do you know asking you to do the work isn't you? It's good for you, instead (相反地). (A) trouble (B) troubling (C) troubled (D) to trouble

12. the star of longevity (壽星) at the birthday party is a trick but a lot of fun. (A) Surprise (B) Surprising (C) Surprised (D) Surprises



13. Simon: Why does Tommy look so today?

Scott: Don't you know? He gets his first 100 on this English test. He never got more than 85 before.

(A) excite (B) excited (C) exciting (D) to excite

14. Nancy practices English as often as she could. She hopes she can pass the exam next month and go to England to study there.

(A) speaking (B) spoke (C) to speak (D) speak 15. Molly and her brothers are planning fishing on the weekend.

(A) to go (B) will go (C) are gone (D) have gone 16. After Bruce finishes his work, Mrs. Speakers that we will start to go to her house.

(A) is calling (B) has called (C) will call (D) call

17. Arthur is a very person. We always have a good time when we are together with him (A) to

18. Before we leave, being sure that we

. interest (B) interests (C) interesting (D) interested

everything ready is important.

(A) are getting (B) have got (C) are got (D) will get 19. Dick: I feel this program is . How do you think, Elliot?

Elliot: I agree with you. Why not turn off the TV and go out for

(A) bore (B) bores (C) boring (D) bored 20. They're going to go

bicycle riding?

for the big dinner. There will be nine people coming to our home

(B) shops (C) shopped (D) shopping

B A A D C B C D tonight.


Cloze Test

Each of you shared the experience. When you (21) t )

you would go to school, you go (22 . The first day at school was usually (23) , and when you went back home, your parents would ask you "Do you (24) a good time at school?", "Do you make any new friends?" or something else.

Time passed. You felt homework got more and more, and you had to spend more time (25) it. More and more classes or subjects became (26) . Every time you ( 7)2 why you didn't like to study them, your answers were usually they were too hard. However, was it true? Of course not. You (28) much more time on TV or computer games than on your lessons.

Now you (29) in Grade 9, and you will have an important test next year. Change yourself from now. If you have any questions about your lessons, (30) your classmates or teachers, and they will help you. If you do so, good grades are always waiting for you.

21. (A) told (B) were telling (C) were told (D) had told 22. (A) excite (B) excited (C) exciting (D) to excite 23. (A) interest (B) interested (C) interesting (D) to interest 24. (A) have (B) has (C) had (D) will have 25. (A) do (B) does (C) to do (D) doing 26. (A) bore (B) bored (C) boring (D) to bore 27. (A) asked (B) to ask (C) have asked (D) were asked 28. (A) spend (B) spent (C) will spend (D) were spent 29. (A) is (B) are (C) were (D) was 30. (A) ask (B) will ask (C) have asked (D) asked



31. Allen昨天開了一場令人驚奇的派對。


32. 你兒子對於這張照片,一點都沒興趣。


33. 為那場考試讀書,並不是件令人疲累的事。

________________________________________________________________________ 34. Paul 的父母對於他的英語成績感到很驚訝嗎?

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

35. 在看完了那場緊張刺激的棒球賽之後,他感到很興奮。

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

31. Allen昨天開了一場令人驚奇的派對。

Allen had a surprising party yesterday.

32. 你兒子對於這張照片,一點都沒興趣。

Your son is/was not interested in the picture/photo at all.

33. 為那場考試讀書,並不是件令人疲累的事。

Studying/Preparing for the test is not tiring. 34. Paul 的父母對於他的英語成績感到很驚訝嗎?

Are/Were Paul's parents surprised at his English grades?

35. 在看完了那場緊張刺激的棒球賽之後,他感到很興奮。


Exercise — V- ing


V – pp

* 取自國外文法網站


1. After she said “goodbye”, he had a _______________ heart.

broken / breaking

2. The _________________ president didn't know what to say to the newspaper reporters.

surprised / surprising

3. While looking in the sky, we saw _______________ fireworks. exploded / exploding

4. The _____________ truth is that nobody knew who had the bomb.

shocked / shocking

??? ???

5. The ________________ weather conditions are forcing most people to stay inside.

frozen / freezing

6. A _____________ popsicle is waiting for you in the freezer.

frozen / freezing


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