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Building Blocks Daycare

Program Handbook

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3 Dear Parents and Care Givers,

Welcome to Building Blocks Daycare!

This program has been established through Yellowhead Community Services Society Child Care Program. It is our aim to provide a quality child care service to families in the Clearwater community and surrounding area. The goal of the program is to offer a safe and fun environment for children and also to provide opportunities for children to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually within a warm and caring atmosphere.

The purpose of the handbook is to provide families with pertinent information in regard to the program policies and procedures. If you have any further questions or need additional information please speak with a member of the Daycare staff or contact the YCS Licensed Child Care Programs Manager.

Yours truly,

Susanne Butcher E.C.E.D

YCS Licensed Child Care Programs Manager Yellowhead Community Services Society Telephone; 250-674-2600


4 Table of contents

Mission Statement ... 5

Philosophy ... 5

Licensed Daycare Facility ... 5

Supervision of Children at Daycare ... 5

Staffing Exemption ... 6

Registration ... 6

Confidentiality ... 7

Fees... 7

Little and Big Bear Room Capacity... 8

Payment Terms Policy ... 8

Government Subsidies ... 9 NSF Cheques... 9 Late Collection ... 9 Refund of Prepayments ... 10 Tax Receipts ... 10 Withdrawal of Services ... 10

Court Orders and Parental Access Affecting Your Child ... 10

Items Your Child Will Need at Daycare ... 10

Rest... 11 Clothing ... 11 Nutrition ... 11 Allergies ... 12 Illness ... 12 Medications ... 13 Behavioural Guidance... 13

Minor Injuries and Accidents ... 14

Emergency Evacuation Plan ... 14

Emergency Evacuation ... 15

Fire Drills ... 16

Insurance and Field Trips... 16

Smoking ... 17

Child Abuse and Neglect ... 17

Hours of Operation ... 18

Statutory Holidays and Daycare Closures ... 18

Professional Development Days ... 19

Daily and Late Arrivals ... 19

Leaving the Centre ... 19

Missing Child Policy ... 20

Communication ... 20

Conflict Resolution ... 20

Supported Child Development Program ... 20

Contact Information ... 23


5 Mission Statement

It is the mission of Yellowhead Community Services Society Daycare Programs to work respectfully with all children and families. We are dedicated to

providing a safe, fun, affordable and nurturing childcare environment while honouring each child’s individuality.


We believe in providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment to help children develop mentally, socially, physically and emotionally. Through play children learn about themselves and the world around them. We offer guidance and encouragement that will meet each child's individual needs. Our daily routine offers a wide variety of art activities, stories, and free play in which children can explore at their own level. We offer developmentally appropriate toys, equipment and materials that will encourage their learning and growth. All of our qualified staff members have the knowledge and experience to work together with children and families.

Licensed Daycare Facility

Currently, we provide care for children aged 2 months – school age.

In our daycare facility, our programming is reflective of our mission and philosophy; therefore we provide an environment that will promote the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each child. This is accomplished through both free play and adult led activities. Emphasis is placed on appropriate behaviour and problem solving through role modeling and loving care. Our centre provides developmentally appropriate toys, equipment and materials to help foster your child’s learning and growth. Through a theme-based curriculum, the children experience group interaction, as well as free-choice activities.

Our daycares are licensed in accordance with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act; Child Care Licensing Regulation. To learn more about licensing regulations, you may visit the Interior Health website at; If you have any questions regarding the requirements of licensing and how that may affect your child, you may contact the daycare manager or our licensing officers through Interior Health Authority. The Licensing Officer can be contacted at 1-250-851-7340.

Supervision of Children at Daycare

Whilst children are on Yellowhead Community Services property, attending the daycare they will be supervised at all times by either an Early Childhood


6 facility is one Early Childhood Educator per eight children over 30 months of age and one Infant and Toddler Educator per four children under 36 months.

Staff may call on the services of a Responsible Adult occasionally to provide extra support when required, however, a Responsible Adult will never supervise the children alone.

Staffing ratios for field trips are one adult to every four children over three years and one adult for every four children under three years when confined to a stroller and one adult to two for children that are able to walk when away form Yellowhead Community Services Society property. Children requiring extra support through the Supported Child Development program will be

accompanied by their support worker who will not be included in staff to child ratios.

Staff at our facility practice active and positive supervision while maintaining a constant line of vision with the children at all times. Our indoor and outdoor areas have been designed to provide an interesting and educational safe play environment where children are able to move freely between activities with minimal hazards.

Staffing Exemption

Currently YCS has an exemption in place to allow Early Childhood Educator Assistant Keli Bjorkman to act as an Early Childhood Educator. The exemption has been approved by an Interior Health Medical Officer and is displayed inside the daycare.


Prior to registration we encourage you and your child to arrange for a visit to the daycare, meet the staff, and experience part of the daycare session. We can then discuss your child’s development and individual needs in order to prepare a plan to create a smooth transition for your child into the daycare.

Prior to your child’s start day at the daycare, and to complete your child’s registration process, you must provide the following items to the daycare manager which will be placed in your child’s file:

 Completed Parent/Guardian Agreement  Completed Confidential Registration form  Passport size photo of your child

 Completed Emergency Medical Treatment Consent form

 Completed Photograph, Local Walk, and Sunscreen Permission forms

 $15.00 non-refundable registration fee


7 Please keep us updated on any changes to your address, telephone number, children’s health issues or emergency contact information.


Yellowhead Community Services ensures that all documentation in your child’s file is kept confidential. Staff of YCS will only release information (both written and verbal) to either parents or guardians unless there is an agreement allowing YCS staff to share information with other professionals involved in your child’s care.

As an organization, Yellowhead Community Services adheres to the Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA). For more information on PIPA you can refer to the following website; Any information of a sensitive or more serious nature will be considered confidential and discussed only in person with the parents/guardians. If the child is not collected by a parent or guardian, the daycare staff will contact a parent/guardian by phone to schedule an appointment to discuss the mater in private. We feel it is in the child’s best interest that, when applicable, both parents attend these meetings. Under no circumstances will information be released over the telephone. Parents may request a meeting at any time with the daycare manager to discuss any concerns or questions in regards to the care of their child.


Our fees are based on actual contracted sessions per month. In the event that our daycare is at capacity, children registered in full-time daycare positions will be given priority spacing over children registered in part – time positions. Contracted days are not transferable.

Fees per Session

37 months to school age full session; $32.50

(Big Bear Room) morning /afternoon session; $18.00 30 months to 36 months full session $35.00

(Little/Big Bear Room) morning /afternoon session; $19.50 Under 30 months

Little Bear Room full session $40.00

(Little Bear Room) part day sessions generally are not available ($22.50) Full Session: Any hours between 8.00am and 5.00pm


8 Little and Big Bear Room Capacity

Building Blocks Daycare has a maximum licensed capacity of twenty children; four infant and toddler places in our Little Bear Room and sixteen 30 months plus places in the Big Bear Room. According to Interior Health Licensing Regulations the Big Bear Room (group care 30 months plus) may not care for more than two children at any one time under the age of three years.

Infants and toddlers turning two and a half years old are usually ready to transition into the Big Bear Room. However, existing registration may mean that the places allocated for children under three are already occupied. In such circumstances children may remain in the Little Bear room and transition to the Big Bears as soon as a place becomes available. Parents may also elect to keep their toddler in the Little Bear room for personal reasons. Fees for children remaining in the Little Bear Room will remain at $40.00 per session regardless of their age; prices will change as soon as the child moves to the bigger room. Upon turning three all children will be enrolled in the Big Bear Room.

Drop – In Fees

Yellowhead Community Services provides a drop in daycare service. Parents who utilize the drop in service will be required to register their children (including payment of the registration fee) prior to the first day of service. Fees are payable unless forty eight hours cancellation notice is given.

Drop in care may not be booked more than two weeks in advance. At this time, the daycare staff will either approve or deny your request based on availability. On the day requests may be accommodated, again, according to availability. The fees for the drop in service, payable by cash, will be $45.00 for a full session and $22.50 for a morning or afternoon session. A full session is any hours between 8.00am and 5.00pm. A morning or afternoon session is four and a half hours between 8:00 – 12:30 p.m. OR 12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Fees must be paid on the day drop in care is requested.

Event Fees

Yellowhead Community Services tries to limit the additional cost on parents for field trips. However on occasion, in the event that there is an opportunity to attend a field trip that would benefit the experiences of your child, there may be an additional parental cost. The daycare will ensure that an adequate amount of notice is given before such an event.

Payment Terms Policy

Monthly fees are due by the last Friday of the preceding month for the upcoming month. For example; October fees are due by the last Friday in September. Yellowhead Community Services accepts payment for services by either cash or


9 cheque. Post dated cheques can be paid to the order of “Yellowhead Community Services Society”. Cheques will not be cashed until the first of the month. We will provide you a receipt each month for fees paid.

If we do not receive payment by the end of the preceding month child care will be suspended until your account has been paid in full. Please be reminded that we require two weeks notice in writing to withdraw a child from daycare. Fees are based on the actual number of days per month that your child is contracted to attend daycare. Daycare is operational for 49 weeks of the year. The monthly fee is due regardless of absenteeism due to illness and vacations etc. Regardless of absenteeism, your child’s space will be held as long as it is paid for. Families will not be charged on days that YCS does not provide child care such as statutory holidays or closure for staff training.

Government Subsidies

Our facility participates in the Ministry of Children and Family Development Child Care Subsidy Program. Subsidy forms are available from the daycare manager or online at

You may also wish to contact the subsidy office at 1-888 338 6622

It is the parent’s responsibility to complete the subsidy and renewal applications. If you have not received authorization for your subsidy upon your child’s first day of attendance, the daycare will require payment from the parent. If and when the subsidy is approved, all monies that have been paid by the parent that are covered under subsidy will be immediately refunded to the parent.

Please note that it is the parent / guardians responsibility to pay any fees not covered by BC Child Care Subsidy.

NSF Cheques

There is a $20.00 service charge for a cheque written on an account with insufficient funds.

Late Collection

The daycare’s hours of operation are from 8:00-5:00. If your child is picked up past 5:00 p.m. you will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child, to be paid to the caregiver who remained after closing to care for your child.

Late pick-up fees are also applicable for children who are registered for a half session. If your child is picked up past the agreed 4.5 hour block of time, you will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child, which will be paid to the caregiver.


10 Refund of Prepayments

In the event of an immediate termination of childcare services by our facility for reasons other than those outlined in our Withdrawal of Services Policy, the balance of any unused prepayments for childcare services will be refunded. Parents wishing to terminate their child’s program attendance must give two weeks written notice. The remaining portion of unused fees will be refunded. Tax Receipts

Receipts for monthly fees are provided upon receipt of payment on a monthly basis. These monthly receipts are required for you to submit to benefit from income tax deductions regarding child care. Yellowhead Community Services does not provide annual receipts.

Withdrawal of Services

We reserve the right to withdraw our services without notice if fees are not paid, policies are not being respected, the Parent/Caregiver agreement is breached, or any parent/guardian behaves in an abusive manner.


We ask you to notify us in writing two weeks in advance of the date on which you are going to withdraw your child from our daycare. Full fees will be charged when the two week notice is not provided.

Court Orders and Parental Access Affecting Your Child

The daycare staff must be provided with a copy of any court orders in place surrounding custody disputes. This will be kept in your child’s file for reference. All staff will be made aware of the details of the court order.

If parents of a registered child are living separately and custody has not been legally determined, the daycare staff will abide by the information given on the child’s registration form as completed by the enrolling parent. We encourage both parents to sign a written agreement confirming details regarding authorization for pick-up and access to information surrounding the child’s care while attending the daycare.

Items Your Child Will Need at Daycare 1. A nutritious lunch and snack.

2. Inside shoes or slippers.

3. A full change of clothing including underwear and socks. 4. Diapers and wipes if needed.


11 Children under three and years will also need

6. An extra set of clothing

7. Something familiar to aid their rest time.

8. Any bottles and formula they require during the day (formula must be pre made by the parent at home).


All children in the daycare program are encouraged to have a rest during our quiet time; however, we do not force children to sleep. If a child is unable to rest on the cot provided, the daycare staff will provide the child with a quiet activity such as looking at books that they may become involved in. Children who are resting will be given a quiet area to rest in.

The infant and toddler program has a separate sleep room for the children. Infants that fall asleep at daycare will be placed in their crib, on their on their back in accordance with licensing regulations. When an infant shows signs of beginning to climb they will then progress to sleeping on a cot.

We provide cribs/cots and fitted sheets for each child which will be cleaned every Friday, more often if required. The small blanket that you provide for your child will be sent home once a week for washing.

Your child may bring a special stuffed animal that may help them rest at naptime. We request children not bring other personal toys from home to the daycare to ensure that they do not get lost or taken home by another child.


Your child must be fully and appropriately clothed for the season upon arrival at the daycare. All clothing must be labelled with your child's name. The daycare accepts no responsibility for loss of clothing or any other articles. The following is a suggested list of appropriate clothing for different seasons:

Summer: shorts, T-shirt, sunhat, sunscreen.

Winter: boots, snow pants, winter jacket, mittens and a winter hat.

*N.B. Please be aware that we frequently enjoy messy play activities. Therefore, we request that children refrain from wearing their best clothing to daycare. Nutrition

Parents are responsible for providing a nutritious lunch and two healthy snacks for their child each day. We request that pop, juice boxes, chocolate bars or candy not be sent in your child's lunch. A daily afternoon snack consisting of 2 items from 2 of the 4 food groups, from the Canada Food Guide, is provided by the daycare. The menu for the snack provided by the daycare is posted daily on


12 the refrigerator in the daycare. The daycare always offers fresh water at lunch and snack and water is available continuously throughout the day.

At all meal times staff sit with children and model positive appropriate social interaction and promote healthy eating habits. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify staff in regard to any dietary or cultural considerations for their individual children so staff can ensure that nutritional requirements are fully met.


Building Blocks Daycare is NOT a nut free facility, so if your child does have allergies please inform the daycare manager to discuss that procedures are in place so we may ensure the necessary steps are taken to provide a daycare environment that promotes the safety and well being of your child.

In an effort to maintain a scent reduced environment we request that you limit the use of artificially scented products on yourselves or your children and refrain from wearing perfume when spending time in daycare.


Children who are ill must remain at home to ensure that the illness is not spread to other children and daycare staff. We ask parents to call and inform the staff as soon as possible if your child will not be attending the daycare due to illness. If a child becomes sick at daycare, the staff will call the parent and request them to pick up their child. If your child has been absent from daycare because of a contagious illness, a Doctor's note may be required before your child returns to the daycare. An example of a contagious illness is pink eye or chicken pox.

Children reporting the following symptoms of illness are required to stay at home; fever, diarrhoea, vomiting in the previous 24-hour period or a runny nose that is draining green mucous. Your child must be well enough to participate in our daily routine, which includes indoor and outdoor activities.

If a child exhibits the above mentioned symptoms of illness while at daycare, the daycare staff will contact the parents to request that the child be picked up immediately. Until the parent arrives, the child will be encouraged to rest quietly on their cot or participate in a quiet activity.

Definitions of Illness

Fever: A temperature over 98.6 F / 37.0 C taken from under a child’s arm or taken from the ear using a digital infrared thermometer. If we need to take your child's temperature, we will use a digital thermometer with proper sanitary techniques. Your child needs to be fever free without the use of Tylenol or any other fever reducing medications for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to


13 the daycare.

Diarrhoea: Two or more runny or watery stools that have occurred in the last four hours.

Runny nose: Your child may attend childcare if she or he has a common cold (slight cough, clear runny nose, occasional sneezing). Discharge of any color other than clear will require your child to stay home.


Yellowhead Community Services Daycare staff will only administer medication that has been authorized and approved by a general physician. The medication must be in its original labelled container and the parents or authorized guardians must fill in a medication form before any medication is administered to your child. Parents/authorized guardians must also sign any medication in and out each day. All medication is to be given directly to the daycare staff to be locked in a medication box that is either kept in the daycare or the kitchen fridge depending on medication. Children requiring medications for an illness of a serious nature, such as asthma, will not be allowed to attend daycare unless they have their appropriate medication at with them.

Any vitamins requested to be administered must have an authorized doctor’s note with the specific dosage and times to be administered.

Any over the counter medication requested to be administered must be accompanied by a doctor’s note in order to avoid giving an incorrect dosages relating to your child’s age, weight and medical history. Parents/authorized guardians may acquire a standing order from your doctor for up to one year for common over the counter medications that you may require for your child (i.e. Children’s Tylenol).

Any vitamins or medication found in a child's possession or lunchbox will not be administered and will be returned to the parent/guardian.

Behavioural Guidance

Staff at Building Blocks Daycare are considerate in their approach to guiding children’s behaviour and never use discipline that is humiliating, isolating or physical in nature.


 Provide clear rules and expectations  Model appropriate behaviour

 Encourage self control, self discipline and self confidence  Provide choices


14  Encourage respectful communication

 Provide reflection time

 Develop individual behavioural plans

Building Blocks Daycare supports the “Guiding Children’s Behaviour” booklet that is provided in connection with our licensing body. A copy of this document is available for parents to review at any time.

If staff at any time feel that an individual child's behaviour is risking the safety and well-being of the individual child, the other children, and/or child care staff, the staff will phone the parent or emergency contact in order for the child to be collected. This decision will be at the discretion of the child care staff and will only occur after attempts to manage the child's challenging behaviours have been unsuccessful.

Minor Injuries and Accidents

Daycare staff will maintain a log of minor injuries, illnesses and unexpected/unusual behaviours that occur whilst the child is at daycare that do not require immediate medical attention or parental contact.

We will contact you immediately by telephone if your child has a serious accident, such as a fall resulting in a broken bone. We will also contact a physician or ambulance according to the parents/guardians requests on your registration form.

Reportable Incidents

If there is an incident involving a child that is of a serious nature, we are required to contact our Licensing Body within 24 hours of when we become aware of the incident. If possible, we will initially contact the parent to inform you of the incident and our obligation to report our Licensing Body.

For an inclusive list of reportable incidents, please ask your daycare manager. Emergency Evacuation Plan

It is the goal of Yellowhead Community Services to provide a safe environment for the children and staff.

 Parents/guardians are expected to sign their children in when dropping them off at the daycare and sign them out again once they have picked them up.

 At all times, staff working in the daycare are to know how many children are present and their whereabouts.

Yellowhead Community Services has developed the following procedures in regards to specific emergency situations. A copy of the emergency evacuation


15 plan is included at the back of this parent handbook.

Emergency Evacuation

Please note that during a power outage our telephone system is inoperable. However, staff may be reached via a terrestrial telephone line on the YCS fax number; 250-674-2676.

Yellowhead Community Services is proactive in preparing our staff and children in procedures involving emergency disasters other than a fire in the building. All procedures regarding an emergency evacuation are included at the back of this parent handbook.

Staff and children will practice specific emergency evacuation procedures on an annual basis.

In the event of an emergency evacuation of the daycare building, the staff of Yellowhead Community Services will ensure the following;

 All persons are accounted for

 Emergency contact information will be taken

 Staff and children will meet at the designated meeting area Designated meeting area:

 Southwest corner of the YCS parking lot. Evacuation Destinations:

In the event of a true emergency and the daycare building cannot be re-entered the children and staff will proceed to the main YCS building. In the event that the main YCS building cannot be entered the staff and childen will proceed to Clearwater Lodge.

Immediate destination Secondary destination YCS Main Building (next to daycare)

612 Park Drive Clearwater Phone: 250-674-2600 Clearwater Lodge 331 Eden Road Clearwater Phone: 250-674-3080

*In the event of an emergency evacuation, the daycare staff may need to evoke the signed emergency transportation permission forms.

The YCS building offers an onsite alternative building to daycare. However, Clearwater Lodge has been chosen as the secondary emergency destination


16 because it is within reasonable walking distance of our property. It has plenty of amenities such as food, space and equipment to cope with the influx of young children during an evacuation and traffic access to the building is excellent with easy connection from the Lodge to Highway 5.

Fire Drills

Fire drills will be practiced on a monthly basis at a variety of times to ensure that all children who attend the daycare and staff working within the daycare will be able to participate and become familiar with the drill. A fire drill and emergency evacuation procedure will be posted on the daycare bulletin board for your review. A copy of the fire drill/ emergency evacuation plan is included at the back of this parent handbook.

Yellowhead Community Services promotes the development of emergency preparedness skills in the children that attend the daycare. To meet this goal, we will educate the children in the areas of how to call ‘911’, what to do if your clothes are on fire, what to do in the event of a fire (or when someone detects smoke), and what a hot door means.

Emergency Evacuation of the Town

Yellowhead Community Services receives direction from the District Office as to when an Emergency Evacuation of the Town is required. At all times, daycare staff will ensure the safety of the children in our care.

If an Emergency Evacuation of the town is required, daycare staff will make attempts to contact the parents and/or guardians of the children.

Emergency Information Cards

Emergency information forms containing the name of the child, medications and emergency contact information will be kept in the daycare. These forms will be taken, by staff, when practicing evacuations as well as in the event of an emergency situation. Daycare staff will ensure that all information on the emergency forms is up to date.

Emergency Equipment

Emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, will be onsite and checked/tested on a monthly basis.

Our Clearwater building has a backup generator that provides temporary power for lighting in emergency situations.

Insurance and Field Trips


17 members who provide transportation of children will carry the proper license required by the Motor Vehicle Branch. Our transportation policy is available to parents upon request. Permission forms must be completed and signed prior to your child participating in field trips.


Smoking is not allowed on the grounds or in any building of programs operated by Yellowhead Community Services.

Child Abuse and Neglect

We are required by law to watch for signs of child abuse and neglect. Our staff members adhere to a set of guidelines relating to the prevention and reporting of child abuse and neglect. Children and families have a right to expect an environment that is safe and free from any abuse or neglect. Any staff member, including the manager or volunteer, who has been accused of allegedly inflicting abuse or neglecting a child will be given a warning and suspended from work until the completion of an investigation by the Interior Health Licensing Authority. If a replacement staff member holding equal or higher qualifications cannot be found then the daycare may be temporarily closed.

Any staff member, including the manager or volunteer who has knowledge of an incident of suspected abuse has the responsibility to report such an incident immediately to their supervisor and/or the Manager. Failure on the part of any witness to report such an incident will result in disciplinary action and possible suspension from employment. This policy does not negate a staff member's right to move away from a child who is acting in a way that might harm the staff provided that the child is left in a safe situation. The expectation in these instances is that the staff member will immediately report incidents to the supervisor. In order to maintain an atmosphere in which children, families and staff live and work without fear of abuse, every possible effort will be made to ensure that all reported incidents are thoroughly investigated and dealt with expeditiously.

If abuse of a child is suspected or a child discloses an incident of abuse, the following Six Steps will be followed:

1. The Report

 Report promptly to a Child Protection Social Worker

Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD) Intake Service:

1-800-663-9122 or Local MCFD office; Clearwater (250) 674-6810 Barriere (250) 672-1026

 Call RCMP if the child is in immediate danger

2. Document the Information and Verbally Notify Child Care Coordinator, ECD Coordinator & Executive Director


18  Document verbal report on the Report of Suspected Child Abuse


 Provide dated and sealed report in an envelope to both the ECD Coordinator & Executive Director to be filed accordingly.

3. Investigation

 Notify Licensing: 1(250)851-7341

 Cooperate fully with all investigations by the Child Protection Social Worker and the RCMP.

4. Contacting Parents

 The Child Protection Social Worker makes the initial contact with parents NOT the daycare staff

 The RCMP contacts the alleged offender. 5. Support the Child

 Be available to listen and support.  Monitor the child's well being  Consult and refer.

6. Court

 Comply with a subpoena.  Inform the Executive Director.

 Take notes in a sealed envelope to court. Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. Statutory Holidays and Daycare Closures

We are closed on the following statutory holidays:  New Year's Day

 Family Day  Good Friday  Easter Monday  Victoria Day  Canada Day

 BC Day (Civic Holiday in August)  Labour Day

 Thanksgiving Day  Remembrance Day

 Christmas and Boxing Day.

Daycare will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period and for two weeks during August and for two staff professional development days per year.


19 Professional Development Days

Yellowhead Community Services Society encourages the professional development of its staff and may close for up to two days each year to allow for staff training. Training days will, whenever possible, coincide with school district 73 professional development day closures.

Daily and Late Arrivals

Please bring your child into the building and into the care of the staff. Children must never be left at the door or dropped off outside the building. Parents/guardians are responsible for signing in their child on the attendance sheet each day your child attends daycare. Please do not drop your child off before 8:00am; we cannot be responsible for the care and safety of your child prior to this time.

If your child is scheduled to attend daycare but will be arriving after 11:00am, please inform daycare staff. The child to staff ratio is eight to one. If at 11:00am the number of children present at daycare does not require a second member of staff , i.e. eight children or less, the second staff will be released for the remainder of the day. If your child was to then arrive we would not have adequate staff to care for him.

Leaving the Centre

Parents/guardians are responsible for signing out their child on the attendance sheet each day your child attends daycare. When parents/guardians pick up their children from the outdoor playground, they must follow the sign-out procedures under the direction of the staff. Your child will only be released to the person(s) you have listed on your registration form. Due to our staff schedules and amount of children registered in our program, it is difficult for every staff member to meet and know the face of every parent/authorized person listed in your child’s file. Therefore, staff may request photo identification to be provided before releasing a child to a person’s care upon pick-up.

If the staff believes or suspects that the parent/guardian picking up a child is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the following procedure will be followed:

1. The staff will inform the parent/guardian of their concerns and offer to arrange alternate transportation.

2. The staff will offer to phone a contact person on the parent/guardian registration form.

3. If the parent/guardian insists on leaving with the child, the staff will call the R.C.M.P. or the Ministry of Children and Family Development and inform them of the situation.


20 4. If the situation becomes dangerous the staff will call 911 and request assistance.

Missing Child Policy

In order to keep all children safe while at daycare no child is ever left alone and children are accounted for at all times. In the unlikely event of a child going missing while at daycare staff will immediately check all areas of the centre and property. If the child cannot be found the police will be called immediately and the child’s parents or emergency contact person will be notified.


Yellowhead Community Services practices an open door policy with parents. We welcome parents to call or drop-in to the daycare at anytime during the day to visit their child and see how the program is running. We encourage parents to stay for a short time at the beginning of the day to settle their child. If they wish to spend longer at daycare, we ask that they make arrangements with the staff ahead of time. We ask that parents pass on any information at the beginning of each day that will be relevant to their child’s care (i.e. inform the daycare staff is the child had difficulty sleeping the night before). Likewise, we will communicate with parents/guardians any positives or areas of concern that the children may have faced during the day.


There is a monthly newsletter for parents distributed at the beginning of the month to inform parents/guardians of the upcoming events, monthly themes and any other reminders.

Parent Bulletin Board

At the main entrance, there is a bulletin board to inform parents/guardians of any upcoming events, activities or other relevant information.

Conflict Resolution

If a parent or guardian has a concern about an incident or care provided at the daycare, we encourage you to follow our conflict management procedure;

1. speak with the staff at the daycare 2. speak with the Daycare Manager 3. contact the Executive Director Supported Child Development Program

Yellowhead Community Services strives to make services available to all community members. Therefore, we want to ensure that all children, regardless of ability have access to our licensed child care facilities.


21 Supported Child Development Program

A. Purpose

SCD Program is intended for children who require extra support to be included in a child care setting because they have a developmental delay or disability in physical, cognitive, communicative or social/emotional/behavioral areas.

SCDP is a family centered child development program, based in the community, and reflective and responsive to community diversity.

B. Philosophy of Inclusion

SCDP is a community-based program which is grounded in the belief that inclusion is important in terms of supporting children requiring any level of extra support to actively participate in a full range of child care settings.

Inclusion as an overall philosophy supports the right of all children of diverse abilities to participate actively in natural settings within their communities. A natural setting is one in which the child would spend time had he or she not had a developmental delay or disability.

Inclusion is an approach to delivering service in which all children are welcomed, supported and valued. It means that the activities of play, learning and growing happen in a way that all children feel that they belong. Services are provided that support the child in accomplishing the goals established for him or her by parents and professionals from different disciplines working collaboratively.

The aim is to engage families, child care settings, and communities in planning and providing inclusive child care in community settings that support the child’s developmental goals.

C. Principles

The following principles guide SCDP: i. Family Centered

 Families know their children best

 The needs of the family as a whole are honored

 Families are the most important and constant factors in their children’s lives

 Family strength, stability, history, culture and dignity are respected and form the foundation for service

 Families have the right and responsibility to make choices for their children, and these choices are respected



 Services are flexible to meet unique family needs ii. Child Development

 High quality child care and child development programs promote the health, well-being and optimal development of each child with a safe, nurturing environment among his or her peers

 Early provision of planning and support services contributes to each child’s optimal development

 All caregivers understand the abilities and challenges of each child in the setting and practice an inclusive philosophy

 Children with developmental needs must be able to access developmentally appropriate learning and recreational opportunities in their community, independent of family employment or training needs

 Quality child care is linked to positive child development outcomes D. Individualized Service Plan

Every parent who has a child who is part of the Supported Child Development Program will have the opportunity to participate in the development of an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). An ISP is developed as part of a team process and involves the parents, support worker, and daycare staff.

Our goal is to develop a plan of how best to support the child to ensure a positive experience within our daycare setting.

Part of the ISP process may include developing procedures and support plans that address specific behavioral issues. Support plans and procedures are developed to ensure that the support and daycare staff are consistent with their approach and support.

Yellowhead Community Services believes in utilizing the most positive approach, therefore least restrictive, when supporting children with behavioral concerns.

E. Referral

Referrals to the SCD Program can be made by;  Parents

 Care providers  Consultants

 Public Health Nurses  Physicians

Once a referral is made, Heathar Adamson, Supported Child Development Coordinator or Jenna Wilson, Supported Child Development Consultant for Yellowhead Community Services, will arrange a time to meet with the parent(s) to complete all necessary documentation, to ensure eligibility for the program, to


23 discuss timelines and possible start dates, and to answer any questions that may arise.

Please contact the daycare manager with any additional questions regarding the policies and procedures mentioned in the parent handbook or any other questions surrounding the care of your child.

Thank you

Yellowhead Community Services Society Contact Information

Building Blocks Daycare 612 Park Drive,

Clearwater, BC V0E 1N1 Phone: 250-674-2600 Fax: (250) 674-2676

Building Blocks Daycare Staff Infant and toddler room ext. 260 30 months plus room ext. 257 Early Childhood Educators Susanne Butcher (Manager) Georgina Leppky

Terralin Leier

ECE Assistants / Support Workers Keli Bjorkman Michelle Baker Linda Brown Christy Vandeborre YCS Receptionist Jamie Fischer 250-674-2600

YCS Executive Director Jack Keough


24 Building Blocks Daycare Evacuation /Fire Drill Procedure

1. At the sound of fire alarm, daycare staff will quickly and calmly help the children line up by the nearest fire exit door ensuring that all children are accounted for.

2. Senior daycare staff will take the emergency back pack* and attendance records

3. The ECE will be responsible to ensure that any supported child development children are accounted for and exited out of the building with the rest of the children

4. Daycare staff will escort the children out of the building and to the meeting place of the southwest corner of the Yellowhead Community Services parking lot.

5. Senior staff will take attendance

6. Daycare staff will call 911 and state the nature of the emergency (in the event of a true emergency)

7. The staff and children will re-enter the building when the fire officials have ensured that the building is safe

8. In the event of a drill, staff will document the duration of the drill and any concerns

9. If the daycare building is unsafe to re-enter, the daycare staff and children will proceed to the main YCS building on site. If this building is unsafe to enter the children and staff will evacuate to Clearwater Lodge, 331 Eden Road, (250) 674-3080. Staff will contact all the parents and notify them of the evacuation of the building

10. In the event that the Town of Clearwater requires evacuation, the daycare staff and children will follow the direction provided by the District of Clearwater *The emergency backpack contains a first aid kit, and emergency contact names and numbers for the children registered in the daycare