Once you have customised your application, you can proceed and fill this in.

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Guide to completing the online Tier 4 form

To fill in an online application you need to register to create an account at:



Once you have registered and created an account, you will be sent an email with a temporary

password that will allow you to activate the account.

Log-in using the temporary password; you will be prompted to create a new password.

Once you have activated your account select “Tier 4 Student Online Application” from the A to Z

menu, follow the instructions and click “Apply Online” in the next page follow the instructions and

click “Next”, this will take you to the page where you can customise your application.


Do not submit your application before a member of the Visa Office team checks your application.

The Visa Support Officer will check that this has been completed correctly.


What are you applying for? Always answer 'Tier 4 General' unless you are a dependant making a

separate dependant application.

Are you eligible to bring dependants with you? The answer to this question depends on the level of

the course you are doing. You are only eligible to bring dependants to the UK if you are studying a

postgraduate course of at least 12 months in duration (Level NQF 7 or above Master or PHD). The

only exception to this rule is if you are studying a course longer than six months and you are

sponsored by your Government.

Is a representative acting for you in relation to this application? A representative means an

immigration adviser or solicitor. Applying through the University Batch Scheme is not classed as

having a representative so the answer is 'No'.

Who is completing this application? Always answer 'I am' unless you are applying through an

immigration adviser or solicitor.

Were you issued with a biometric residence permit for your current or last grant of leave? You

would only hold a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you have previously extended your visa inside

the UK. A BRP is an ID card that contains your permission to remain in the UK (student visa) and your

biometric information.

Once you have customised your application, you can proceed and fill this in.


Family Name: Type you surname as it is in your passport.

Names: Write all your given names, these must match your passport and the CAS, including any

initials or middle names.

Village, town or city of birth: It should match what is written in your passport.

Other names that you are known by: Include any other names you are legally know by, do not

include nicknames.

Previous names that you have been known by: if you include details of any previous names you

should also include evidence of your previous name such as an old passport, birth certificate,

marriage certificate or an official court document. The document must be original and if it is not in

English it needs to be translated by an official translator



Where are you currently living?

Write your address including your room number if you are living in university accommodation.

This should match your police registration certificate if you were required to register with the police.

County - if you live in Buckingham, write Buckinghamshire.

When did you move to this address? It is important that you answer as accurately as


Your contact details: Provide your phone number and email address and state you preferred contact


Is this also your correspondence address? – Answer ‘No’.

The correspondence address is:

University of Buckingham

Visa Office, Istra Cottage

Hunter Street



MK18 1EG

Your correspondence will be sent to the Visa Office and we will inform when this arrives.


Have you ever had any UK Visas and Immigration reference numbers assigned to you?

Answer ‘Yes’

Do you know this number? Answer ‘Yes’

Your UK Visas and Immigration reference number:

Give your VAF number from your visa

sticker as your reference number or if you have extended your immigration permission from the UK

you should have a Payment Reference Number or a Case ID Number. Check your paperwork from

your UK application to find out what your reference numbers are.

Do you have a National Insurance Number? Yes/No

If you have worked or are currently working in the UK you should have a National Insurance Number

(NI) and you should write it in here.


Your passport details:

Can you provide a current passport or travel document with your application? Answer ‘Yes’

Is the passport or travel document in your name? Answer ‘Yes’ if appropriate

and type in the details from your current passport in the boxes provided.

Have you ever had another passport or travel document? The Home Office only wants the details of

the passports that you have used to travel to the UK. If

this is the case answer ‘Yes’

Can you provide a previous passport or travel document with your application?

You should

write the details of any passport you used to travel to the UK in the space provided; you also have to

include this with your application supporting documents, especially if this has your valid visa.


Please provide us with details of your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you have stated

that you hold a BRP, you need enter its details in the boxes provided.



Please give details of your previous addresses in Northern Ireland and the dates you lived there

Have you previously lived in Northern Ireland? Answer Yes or No

Have you lived at any other address in the UK within the past 5 years? If you answer yes

You have to add all the addresses you have lived in the UK for the past 5 years.

If you have a police registration certificate, this will help you complete this section; the information

you input in the application should match what the police registration certificate states.

If you do not have a police registration certificate you need to complete this section as accurately as

you can.

Personal History:

Answer these questions truthfully; you will need to declare questions about offences for which

conviction is pending or that you have been convicted of in the UK or other countries.


What is your current immigration status in the UK? Select ‘I have leave to enter/remain for a

limited period’.

What category of leave (permission to stay) do you have? – Select ‘As a Tier 4 (General) Student’ or

‘Student’ if you have permission under the old immigration rules. If you are switching from another

category chose the appropriate one from the list.

Were you required to register with the police as a condition of this leave? Check your visa stamp, it

will state if you have to register with the police (only students from certain countries have to register

with the police – visit


If you have a police registration certificate you must ensure that it has your most recent address

and include it with your Tier 4 application supporting documents.

Did you have a visa/entry clearance when you last applied to come to the UK? Answer Yes or No.

This section is asking you about the original visa that you obtained in your home country prior to

travelling to the UK. If you have more than one visa issued outside the UK use the most recent one.

In which country did you obtain your visa/entry clearance? This will be your home country unless

you applied from somewhere else (check your visa stamp for details).

What is the reference number for that visa/entry clearance? Copy the VAF number from your visa

stamp (right hand side, below the visa expiry date).

Date visa/entry clearance valid from: Write the date from your visa sticker

Date current leave expires: Write the date that your current visa expires

Have you ever stayed in the UK beyond your period of leave? Always answer 'No' unless you have

over-stayed in the UK on a previous visa. If you are unsure, seek advice from the Visa Office.

Have you ever knowingly used deception when seeking leave to enter or remain, entered

the United Kingdom illegally or worked in the United Kingdom without immigration

permission to do so (contrary to your conditions of stay)?

This question is asking you if you have ever lied on a previous visa application or if you have worked

in the UK when you did not have the permission to do so. If you answer 'Yes' to this question seek

advice from the Visa Office.

Have you ever been refused entry clearance, leave to enter or leave to remain from the UK? If you

have ever had any visa application for the UK refused in the past you need to answer 'Yes' and state

the date and the reason of the refusal. This will not affect your application, but you must declare any

previous refusals.

Have you ever been removed, required to leave the UK or deported from the UK? Contact the Visa

Office if the answer to this question is 'Yes'.


Do you currently have any other applications which are outstanding with UKBA on which you are

awaiting a decision? If you have made an application to UK Visas and Immigration which has not yet

been decided this application will be treated as a variation of that application and that application

will no longer be decided. If that application has already been decided and it has been refused you

cannot make a new application until any appeal you may have against that refusal is finally


Do you currently have an immigration appeal before the Tribunal which has not yet been

determined? Contact the Visa Office If the answer is 'Yes'.


Have you ever claimed public funds? If you answer ‘Yes’. International students are not eligible to

claim public funds. Council tax exemption is not classed as a public fund.


Sponsor Licence Number: write:

QGHJF1PJ7 click on Look Up: The University of Buckingham

Is this correct? Yes

Sponsor's address: University of Buckingham, Hunter Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18


Do you have a CAS? Always answer 'Yes' and write your CAS number in the box provided below.

What is the level of qualification you will be awarded when you successfully complete the course?

This would appear in your CAS. Foundation courses are NQF level 3, Undergraduate degrees are NQF

level 6, Masters Courses are NQF level 7 and PhD courses are NQF level 8.

Title of your course of study - copy what is written in your CAS statement.

Date the course starts: This information will appear in your CAS statement.

Course end date: This information will appear in your CAS statement.

Is the address of your primary site of study the same as your Tier 4 sponsor's address? Answer 'Yes'.

Unless, your studies are based in London Ealing, London Military History/War Centre or London

Wallace Centre.

Is your sponsor a Higher Education Institution? Answer 'Yes'.

Did you apply for your course through UCAS? 'Yes/No'.

If 'Yes' enter your UCAS personal identification number in the box provided.

How can you demonstrate your English Language ability? Choose one option from the list; this

should match what is written in your CAS. The most common one is ‘My CAS confirms I speak English

to B2 level’.

Can you speak English to the required standard? Answer 'Yes'.


How much are your course fees as stated in your CAS? Copy the information stated in your CAS. If

you think your CAS is incorrect contact the Visa Office immediately.

Have you or your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) already paid any of your course fees? Answer


How much have you paid? Copy the information in your CAS. If you think the information in your

CAS is incorrect contact the Visa Office immediately.

What evidence are you providing with your application that this amount has been paid? Tick

'shown on CAS', your CAS will reflect any payments that you have made.

If you have paid the first year of your tuition fees in full you only need to show that you have had the

living expenses in your bank account for 28 days. If you have paid only part of your tuition fees you

will need to show that you have the remainder of the fees in your bank account for 28 days plus your

living expenses. You must to provide original bank statements as evidence; these should not be older

than a month and cover a minimum 28 day period. For more information please contact the Visa



Do you have current leave as a Tier 4 Student, as a Student or as a Postgraduate Doctor or Dentist?

Answer 'Yes'.

Have you during your current Tier 4 leave:

Started and completed your course of study?

Started but are still studying your course of study?

Not yet started your course of study?

Choose the appropriate answer according to your circumstances; this will affect the level of

maintenance funds you should to show.

How long was the course you completed, or if you are still studying, how much of your course

have you completed to date? Choose the option that matches your circumstances. Depending on

the answer you will be deemed to have ‘Established presence’, if you qualify, you will need to show

a lower amount of maintenance funds.

Where are you intending to study? Choose the appropriate option according to where your course

is taking place. This will have an effect on the level of maintenance funds. Please refer to the Tier 4

requirement guide in this webpage for more information.

Have you already paid any money to your sponsor for accommodation? Answer 'Yes/No'

If have made a payment towards University accommodation fees, state that you have paid £1265.

What evidence are you providing with your application that this amount has been paid?

Chose ‘information on the CAS’.

Are you receiving funds from an official financial sponsor? Answer 'Yes/No'. An official financial

sponsor is a Government, University, international company or an international scholarship agency.

If you are a sponsored student you need to submit an original sponsor letter as part of your Tier 4


Are all the funds in your name? Answer ‘Yes’ unless you are using your parent's bank statements as

evidence of funds. If you want to use your parent's bank statements as evidence of funds you also

need to submit your original birth certificate or household register as evidence of your relationship

to your parent, a letter of consent from your parent confirming the financial support and that the

money held in the bank account is available to you while you study in the UK.

Are the funds in your parent or legal guardian's name? If you answer the previous question ‘no’,

answer this one 'Yes'.

Do you have permission from your parent or legal guardian to use funds in their name? Answer



What is the level of the course you are applying for? Copy the information in your

CAS. Undergraduate degrees are NQF 6, Masters Courses are NQF 7 and PhD Courses are NQF 8.

Do you need to obtain permission from the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)? Your

CAS will tell you if you need to apply for an ATAS certificate. For further information and to apply for

an ATAS visit:


If you need an ATAS certificate apply online as soon as possible because applications can take 11

working or longer to be processed. If your visa is about to expire and you have not received your

ATAS certificate, contact the Visa Office for advice.

What is your Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) reference number? Copy this number

from your ATAS certificate. If you have not received your ATAS certificate write 'awaiting' in the box.

Are you being sponsored by a Government or international scholarship agency - or have you been

sponsored by one of these bodies within the past 12 months? Answer 'Yes/No'. If you answer 'Yes'

you will be expected to include an original sponsor letter that states the details of your scholarship.


Once you have completed the application contact the Visa Office so a member of the team can

check the application and your supporting documents.

Once the Visa Support Officer has checked the application, it can be submitted.

To submit click on ‘check application’ this will show you if there are any mistakes with the formatting,

if you put a coma where there should not be or an extra space somewhere in the form, this will

prevent you from completing with the process.

Once the application is free from errors click ‘Next’ this will take you to the list of documents you

need to submit with your application. Read and click yes or no to indicate what documents you are

sending, you must answer yes or no all the questions in this section.

Once the supporting documents section is completed click ‘next’ this will take to the ‘declaration

pages’, tick the appropriate box to confirm that you possess the necessary funds. Scroll the down the

page, read the applicant’s declaration and at the bottom of the page tick the box to confirm that you

agree to the statements that you have read.

Click next and the draft to your application will be produced, once you do this you will not be able to

make any changes to the application.

You do not need to print out the draft and this should not be sent to the Home Office, but you can

save a copy of this in you computer, as once you submit the application you will not have access to

the whole application.

Click next and you will be directed to the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (HIS) payment page.

Check your personal details, making sure these are correct. You will be asked where you intend to

study: UK or Isle of Man or Channel Islands, chose UK. Follow the instruction and make the payment

for the IHS. Once the payment has been completed, follow the instructions to go back to the visa


You will be directed to the visa application payment methods page, chose the appropriate service for

the application, premium or standard, click next. In this page chose payment method (visa, master

card, debit card), in the next page you will need to enter the card payments details. Follow the


Once you make the payment and this is confirmed, the cover sheet of the application will be

produced and you will be able to print it. (It would be advisable to save a copy in your files so you

can forward this to the Visa Office)

Once you print the cover sheet, you need to sign, date it where appropriate and tick the boxes in the

last page to confirm that you have collected all you supporting documents.

After this, collect all your supporting documents and post them together with the cover sheet to the

address stated on it (the cover sheet) using special delivery postage.