Hybrid and Multi Cloud Deployments Via Cloud Exchange

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Hybrid and Multi Cloud Deployments

Via Cloud Exchange

Eric M. Hui | Director – Service Provider Markets


Global Public Cloud Market Size is

Growing 14% Annually

2012 2016 Management & Security IaaS PaaS ~$110B ~$212B

More Choices in a Growing Cloud Provider Market …

“Cloud is an essential ingredient for participating in the

next 20 years of growth and innovation…in the IT

industry, as well as every industry that depends on IT”

– Gartner (Feb 2013)

AWS and Microsoft Account for

75% of the Iaas / Paas Market


5 0 10 20 30 40 50% Data

security Cost-uncertainsavings Loss ofcontrol ComplianceRegulatory Reliability portabilityData compatibilitySW Performance Lock-in

Top Barriers to Cloud Adoption

Security, cost, and loss of control are the largest challenges

Source: AlphaWise, Morgan Stanley Research

Many of these challenges arise from

accessing the cloud over the public



Vision of

Cloud Exchange

A network is as elastic as the cloud services it enables

Provide differentiated value to the CSP / NSP / ENT

Enterprise: Seamless access to the multi-cloud, multi-network

Cloud Provider: Access to the enterprise globally and right NSP for delivery Network Provider: Access to ecosystem of margin-rich services from the CSP


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Equinix Cloud Exchange

An Ethernet switching service that enables private virtual connections for direct

cloud access with automated provisioning


• One to many virtual connections to multiple cloud providers

• Direct, secure, private connection • Automated, near real-time


• Consistent throughput and low latency

• Cost-effective

• Flexible connectivity options


• Layer 2 Ethernet service • 200M, 500M, 1G virtual

connections on 1GB or 10GB physical ports


Enabling Workload Connectivity

Latency & Throughput-sensitive, Control & Security-Oriented Enterprise Applications

Control & Security-oriented

 Disaster Recovery  Compliant Data

 Unified Communications

Storage, backup,

and recovery

BI/big data

Dev/test lab

Hybrid apps Media



Workloads Addressed

Latency & Throughput-sensitive

 Virtual Desktop  Service Chaining

 Big Data, Business Intelligence & Data Store

Transient and Short-term



APIs and Portal

Making direct access to the cloud easy, real-time and scalable


Cloud Exchange Portal

• Leverages Ethernet Exchange platform and expertise • Equinix manages API mapping sparing customers from

reacting to multiple API updates • Normalized interface

• Uses APIgee enterprise-grade API Management

End Customer Process

1. Select location and cloud provider 2. Select virtual circuit speed

3. Enter cloud service key or service identifier 4. Virtual circuit provisioned in 5 minutes


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Cloud Exchange Value Propositions

Pain points for Cloud Service Delivery

How to scaledirect, private cloud connections across multiple clouds How to accelerate time to market How to extend market reach

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides automated provisioning of virtual direct access globally

Easily aggregate multiple CSPs for private

cloud connectivity to increase the value of your private network services

Speed time to market and lower product development costs with single API

integration, automated provisioning, and standard business processes, saving capital and operational expense

Global footprint allows NSPs to offer direct

connect to CSPs globally


Pain points for Cloud Adoption

– Security, performance, reliability, and

control challenges associated with using

Internet for mission-critical workloads

– Vendor lock-in with current cloud solutions

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides secure, direct, virtual connections with near real-time provisioning

Combine with Performance Hub to unlock additional value & use cases

Ensure high consistent Quality of

Experience to end users

Avoid vendor lock-in with greater choice of

cloud services, multi clouds

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with one to many virtual connections for faster

provisioning time


© 2014 Equinix Inc. www.equinix.com 11

Equinix Cloud Exchange Availability

Deployment plan includes 19 top-tier metros globally

Asia Pacific –

launch July 1


Hong Kong




Asia Pacific – To Launch Q1 2015


Cloud Exchange Use Case:

Disaster Recovery



Disaster Recovery Challenges

Common problems with connecting an enterprise data center to public clouds

1. Unreliable performance, especially when using public Internet 2. Security and compliance concerns 3. IT skill gaps in integrating clouds 4. Inflexible infrastructure and limited connectivity options on the enterprise side

Customer Premises

NetApp Private Storage Replication to Secondary Site Branch Location Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service – Compute,


Cloud DR on Platform Equinix


Performance, Security and Scalability

Disaster Recovery Use Case

Replicate application data from customer facility to array at Equinix Use AWS/Azure via Cloud

Exchange for cloud-based compute while keeping data on array

(Optional) Replicate setup between multiple AWS availability zones over private link




Equinix IBX Data Center Equinix IBX Data Center

Cloud availability zone: Tokyo/Hong Kong Cloud availability zone: Singapore



Cloud Exchange Use Case:

VDI Scaling


VDI Scaling

Remote Users

Windows AD / VDI

Virtual Circuit Virtual Circuit

AWS Azure

VDI Farm

Customer Premises

Dynamic Cloud Bursting

VDI Farm

VDI Scaling Use Case

Leverage Application Delivery Control Solution to control “bursting”

Use AWS or Azure via Cloud Exchange for secure VDI access




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