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What is EIPM?

EIPM is at the intersection of the business and the academic worlds, with an approach to education rooted in the reality of business.

Currently with branches in Geneva and Shanghai and part-nerships in Brazil, India, Mexico, North America, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, the Institute has developed a complete range of solutions to meet the training and development needs of its large base of international clients in all sectors of industry and service.

What makes EIPM leading edge?

Global footprint: With a wide geographic coverage, providing solutions to companies across four continents, EIPM’s multinational staff and international network allow EIPM to organise educational programmes all over the world, balancing global objectives and local requirements. Leading edge content: EIPM continuously develops and leverages new methodologies, tools and concepts to offer the perfect balance between academic achievement and professional experience. EIPM publishes regularly, notably the EIPM Journal of Supply Excellence and the book Global Industrial Trends.

Pedagogic expertise: EIPM benefits from a well-qualified and international faculty, passionate about procurement and committed to our programmes and clients. Our Faculty is composed of prominent professors, consultants and executives of leading companies from different sectors.

Client relationship: EIPM maintains a dedicated customer service team, responsive to individual and organisations’ needs. EIPM’s international orientation and family spirit are key factors in its relationship with customers.

These companies place their trust in EIPM programmes:

Alstom Araymond Arcelormittal Avril Axa Basf Bayer Beiersdorf Bekaert Berendsen BNP Paribas Bombardier Bouygues Construction Caterpillar Clariant Coca-Cola Continental Danfoss Delphi Dupont Eads Eiffage Ericsson Essilor Faiveley Faurecia GDF Suez GE Energy Goodyear Holcim Honeywell Ipsen Kone Lafarge Lexmark L’Oréal Magneti Marelli Metso Michelin Nestlé Nokia Novartis Oerlikon Pernod Ricard Philips Pirelli PSA Rio Tinto Roche Rolls Royce Safran Saint Gobain Sanofi SAP Schindler Schneider Schlumberger Siemens Sinopec SKF Sodexo STC ST Microelectronics Tetra Pak Thales Thyssenkrupp Total Unilever UPM Vale Valeo Vopak Vodafone

About EIPM



EIPM solutions to meet your training and development needs


Talent Assessment Competency assessment for individuals, team or companywide evaluations. Available in 8 languages. More than 10 000 users. Maturity Assessment

of the Organisation This method evaluates the organisational maturity and performance of a company’s Procurement or Supply Chain organisation. It is the base for the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards process. E-learning Modules E-learning modules and online exams to strengthen support and reinforce face to face training sessions.


Research Projects

& Publications The Value Creation Observatory investigates the impact of Purchasing on Company Value Creation. The EIPM Journal of Supply Excellence shares strategic knowledge on subjects of current relevance for Purchasing.

EIPM Club A club of purchasing units benefiting from EIPM’s latest research, innovative education, benchmarking and networking opportunities. Networking Opportunities Sharing best practices through one-day Workshops, CPO Round Tables and the EIPM Annual Purchasing Conference.



In-Company Programmes

Global deployment of customised in-company programmes. 4 000 participants in 9 different languages every year. Training Modules

& Certification Programmes Highly recognised qualifications for Buyers, Expert Buyers and Purchasing Managers. Proposed around two or three days or grouped on programmes of two or three weeks, available in four continents and presented twice a year. Global Executive MBA An MBA for Executives and high potentials. The longest standing Executive MBA specialised in Purchasing and Supply Management. Available in Archamps and Shanghai. Executive Summer School The Summer School draws on the EIPM Global Executive MBA specialisation modules. It is delivered through July and August and consists of four one-week modules. MSc for Professionals A lifelong learning programme that combines the different levels of our Certification Programme and selected MBA modules.


The EIPM Summer School is a concise executive programme in Purchasing and Supply Management. It provides best practices gathered from leading companies and leverages proven tools, methods and frameworks from related disciplines. The programme explores the current challenges faced by the purchasing function.

Starting from the alignment between the business and purchasing strategy, it explores how value can be created together with suppliers, how external innovation can be identified and used and how leading global supply chains operate. Advanced negotiation and communication practices are also part of the curriculum.

The programme is designed for purchasing and supply management executives, senior managers, high potential purchasing professionals or upper management moving to a purchasing role.

The programme encourages an action learning philosophy, as participants are expected to work on real life strategic challenges.

The Summer School draws on the EIPM Global Executive MBA specialisation modules. It is delivered through June to September and consists of four one-week modules presented in two blocks of two weeks each.

Following the Summer School, participants will be able to:

• Transform the Purchasing function and use external resources for competitive advantage.

• Implement new practices to enhance today’s performance and prepare their organisation to sustain performance in the future

• Leverage leading edge thinking in Purchasing, Supply Chain Management and Innovation

• Use analytical skills and leadership effectiveness

• Increase the performance at individual, team and organisation levels

• Ensure that their organisation is keeping abreast in a constantly changing business environment.

Structure, target group and learning goals





Renowned International Faculty

Our Faculty brings together academic excellence and practitioner relevance, stimulating knowledge and skills beyond functional procurement.

Teamwork & Networking

The courses combine lectures and workshops to foster teamwork as well as networking opportunities.

We encourage cooperation, exchanges and mutual learning amongst participants and their continuous feedback builds a strong link with the corporate world.

Diverse Learning Methods

Teaching is supported by case studies, workshops, group and individual assignments, academic and practitioner’s lectures and testimonies which create a very interactive learning environment.

It gives opportunity to look at professional life challenges from a different angle and being challenged by fellow practitioners from different industries and countries.

Global and Multi-Industrial Vision

The Summer School provides wide exposure to different industries and cultures. The content of the programme offers a valuable combination of global trends and indus-trial contexts, stimulating cross-cultural and multitask management abilities of participants.

Compatible With Professional Life

The concentration in the scheduling of the programme during the summer accommodates business realities. It allows executives to gain both managerial understanding and valuable specialist knowledge whist maintaining their professional commitments.


The EIPM European Campus is located in Archamps, about 15 minutes from Geneva International Airport and easily accessible by air, rail and road.

The region offers many activities, both indoor and outdoor, such as hiking, alpine climbing, paragliding, sailing and a multitude of other lake and mountain based activities. The city of Geneva is right next door and offers a rich cultural experience.



Purchasing Strategy

DAy 1

• A primer on purchasing excellence

• From company strategy to purchasing strategy • Organisational design for purchasing

• The challenges associated with globalisation: finding the right balance

DAy 2

• Capturing value from the markets and supply networks • Managing risk effectively

• The search for total cost effectiveness

DAy 3

• Managing supplier relationships • Sustainability: the role of purchasing

DAy 4

• Formulating and communicating the purchasing added value

• Measuring performance

DAy 5

• The future of the purchasing function

• Managing talent and competencies in purchasing • The change agent role

Bernard Gracia

MBA International and Industrial Business, University of Austin, Texas

Bernard collaborated in the launching of one of the first post-graduate programmes in Purchasing in the world (MAI - Master Industrial Purchasing for the Bordeaux Business School).

In 1990, associated with leading companies the EU, he founded EIPM. As Director of EIPM, he launched the first MBA specialised in Purchasing in Europe and the first European Roundtable for CPOs. Bernard’s training and research activities focus on Corporate Purchasing Strategy, Purchasing Organisation, and Value Creation Contribution.

20 - 24 June 2016

• Anticipate and build on emerging purchasing trends

• Align procurement strategy and organisation with the company strategy and organisation • Address the challenges associated with the effective management of global companies • Develop plans that maximize the value generated by suppliers to the company

• Lead excellence throughout the purchasing organisation and drive improvements along the full purchasing process

• Effectively manage relationships with internal business partners and strategic suppliers • Lead efficient category reviews and manage supply performance and risks effectively • Engage on sustainability matters with all relevant stakeholders

• Coach high potentials and collaborators

What you Will lEarn



Operations & Supply Chain Management

Dr Corey Billington

PhD Engineering, Stanford University

Corey was Professor of Operations Management and Procurement at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland and director of HP’s SpaM Group.

Today, he teaches Supply Chain Management and Procurement at ETH in Zurich and is a founding partner of e3 associates.

He is a pioneer in the field of SCM the hightech industry, with 20 years of experience in formulating and delivering strategic innovation programmes across the globe and major industries.

27 June - 1 July 2016

• Determine when to use synthesis versus analysis to improve supply chain performance • Redesign existing supply chains to use fewer assets (inventory and capacity) for a given

level of customer performance

• Recommend when a supply chain network must be redesigned rather than improve the performance of one or more of the nodes

• Quantitatively determine the optimum asset level for a single supply chain node • Quantitatively judge whether to outsource a supply chain node or not

• Calculate the economic consequences of risk and uncertainty in supply chain networks using real options techniques

• Analytically determine the supply chain cost consequences of changing product modularity or variety

• Design robust supply chains (supply chains that have lower costs resulting from supply chain risk and uncertainty) and estimate cost differences analytically

• Determine when to use collaborative or combative procurement methods

• Improve the operating performance of supply chains by reducing the asset costs required of a given supply chain at a given level of customer service level

What you Will lEarn

By thE End of this WEEk, participants Will BE aBlE to:

DAy 1

• The supply chain system • Beer game simulation • Bullwhip effect • Managing variability

DAy 2

• Supply chain strategy

• Managing supply chain inventory pitfalls and opportunities • Process coordination – intra-firm coordination

• Meeting demand in an uncertain world

DAy 3

• Inter-firm coordination • Effective collaboration

• Talking a common language • Procurement risk management • Real options

DAy 4

• Effective outsourcing

• Outsourcing without losing control • Engineering a lower tax bill • Swiss time game

• Procurement’s role in innovation

DAy 5

• Design for supply chain • Super supplier concept



Innovation & Entrepreneurship

DAy 1

• Understanding innovation • What is a disruptive innovation?

• Mapping an ecosystem and the dynamics of innovation

DAy 2

• Creating the value canvas for a business unit

• Developing strong relationships and identifying the unmet needs of a business partner

• Using a roadmap to create outstanding innovation days

DAy 3

• Scouting for innovation, partners and suppliers • Measuring value creation

• Entrepreneurships: discovering the principles of lean startups and design thinking

• The entrepreneurship challenge, part 1

DAy 4

• The entrepreneurship challenge part 2 • Open innovation and collaboration

DAy 5

• Integrative case study

• The toolbox of innovation: a recap for the week Dr Hervé Legenvre

PhD Economics, Paris University

Hervé is the EIPM MBA Director and has 15 years of experience in delivering action learning solutions to a wide number of clients.

He was the EFQM Director for 10 years, heading the European Excellence Award, training activities and facilitating numerous benchmarking projects. He oversaw the development of the latest EFQM Excellence Model, a framework used by more than 30000 organizations to assess their performance and develop their strategy.

22 - 26 August 2016

• Understand the challenges associated with innovating with suppliers

• Analyse the dynamics of ecosystems, anticipate potential players and foresee who is in the best position to capture profits when innovation emerges

• Understand the strategic differentiation factors of a company or of a business unit and how purchasing and suppliers can contribute to these

• Develop internal partnerships for innovation and implement joint scouting activities to be performed with other business functions

• Design and lead innovation days to engage suppliers in projects • Measure the outcome of innovation projects

• Understand the value of open innovation tools and how they can be used with suppliers and supply markets

• Understand what drives companies to collaborate and when they have a common agenda • Adopt entrepreneurial practices

What you Will lEarn



International Negotiation & Influencing Skills

DAy 1

• Differentiating the preparation of a positional negotiation / a principled negotiation

• Setting the frame of the exchange of value

• Roleplay: discovering the values of exchange for both parties • Weighing and dosing concessions and counterparts • Inventing a BATNA

DAy 2

• Analysing the balance of risks and opportunities • Using your strengths and opportunities up front

• Organising the team and managing the time of your negotiation

• Negotiation reflexes

DAy 3

• Practicing your negotiation leadership • Negotiating disruptive changes

• Focusing on the right intercultural parameters • Roleplay and structured feedback of observers • Business case

DAy 4

• Refining your communication style through media training • Presenting a disruption

• Handling conflicts around procurement • Internal conflict resolution

DAy 5

•Building the right arguments.

• Preparing in groups a project presentation • Presentation of four projects + feedback

François Dousset

MBA Strategy, Economy, Finance, HEC School of Management

Graduated in Economics and post-graduated in Sociology, François is an experienced trainer, consultant and coach. He has worked as a consultant for a wide variety of multinationals companies in diferent sectors of industry and service.

Specialised in Purchasing Techniques and Methodology, with particular interest in Market Analysis, Strategic Positioning, Cost and Value Management, François has been working within EIPM for 10 years, from which five he was based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, developing the EIPM brand all over South America.

29 Aug - 2 Sept 2016

• Understand the values contained in negotiation exchanges

• Determine the flexibility of your position within the limits you will learn to define • Determine how to exchange values between parties

• Relate the negotiation frame to procurement’s strategy and positioning in suppliers’ markets • Balance the power and the risk between the parties involved and determine tactics • Be able to adapt tactics to avoid behavioural deadlocks

• Relate tactics to our spontaneous behaviour and identify some good or bad reflexes in each personality

• Identify the various ways to be a leader, in order to build one’s individuality, and exercise these ways

• Understand culture and identify cultural gaps • Prepare an organisation or a relationship to change

What you Will lEarn




The EIPM Campus is located in Archamps, France, about 15 minutes from the Geneva International Airport. Participants enjoy the spectacular Alpine scenery and benefit from a peaceful learning environment.

Course Schedule

The courses take place Monday to Friday:

Monday 09h00 -17h30 Tuesday 08h30 -17h30 Wednesday 08h30 -17h30 Thursday 08h30 -17h30 Friday 08h30 -16h00

Programme Dates

General conditions

Travel, meals and accommodation expenses as well as optional textbooks are not included.


The following accommodations are just a five-minute walk from EIPM:

Best Western - Porte Sud De Genève ***

www.bestwesternportesudgeneve.com reservation@bestwesterngeneve.com • Ibis Hotel - Porte De Genève Archamps **

www.ibishotel.com h1178@accor.com


Participants can have lunch and dinner at the Alliance Mall and at the neighbouring hotels, which are within a short walking distance from the Campus.

Payment conditions

Please note that to be admitted, all fees are due and fully payable before the starting date of a course.


Cities to visit:

• Geneva - 25 minute drive • Annecy - 30 km

• Salève (accessible by car or cable-car) - 10 minutes • Yvoire (medieval village) - 40 km

• Montreux - 100 km


• Cinemas Gaumont - 5 minute walk www.cinemasgaumontpathe.com

• Vitam Parc sports and water resort - 10 minute drive http://www.vitam.fr

• Bowling and Pools Annemasse - 15 minute drive http://www.bowlingannemasse.com

Travelling to France

Depending on your nationality, it may be necessary for you to obtain a Visa before arrival.

For more information, please visit the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs:



12 500 Euro (+Vat)


Purchasing Strategy

Operations & Supply Chain


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

International Negotiation & Influencing Skills 20 - 24 June 2016 27 June - 1 July 2016 22 - 26 August 2016 29 Aug - 2 Sept 2016




& Programme Essentials Finance & Management Accounting International Economics & Finance Business Strategy Purchasing Strategy

International Negotiation

& Influencing Skills Innovation & Entrepreneurship Operations & Supply Chain Management Virtual Hub Week Latest Development in Purchasing

Shaping Responsible Future Leadership & Human Resource Management Business to Business Marketing Strategic Information Systems Project Presentation & Graduation

EIPM Global Executive MBA in Purchasing and Supply Management

The Global Executive MBA specialising in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management is EIPM’s flagship programme.

The programme builds on 14 residential one-week modules, spread over 22 months and a final project. Modules are presented in Archamps and Shanghai, allowing for a truly global experience.

The objective of the MBA is to train, in an international environment, outstanding professionals to become highly qualified Executives, capable of implementing purchasing strategies and tools with solid managerial knowledge.

The programme offers both generalist and specialist modules, enabling acquisition of concepts and skills through a combination of theory and practice, which is ideally suited to a working Manager.

MBA Modules

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