Out of the Classroom, Into the Workplace: The Future of E-Learning







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Out of the Classroom, Into

the Workplace:

The Future of


Lead Presenter:

Stephanie Fagnani

Analyst, Simba Information

Guest Speakers:

Marc J. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Management Consultant

William Hipwell

Vice President of Marketing, GeoLearning

Captain Christian Volkle


Out of the Classroom, Into the Workplace

Welcome to Simba Information’s exclusive Webinar

discussing the future of E-Learning.


• Simba’s opinion of the E-Learning landscape

• Beyond E-Learning – Marc J. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

• Top Trends in E-Learning – William Hipwell

• Choosing the Right LMS Partner – Capt. Chris Volkle


The Advent of E-Learning

• Helping corporations move closer to providing a cost-effective and fast method of training employees.

• Simba estimates E-Learning will remain the fastest growing segment.

• Sales at the top 10 firms are projected to increase an

estimated 30.5% to $437.6 million in 2005 compared to a 43.6% increase for the E-Learning market overall.

• Simba estimates total E-Learning sales to reach $982.7 million by the close of 2005.


Beyond E-Learning – Marc J. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

More information about Marc is available at


Dr. Marc J. Rosenberg is a leading management consultant, best selling author, speaker and

educator in the fields of training, organizational learning, E-Learning, knowledge management and performance improvement.


Top Trends in E-Learning – William Hipwell

Will Hipwell

Vice President of Marketing, GeoLearning, Inc.

More information about GeoLearning is available at www.geolearning.com

Will Hipwell

Vice President, Marketing GeoLearning, Inc.


Will oversees the worldwide marketing activities of GeoLearning, including the overall positioning and promotion of the company’s e-learning products and


Major Trend: Convergence

HRIS/LMS Business Process

Outsourcing Human Capital Management CRM Talent Management


The Holy Grail of the Convergence

9 Competency Management

9 Performance Management

9 Succession Planning

9 Retention

9 Training & Readiness

9 Workforce Optimization



• Analytics

• Return on Investment & Value

• Optimization

• Earned Value Management

• Not just SAVE $$$, but MAKE $$$

• Profit Centers:

9 Dell


The Need for Speed

• 72% Time Critical

• Limited Budgets

• Extreme Turnaround Time


Speed as Advantage

• Speed is a competitive advantage

• Agility

• Market Values Nimbleness

• Elephants vs. Gazelles


Training Outsourcing

• $1.1 billion industry • 40% CAGR • Out-Tasking $44.2 billion • Top Reasons: 9Cost cutting

9 Focus on core business

9 Create variable cost structure 9 Access needed skills


The Transition of Training

Sou rce of Learning ROI Cost Avoidance Reduction 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2005 Efficiency “Skills” Leadership & Personal Development “Leadership” Technology “Internet Services” Value “Strategic Sourcing” 1900s – 1930s On-the-Job “Skills” Methodology Content Services

Post War Boom Civil Rights

Movement Industrial Revolution Information Technology Revolution Source: TrainingOutsourcing.com © 2005

2004 - $119B Corporate Spend for Learning

Competitive Advantage


Corporate Training Spending

2004 N.A. Market


Insourced $74.0B Out-Tasked Outsourcing $44.2B (8% CAGR) Training BPO $1.1B (40% CAGR)


Why Outsource?





Cost Cutting Focus on Core of the Business

Create Variable Cost Structure


What is Outsourced?

47% LMS 28% LCMS 42% Virtual Classroom 40% Collaboration Systems 20% Content Development 47% LMS 28% LCMS 42% Virtual Classroom 40% Collaboration Systems 20% Content Development 85% 22% 13% LMS and Learning Technology Training Administration Vendor Management


The Executive View

selecting a training supplier:

Most important criteria in

0 5 10 15 20 25

Training Professionals Most Often Say


Reputation for Quality

Talent Level of Staff

Cost Management Commitment Speed in Delivery Quality in RFP Other Industry Experience


Top Trends

Will Hipwell

Vice President, Marketing GeoLearning, Inc. willh@geolearning.com • Talent Management • Validation • Speed • Outsourcing


Capt. Christian Volkle

Manager, Fleet Training, Holland America Line

Choosing the Right LMS Partner

• Graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a BS

degree in Marine Transportation, spent over 15 years working at sea aboard tankers, freighters, containerships and other


• With Holland America Line for three years, started as an Environmental Officer aboard the m/s Ryndam.

• Currently responsible for safety, security, environmental, technical and regulatory training for a fleet of 16 cruise ships that operate worldwide.


What’s in Store for E-Learning

• Simba estimates that total global sales of corporate training products and services by U.S.-based providers will reach $12.6 billion by 2008.

• Live E-Learning via virtual classroom market to remain the smallest but fastest-growing segment.

• Cost savings will remain a high priority for most companies.

• Consolidation will remain an attractive option as companies look to capitalize on similar market strategies and increase market share by pooling collective properties.


What Makes Simba’s Data Unique?

• The Corporate Training Group – a team of veteran, industry journalists

• Independent of any vested interest within the industry

• Corporate Training & Development Advisor

• Research databank of 10 years of

independent information for analysis and projections


Simba’s Methodology


• Interviews with key executives

• Current and archived content from Simba’s original, targeted research reports

• Corporate Training & Development Advisor


• Annual reports, SEC filings

• Financial analysts


Corporate Training & Development Products

Information concerning Simba Information products: Greg Loxton

Phone: (908) 219-0134

Email: Greg.Loxton@bowker.com

Questions concerning this presentation: Stephanie Fagnani

Phone: (845) 440-0026

Email: sfagnani@optonline.net

Thank you for joining us for

Out of the Classroom, Into

the Workplace: The Future of E-Learning





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