Front Office + Back Office = CEM

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Front Office + Back Office = CEM

Expanding the Customer Experience Equation


Today’s Presenter

Ronald Balmer

Managing Director, Customer Experience Greenwich Associates


Greenwich Associates

Agenda for Today’s Webinar


The Importance of Customer Experience

How Operational Functions Impact the End Customer Implementing a Back Office CE Program


We provide unique market information, insights and advice to help clients:

•  Improve their business performance •  Drive product strategy & development •  Increase sales effectiveness

•  Gain a significant competitive advantage •  Enhance operational performance

•  Optimize development initiatives

•  Transform their business to improve every aspect of customer experience



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About Greenwich Associates

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1Gartner: 10 Proof Points Why Customer Experience Is the Next Big Thing; 2Gartner 2015 Marketing Spending Survey – Customer Experience Leads Investments;

3Forrester September 2014: The CMO’s Blueprint For Strategy In The Age Of The Customer: Four Imperatives To Establish New Competitive Advantage

Why best-in-class Customer Experience matters

Competing on Customer Experience

The Age of the Customer Demands a Strategic Shift: Customer obsession is not just a buzzword; it requires a strategic and budgetary discipline embraced across the enterprise3


of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 20161 Fewer than


of companies rate their customer experience as exceptional today, but two-thirds expect it to be in two years1


of companies have the equivalent of a chief customer officer — the CCO reports equally to CEO and CMO1


innovation project for 2015 is customer experience2


Greenwich Associates

What Do We Know About the Customer Experience


•  Customers tend to make negative assumptions about an entire organization based on a single,

isolated negative occurrence

•  Negative occurrences can be the result of both front and back-office issues

•  Customers experiencing multiple negative events create virtually unbreakable negative

pre-dispositions toward the company that can become devastating over a period of time

•  Acquiring new customers can be 30 to 40 times more expensive than managing existing customers

•  In some industries a 5% increase in overall customer retention equates to a 25% to 55% increase in


Most banks start at the most logical place—the front-line employees

Operations Impacts Customer Loyalty

Obvious Customer Experience (CE) Impact

Positive impact on scores Stronger internal culture

Shared overall CE

Task management, accountability, communication all

impact CE

Customer-facing employees deliver significant improvements, however banks that stop their efforts there are leaving additional big gains on the table




Customer-Facing vs. Customer-Impacting

Operations Impacts Customer Loyalty


•  Obvious CE Impact


•  Task Management •  Accountability •  Communication •  Impacts CE


•  Positive Impact on Scores •  Stronger Internal Culture •  Shared Overall CE Experience Expand your CE Program to the Back-Office


Greenwich Associates 8% 10% 11% 13% 14% 18% 20% 50% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Fraud/unauthorized activity

Problem resolution

ATM-related issues

Documents/account opening

Website availability/speed

Poor customer service

Processing/transaction errors

Fees/service charges/rates

Customer Experience is more than a friendly greeting

Operational Loyalty Drivers



What impressions are you leaving your customers?

Painful Onboarding Processes

Research shows that our overall perception of a person or business is dominated by our first experience, otherwise known as “the persistence of first impressions”

When opening a new account, only 17% of customers industry-wide report

receiving all four key indicators of the ideal onboarding process





of customers process took 30 minutes or less of customers were greeted upon entrance / called by name Of customers product needs were met Of customers had their representative completely identify financial needs Note: Based on approximately 2,00 respondents


Greenwich Associates

Why Does it Hurt?


The operational black hole to look out for

Challenges with document

creation and accuracy

Retail statements

Loan documents

Lack of communication with

the front-line


The “persistence of first impressions”

Operational Errors

Anything less than excellent problem resolution negatively affects client experience

N et Pr o m o te r Sc o re fo llo w in g p ro b le m r es o lu ti o n 60 40 20 0 -20 -40 -60 Fair – Poor Resolution (1-3) Good Resolution (4) Excellent Resolution (5)

Note: Based on 2,361 respondents

Source: Greenwich Associates 2013 commercial Banking Study

NPS when no problem experienced


Greenwich Associates

Problem Resolution


Poor execution in problem resolution drives down NPS gains

Source: Greenwich Associates, 2014 CEM client study









Sa ti sfi ed w ith r es o lu ti o n (r ati n g o f 4 o r 5) D is sa ti sfi ed w ith r es o lu ti o n (r ati n g o f 1, 2 o r 3) NPS -38 NPS 30


Turning Problems into Solutions

Adding value by creating a problem resolution solution

IMPROVE customer experiences CENTRALIZE customer feedback INITIATE trend analysis to predict customer response

Implement a problem resolution team that’s

geared towards improving customer


This includes:

An escalation plan

A tracking and reporting process flow




























How to focus on customer-impacting employees

Best Practices

Recognize the influence back-office issues have on

the bank customer experience requires a

change in thinking

Identify customer-impacting employees wherever they

exist in the organization - Banks can do this by identifying and monitoring

the drivers of customer experience and incorporating

the functions and people responsible

Educate back-office employees about the direct

effect their jobs and performance have on the customer experience and,

therefore, on bank performance

Compensate back-office

personnel by creating compensation programs that

will directly incentivize operational professionals to

prioritize the customer experience (CE)





Greenwich Associates

Resolving some of the most common and vexing customer problems

Here’s What We Recommend


Don’t overestimate costs and difficulties

Create a problem resolution team

Focus resources on problem prevention

Make sure your CEM program is a true omni-channel system

Banks with well-established front-line CEM programs already have the data they require to extend their program to

their back-office

Banks need structure to allow them to respond quickly and decisively on

insights from their CEM data

Banks can further reduce problematic error rates by

integrating analytic technologies, to quantify

and analyze customer commentary

Banks require a true 360o

view of the customer experience and must

ensure that it is consistent from channel






Ronald Balmer

Managing Director, Customer Experience Greenwich Associates

+1 203.625.5022



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