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The Cardinal Connection


Academic year: 2021

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From the Principal’s Desk


Dates to Remember

: 4/5 NO SCHOOL K-5 4/5 4K School in Session 4/23 PreK, K-5 NO SCHOOL 4/23 4K SCHOOL IN SESSION 4/30 K– 5 Progress Reports go home

Inside this Issue:

From the Principal’s

Desk 1

Bits ‘n Pieces 2

Lucky Tray winners, April Birthdays, Thank You

2 Calendar & Menu 3

Save the date 4

Booster Club Raffle 5 Newman Catholic

Schools Flyer 6

Scrip 7

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends of NCES: St. Mark,

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break and a Blessed Easter. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Sunday to celebrate the risen Christ. Also what a welcome site it is to have the snow gone and the grass starting to green up. The days are growing longer and there Spring is in the air, what a good feeling that is.

I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone by. In just a blink of an eye our last day of school will be here and before you know it we will be opening the doors to the students for a new school year.

If you haven’t had a chance to register for next year, please do so very soon. We have had a number of new families touring the school, looking at enrolling their children in preschool, 4K, and K-5 programs. We still have some openings at all levels, but it is important for you to register as soon possible.

If you have questions regarding registration, financial aid or WPCP for the upcoming school year, please contact the school office. If you know of anyone interested in enrolling in the Newman system, please refer them to either our NCS Central Office or directly to our school.

Tina Meyer

Why Choose NCS? Reasons to recommend NCS and NCES: St. Mark:

Spiritual environment builds Christian values and love of God, respect for others, and respect for self

Respect and reverence are key elements that are infused throughout the day

Develops the total child in mind, body, and spirit

Liturgies, retreats, mission projects, community service, and daily school-wide prayer enhance the spiritual development of each child

A strong academic program challenges students to increase their love of learning

Students gain high quality academic success through a well rounded educational curriculum

Ambitious academics and a variety of teaching techniques help children learn

Independent and cooperative work, along with critical thinking assignments, engage students

Student-centered environment promotes personal responsibility and lifelong learning

Classes for world Language, technology, art and music along with social science and fine arts focused field trips, offer students unique opportunities in the community

Small class sizes, ensure a learning environment which benefits students through college

More direct student interaction with teacher

Students staying more focused for greater on-task performance

More personal connection between teacher and students

Opportunities for students to work individually and in small groups

Affords enhanced teacher parent communication

The teachers are highly qualified and possess a wealth of experience

Teacher holds Bachelor Degrees or higher and are licensed by the State of Wisconsin

All teachers hold Catholic Religious Certification through the Diocese of La Crosse

Highly experienced teaching staff, with an average of twenty years in the classroom

Monthly Newsletter April, 2021

From the Principal’s Desk

602 Military Road Rothschild, WI 54474 Phone: (715) 359-9662 Fax: (715) 355-8904


The Cardinal Connection


First Grade News

Kindergarten News

~Mrs. Watson ~Miss Vickie

~Mrs. Hagemeister ~Mrs. Runzheimer

First Grade News

Kindergarten News

Page 2 Newman Catholic Schools


The deadline for applying or renewing for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program is April 15th 2021. Upcoming Emergency Practice Drills

Throughout the school year we regularly conduct safety drills. This spring we will participate in tornado, security, and fire drills. Our emphasis for drills, is to keep the students safe and to instill in them the importance of following directions.

 Fire Drill: When the alarm sounds the teachers and students evacuate the building; childcare, 3P, 4K, and K-2 go to the West parking lot, grades 3-5 go to the parking lot just East of the playground. Designated school personnel check the bathrooms on their way out of the building.

 Tornado Drill: The Wisconsin sponsored Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Drill will be on Thursday, April 15. At 1:00 pm, a test Tornado Watch will be issued and at 1:45 pm, a test Tornado Warning will be broadcast. At that time, the students will evacuate the classrooms and proceed to the basement. Once there, they will assume the correct tornado safety position, kneeling, tucked into a ball, with hands over their head.

 Security Drill: In May we will conduct our second “Lockdown” or “Shelter in Place” drill with the students. Prior to this drill, the 3P, 4K, and K-5 teachers will talk with the students about the importance of the Look, Listen, and Follow expectations (looking at your teacher, listening to your teacher, and following directions given by your teacher). If you have questions, you are welcome to contact the school office.

Bits ‘n Pieces

Lucky Tray Day Winners

March 5th: Bria R., Graham E., Jackson M. Lara H., Joey R., Melody P., Aaliyah H., Olianah M. March 26th: Zachary F., Bennett B., Gresham K., Zack H., Tori H., Josie S., Erykah R, Addison F.

April Birthdays


Olianah M. Carsten K. Mrs. Zieglmeier Henry E. Lillian L. Mrs. Hughes Joseph R. Madison C.

William S. Evan D. Valarie W. Aeliyana M. Emma B. Clara E.









1 2 3 4 5 4K AM & PM SCHOOL IN SESSION K-5 NO SCHOOL 6 Hamburger 7

Hot Ham & Swiss

8 Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza 9 Newman Spirit Day Mandarin Orange Chicken 10 11 12 Chicken Strips 13

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich 14 Mass K,1,2 Cinnamon French Toast 15 Mass 3,4,5 Munchable 16 Newman Spirit Day Pizza 17 18 19 Taco Bar 20 Pizza Wrap 21 Mass 3,4,5 Boneless Wings 22 Mass K,1,2 Pepperoni Pizza 23 4K AM & PM SCHOOL IN SESSION PreK, K-5 NO SCHOOL 24 25 26

Dorito Sloppy Joes


Crisp Fish Tacos


Mass K,1,2

BBQ Pork Sliders


Mass 3,4,5

Gilled Cheese & Tomato Soup 30 Newman Spirit Day K-5 Progress Reports go home Chicken Nuggets May 1

Newman Catholic Elementary School:

St. Mark




Purchasing Newman Scrip is shopping cart

fund-raising that benefits Newman Catholic Schools,

Newman families and local parishes.

Check out the new mobile app for scrip on your

smart phone:


. Available in the App

Store or Google Play. Use your same log in as the

ShopWithScrip.com website.

New to scrip? You can set up your account at

ShopWithScrip.com, our enrollment code is

13D5AD6D829. Check out the instructional

video at newmancatholicschools.com, click on scrip.


Scrip tuition rebates are now distributed quarterly. Credits will be posted to your Skyward and E-Funds accounts mid-month in January, April, July and October.

The spring season brings warmer weather and outdoor activities, be prepared with scrip! For sporting equipment we stock Eastbay, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Fleet Farm. Ice cream after the game? We have Briq’s, Culver’s and McDonalds. How about outdoor dining? La Prima Deli, La Taqueria and Sconni’s have great outdoor seating.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The Newman Scrip Program is a non-profit fundraiser

families and the Newman system, it is primarily run

by volunteers. Call the Scrip Office at 715-849-7713

or email us at scrip@newmancatholicschools.com.

We are looking for volunteers to help with order

pick-up, scheduling and monthly reporting. We are also

looking for summer volunteers!

Shopping at PetSmart? We have an overstock of

$25 gift cards at 7% rebate.



The following businesses can be special ordered on

local scrip order weeks. Please plan accordingly:

Bennett Massage Therapy

Brickner’s of Wausau

Evolutions In Design

Fred Mueller Automotive

Northstar Restoration Services



Thursday Apr. 1 – Closed (Spring Break)

Friday Apr. 2 – Closed

Monday Apr. 5 – Closed (Easter Monday,

No School)

Tuesday Apr. 6 - 8:00-4:00

Wednesday Apr. 7 - Closed

Thursday Apr. 8- 8:00-5:30

Friday Apr. 9- Closed

Monday Apr. 12– 8:00-4:00

**Local Scrip Order Week**

Tuesday Apr. 13 - Closed

Wednesday Apr. 14 - Closed

Thursday Apr. 15- 8:00-5:30

Friday Apr. 16 - Closed

Monday Apr. 19 – 8:00-4:00

Tuesday Apr. 20- Closed

Wednesday Apr. 21- Closed

Thursday Apr. 22- 8:00-5:30

Friday Apr. 23 - Closed

Monday Apr. 26- 8:00-4:00

**Local Scrip Order Week**

Tuesday Apr. 27- Closed

Wednesday Apr. 28- Closed

Thursday Apr. 29- 8:00-4:00

Friday Apr. 30- Closed

Scrip Office phone number: 715-849-7713

Scrip Office is located at

Newman Catholic Schools Central Office

619 Stark St. Wausau, WI 54403


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Just a quick reminder - registration materials for the upcoming school year are available on line, just log on to the Newman Catholic Schools website and click on the Enrollment

If you do opt for a snack, please send it to school in the store bought wrapped individual package so the teacher can check the ingredient labels and students can take it home if