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Academic year: 2021

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Technical Information

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Technical Information



Features and options .... 4

Product configuration model code ... 5

Model Code Summary .. 5

Code A: Product Series ... 5

Code B: Single or dual axis option ... 5

Code C: Output sense ... 5

Code D: Output signal range ... 6

Code E: Grip options ... 7

Code F: Gate options ... 7

Code G: Guided or non-guided option ... 8

Dimensions and mounting ... 9

Connector pin assignments ...10

Mating connector details ...10

Recommended wiring practice ...11

Installation notes ... 12 Joystick safety ... 12 Output noise ... 12 Magnetic immunity ...12 Supply voltage ... 12 Mechanical characteristics ...13 Electrical characteristics ...13 Environmental characteristics ...14


Technical Information

General Information

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The JS2000 contactless sensor joystick is a compact device designed for precision fingertip control applications where safety and long, trouble-free life are primary requirements. The compact design is ideal for mounting in low clearance locations such as seating armrests and chest packs. It is suitable for installation in the harsh environments of today’s mobile machine operating environment.

This joystick is available with one, two or three axis of control and can accommodate a variety of grips including push-button switch versions.


Redundant sensors

Contactless Hall effect sensing

One, two or three axis control

Multiple gate options

Spring return to center

Compact size

Low operating forces

Easy installation

Operating life > 15 M operations

IP 65 sealing above panel

CE approved

Multiple grip options, including twist Z axis

Technical Information

The Product Configuration Model Code (model code) is used to specify particular features when ordering a JS2000 joystick. The model code begins with the product family name JS2000 and the remaining fields are filled in to configure the product with the desired features.

The model code includes both joystick base and joystick grip information.

Product Configuration Model Code


J S 2 0 0 0 X Y P P P P O 2 5 E 5 S P

A Product Series

Code Description JS2000 Series JS2000 Joystick

B Single or Dual Axis Options

Code Description X Single axis XY Dual axis

C Axis and Sensor Options

Code Description Axis Option

PPOOO Dual sensor output—same sense X axis PNOOO Dual sensor output—opposite sense X axis PPPPO Dual sensor output—same sense each axis XY axis PPNNO Dual sensor output—same sense X, opposite sense Y XY axis PNPNO Dual sensor output—opposite sense each axis XY axis POPOP Single sensor output—same sense each axis XYZ axis PONOP Single sensor output—same sense X and Z, opposite sense Y XYZ axis PONON Single sensor output—same sense Y and Z, opposite sense X XYZ axis NONON Single sensor output—opposite sense each axis XYZ axis

Output Sense (Direction)

The dual outputs from any JS2000 joystick can be configured in one of two possible ways. These are designated within the joystick model code as same sense (P) or opposite

sense (N). Refer to the output sense (direction) diagram, page 6 for clarification.

The slopes at the lower end start at 20% of supply voltage range (Vs) and at the upper end finish at 80% of Vs.

In the same sense configuration, the outputs of an axis can be directly compared to determine the serviceability of the joystick. In the opposite sense configuration, the sum of the outputs from any axis should be equal to the applied voltage.

Product Configuration




Technical Information

D Output Span

Code Description Axis Option

40 0.5 to 4.5 V DC nominal X and XY

Dual JS2000 Output Signals (X and XY options)

Each joystick axis is equipped with two outputs and it is recommended that both outputs are continuously compared to ensure that the difference does not exceed the maximum specified difference plus an appropriate safety margin. In addition, machine movement should not be enabled until both outputs from any one axis exceed the center threshold voltage plus a suitable safety margin (for example twice the joystick center deadband).

The outputs in normal use should be within the limits 0.35 to 4.65 V DC. Any output significantly outside of this range must be regarded as erroneous and appropriate safe action taken. A high value pull-up or pull-down resistance should be added to the X and Y outputs such that in the unlikely event of a wire or connector failure, the output will be pulled out of range.

Single Outputs (XYZ option)

Where a joystick incorporating only a single sensor per axis is used to control safety critical functions, an independent momentary action system enable switch should be provided.

Center Tap

A center tap is provided as a means of verifying the integrity of the Vs at the joystick. Clearly a high resistance or open circuit in either the Vs or ground connections will affect the joystick outputs. The normal output at the center tap connection is 49.16 to 50.84% of Vs. A center tap output outside this range indicates a fault in the supply to the joystick Hall sensors.

Output Impedance

Joystick outputs at the center position and the end of travel are specified with infinite load impedance or zero current. The effect of adding finite load impedance will be to source or sink current through the joystick output impedance. The voltage dropped through the joystick output impedance must be taken into account when the system threshold voltages are being defined.

Output Sense (Direction) Diagram

Product Configuration


(continued) Maximum difference sum

to supply voltage

Maximum difference between output 1 and 2 Supply


Output 1

Output 1

Opposite sense Same sense

Output 2 Output 2

Sum of outputs 1 and 2


Technical Information

E Grip Options

Code Description Axis Option

K1 Standard tapered grip X and XY

E Ergonomic grip X ,XY, XYZ

E1 - E5

E1 Ergonomic grip w/ black push button X, XY, XYZ E2 Ergonomic grip w/ red push button X, XY, XYZ E3 Ergonomic grip w/ green push button X, XY, XYZ E4 Ergonomic grip w/ yellow push button X, XY, XYZ E5 Ergonomic grip w/ blue push button X, XY, XYZ

S Straight grip X and XY

S1 - S5

S1 Straight grip w/ black push button X and XY S2 Straight grip w/ red push button X and XY S3 Straight grip w/ green push button X and XY S4 Straight grip w/ yellow push button X and XY S5 Straight grip w/ blue push button X and XY


Product Configuration

F Gate Options

Code Description Axis Option

1 Single axis X

R Round XY, XYZ

S Square XY, XYZ

D Diamond XY, XYZ

C Cross X XY, XYZ

P Plus + XY, XYZ

Plus + Code P Cross x Code C Diamond Code D Square Code S Round Code R Single axis Code 1 Illustration 2272, 2273, 2274, 2275, 2276 Illustration 2277


Technical Information

Switch Color Option

Code Button 1 Black 2 Red 3 Green 4 Yellow 5 Blue

G Guided or Non-guided Option

Code Description Axis Option

N Non-guided feel X, XY, XYZ

P Guided feel XY, XYZ


Product Configuration


Technical Information


Product Installation

65.0 [2.559] 6.3 [0.248] Ø42.0 [Dia 1.654] 35.0 [1.378] 35.0 [1.378] Ø3.5 [Dia 0.138] in four places 78.0 [3.071] 78.0 [3.071] 71.0 [2.795] 71.0 [2.795] 47.5 [1.87] Illustration P005 229E 47.5 [1.87] 31.0 [1.22] Forward

Flange dimension 44.3 [1.744] square (with trim plate removed) 4 off through holes Ø3.3 [Dia 0.13], countersunk on top surface. Reverse Forward Left Right Optional boot protector supplied on K1 only

K1 Grip S Grip S1 - S5 Grip E Grip E1 - E5 Grip

Panel mounting detail


Technical Information


Product Installation


Pinout and wiring information XY Joystick XYZ Joystick

1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 Notch Bottom View, Joystick Connector

Pin 1 Supply voltage

Pin 2 Left/Right output 1 Left/Right output

Pin 3 Ground

Pin 4 Forward/Reverse output 1 Forward/Reverse output Pin 5 Forward/Reverse output 2 5 V DC Pin 6 Center tap

Pin 7 Left/Right output 2 Z axis output Pin 8 Switch output (NC if no switch) Switch is connected between pin 1 and 8


Red lead on Sauer-Danfoss mating connector kit is assigned to pin 8.

Mating connector specifications

8-pin FCI Minitek 98414-F06-08U shrouded IDC header 8-pin FCI Minitek 89361-708 IDC connector

Mating connector kit

Type Sauer-Danfoss ordering number


Technical Information


Product Installation

All Wires must be protected from mechanical abuse.

Use 85° C wire with abrasion resistant insulation.

Separate high current wires such as solenoids, lights, alternators, or fuel pumps from

control wires. Recommended minimum separation is 300 mm [11.8 in].

Run wires along the inside of or close to metal machine frame surfaces where

possible. This simulates a shield which will minimize the effects of EMI/RFI radiation.

Do not run wires near sharp metal corners. Consider running wire through

grommets when rounding a corner.

Provide strain relief for all wires.

Avoid running wires near moving or vibrating components.

Avoid long, unsupported wire spans.

All sensors have dedicated wired power sources and ground returns.

They should be used.

Sensor lines should be twisted about one turn every 100 mm [3.94 in].

It is better to use wire harness anchors that will allow wires to float with respect to

Technical Information

Prior to installation, check that the travel limiter gate positioned under the boot at

the top of the joystick is correctly located and oriented.

The joystick is sealed above the mounting surface to prevent dust and water

Ingress to IP 65 and is supplied with mounting hardware (sealing gasket and trim plate suitable for mounting from above the panel. The effectiveness of the seal is dependent on the mounting surface being sufficiently rigid to compress the sealing gasket. The finish of the mounting surface is critical to achieving an adequate seal and rough surface finishes, paint chips, deep scratches, etc should be avoided. It is possible to mount the JS2000 from under the panel surface by discarding the trim plate and compressing the base of the flexible boot against the panel and mounting flange.

The joystick base below the mounting surface should be protected from dust and

direct water spray.

Joystick Safety

For a system to operate safely it must be able to differentiate between commanded and uncommanded inputs. System designers should take steps to detect and manage joystick and system failures that may cause an erroneous output.

For safety critical functions it is recommended that an independent momentary action

system enable switch be used. This switch can be incorporated into the joystick as a operator present switch or can be a separate foot or hand operated momentary switch.

All functions controlled by the joystick should be disabled when this switch is released. The control system should look for the appropriate system enable switch input before the joystick is displaced from its neutral position. Functions enabled by the joystick should not be enabled until this input is received.

Output Noise

The JS2000 incorporated Hall effect sensors to detect the position of each of the joystick axes. A side effect of the use of these sensors is electrical noise superimposed on the output signal, nominally 20 mV peak to peak. The application program can filter out this noise.

Magnetic immunity

The use of the JS2000 in close proximity to sources of high magnetic fields is not recommended.

Supply voltage

The JS2000 is designed to operate from a regulated 5 V DC ± 0.5 V DC supply that is free from transients. Joystick outputs are ratiometric and are therefore a function of the input voltage.



Technical Information

XY Axis

Shaft operation force (applied at top of grip)

Breakout 1 N (0.22 lbf) nominal

Operating 2 N (0.45 lbf) nominal, full deflection

Maximum allowable 300 N (67.44 lbf) XY option, 195 N (43.84 lbf) XYZ option

Shaft mechanical angle

Single axis option ± 20° forward/reverse Round gate, XY option ± 20°

Square and Diamond gate, XY option ± 20° to corners, ± 14° to flats Cross and plus gate, XY option ± 20° at extent of axes

Expected life 15 M operations

Weight 90 g (0.20 lb) base without grip

Z Axis Operating torque Breakout 0.04 N.m (0.03 ft.lb) Operating 0.06 N.m (0.04 ft.lb) Maximum allowable 1.0 N.m (0.74 ft.lb) Mechanical angle ± 20°

Expected life 5 M operations


Sensor type Hall effect

Resolution Infinite

Supply voltage range (Vs) 5 V DC ± 0.5 V DC, regulated

Over voltage, maximum 15 V DC

Reverse voltage, maximum 14.5 V DC

Output voltage range

X and XY, ± 40% span Nominal 0.5 to 4.5 V DC XYZ, ± 25% span Nominal 1.1 to 3.0 V DC

Output impedance 100 Ω each axis

Center tap voltage (no load) 50% Vs ± 1%

Center tap impedance 1.1 kΩ

Return to center voltage (no load) X and Y axis—within ± 60 mV of Vs/2 at 20°C (68°F), ± 73 mV over full temperature range

Z axis—within ± 100 mV of Vs/2 @ 20°C (68°F), ± 100 mV over full temperature range

Current consumption 17.5 mA, nominal

Output sense, XY axis The twin outputs of the XY axis can be independently selected to be rising together in the same direction (PP) or opposed (PN)

Output sense, Z axis The three axis option can only provide a single output per axis


Product Specifications



Technical Information


Operating temperature -25°C (-13°F) to 70°C (158°F)

Storage temperature -40°C (-40°F) to 70°C (158°F)

Ingress Protection (IP) rating IP 65, above panel

EMC immunity level 60 V/m (25 MHz to 1 GHz, 1 kHz sine wave modulation)

EMC emissions level Complies with EN50081-1 (1992), 30 MHz to 1 GHz

ESD immunity level ±8 kV Contact discharge; 15 kV air discharge (10 discharges)

Product Specifications


Technical Information


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