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Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 1


Online Client Portal Explained... 2 Basic User Guide

2.1 Logging on……… 3

2.2 Logging off……… 3

Folder Structure

3.1 Default folder structure……….. 4 3.2 Group folder structure………. 5

3.3 Document locations……… 5

File maintenance

4.1 Uploading files………. 6

4.2 Deleting files……… 8

4.3 Downloading files……… 8

Additional user request process

5.1 Additional login requests……….. 10

5.2 Access restrictions………. 10

HWB IT Services


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 2

Online Client Portal Explained What are the benefits of using the Online Client Portal?

By giving you online access to our systems, you will be able to view your documents securely online whenever you need them.

As documents can be uploaded by both HWB and yourself, these will be available instantly and avoid the unnecessary delay of sending by post.

The idea behind implementing such a system is to offer you a better, more efficient service and ensuring we stay up to date with our client’s needs.

Do I have to use the Online Client Portal?

We appreciate that not all clients will require this service and therefore usernames and passwords will be available to all clients but we will continue to issue hardcopy documents to you until instructed otherwise.

Are my documents being stored on the internet?

No, your documents are being stored securely on HWB’s server and only being accessed via an online portal.

How long will my documents be stored?

All final documents prepared by HWB on your behalf will be uploaded to File Sharing Exchange and will be available to you for a period of 6 years via the Online Client Portal.

The length of time documents are available is subject to annual review depending on legislation and usage.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

To enable you to access the system as effectively as possible, we have dedicated staff to offer assistance and advice where required.

If you have any queries in relation to Online Data Storage via our Online Client Portal, please contact one of our Online Data Storage Champions.

Telephone number: 023 8046 1200


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 3 Basic User Guide

2.1 Logging on

User names and passwords will be issued to you by the HWB IT department.

The online client portal is available via our website

Enter your Login ID and Password, supplied by HWB


2.2 Logging off


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 4 Folder Maintenance

3.1 Default Folder Structure

You will initially be set up with a default folder structure, which subfolders will be added to, depending on your requirements. This will enable you to locate your documents quickly and easily.

Additional subfolders have been created within Accounts, Payroll and Tax Returns as part of the default folder configuration.

Accounts subfolder structure

Payroll subfolder structure


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 5 Folder Maintenance

3.2 Group Folder Structure

If you have more than one client ID, i.e. we act for more than one business or complete personal tax for a director; they will be grouped to enable you to access all of the required folders via one login.

If you require additional users to have access to different areas of your Online Client Portal, please see ‘Additional user requests’ for more information.

3.3 Document Locations

Each document will be saved in a pre defined location to create consistency and make it easier for you to find documents within the system.

The path names for each document to be used as standard are as follows:

Document Path name

Accounts/Abbreviated Accounts Home / Client / Accounts / Annual Accounts / Year Corporation Tax Return (CT600) Home / Client / Tax Returns / Corporation Tax / Year VAT Return Home / Client / Tax Returns / VAT / Year

Annual Returns Home / Client / Accounts / Annual Return / Year

Management Accounts Home / Client / Accounts / Management Accounts / Year P11D/P11D(b) Home / Client / Payroll / P11D / Year

Post Payroll Reports Home / Client / Payroll / Payroll / Year P35/P14 Home / Client / Payroll / P35 / Year PAYE Settlement Agreements Home / Client / Payroll / PSA / Year

PAYE Dispensations Home / Client / Payroll / Dispensations / Year

Self Assessment Tax Returns Home / Client / Tax Returns / Self Assessment / Year Invoices/applications Home / Client / Invoices / Year

If you have any problems location documents, please contact one of our dedicated Online Data Storage Champions.


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 6 File Maintenance

4.1 Uploading Files

There are 2 different ways to upload files to Online Data Storage, one direct via the folder view and the other by using Web Client Pro. We would recommend only using Web Client Pro for large documents or files.

Uploading via folder view

Open the folder that you wish to store the file in

Select from the menu icons on the bottom left of your screen

Use the function to navigate to the documents you wish to upload


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 7 File Maintenance

Once document located, select

Using Web Client Pro

Open the folder that you wish to store the file(s) in

Select from the menu icons on the top right of your screen You will now see an additional section added to the bottom of your screen

Select from the menu icons on the bottom left of your original screen You can now select multiple documents to upload


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 8 File Maintenance Once the files have been highlighted, select

Web Client Pro will then upload the files one by one and supply a status bar to show the progress

Once complete, the files will show within your folder

To remove the files from Web Client Pro status bar, select from the Web Client Pro icon menu

4.2 Deleting Files

You will not have access to delete files from Online Data Storage.

If you require any documents be deleted, please contact us and we will arrange this for you.

4.3 Downloading files

Select the document you wish to download from Online Data Storage Select from the menu list on the bottom left of your screen You will be given the option to open or save the file


The file will automatically be downloaded to your ‘Downloads’ folder and you will have the option of opening the folder or file


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 9 File Maintenance Select


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 10 Additional user request process

5.1 Additional User Request

If you require additional users to have access to your online client account, please complete an Additional User Request Form which is available on request.

This form must be approved by the main business/client contact and sent in via email, post or uploaded to the online client portal.

A fee of £49.99 per additional user is payable to cover setup and administration costs. This fee is subject to periodic review.

If you require any assistance completing the Additional User Request Form, please contact one of our Champions for assistance.

5.2 Additional User Access Restrictions

All users can have access restrictions within the system, which will limit the folders they would be able to view.

Please ensure you clearly state which folders (if any) should not be accessible to the additional user when completing the Additional User Request Form.


Online Data Storage (March 2013) Page 11 HWB IT Services

6.1 HWBIT - Online Backup

HWBIT offers a variety of IT software solutions that could benefit you, one of which is Online Backup.

We can provide a backup utility to enable you to automatically back up all your critical business data online in an easy and affordable way. Your data is sent to a secure offsite location which is accessible to you whenever you need it.

With Online Backup you can automatically save your files directly from your PC to your secure hosted storage area. These files will be automatically transferred and can run any time you choose and it can be run as frequently as you like depending on how often you need to back up your system. Restoring files is also very easily done with this utility.

Unlike other computer backup programs, the HWBIT online backup utility gives you the ability to restore single files instead of the entire backup. That way if you accidentally overwrite a word doc, or edit a picture you didn’t want to save they can easily be restored within seconds.

We can also offer further IT and accounting solutions including:  A virtual IT Manager to negate the need for in-house expertise  Consultancy for independent and objective advice

 A range of support services flexible to meet your needs and budget

 A hosted dashboard allowing you to run your software applications and access your files from any PC, thin client or mobile device with an internet connection

 Online accounting solutions

For more information on this service, please visit or contact Richard Bacon on 023 8046 1200.



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