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Looking back to more than 40 very successful years of operation - thanks to your support - we also have to look into the future.

I am proud to present to you our new ‚Mondial Selection‘ catalogue. This catalogue is a practical guide to the cultural, historical and tourist highlights of Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Whether you are already familiar with these destinations or are visiting Central Europe for the first time and have perhaps never been to these countries: we will take you to a selection of highlights. Find the most interesting sights of interest, cultural highlights, adventures, winter and summer hotels & resorts and group travel at a glance.

Our multilingual and experienced staff is looking forward to being of service to you also in the future.

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Austria General Information

Austria‘s regions offer an abundance of activities and pursuits for all ages and interests. Whatever it is you are looking for – action or culture, sports or culinary delights – chances are that you will find it in one of Austria‘s regions. Attractive deals and offers are available any time of the year tempting you visit Austria for the first time or to come again and enjoy the wealth of activities on offer.

Like most European countries, Austria looks back on a very eventful history. Yet there are some elements of the Austrian character that haven’t changed much over the centuries: the partiality for indulgence, beauty, and cultivation have always been driving forces in the country’s past and present...

This brochure covers detailed information on the most popular cities and regions. This brochure will show you the diversity of this country in the middle of the alps - from the most famous wine growing region and world cultural heritage site of the Wachau, just a stone through away from the capital Vienna, to the high ranging mountains of Tyrol and Vorarlberg with it‘s famous skiing regions of Arlberg and Kitzbühel - we cover Austria for every taste and any occasion of your visit.

© Österreich Werbung/Wiesenhofer © Kärnten Werbung Lech Lammertal. Info



Summer in Austria is having fun! Experience the beautiful landscape on foot, on a bicycle or on horseback. Hike across mountains and valleys, swim in lakes and rivers. Discover the fauna & flora of the region, the hospitable inhabitants and the delicious local treats. Be sportive or enjoy a relaxing day. Let your soul roam free. Come on your own or with your partner - or bring your kids along, your grandchildren and your friends. Summer in Austria awaits you!

Enjoy the cool wetness of crystal clear lakes, with water so good you can drink it! This and much more, is what you’ll find in Austria’s bathing lakes. Experience your dream holiday in the land of lakes! From Lake Neusiedl to Lake Constance – all over Austria there are enough opportunities for surfing, sailing, and waterskiing to satisfy any water sports athlete’s desires. And those who prefer a more relaxed approach can enjoy countless hours of sunbathing and just hanging loose.

Over steep, wild cliffs the water masses tumble into the depths and drag the onlookers’ view invariably down with them. The elemental force of the cool water is nowhere as spectacular in its appearance as in waterfalls. Their thundering and raging, their power and untamed wildness fill the viewer with an extraordinary fascination. Visit the nicest waterfalls in Austria and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this natural spectacle.

Summer in Austria

Welcome to Winter Paradise Austria!

The Alps account for two thirds of Austria’s surface area, and provide ideal conditions for relaxation, winter sports and winter fun. 71 winter regions with over 800 winter-sport locations offer pure enjoyment for their guests. 22,000 km of excellently prepared „pistes“ fulfill every skier’s and snowboarder’s wish. From gentle family runs to high alpine tours, from easy to challenging slopes – it’s all there! 16,000 km of tracked cross-country stret-ches offer all that the increasing number of cross-country skiers could wish for. Everything is possible – snow-shoe hiking, ice climbing, ice golf, ice sailing and surfing on the many frozen lakes. How about a ride on a dog-sled? For those who enjoy the more peaceful winter activities, 14, 000 km of snow-cleared winter hiking trails, romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides, tradition and folklore await. Austria’s towns offer a number of cultural adventures – from advent markets to New Year’s concerts to operas or musicals.

Winter in Austria


General Information Vienna

Vienna ranks only behind London, Paris and Rome in the “Premier European League” of

European city tourism (overnights by foreign visitors). In international congress tourism, on the other hand, Vienna ranked in second place worldwide in 2004.

Vienna is comfortably located at the intersection of two major European routes: the Berlin–Prague–Vienna–Venice route and the Paris–Munich–Vienna–Budapest or Brus-sels–Frankfurt–Vienna–Budapest route (that of the legendary “Orient Express”). The Wachau, the most beautiful part of the Danube valley, is nearby. Near the Alps (with nice ski resorts close by) and with a large steppe lake, Lake Neusiedl (called the “Sea of the Viennese”), on its doorstep. Highly efficient Vienna International Airport is only 16 minu-tes from the city center. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia (one of the new EU member states), is only 60 km away.

Vienna‘s historic center has been added to UNESCO‘s World Cultural Heritage list and is considered one of the most beautiful city landmarks in Europe. Three eras left their mark on the former residence of the Habsburgs: the Middle Ages with Gothic St. Stephen‘s Cathedral, one of Vienna‘s landmarks; the Baroque whose most important achievement is the Imperial Palace with its sumptuous cupolas. And the Ring Boulevard era of the late nineteenth century.

Vienna waits for you!


The traditional and the modern side by side: in Vienna, one sees a coach and horses here, skateboarders there, and the typical coffee houses and wine taverns, with their centuries-old traditions, together with the trendy Vienna scene with pubs, fashion, music and events.

From the Flea Market to the Magic of Advent, from open-air stalls at the Naschmarkt to gourmet restaurants, and from purveyors to the imperial court to international flagship stores, Vienna is an Eldorado for connoisseurs.

The city on the Danube also has much to offer to those who wish to relax now and then in the midst of nature: the Hauptallee avenue runs through the green Prater park for 5 km. The New Danube has 40 km of beach to offer, including the famous Copa Cagrana, where one can find enjoyment beside or in the water, in front of the high-rise silhouette of Danube City.

The wine taverns on the outskirts, the Vienna Woods, the Donauauen National Park, the Summer Stage on Danube Canal ... And there are also sports – from the Vienna City marathon to sailing, and from inline skating to windsurfing or sightseeing tours by bicycle.

Enjoyment & Relaxation

Enjoy the panorama of Vienna after the sun has set and experience the magnificently illuminated sights of Vienna. Vantage points for views over Vienna at night are not only the Giant Ferris Wheel, but also the Danube Tower with its revolving restaurants, or Kahlenberg in the north of the city. There are also restaurants and bars from which you may enjoy a breathtaking view at night. A charming tip for the winter months: guided tours to the roof of the Museum of Natural History – they take place all year, but the view after sunset can only be enjoyed during the winter months.

The true Viennese Heuriger - „A Piece of Heaven“

There is a spray of pine branches hanging outside and next to the door a sign bearing the word “Ausg’steckt” – you are standing in front of a real Viennese Heuriger – which means that the wine served in the tavern is exclusively home-made wine from Viennese viney-ards. However, the word “Heuriger” has another meaning too: it is also the wine from the last harvest. The relaxed atmosphere, the gardens in the city suburbs, the good wine and the delicious food are all reasons why Heurigers make a popular outing for young and old alike.

In Vienna, a good time naturally includes music, and naturally the songs that are played and sung at Heurigers are often about wine and the legendary relaxed mindset of the Viennese.

Vienna at Night

From the New Year‘s Trail, the ball season and the Vienna Festival to the garish aids chari-ty Life Ball and the Vienna Marathon, from the amusements of the Prater, the outdoor summer movies in the city’s beautiful parks and the countless local district festivals to the Magic of Advent against the backdrop of the City Hall. Vienna is the place to party and celebrate. And that at any time of the year!

Entertainment & City Events

Congresses, meetings, conferences, seminars and incentives are staged in Vienna with a high degree of professionalism. Vienna enjoys an outstanding reputation as a conference city, which is confirmed by international statistics year after year.

With a total of 1,633 congresses and corporate events resulting in a total of 888,000 overnights, in 2004 Vienna achieved its second record year in succession as a congress destination.

Many overseas companies have also relocated to Vienna in recent years. And Vienna has a comprehensive range of professional services for them. And as far as quality of life is concerned, Vienna has headed the rankings for many years now.

Business City & Quality of Life

Leopold Museum



Vienna Culture

Romantic Nostalgia & Modern Hype

Vienna waits for you…

Especially in the realm of music, Vienna enjoys unique prestige throughout the world. No other city has been home to so many famous composers. And hardly any other city offers such an extensive and varied range of music as Vienna. Add to this the new Mozarthaus Vienna, the House of Music, the memorials for Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Johann Strauss and Arnold Schoenberg.

Vienna is traditionally a city where one finds a remarkably large number of art treasures, world-famous works of art, outstanding architecture, prominent exhibitions, the Muse-umsQuartier Wien (one of the biggest art complexes in Europe), the Albertina, the Liech-tenstein Museum and modern art.

Vienna is hot & cold, loud & soft, expected & unexpected

This is no contradiction - Vienna is a city of many facets. Electronic DJs are a part of Vien-na as much as the VienVien-na State Opera. Trendy clubs, „young“ galleries, modern architec-ture and stylish shops are as much Vienna as the concert halls, the large museums, the splendid buildings and the nostalgic shops.

Cultural Highlights in Vienna

Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera is one of the foremost opera houses in the world – and it offers diversity at the highest level. Three hundred days a year, the Vienna State Opera offers a program, that changes daily.

The Vienna Volksoper

The Volksoper is Vienna’s other great opera house. In addition to grand opera and the loving attention to Viennese operettas from the “golden” and “silver” eras of that genre, the program also offers enchanting musicals and a number of modern dance pieces. Musikverein

The concert hall contains the world-famous Golden Hall, in which the Wiener Philharmo-niker celebrate the New Year‘s Concert every year - attracting a television audience of millions around the globe.


With its famous graphic collection, the Albertina is considered one of the most important museums in the world. Here, one can find Dürer’s “The Field Hare” and Klimt’s studies of women. Once the largest Habsburg living quarters, the Albertina sits majestically on the south end of the Imperial Palace on one of the last remaining bastions of Vienna. The Vienna Boys’ Choir - Austria’s singing Ambassadors

Founded more than 500 years ago, the Vienna Boys’ Choir is certainly the world’s most famous boys’ choir. Together with “the chorus viennensis “, the choir made up of former members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, and the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the choir will be performing concerts with works by Mozart in the Brahms Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts was built in 1891 near the Imperial Palace to house the exten-sive collections of the imperial family. Highlight is its vast array of eminent works and the largest Bruegel collection.

Liechtenstein Museum

One of the most extensive collections of Rubens, prominent works by van Dyck, Lucas Cranach and Raffael, and compositions by Rembrandt, van Ruysdael and Hamilton can all be admired.


Colorful areas, irregular forms, many grown over with lush green plants: this is how painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser encouraged new impulses. An exhibition center offering a permanent exhibition of his works as well as changing exhibitions of exciting contemporary art.

Major Sites in Vienna

The Ring Boulevard

In 1857, the city wall and its bastions were razed, and during the following years this splendid grand boulevard encircling the city was created. It contains a typical cross-section of government buildings, private mansions, spacious squares and parks, monu-ments and elegant cafés.

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn, the former summer residence of the imperial family, is considered one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Europe. The Habsburgs resided here the better part of the year in numerous rooms for the large imperial family in addition to representational rooms. Today, the palace is part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage due to its historic im-portance, its unique grounds and its splendid furnishings.

St. Stephen‘s Cathedral

St. Stephen‘s Cathedral, Austria‘s most eminent Gothic edifice, houses a wealth of art treasures, some of which can only be seen during a guided tour.

Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna with its famous Lipizzan ballet can be experienced live in the baroque ambiance of the Imperial Palace. Admire riding skills of the highest order – from pirouettes to caprioles.

Austrian Gallery Belvedere

Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663 - 1736) commissioned Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt to design and build the garden palace Belvedere as a summer residence outside the walls of the city. The palace, one of the most exquisite Baroque structures in the world, consists of two palaces: The Upper Belvedere (Oberes Belvedere) holds the Austrian Gallery of the 19th and 20th Centuries; the Lower Belvedere (Unteres Belvedere) holds the Museum of Medieval Art and Baroque Museum.

Imperial Palace - Hofburg

For more than seven centuries, the great empire of the Habsburgs was ruled from the Imperial Palace. Today, the Gothic Imperial Chapel, where the Vienna Boys’ Choir performs during High Mass on Sunday, is a remnant of the Imperial Palace during the Middle Ages. The Giant Ferris Wheel

You may want to visit this landmark of Vienna in the footsteps of the immortal movie “The Third Man” or simply enjoy the view of the city from almost 200 feet up. One thing is certain – only when you have taken a ride on Riesenrad are you really in Vienna! The Vienna Prater

Vienna‘s Prater boasts more than 250 attractions: from the Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) to nostalgic ghost trains, merry-go-rounds, go-cart rinks, arcades, and stands for games of skill to ultra-modern rides that propel your adrenaline (and yourself) to lofty heights. Plus, there are any number of restaurants, cafés, snack bars, and beer gardens.

© Albertina


Packages & City Tours Vienna

© WienTourismus/Markus Rössle © Österreich Werbung/Wiesenhofer

© WienTourismus/Gerhard Weinkirn

Vienna Waits for You

Special package for individual travellers to explore the highlights of Vienna. Services included:

• overnights with buffet breakfast at a 4-star hotel

• 1/2 day city tour incl. Schönbrunn Palace with regular motorcoach

• “Vienna Card” (72 hrs free ride on Vienna’s public transport system and discounts in shops, museums and restaurants)

• Admission ticket to the “Albertina”, housing Vienna’s famous graphic collection • Coffee and cake at Café Schwarzenberg

• Admission ticket to Hofburg Palace: Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and Silver Collection

• Dinner with wine and Viennese music at local tavern in one of Vienna’s wine-growing suburbs

Popular city tours

Historical city tour with Schönbrunn palace (3,5 hrs.)

1/2 day grand city tour - impressions of most significant historical sights of Vienna, buildings along Ringstrasse, MuseumsQuartier, Belvedere and visit of Schönbrunn palace Vienna Woods - Mayerling (4 hrs.)

1/2 day excursion with the most beautiful sights south of Vienna: Roman city of Baden with its thermal springs and romantic valley Helenental, former Mayerling hunting lodge of Crown Prince Rudolph, visit of Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz, boat ride in the subterranean lake „Seegrotte“ in Hinterbrühl.

Vienna by night (3 hrs.)

After a short city tour, in which we show you the Ring avenue with all its famous histori-cal buildings and monuments, we take you to the well known Danube Tower. From its terrace, 150 m above the roofs of Vienna, you can admire the marvellous panorama of our city. This evening will end in one of the traditional wine taverns of Grinzing, where you can enjoy our music and the typical Viennese ambiance.

Panoramic City Tour with Boat Ride Danube (4 hrs.)

The ideal supplement to our Historical City Tour including a boat trip on the Danube.

Vienna for Honeymooners

Be it the romantic palais hotels with its history, romantic corners and cosy rooms and suites or the contemporary, modern and stylish hotels that recently opened in the city: we have set together a package that can be combined with any form of accommodation you wish.

• airport limousine transfer from and to the airport • red roses at the room on arrival

• welcome drink at the hotel bar

• 1 x champagne breakfast at the hotel room

• tour of the city in a Fiaker - horse-drawn carriage (approx. 40 min.) • 4-course candle light dinner at the renown Restaurant 3 Husaren

The Honeymoon package can ONLY be booked in combination with a hotel reservation

Vienna Rhapsody

• 1/2 day grand city tour in regular coach incl. visit to Schönbrunn Palace • Viennese coffee and “Sacher Tart” at “Café Sacher”

• “Sound of Vienna” Concert at Kursalon : Johann Strauss concert with homage to Mozart • “Vienna Card” (72 hours free ride on Vienna’s public transport system and discounts in

many museums, shops and restaurants)

• Winter: Gulash with bread and beer at local downtown restaurant Summer: Heurigen evening at typical tavern in Grinzing (cold cuts and 1 glass of wine)

The Rhapsody package can ONLY be booked in combination with a hotel reservation

Popular city walks

Citywalk - the highlights of the city centre (2 hrs.)

Walk through the most beautiful and most elegant streets to the most famous sights in Vienna. It focuses on the Hofburg palace, St. Stephen‘s cathedral, loads of tales about the Habsburgs - e.g. Sisi and Franz Joseph - the marriage and burial rites, stories concerning the Sachertorte and coffee houses. Tour ends at St. Stephen‘s cathedral.

Following Sisi‘s footsteps (3,5 hrs.)

Walking tour with Imperial crypt, Spanish riding school and Hofburg palace the tour ends at St. Stephen‘s cathedral.

Entrance fee to the Spanish riding school has to be paid seperately. The Third Man (2,5 hrs.)

Even 50 years after his death in the sewers of Vienna „Orson Welles“ Harry Lime still haunts the city. The scars of the WW2 have long disappeared but surprisingly most of the locations of Caroll Reed´s 1949 film noir classic have remained unchanged. On this exci-ting tour follow us through the cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards of Old Vienna that inspired not only author Graham Greene, see the places where Harry Lime lived, ap-peared, disappeared and eventually died, and learn the fascinating story of how one of the all-time greatest films was made and what Vienna was like in the days of Allied occupation, Cold War espionage and the black market. And of course there is that famous zither music.


Vienna 3 star hotels

The St. Stephan‘s cathedral, the Kaernter-strasse, Graben and Kohlmarkt, the state opera, Kapuzinergruft and Hofburg, the hotel Capri is only a 10 minute walk from the Vienna city centre.

The rooms and suites are generously designed and most of them have a balco-ny. Many of the rooms look directly onto the Prater-street. The remaining rooms face a quiet and sunny inner court. All rooms and suites are equipped with desk and sitting-area, an entrance hall and walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bath tub and WC, high speed internet access, Sat-TV, radio and safe. The hotel also offers special business rooms with larger desk and additional amenities included in the room rate, such as parking etc.

Hotel Capri ***

Hotel Stadthalle ***

Centrally, close to the main train station West located, you may find Vienna’s shopping boulevard Mariahilferstraße within walking distance and the Spittel-berg with its typical cosy Viennese restau-rants via underground line U3, station “Westbahnhof”. The hotel offers free internet terminal in lobby and a lovely garden.

44 individual decorated rooms, among them some Junior Suites all are equipped with shower/toilet, hair dryer, telephone, radio and cable-TV. All rooms are quiet, half of them with magnificent view to the beautiful garden. The rooms towards the side street (parking area) are calm and spacious. In the picturesque garden you can enjoy your breakfast and refreshments during the summer season.

Hotel Lucia ***

This middle class hotel is located near the Schönbrunn castle and close to the Rail-way station West. Within walking distance you find the underground station of line U3 with direct connection to the city centre in 10 minutes.

All 37 rooms are equipped with shower or bath, toilette, hotelsafe, fax modem connection, minibar, hairdryer and cabel-TV. Should you be looking for more space the hotel also features cosy apartments consisting of a living room as well as an extra bedroom. The hotel is fully accessible with wheelchairs and offers free use of its internet access point, conference rooms, café garden, bike rental and bus zone infront of the hotel, parking space on request. Pets are not allowed.

Hotel Alexander ***

The hotel is situated opposite the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and Universitäts centre Althanstrasse. Spittelau underground station (lines U4 and U6) is only a five minutes walk away. At the hotel, under-ground parking is available at a charge. There is a stopping zone for busses right in front of the hotel. Free bus parking is provided only 150 metres away. The hotel offers a total of 54 rooms, 48 of which are double rooms, a hotel bar and a breakfast lounge. All 54 rooms are equipped with shower or bathtub, toilet, television, radio and telephone. In addition, the hotel offers the possibility to use the laundry express service. Laundry is picked up in the mor-ning and will be returned on the evemor-ning of the same day.

Hotel Fürst Metternich is located centrally in a side-street right next to Mariahilfer-strasse the longest shopping street in Vienna, only 100 m to the next under-ground station U3 (Zieglergasse),1 km to the western railway station.

The hotel offers you 55 rooms with bath or shower, toilet, cable TV, minibar, direct phone for national and international calls with mailbox.

„Barfly‘s“ - The original legendary bar in Vienna with 250 range of cocktails, 500 range of whiskies and 50 brands of cigars. Public underground and car park are 300 m from the hotel. 24 hour reception service, safe, pressing and laundry, E-office: an office offering PC (Windows), printer, fax, modem.

Fürst Metternich ***

Hotel Zipser ***

The hotel is located right behind the Viennese city hall, close to the centre of Vienna.

It is only a couple of minutes away from some of Vienna’s most famous sights: the Hofburg palace, the Burg theatre, the main University building, the Natural-Historic and Art-Historic museum as well as the modern museums in the well known Museumsquartier.

The hotel offers 47 fully equipped rooms with en suite bathroom with shower, toilet, hairdryer, cable-TV, W-lan, direct dial telephone, and roomsafe. Some rooms have a balcony viewing the quiet garden. Internet, fax and copy machines are at your disposal in the entrance hall.

Hotel Tabor ***

The City Hotel Tabor is located in a modern corner property built in traditional style in the centre of the historic Vienna, one kilometre from St Stephen‘s Cathedral. The underground and the tramway are both are just a few steps within reach. All 95 rooms have bath (or shower) and WC, telephone, minibar, radio and SAT-TV. The conference room is suitable for mee-tings up to 30 persons. Guests benefit from a 24-hour reception desk with multi-lingual staff, and Internet access is availa-ble for a surcharge.

The hotel has a lounge bar and a breakfast room where a complimentary buffet breakfast is served each morning. Dry cleaning and laundry services are also available.

Hotel Ibis Wien Mariahilf ***

Ibis Wien Mariahilf is a 3 star hotel and offers 341 airconditioned, bright and friendly rooms. The hotel offers a central location, close to Westbahnhof Station and Mariahilfer Strasse, the largest shopping street in Vienna. The city centre, Stephans-dom cathedral and Schonbrunn Castle are only 2 Km away, 7 minutes by subway. The hotel also offers public parking, bou-tique, restaurant, bar and 6 adjustable conference rooms for max. 170 persons. The hotel is fully non-smoking and the 341 air-conditioned rooms are equipped with shower/WC, automatic dial phone, Sat-TV, fax and internet connection.

Extra beds and wheelchair accessible rooms are on request. Pets and garage at a charge.


4 star hotels Vienna

Centrally and within walking destance of the State Opera and the Kärtnerstrasse. The hotel offers 101 comfortably furnished rooms, 45 rooms of the ‚Wiener Moderne‘ style, and 48 rooms of the ‚Classic‘ style. Non-smoking rooms, connecting rooms and facilities for disabled are also availa-ble. All rooms are equipped with high speed internet access, soundproof win-dows, bath or shower with toilette, satel-lite television, pay TV, radio, telephone, minibar, hairdryer and coffee and tea making facilities. The hotel offers a restau-rant, conference rooms, fitness room, steam bath and hotel garage. The hotel offers individual and personal service, as well as all features of an international hotel group. Fully air-conditioned.

Holiday Inn Vienna City ****

Tourotel Mariahilf ****

This hotel is located directly at the largest shopping boulevard of Vienna, the upper Mariahilferstraße.

Tramway station in front of the hotel, next underground station: U3/U6 Westbahn-hof.

The new renovated rooms offer perfect comfort - bathroom with bath tub, ba-throom with shower, telefone, ISDN con-nection, internet, cable-TV, hairdryer, desk, safe, window to open, noise protection window. Most of the rooms are very quiet located to the inner court.

The hotel also offers restaurant, elevator, parking lot and laundry service. 2 extra beds on request.

Private parking place at the hotel.

Austria Trend Hotel Messe ***sup

Located directly opposite the „Messe Wien Neu“ - Vienna‘s fair and convention center - the elegantly curved building on the corner of Perspektivstrasse and Mes-sestrasse connects the exhibition grounds and the recreation area of the „Wiener Prater“. Next underground station: U1-Praterstern.

The hotel offers a comfortable breakfast room and a large bar in the middle of a two storied lobby.

243 rooms with bath or shower/WC, hairdryer, air-condition, telephone, mini-bar, TV and modem connection. 1 extra child’s bed on request, as well as non-smoking rooms and rooms with connec-ting door. Pets and parking garage at a charge.

Hotel Deutschmeister ****

A cozy hotel with 52 rooms and 15 apart-ments, the hotel Deutschmeister is located a few minutes walking from the Ringstras-se and only one minute from the under-ground station.

All rooms have a private bath with shower, and WC, and are furnished in Viennese traditional style. They are equipped with satellite tv, radio, telephone and minibar. One of the great capitals of Europe, Vienna was for centuries home to the Habsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Today the empire is long gone, but many reminders of the city‘s imperial heyday remain, carefully preserved by the tradition loving Viennese. The City Hotel Deutsch-meister Vienna also has private parking and a conference room for 20 persons.

The Hotel Albatros is a modern and com-fortable city hotel and was completely renovated and refurbished in 1998. It now offers 70 rooms all with air-conditioning. Just a few minutes from the city center and the ‚Ringstraße‘ the Hotel Albatros is perfectly located for your stay in Vienna. 70 modern and comfortable rooms offer air-conditioning, satellite-TV, radio, mini-bar and telephone. All rooms are stylishly furnished, some of which have a balcony. Family rooms and no smoking rooms are available as well as one apartment with a water bed. The lobby bar offers a variety of international cocktails, fine Austrian wine or coffee and tea. For smaller meetings and conferences for up to 20 people our rooms ‚Schubert‘ and ‚Johann Strauss‘ are the perfect sites.

Austria Trend Hotel Albatros ****

NH Belvedere ****

The hotel reflects typical Viennese charm with its carefully restored art nouveau façade, nestled between tradition and modernity.

Its exclusive location in the midst of the diplomatic quarter is accentuated with fantastic views of Belvedere Palace and the Botanical Garden, close to downtown Vienna.

The hotel features 114 rooms with bath/ shower and WC, direct dialling phone, SAT- and pay-TV, minibar, recliners, desk with fax and PC connections and rooms for people with disabilities, a 150m² recreati-on area with fitness, sauna, steam bath, solarium and resting rooms.

The hotel bar & bistro and the hotel lobby transmit tradition and modernity in one.

Austria Trend Hotel Ananas ****

The hotel is conveniently located near many historic sites such as „Secession“ and the „Ringstrasse“, and close to famous „Naschmarkt“. The U4 underground stop „Pilgramgasse“ is directly in front of the hotel and gives direct access to a multi-tude of sights and places of interest. The inhouse garage provides parking space for cars as well as for coaches, including a car wash for busses.

The hotel has 534 rooms and 2 suites which are modern and comfortably equip-ped with bath/shower & WC, hairdryer, cable-TV, radio, direct dialling telephone, minibar, safe, air-condition and modem links, WLAN.

The hotel also offers a Café, bar and res-taurant.

Delta Hotel Vienna ****

The newly-built 4*-star Delta Hotel Vienna opened in 2006. The hotel consists of 180 units: 173 double rooms with either twin or queen size beds, 6 single rooms, 1 apart-ment, each equipped with telephone, internet access, TV with international channels, room safe and air-condition. After breakfast in the hotel‘s bright, mo-dern breakfast room, guests can browse the complimentary newspapers in the lobby and surf the web via the hotel‘s wireless internet access facilities. The hotel‘s bistro serves a wide range of inter-national and Viennese dishes throughout the day in a relaxed, modern setting with bar area, and those on business will benefit from the hotel‘s conference rooms. Guests arriving by car will find garage parking available.


Vienna 4 star hotels

The hotel is situated in the Mariahilfer Strasse, in the heart of one of Vienna‘s busiest shopping streets. The city centre and the West Railway Station, the State Opera, the Hofburg, the Spanish Riding School, the major museums, theatres offering operettas and musicals and the flea-market, all are within a few minutes‘ reach. 95 rooms with soundproof win-dows, radio, minibar, satellite-TV and Premiere Movie Channels free of charge, electronic safe deposit box, trouser press, direct-dial telephone and hairdryer. Non-smoking rooms available. The hotel has a restaurant, Lobby Bar and an elegant club-room. Wireless LAN in public areas. 1 air conditioned conference and banqueting room for up to 110 guests with the most up-to-date conference equipment.

Hotel Kummer ****

Starlight Suiten ****

A stylish and contemporary suite hotel in the heart of old Vienna, the Starlight Suiten is close to Wien Mitte station and the enchanting Stadtpark, with all Vienna‘s main tourist attractions within walking distance. The 50 guestrooms of this four-floor hotel are divided into sepa-rate spaces to create an apartment-like effect; a living room, bedroom, bathroom, working and dressing areas are incorpora-ted into this ‚multiple space concept.‘ Decorated in a stylish contemporary fashion, with off-white tones, walnut wood furnishings, coordinated blue and yellow fabrics and leather sofas, all rooms include kitchenettes with microwaves, two satellite televisions, two direct-dial tele-phones, minibars, air conditioning and wireless Internet connections.

Cordial Theater Hotel Wien ****

The Cordial Theaterhotel is situated right next to the *Josefstadt Theatre*, a few minutes walk from the prestigious buil-dings of the world-famous Ringstrabe. It is therefore ideally located to explore Vienna step by step. Just like Vienna itself, the hotel offers a charming combination of modern comfort, warmth and coziness with a traditional flair.

The hotel offers the high level of comfort of 4 stars hotels with 25 double-rooms 28 suites and 1 apartment. All rooms are provided with bathroom/WC, hair dryer, mini-bar, cable-TV, radio, direct line tele-phone, plug & surf Internet-Connection and a kitchenette. Opposite the hotel there are a sauna, solarium, massage and Wireless-LAN in the restaurant and bar.

Hotel Johann Strauss ****

Built during the “Jugendstil” period and completely renovated in 2001. The hotel combines in comparable Viennese tradition with the comfort a modern first class hotel. The 53 rooms present an ideal combination of Viennese comfort and contemporary functionality. Single-, double-, triple room and suite, all offer a private bath, direct dial telephone, mini-bar, Sat-TV, Pay-TV, have sound proof windows and are fully air conditioned.

You can access the internet via the TV. Use the in-room telephone port to connect your laptop.

The central location allows you to enjoy Vienna by foot or subway which is located just outside the hotel.

The superior 4-star hotel, first mentioned in 1703, offers the most modern amenities combined with cordial Viennese at-mosphere and centuries-old tradition. 122 tastefully decorated rooms, many overlooking the courtyard garden, and all of them well-equipped with individual adjustable climate control, mini-bar, satelite TV with CNN, radio, telephone and highspeed internet access. The restaurant, serving classical Viennese dishes, its relaxing courtyard garden, the café bar „Stefanie“, banquet and conference rooms as well as the hotel‘s own garage complete the broad range of offerings. Only a short walk away from St. Stephan‘s Cathedral, Hotel Stefanie‘s central location and easy accessibility are a major plus for guests.

Hotel Stephanie ****

Best Western Hotel Erzherzog Rainer ****

The traditional 4-star hotel offers both: highest quality and a touch of nostalgia. Many guests value its central location, close to the Opera House, the Künstler-haus and the Belvedere as well as the city centre.

All 84 rooms have sound-insulating win-dows, a mini-bar, satellite TV with CNN, radio, telephone, highspeed internet access and a hairdyer in the bathroom – some also have a safe.

At the restaurant „Wiener Wirtschaft“ you‘ll experience fine renditions of those dishes so typical of old Viennese cuisine ... including 14 different varieties of goulash. The hotel has been awarded the Austrian state seal for its outstanding achivements.

Best Western Hotel Tigra ****

An intimate charming hotel in the very heart of Vienna, just a few steps away from St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace, The Spanish Riding School and most other sights.

The hotel is an interesting combination of a historical and a modern building. In 1773 W. A. Mozart lived in the historical part of the building. A memorial plate reminds of Mozart’s time in Vienna.

The 76 comfortable air-conditioned rooms (also non-smoking rooms available) are equipped with bath/shower, WC, hairdryer, safe-deposit box, telephone, voice mail, high-speed internet access, SAT-TV, radio and minibar.

Best Western Hotel Am Parkring ****

Above the roodtops of Vienna! Centrally located on the famous historical boulevard, the „Ringstrasse“, the hotel offers a specta-cular bird‘s-eye view of the city and many sights.

All 58 rooms are fully climate controlled, most have their own terrace or balcony and all of them are quiet as the hotel is overloo-king the surrounding buildings. Its excel-lent amenities as well as the splendid view ensure a pleasant stay in the heart of Vienna. The panoramic restaurant „Him-melsstube“ on the 12th floor offers fine and innovative varieties of Viennese and Austrian cuisine against the incomparable backdrop of Vienna from the air. The hotel has it’s own garage, but public transport is in very easy reach.


4 star hotels Vienna

The hotel is ideally situated in the very centre of the old town Vienna, right next to the St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Kärntner Straße, Shopping areas, the Imperial Winter Residence Hofburg, Hofburg-Congress, the new Museumsquartier (MQ) and other cultural and architectural attrac-tions. 154 tastefully equipped rooms, all air-conditioned with bathroom, toilets, hairdryer, direct dial telephone with mo-dem plug socket, cable-TV, video on de-mand system and minibar. The very fa-mous restaurant “Kornhäuslturm” offers typical Viennese and International Cuisine along with a selected choice of Austrian wine. In summer, guests enjoy their busi-ness lunch or dinner also in the restaurant “Schanigarten”. Garage parking nearby at a charge.

Mercure Wien Zentrum ****

Mercure Imlauer Nestroy Wien ****

The hotel in the heart of Vienna is in walking distance to the historic city centre. Subway Station nearby, close to Exhibiti-on/Convention Center as well as to Prater and Donau Island.

Glass-covered courtyard, 87 individually designed rooms. Garage, sauna, fitness. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning system, mini bar, pay per view channel(s), radio, satellite / cable TV, W-lan access, bath tub and hair dryer.

The hotel offers 24 hrs room service, a hotel bar and the ‘Nestroy’ restaurant.

Mercure Wien Westbahnhof ****

The Hotel Mercure Wien Westbahnhof is centrally located near the Mariahilfer Straße, opposite the Railwaystation West with underground line U3 and U6. This stylish, modern and comfortable hotel offers 253 rooms with bath or shower, toilets, TV, pay-TV, minibar, direct dial telephone, souvenir shop and garage. 4 Floors are reserved for non-smokers only. Restaurant “Klimt” with international and regional cuisine, café-bar “Secession” with cocktails and snacks.

Conference and banquet facilities for up to 180 persons. Basic-Spa with sauna and massage.

Mercure Secession Wien ****

The Mercure Secession Wien is housed in a typically Viennese building dating from 1905, situated in the centre of the historic Austrian capital, 25 kilometres from the airport. The 70 guestrooms over five floors are decorated in light, neutral tones and feature Art Deco-style furnishings. All are equipped with satellite television with pay movies, multi-line phones with voicemail, Internet connections (surcharge), clock radios, minibars and safes. Bathrooms include shower/tub combinations, makeup mirrors and complimentary toiletries. The informal, modern bar, open around the clock, serves a wide range of drinks and snacks. Complimentary newspapers are available in the lobby. Other amenities include a safe-deposit box, currency ex-change and around-the-clock room service.

Sofitel Vienna is a modern, seven-storey hotel situated in the historic city centre of Vienna, opposite the concert hall and the Akademie Theatre. The 211 guestrooms are defined by Art Nouveau-style decor with colourful furnishings and framed artworks. All are equipped with satellite television, wireless Internet connections, direct-dial phones, minibars and marble bathrooms. After a day‘s sightseeing, guests can head to the Pullman Bar to relax over drinks in ‚Orient Express‘- style surroundings. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Rhapsodie restaurant serves international dishes and a selection of Viennese specialities. Guests with laptops can stay connected and plan sightseeing itineraries via public wireless Internet access.

Sofitel Vienna ****

Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier Wien ****

The Hotel Biedermeier is located in the middle of Vienna’s third district and dates back to the Biedermeier era (1815-1848). In 1983 the original “Sünnhof” passage was completely renovated.

The hotel provides 203 rooms and suites in Biedermeier-Style with fine woods and noble materials, bathroom, toilets, air-condition, direct dial telephone, pay-TV, radio, minibar and also banquet and conference rooms.

Futhermore the hotel offers 2 restautants, the ‘Weißgerberstube’ and ‘Wintergarten’ and a hotel bar.

Mercure Wien City ****

The Hotel Mercure Wien City is pleased to welcome you in the “Art City Vienna” and we are at your disposal to answer any of your requests.

Vienna offers you marvellous scenery with breath-taking vistas and activities throug-hout the whole year. Experience Vienna in all its varied facets. The hotel is located in the heart of Vienna, close to the historical centre and within walking distance to the most important sights.

All 123 rooms have been planned to offer every possible comfort: bathrooms, toilets, hairdryer, SAT-TV, minibar, radio, pay-TV, direct dial telephone as well as non-smoking floors and rooms for handicapped people if required.

Mercure Wien Europaplatz ****

The Mercure Wien Europaplatz is a deluxe hotel, centrally located directly at Vienna‘s main shopping street, Mariahilferstrasse. The personal atmosphere of the hotel is a great way to experience a stay in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. The com-fortable guest rooms are tastefully furnis-hed and feature all the modern conveni-ences. The hotel is minutes to fine dining, shopping and entertainment.

The 210 comfortable rooms are equipped with bath, toilet, hairdryer, direct dial telephone, pay-TV, minibar and air cooling system, as well as non-smoking floors and rooms for handicapped persons. The hotel also offers a restaurant “Galerie”, a hotel bar and 4 conference rooms with modern communication tools.


Vienna 4 star hotels

The Best Western Premier Hotel Am Kaiserhof represents a tasteful blend of the turn of century architecture and modern conveniences. It is only a short walk to the city centre and State Opera. 74 comfortable air-conditioned rooms are equipped with bath/shower, WC, hairdryer, safe deposit box, telephone, high-speed internet access, SAT-TV, pay-TV, radio and minibar. Non-smoking rooms, sauna, steam-bath & workout room on request. The hotel serves a champagne buffet breakfast and offers a hotel bar in the evenings. In the fin de siècle building across from the hotel, a stunning staircase leads directly to the dependence of the Kaiserhof - a set of special conference rooms for 4 to 80 guests.

Best Western Premier Hotel Am Kaiserhof ****

Austia Trend Hotel Lasalle ****

The modern, stylish Hotel Lassalle is ideally located between the city centre and the United Nations building making it the perfect place to stay in Vienna - for the business traveller as well as for families. The historic city centre and the famous amusement park “Wiener Prater” can be reached in just a few minutes by using the underground U1.

The hotel offers 13 single rooms, 4 apart-ments and 123 double rooms and all are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, cable-TV, allergy-tested carpets, trouser-press, hair dryer, minibar, interconnecting doors, apartments with kitchenette and non-smoking rooms.

Arcotel Wimberger ****

Strategically located in the seventh district and 1 minute to the Stadthalle, Vienna‘s biggest multifunctional hall for fairs, rock concerts and sport events. 5 minutes walking distance to railway station West. Underground lines U3 and U6 close by. 225 stylishly furnished guest rooms and suites, the restaurant “Maskerade” with the legendary jazz-brunch and the cosy “Joe’s Bar”. All rooms are equipped with bath, shower and toilet, hairdryer, SAT-TV with pay movies, A/C, minibar, safe deposit box.

Generous relaxing area with gym, sauna, steam bath and whirlpool, most modern conference centre with facilities for up to 900 persons. Private parking at a charge.

Austrotel Viennart ****

This 4-star hotel is very centrally located, in the 7th Viennese district and close to the Hofburg, Heldenplatz and Spittelberg. The hotel is situated behind the Viennese Museumsquartier which includes the Leopold Museum the most important collection of Schiele‘s paintings in Europe. The underground line U2 & U3 at Volksthe-ater station is 200m away on foot. The hotel has 56 rooms and suites with bath or shower, WC, hairdryer, make-up mirror, cable TV, pay TV, in some rooms „internet for rooms“, phone, minibar. Further it offers free internet with PC (MS Windows), printer and fax.

The Style Hotel Vienna is a boutique property in the fashion and retail district of Vienna, 400 metres from City Hall and 700 metres from the Royal Palace. Each of the 78 air-conditioned guestrooms features complimentary minibars, ba-throbes, wireless Internet, CD/DVD players, direct-dial phones, safes, cable television and free newspapers. Guests can dine in the Sapori Restaurant which serves Italian cuisine in a modern setting with design furnishings or enjoy Italian antipasti and an array of Italian and Austrian wines in the H12 Wine Bar with its open fireplace. Fitness enthusiasts enjoy access to the gymnasium and a health club with a sauna. A conference room with audio-visual facilities is at the disposal of busi-ness guests.

Radisson SAS Style Hotel

Hotel am Stephansplatz ****

This hotel is truly situated in the very center of the city, oposite St. Stephans cathedrale on St. Stephans square. Completely renovated, the hotel offers today 56 rooms, including 9 suites and are all equipped with air condition, minibar, room safe, satelite flat-screen TV, radio alarm clock, telephone, high speed inter-net port, bath tub or shower and toilet, bath room tiling in fine stoneware tiles, polished and matt, hair dryer, bath robe, towel-drying radiators, under-floor heating and telephone.

Pets are not permitted, guide dogs are welcome. The hotel also offers a restau-rant and bar, facing St. Stephans cathedrale.

Hotel & Palais Strudlhof ****

The Hotel & Palais Strudlhof is situated in Vienna’s 9th district, only a few minutes‘ walk away from the city centre and Vienna’s most beautiful sights. It offers 84 modern and comfortable rooms with bathroom, cable and pay-TV, direct dialling telephone, computer con-nection, safe and minibar. The hotel and its annex, the neoclassical palais are surrounded by a beautiful 2000m² park. 14 conference and event rooms are at the guests’ disposal. Business travellers as well as tourists from all over the world are delighted by the comfortable and restful atmosphere of the Hotel & Palais Strudl-hof. After an exciting stroll through the city relax in the steam bath and enjoy the view of Vienna from the terrace on the 8th floor!

Das Tyrol ****

The Small Luxury Hotel Das Tyrol is a modern hotel set on Vienna‘s longest street, 100 metres from the Museum Quarter and 500 metres from the Secessi-on Building offering easy access to the nearby State Opera House and Vienna‘s significant historical sights along the Ringstrasse. The hotel‘s 30 air-conditioned guestrooms have simple light decor with matching fabrics and wood furnishings. All offer bathrobes, slippers, satellite televisi-on, high- speed Internet access, direct-dial phones, safes and minibars. Guests can enjoy breakfast in the contemporary mor-ning room, with its modern art prints, marble floors and discrete lighting, and in the evenings they can relax with a drink in the bar, or enjoy a steam bath, sauna and solarium in the relaxation area.


4 & 5 star hotels Vienna

The hotel is situated in best location at the well-known pedestrian and shopping mile, the „Kärntner Strasse“, in the very heart of the old city of Vienna and within 3 minu-tes walking distance to famous St. Stephen‘s Cathedral.

All 158 rooms are equipped with all the comfort of a 4-star city hotel: air condition, telephone minibar, cable-TV, safe, hairdry-er, bath tub or shower and direct internet access (ISDN) in the rooms of our business floors. Metal, wood, black granite and warm colours merge into a unique at-mosphere. On the 8th floor several rooms with balcony offer one of the most beauti-ful views over the city. The hotel also features the Europa bar and the famous Café Europa directly at the „Kärntner Strasse“.

Austria Trend Hotel Europa Wien ****

The Levante Parliament

The hotel is situated in a central location, behind the Parliament and the Viennese City Hall and will offer 74 rooms and suites.

The rooms are equipped with the latest technology such as individually controlla-ble air conditioning regardless of the season, flat screen TV with satellite and internet access, movie and pay-TV, interna-tional TV and radio channels, direct dial telephone with voice mail, hairdryer, laundry, anti-allergic cushions and blan-kets, bathrobe and slippers, umbrella, floor heating. Fitness centre, sauna and massa-ge at a charmassa-ge, a wonderful garden of 400 m² in the inner court and the Nemtoi Restaurant and Bar. Conferences can be held in the Palais Auersperg next door.

Hilton Vienna Danube ****

With our unique setting on the river Danube, the famous Prater and the Do-nauinsel recreation area, our Hilton Vienna Danube is the ideal location for both, the business and leisure traveller. Moreover, a complimentary shuttle service to the city centre is available.

Hilton Vienna Danube offers the most spacious guest rooms in Vienna with a total of 367 rooms and 13 suites. The conference area, offers twelve natural daylight function rooms, which can be adapted for 10 to 300 delegates. Start your day with our famous Hilton Breakfast in our Symphony restaurant and enjoy typical Viennese pastries in our Melody Café. Our trendy Rhapsody Bar is the perfect place for a relaxed evening with colleagues and friends.

Austria Trend Hotel Pyramide ****

The hotel is situated in a garden and only 25 minutes by car from the centre of Vienna.

The hotel offers everything at the same location: 458 rooms, 54000 square feet event-pyramid, a 38000 square feet con-gress centre and a new wellness and bathing area. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, direct-dial telephone with voice mail, electronic mini bar and safe, 22 satellite TV and radio programs, pay TV, modem connection (on request), bath with hair dryer and bathrobe. The stop of the ‘Badner Bahn’ (tram) which brings you directly to the Vienna State Opera is in front of the hotel. 3 saunas, steam-bath, 1 indoor- and 2 outdoor-pools, fitness, mas-sage and solarium, 2 restaurants, 1 bar and conference-rooms.

Hilton Vienna Plaza is Austria’s first desi-gner hotel, exhibiting no less than 1000 original pieces of art. We are located on the historic Ring Boulevard, facing the stock exchange in Vienna‘s financial district, and are only 10 minutes away from the city centre and main shopping streets.

The 10-floor hotel features 218 bright and contemporary guestrooms with specially designed furnishings. Moreover, we offer meeting facilities for up to 120 partici-pants, with all meeting rooms centrally located on the 2nd floor. Enjoy light seaso-nal dishes or a modern renditions of traditional Austrian dishes in the trendy „Plaza Restaurant and Bar“, and relax with a wide choice of coffees and traditional Viennese pastries.

Hilton Vienna Plaza *****

Das Triest

The Triest, designed by Sir Terence Conran, is set in central yet peaceful location, with its stylish courtyard boasting an oasis of recreation and relaxation in the heart of the city, with State Opera and Kärtner-strasse in walking distance.

The hotel offers 72 spacious rooms and suites all with 24 hours room service, toilet and shower/bath, bath robe, bidet, hair-dryer, toiletry, heating, air conditioning, radio, TV, telephone, video, safe, socket, wake-up device, cable-tv/SAT-tv, trouser press and wardrobe. Some rooms offer their own garden. In addition to the Silver-bar and the restaurant Collio there are three lounges and a garden along with 2 conference rooms. For the recreation the hotel has a fitness studio with sauna and sun bed.

Hotel Astoria ****

You find the hotel in best location at the well-known „Kärntner Straße“. In just a few minutes you can walk to St. Stephen‘s Cathedral, the State Opera, the Imperial Palace, the Spanish Riding School and the most important museums and historical sites in Vienna. The hotel offers valet service to park your car in the nearby underground garage.

The Hotel Astoria offers 118 comfortable rooms and suites with antique furniture and spacious corner rooms with a view of the „Kärntner Straße“. All rooms are equip-ped with a bath or shower, WC, hair dryer, telephone, cable-TV and minibar. The hotel also features the Astoria bar and 4 air-conditioned function rooms with up-to-date technical equipment for up to 100 persons.

Hotel de France

Located on the Ringstrasse‘s northwest section near the University of Vienna, the Hotel de France is 500 metres from Sig-mund Freud Museum and one kilometre from Stephansplatz in the city centre. 198 rooms and suites in modern and traditional style, all air-conditioned with radio, mini-bar, satellite- and Pay-TV, electronic safe, trouser press and direct-dial telephone with voice-mail and hairdryer. A compli-mentary 24-hour top-floor fitness centre contains free weights and cardio machines. Outside the centre is a small terrace where guests sip chilled, complimentary soft drinks and bottled water at a teak table. In the marble-floored lobby, guests can relax while planning their days in conversation areas furnished with floral rugs, uphols-tered seating, and potted plants.


Vienna 5 star hotels

The Grand Hotel is located just a few steps from the Vienna State Opera at the begin-ning of the glamorous shopping street “Kärntnerstrasse”.

205 lavishly furnished rooms and suites equipped with individual controlled air conditioning, safety door locks with door-spy, minimum of two INNcom direct dial telephones with state-of-the-art technolo-gy, voicemail, internet access, satellite colour television & radio, telephone in bathroom, room safe, minibar, tea making facilities, hairdryer and trouser press. The hotel features the restaurant “Unkai”, a Japanese speciality restaurant and “Le Ciel”, an international gourmet restaurant with a lovely rooftop terrace, 5 function rooms and a ballroom for 350 persons.

Grand Hotel *****

InterContinental Wien *****

InterContinental Wien, located by the famous Stadtpark and just a few minutes‘ walk from the Ringstraße, State Opera House and Stephansplatz.

The hotel features 453 guest rooms and suites. The Club InterContinental® floor offers luxurious upgraded facilities for the discerning traveller. A personal Butler service is available. The hotel features a restaurant serving innovative Mediterra-nean and Viennese cuisine, a Viennese café and the Intermezzo Bar and 24-hour room service. Meeting and banquet facilities at the hotel include 16 banquet and meeting rooms, with state-of-the-art facilities. Hotel facilities include a modern Fitness Centre, 24-hour Business Centre, hairdres-ser, limousine service, garage and a souve-nir shop.

Hilton Vienna

Hilton Vienna is Austria’s largest conventi-on hotel located in Vienna’s city centre and situated adjacent to the famous Stadtpark. Due to our perfect setting, our Hilton Vienna is the ideal location for both, the business and leisure traveller. All major attractions and theatres are reachable within a short walking distance. Hilton Vienna offers 579 rooms including 45 comfortable suites and 2 Executive Floors. Our elegant Executive Lounge on the 12th floor offers refreshments and snacks throughout the day for guests staying on the Executive Floors. Moreover, the Airport Express Train with its one and only terminal adjacent to our hotel pro-vides direct connection to Vienna Interna-tional Airport in just 16 minutes.


Situated on the famous Vienna Ringstrasse, the hotel is just opposite the renowned Vienna State Opera and the Imperial Hofburg Palace. 294 sun-drenched guest rooms are decorated in relaxing earthy shades of olives, blues, and pinks. Light wood accents, parquet floors, and exquisi-tely comfortable designer beds provide elegant touches for an elegant city. The 107-centimetre plasma, high speed inter-net access, and free mini bar are detailed differences that bring our hotel to the forefront of sophistication in travel. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, three telephones, fax modem point, multimedia TV system, bathrobe and slippers and more. The hotel also features the restau-rant & bar Shambala, Café Boulevard and 8 conference rooms.

The distinguished Hotel Bristol is set in an elegant Art Nouveau building situated in Vienna‘s city centre directly opposite the State Opera and next to the Kartne Stras-se. The 140 guestrooms are decorated in fitting with the building‘s history using Art Nouveau antiques and furnishing, sof-tened by broquaded bed spreads and drapes. Bathrooms are lined with marble and each has scales and bathrobes. Every guest arrives to a fruit basket and mineral water. Guests can sample traditional Viennese cuisine, including the famous cakes in the onsite café. All of the Bristol‘s public areas are furnished with antiques and oil paintings. Floor-to-ceiling gilt-framed mirrors hang at every landing of the hotel‘s immense staircases. The hotel also features 10 meeting rooms.

Hotel Imperial *****

Radisson SAS Palais Hotel *****

Situated at the heart of Vienna, only a few steps away from St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the State Opera and the famous shopping streets, the hotel, consisting of two 19th century palaces, has 247 rooms, suites and maisonette-apartments (duplex), all with cable-TV, free internet access, radio, mini-bar, air-condition, trouser press, telephone, safe and hairdryer.

The hotel also offers a fine-dining fish speciality restaurant, awarded with 2 toques in the Gault Millau, café, bar, business centre, fitness room “John Harris” with sauna & solarium, as well as the exclusive Vendome Spa Floating-Massage-Beauty, with a floating centre and a won-derful massage palette. The 17 conference rooms and banqueting rooms are listed properties.

Hotel Ambassador *****

The hotel is an imposing 19th Century property overlooking the trendy Karntner Strasse shopping street in Vienna‘s city centre. This five storey hotel features 86 guestrooms, all of which include a light, neoclassical decor, blue carpets and dark wood furnishings. All rooms have air conditioning, pay movies, voicemail and wireless Internet. The Morwald im Ambas-sador Restaurant serves both international and Austrian dishes and an extensive wine list served in a contemporary setting with integrated open-view kitchen. The restau-rant leads to an attractive winter garden overlooking a fountain by the artist Rapha-el Donner. All our conference rooms are well lit with natural daylight and offer a stylish context for conferences, seminars and celebrations.

Hotel Bristol *****

Located next to the Vienna Opera House at the very heart of the city it offers 140 rooms equipped with cable TV, 3 DD tele-phones with voice mail and data port, integrated TV and hifi system with CD player, 6 CDs, mini bar, hair dryer, safe, air conditioning, key card system.

Rooms face Ringstrasse, the Opera House, a quiet side street or the courtyard (absolu-tely quiet). Rooms with connecting doors are available upon request.

The hotel also features the gourmet res-taurant ‘Korso’, the Bristol bar, Rotisserie Sirk, Café Sirk and 10 meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 400 persons.





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