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Who We Are

IlluminAge specializes in communication support services for senior living communities, sub-acute care providers, and long-term care facilities. We serve clients throughout the United States. Our products and services include:

 Website design, content, and functionality  Newsletters, blogging, and social media

 Resident and patient handbooks and CareGuides

 Resident rights and advance directives booklets and brochures  Copywriting, editing, and image support

 Search engine optimization

Our team has unique knowledge and expertise in senior care communications and marketing built up through 25 years serving senior living and aging service providers and their professional associations. We combine deep industry

knowledge with innovation and best practices in communication technology to ensure that our clients receive excellent return on their investment in web communications and marketing.

How We Can Help

Website Design and App Development

Mobile-Friendly Search Engine Optimization Copywriting and Image Support Ready-to-Go Newsletters Blogging, Social Media, and Email Marketing Resident & Family Handbooks and CareGuides Other Communications Services & Support

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Website Design and App Development

We support our ALF and SNF clients with websites that play an indispensable role in marketing, resident service, family support, and community education and outreach.

Our web services include:

 Attractive, interactive design  Mobile-Friendly

 Social media integration  Search engine optimization

 WordPress content management system  Continuous content updates and supplements

 Facility locator (consumer search) with facility sub-sites  Consumer resource library with state or local highlights  Calendar

 Career center and job board

 Support for web writing, image selection, and content management.


Mobile-Friendly Design

Your website design includes mobile optimization to ensure a positive, user-friendly experience for those viewing your site on a smartphone. Content, navigation, and functionality are easy to use and view on a small touch screen. This is achieved through stacking and compressing content and navigation, and highlighting your most important features through attractive graphics and calls-to-action.

Search Engine Optimization

We support our clients with these SEO services:  Website strategy and content planning to ensure a

solid foundation for your desired keywords in search  Submitting your site to the search engines

 Working with you on inbound links to improve search engine ranking  Ensuring continuously fresh, search-friendly web content.

Copywriting & Image Support

Every successful website depends on a marriage of strong, well-written copy and strong, carefully selected images. We offer:

 Skillful adaptation of your existing marketing materials and branding  Development of new web copy where appropriate

 Editing and proofing web copy you write

 Support in selecting and adapting photos and other graphic elements for web use

 Ongoing content support to provide fresh, search-friendly website updates.


Ready-to-Go Newsletters

An attractive newsletter with professionally written content is one of your best tools to support brand awareness, providing regular touchpoints with families and referral sources in your community.

The Ready-to-Go newsletter program helps you engage your target audiences on many levels:

 Regular publication of content online that establishes you as a subject matter expert in senior care and supports search engine optimization

 Encourages website visitors to opt into your email list to receive information from you regularly

 Communicates with your email list of families and referral sources on a regular basis, reminding them of the programs and services you offer  The print-ready version can be mailed, provided on-site, left with referral

sources, or handed out at events

 Accompanying social media posts enable you to quickly and easily share through Facebook and Twitter

The Ready-to-Go newsletter program is your solution to publishing an excellent newsletter on time and on budget. The program includes:

 An attractive design that complements your website and supports your brand  Publication online to your own eNews microsite and integration into your

existing website

 Creating and launching an email campaign to announce your latest issue

 A print-ready PDF for creating hard copies on demand

You decide how often you want to publish (quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly). With each issue you have the option of adding your own articles and images to the content mix we provide.


Blogging, Social Media, and Email Marketing

Online marketing and branding begins with your website, but it certainly doesn’t end there! Creating a strong, consistent message that reaches your target

audience via your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and email is how relationships begin and are cultivated online.

IlluminAge supports ALF and SNF online marketing through:

 Graphic design and set-up of your blog, social media pages, and email marketing account and templates

 Website, newsletter, blog and social media integration to ensure that content is leveraged and re-purposed efficiently

 Automated posting of your blog content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn  Regular outbound emails designed and tested by our team

 Professionally written and edited content from IlluminAge, posted by you or managed through a turn-key program by our team!

Our mission is to help you determine which online marketing efforts make the most sense for your organization’s goals and target audience. Generally, an integrated online marketing program that distributes your information across multiple platforms is most effective.


Resident and Family Handbooks and Guides

IlluminAge Resident Handbooks and CareGuides deliver the “what,” “why,” “when,” and “how” information your patients, residents, families, and referral sources need and depend on.

These customized CareGuides are…

 Attractive, professionally written, and authoritative  Carefully customized and branded

for your community, facility or family of buildings

 Supplemented by additional online resources

 Written and updated by IlluminAge staff on a regular basis.

Each CareGuide includes:

 Custom, full-color front and back cover, with complementary graphic design

 Custom inside cover content covering community-specific and state-specific information and resources

 Additional custom content as desired

 Online reader supplement offering

ready-to-print forms and additional resources  Optional online eBook version.


Other Services & Support

IlluminAge offers a wide variety of other important web services, including: AgeWise Licensed Content Center

Consumer Resource Directories

Online Staff Newsletter

Facility Locators & Subsites

How We Work With Our Clients

IlluminAge understands the marketing communications needs of senior care communities. Our services are available as a complete service package or tailored to include only the programs you need to reach your goals. To learn more about how we can help you, call or email us today.

Phone: 800-448-5213

Email: service@illuminage.com




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