To Cloud or not to Cloud

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To Cloud or not to Cloud

Jacob van Kokswijk

emeritus hoogleraar Virtualisatie

Insight University 25-9-2012

Insight University 25-9-2012


Digital Identity

Everything and everybody can be copied, manipulated, and abused • 2.500 years of identity change: Epicharmus in Greece 509 BC “I am now not the


Virtual identity is a digital copy of your real identity


Every one has multiple


identities, even you...


Every time your name is entered in a computer a new identity is generated.

Your fourth ID, ...sixth, tenth, and so on


Anytime and anyplace the virtual agents in software are ‘working’ for you, to help you with buying, booking, bargaining, bothering and so on.


Computers can’t select human identities. If your name is already in the database, you have to choose a new name.


Me, myself and my identities

Social and profile websites offer the possibility to connect your electronic ID to your other virtual identities


Me, myself and my identities

With Plaxo, With Plaxo, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn, and other social other social networks networks

you can trace

you can trace

your virtual

your virtual



And today,And today, We areWe are allall connectedconnected

within sixwithin six degreesdegrees ofof separationseparation


Virtueel is 'schijnbaar aanwezig' en

de tegenhanger van reëel.

Virtualiseren is daarom het

"schijnbaar aanwezig maken van

een stoffelijke of niet stoffelijke


Insight University 25-9-2012

Insight University 25-9-2012


Definitie: (in de netwerkomgeving)

Virtualisatie is een techniek voor

het verbergen van fysieke

karakteristieken van

computerbronnen voor de manier

waarop andere systemen,

applicaties of eindgebruikers met

deze bronnen communiceren.

Virtualisatie 25-9-2012

Virtualisatie 25-9-2012



Virtualisatie 25-9-2012

Virtualisatie 25-9-2012


ibm bt

Virtualisatie in 1900

Virtualisatie in 1900


What have we learned from the

vision 50 years ago?

1. Predicting the future comes true

2. It’s all about communication

3. The bank talks to the woman about money

4. There are real and virtual customers

5. There is always newer technology

6. Services are pulled

7. Teleworking @ home stays difficult

8. Business enabling is important


Predicting the future comes true

Pagers • Answering machines • FaxInterwebDigital transmissionDocument transmissionSpurs serve side streetsAnyone a cable modemInternational video callsAutomatic call back

Calling ID cards (SIM)

Every home connectedOnline bank statementsOnline share prices

• Online mortgage calculators • Online libraryOnline governmental services • Cable-wireless connection

Working from homeCloud services at all


What did they NOT predicted

Spam, Adware, et ceteraBehavioral targetting

Cyber criminals

Virtual stock manipulation • Bonus for bad behavior

Users want keep control Customers want less

Social Media

The limit of virtualizationA global recessionComputer keyboardMouseTouch screensFinger wiping • Face recognition • Nano technology

Everyone a mobile phoneMobile phone as lifelineTrade in call minutes



Virtualisatie 25-9-2012

Virtualisatie 25-9-2012



clientvirtualisatie, private of hybrid

clouds, informatiemanagement,

practice cases, SDD, security...

Veel woorden om weinig

Insight University 25-9-2012

Insight University 25-9-2012



De start, de inhoud, Cloud 4 Crowd,

de ballast, de verantwoordelijkheden,

de regels, de kloof, de toekomst.

Weinig woorden om veel

Insight University 25-9-2012

Insight University 25-9-2012



De Start

De Start

















Cloud for the Crowd


Use the Crowd to fuse the Cloud

Most of the intractable challenges we face today

are complex.

The more people we can involve looking at the issues from a range of perspectives, the more

likely we are to find wise solutions.

And the people who identify the solutions are more likely to implement them.


Cloudsourcing vs Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the process of creating

something new of value by tapping into groups of people with desired characteristics

(like using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etcetera) Cloudsourcing is the process of creating

something new of value by tapping into the cloud and mashup apps with desired characteristics (like using multiple sources for Iphone app TREIN,


Mashup needs Cloudsourcing

A mashup is a web page or application that uses and combines data, presentation or functionality from two or more sources to create new


The term implies easy, fast integration, frequently using open APIs and data sources to produce enriched results that were not necessarily the original reason for producing the raw source data.

Main characteristics are combination, aggregation and visualization. Mashup is important to make existing data more useful for both B and C


Why companies should


 Gain hard-to-obtain experience without a lot of

investment, e.g.

Utilize your customers in developing new content and applications creates a sense of

ownership of your product/service among your stakeholders.

• Cloudsourcing apps are new, sticky and engaging services in and of themselves


Crowd- en Cloud-sourcing applications

can be subdivided into five categories:

1. Creation

2. Invention

3. Organization

4. Prediction



• Create new applications that are owned and maintained by your clients

• Generate new content by soliciting the masses – Mechanical Turk (divide a task into thousands of


– Crowdspring (ask many designers to offer design suggestions)



Source ideas and have the community rank them – (Suggest the US president’s


– (Asus and Intel community product development)

– Ideastorm (Dell community product development)

– Innocentive (Procter & Gamble community product development)

– My Starbucks Idea (Customer offering product ideas



Create new apps by making users part of the app – Digg, reddit, yahoo buzz (vote on articles/news) – Stumbleupon (vote on articles sites)



• Predict trends by inviting users to submit and vote on


– (users bet on media trends, such a TV

viewership, books that are likely to sell well) – Rasmussen Markets (Predicts political



De ballast

De ballast



De verantwoordelijkheden


Elk nieuw medium leidt tot

meer regels


Nieuwe media bieden

Nieuwe media bieden

nieuwe uitdagingen

nieuwe uitdagingen


If you can't open it,

You don't own it !


I thought how unpleasant it is to be

locked out; and I thought how it is



The rise of digital death: from

The rise of digital death: from

cyber wills to sharing iTunes

cyber wills to sharing iTunes

from beyond the grave



Companies can meet their organizational goals by turning their customers into assets.

This is achieved by developing applications with online social experiences that are rewarding to both parties

Companies can identify the right opportunities and customize and implement cloud software


The Cloud is dead;



Prof. Dr. Ir. Jacob van Kokswijk




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