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English and Spanish Barcelona


Academic year: 2021

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yo@lauravilarruiz.com · www.lauravilarruiz.com

“User interface designer with more than 8 years of proven experience in user experience and web design. Focused in Android and iOS applications design and online products


Professional background

(last 5 years)

Marketing Manager at Semantix Group

abril de 2011 - Actualidad (1 año 9 meses)

Corporate site redesign. Suppliers management. Marketing team and functions coordination. Strategy stablishment. Goals and metrics set up. Graphic and visual information development. Press releases management. Social media strategy and blog content management.

User Experience Designer at Semantix Group

abril de 2011 - Actualidad (1 año 9 meses)

Product design from ideation to implementation. Elaborate communicative designs through mockups and interactive prototypes. Validations designs with product managers, developers and customers. Used to work in an agile development enviroment. Information architecture implementation. Product research. Task prioritization. Feedback analysis. ROI measurement.

Web and mobile designer at Freelance

enero de 2004 - Actualidad (9 años)

More than 3 years of professional experience as a UX Designer and

Information Architect. Experience designing user-friendly interactive solutions for web sites and applications, including content-rich, consumer-facing

products. Experience with mobile applications as well. In-depth knowledge of user-centered design processes, techniques and tools. Skilled at creating a range of user experience design deliverables, including wireframes.

Proficiency with appropriate design and prototyping tools like Visio, Axure and Omnigraffle.

Highly skilled in design tools like Photoshop and Illustator. Knowledge of capabilities and limitations of web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, etc.). Strong understanding of user-centered design methods and best practices. Experience generating interactive prototypes using Axure and basic HTML/CSS. Experience with usability testing and basic user research. Passion for designing innovative experiences that transcend existing


Web Marketing Manager at Footez SL

septiembre de 2010 - marzo de 2011 (7 meses)

Managing five different brands online presence by improving actual websites and developing new ecommerce sites. Planning and stablishing the best online marketing strategies for each brand of the company regarding available human resources and assigned budgets for each brand: CPC campaigns on most common search engines, placing banners in third party websites, email marketing campaigns, creating relevant content in

corporative blogs and social media profiles, SEO optimization and affiliate networks mostly.

Analyzing general traffic, user experience and troubleshooting to improve ROI.

Web Designer and Marketing Manager at Axtro

enero de 2009 - junio de 2010 (1 año 6 meses)

Web design with Photoshop. XHTML,CSS and Liquidmarkup programming. Management and analysis of online marketing campaigns like SEO, cost per clic (SEM) and social media (SMM). Generate content. Designing and

distributing email newsletters, banners and online advertisings. Traffic


Awards and mentions

Best design multiplatform application 2012

Norman Nielsen Group abril de 2012

Dixio application (developed by Semantix) resulted awarded as one of the best design multiplatform applications in 2012:http://www.useit.com/alertbox/ application-design.html

Aptitudes and knowledge

Online Marketing Web Application Design SEO Web Analytics Usability Design Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Online Public Relations Web Content Management Social Media Marketing User Interface Design Usability User Experience Information Architecture Wireframing Rapid Prototyping Axure Balsamiq Omnigraffle Lead Designer Visual Designer Product Management Research Task management Agile Methodology Lean UX Backlog Management

Education and lastest courses attended

Normal Nielsen Group Amsterdam, 2012

Application usability 1: page level building blocks for feature design Visual design for mobile and tablet I and II

Information architecture I and II Wireframing and prototyping

Fachhochschule Düsseldorf

Industrial Design, Technical Engineering, 2007 - 2008

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


As a Marketing Manager

Marc Centelles

Marketing & Business Strategist, Entrepreneur

Phone: 679 017 996 // Email: marc.centelles@semantix.com

Laura is an extremely motivated, hardworking and goal oriented professional. Working at her side in the Semantix Marketing

Department, I have experienced her as an excellent supervisor and colleague. The passion for her work has lead her to expand the marketing department into a more creative area. Being highly committed and very efficient problem solver, she has been able to drive his team with diligence and demonstrating excellent

interpersonal skills. She is definitively a great value for the

company and someone you would always want to work for. Highly recommended!”

As a User Experience Designer

Christian Ciceri Software Architect at eyeOS

Phone: 697 864 292 // Email: christian.ciceri@gmail.com

During the years as Software Architect in Semantix group SL, I worked in collaboration with Laura.

Specifically, she managed the process of visual design while I was part of the development team.

Laura owns an uncommon familiarity with agile software

development methodologies, regarding the integration with visual design activities, and she's therefore a perfect collaborator for teams using SCRUM or XP development processes.

Another remarkable aspect of her work is her deep interest in usability engineering.


This always resulted in design decisions characterized by great return-on-investment.

Her broad competence and experience is also apparent when collaborating in User Stories writing.

She usually states functional requirements with a clear and unambiguous language, this way saving time and efforts to technical departments.

I would describe Laura as an high-experienced professional, always honest and cooperative; mostly, an expert in assuring the best user experience to software applications.”

As a Web and Mobile Designer

Betina Piqueras

Researcher and Teaching Assistant

Phone: 669 274 990 // Email: pf.betina@gmail.com

Laura is a brilliant designer, particularly proficient in developing webs, and mobile apps. She has a very innovative mind and a user-centred focus, which enables her to adapt the outcomes to the needs of both the product and the client in an efficient manner. Moreover she also an expert in providing online marketing solutions. Her ability to learn and keep updated in the latest technological trends is very impressive. In addition, she has excellent managerial and communication skills. Working with her is a real pleasure.”

As a Web Marketing Manager

Nuria Perruc

! ! ! Marketing and Communication Manager at Footez

! ! ! Phone: 627 950 568 // Email: nuriaperrucmata@hotmail.com

Laura es una persona comprometida en el trabajo, metódica, perfeccionista, con alto grado de autonomía y orientada a



Visual portfolio here


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