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2013 Student Information Guide

Semester 2 2013

Undergraduate Courses


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Table of Contents

A message from the Director of Undergraduate Programs ... 3


Welcome from a fellow student ... 3


Bachelor of Business Administration Course Information ... 4


BBA100 Bachelor of Business Administration Course Structure ... 5


Undergraduate Enrolment Information ... 7


2013 Teaching Periods ... 8


The Undergraduate A-Z of guide to your studies ... 9




IT Information & Systems ... 16


Allocate+ ... 16


My.Swinburne ... 17


Blackboard ... 17


Useful Links and Resources ... 18



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A message from the Director of Undergraduate Programs

Dr Elizabeth Levin

Dear Students

Welcome and thank you for choosing to study with us at the Faculty of Business and Enterprise. This is one of the

most exciting and challenging times of your life. Many of you will have left behind the comfort of school or TAFE to

transition to university. At university you will need to be independent and resourceful to succeed, but university is more

than just what happens in the classroom. To maximise your potential, I encourage you to become actively involved in

everything that university life has to offer.

I particularly encourage you to find out more about the wide array of options and possibilities that are offered as part of

your degree. For example, Industry Based Learning (IBL), International study opportunities, Peer Assisted Student

Support (PASS), and Academic Personal Best (APB). There are also grants and scholarship schemes to help you

along the way.

Swinburne staff are here to offer you a rewarding, challenging and valuable degree. Explore the options, share your

successes and let us know how we can assist you. Our Student Support team has the answers to all your questions,

so please do not hesitate to ask.

Wishing you all the best for your undergraduate studies and looking forward to watching you graduate as career-ready


Liz Levin

Welcome from a fellow student

Webber Shih, Student Ambassador

I would like to share some important tips that’ll help you while you’re here at Swinburne University and also talk to you

about the mentoring support program, Student Ambassadors.

The most important thing here at Swinburne University is to get involved and be proactive with your learning. Joining a

club or volunteering your time is a great way to start. If you are struggling with a subject, make sure you arrange time

to see your lecturers and tutors outside of class to discuss the problem. One last thing, make sure you prioritise time

for study, because the main battle at university is time management and once you have fallen behind, it can be very

difficult to catch up.

If you’re not feeling confident about something, free mentor support is available from Student Ambassadors. Our role

is to help you become comfortable with university life. We’re students here too and you will have the opportunity each

week to talk to us face to-face. You can ask us any questions that concern you and if you need extra assistance with

something that we can’t solve, we’ll point you to the right place. You will also have opportunities to meet other

business students in our events and it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

I hope that you enjoy your time here at Swinburne University and take up the opportunities available to you. I’ll see

you around campus. Webber Shih


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Bachelor of Business Administration Course Information

The Bachelor of Business Administration forms a nested course. A nested course is a sequence of different courses

which is followed to obtain the highest available award and which has multiple entry and exit points. This structure

allows students the flexibility to qualify for the ultimate award or exit at an earlier stage.

The Bachelor of Business Administration incorporates the Associate Degree of Business Administration (BBA050)

/Associate Degree of Applied Management (BBA060) and Diploma of Business Administration / Diploma of Applied

Management / Diploma of Retail Management.

The Bachelor of Business Administration

is a three year full-time or six year part-time course requiring successful

completion of 24 units of study (eight units of study a year full-time and four units of study part-time) and a mandatory

unit of study, HBG0004 Careers in the Curriculum (zero credit points).

Course Requirements

To complete the Bachelor of Business Administration, each student must complete:

24 units of study (300 credit points)

Mandatory unit of study

HBG0004 Careers in the Curriculum

(zero credit points)

No more than 10 stage 1 units are to be completed in your course

Course Restrictions

The following Course restrictions apply:

A minimum of 100 credit points must be completed at Swinburne University.

The above regulation must be observed in Course Planners that include unit exemptions, studies completed

through international exchange, cross-institutional study or study abroad.

Students will not be allowed to study more than twenty-six units of study (325 credit points) as part of the

Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students are not permitted to enrol in units of study where they have completed other units of study that are

deemed to be equivalent. Equivalent units of study cannot be used for credit.


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BBA100 Bachelor of Business Administration Course Structure

The Bachelor of Business Administration totals 24 units. It incorporates a Diploma and an Associate Degree in two

different specialisation streams: Business Administration


Retail Management.

The first (diploma) stage of study comprises of eight units delivered at Swinburne TAFE where students select one of

the two specialisation streams. The second stage contains eight core units. Stage 3 (Bachelor) consists of four core

units combined with four elective units. The electives must include two (2) Stage 2 units and one (1) Stage 3 unit.


Units - Stage 1

Business Administration Specialisation –

delivered by School of Business, Design and ICT


Introduction to Business Computing

BHL012 Business



Introduction to Accounting


Introduction to Human Resource Administration

BHL111 Applied



BHL112 Administration



Compensation and Remuneration Management

BHL114 Project


Exit award: Diploma of Business Administration



Units - Stage 1

Retail Management Specialisation –

delivered by School of Business, Design and ICT


Introduction to Business Computing

BHL012 Business



Introduction to Accounting


Introduction to Human Resource Administration


Leadership across the Organisation

BHL121 Sales



Budgeting and Inventory Control


Customer Relation Management


6 |

Units - Stage 2

Core Units –

delivered by School of Business, Design and ICT


Accounting for Managers


Fundamentals of Marketing


Making Sense of Data


Principles of Professional Practice


Human Resource Management


Introduction to Business Law

HBY304NT Business



Customer Relationship Management (BA or RM specialisation)

Exit award: Associate Degree of Business Administration (BBA050)

Units - Stage 3

Core Units –

delivered by Faculty of Business and Enterprise

HBC222N Management




Australian Global Business Perspectives


Contract Law


HBL221N Company



Managing Workplace Relations


Students complete any four elective units (total 50 credit points) with two (2) Stage 2 units and one (1) Stage 3 unit.

Final award: BBA100 Bachelor of Business Administration


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Undergraduate Enrolment Information

Get Informed!

Have you viewed

the Information

Session on the

online enrolment


Enrol Online!

Log on to the

online enrolment

tool using the

login details

provided in your

offer letter.

Once you submit

you will receive

your epack



information for

your studies!

Whats next?

After we have

processed your

enrolment you will

receive your

confirmation of

enrolment (COE)

Take your COE to

the student

information centre

and get your

student ID card.

You will able to

login to Allocate

Plus within 2

working days to

select your own



Get Started!

Come to

Orientation and

meet fellow

students and staff!



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2013 Teaching Periods

2013 Undergraduate Teaching Periods

* A Semester is a 12-week period, and a Term is a 6-week period

Teaching Period

Start Census Date

Note 1

Withdrawal Note 2


Summer Term 7 January 2013 18 January 2013 1 February 2013 17 February 2013

Semester 1 4 March 2013 31 March 2013 3 May 2013 23 June 2013

Term 1 4 March 2013 15 March 2013 29 March 2013 21 April 2013

Term 2 22 April 2013 10 May 2013 17 May 2013 23 June 2013

Winter Term 24 June 2013 5 July 2013 19 July 2013 4 August 2013

Semester 2 12 August 2013 6 September 2013 11 October 2013 1 December 2013

Term 3 12 August 2013 23 August 2013 6 September 2013 22 September 2013


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The Undergraduate A-Z of guide to your studies


ADDING a unit of study

12th August 2013 is the deadline to add a unit of study (subject to certain requirements).


Check your Student Learning Entitlement and loan balances by accessing the myUniassist website.

You will need your CHESSN number (Commonwealth Higher Student Support Number) to log in. You’ll find your CHESSN on your Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CAN) that was sent to you earlier by Swinburne.

Website: Getting to yourACADEMICS

In addition to your unit convenors, academic management can also help with academic or career related queries.

For more information please log onto


BLACKBOARD: Access your units of study online!

Blackboard is your online learning environment that provides you with resources to assist with you studies

To start using blackboard use the following information:

User name (your student number) and Password (date of birth as DDMMYY)

BOOKSHOP @ Swinburne

The bookshop sells a range of goods including texts and references, novels, second-hand books and stationery. Trading hours are listed below.

During teaching period breaks and rush periods additional or reduced hours will be advertised on the Bookshop notice boards.

Regular trading hours* 8.30am–5.00pm Friday 8.30am–4.00pm

*Times subject to change during the study period


Level 2 Student Union (UN) Building

John Street, Hawthorn (above the Courtyard Café) Further information:



- always keep your contact details up to date! Always be on top of what’s happening at Swinburne by updating personal details online at:


Swinburne students have 24/7 access to one of the 45 computers in the Hawthorn campus library ‘Late Lab’ on level 2 of the Library building.



When you need to get hold of your unit convenor you can access the latest contact information online at: CONTACTING Tutors

As many tutors are sessional staff, note the contact information they give you at commencement of semester. If you are unable to contact your tutor, contact your unit of study Convenor.


-am I doing the right unit of study? Changed the focus of your course? Want to change or add majors and minors? Need advice?

Make an appointment for a one-on-one chat with a Student Advisor by emailing COURSE STRUCTURES are now available!

Course structures can be found in this guide or you can access your course structure at:


Careers and Employment offers a range of free services to students:

 Counselling – provides free and confidential individual career counselling  Jobs – vacation, part or full time graduate employment

 Workshops – assist in career planning and job hunting  Resume checking services

 Interview practice workshops

 Careers Library – a range of videos and books available for loan  Services for international students.

Further information available at:


DIARY 2013

Get your free diary from the Swinburne Student

Amenities Association (SSAA) located at The George Building, Ground Floor, 34 Wakefield Street.



– it’s your responsibility!

Actively check your messages – don’t miss out on important information! Swinburne will communicate with you via your Swinburne email address i.e.

To redirect Swinburne emails to your preferred address, follow instructions listed at: Need to amend yourENROLMENT?

To assist students with enrolment amendments degree planning sessions are available to assist in this process.

Session times will be communicated to students through Blackboard and via email.

Remember to access Allocate+ to timetable your new units of study after you’ve completed your changes. As timetable options can be extremely limited you must be prepared to timetable yourself into places available. You cannot join a class unless you have enrolled and been allocated into that specific class.

Check out ourEVENTS calendar…

FBE runs a number of events throughout the year. Keep up with what's happening by visiting


11 | EXAMS

-Last to Complete Exam

Final year students who did not successfully complete only one final year unit of study may be eligible to apply for a supplementary assessment. Applications, together with your degree planner should be lodged with the Faculty Administration Office no later than midday on the fifth working day after publication of results in the final semester.

To apply you must have passed all units of study in the Award - except for the one you are applying for - and made a genuine attempt, presented for and failed that unit of study in the final teaching period. Or the failed unit of study has taken place in the penultimate teaching period, and it was not in your best interest to repeat the unit in the final teaching period because of administrative or logistical difficulties.

A ‘genuine attempt’ includes fulfilment of all assessment requirements for the unit of study and a mark of 40% or more. Only one application can be made.

Application forms are available at: Waiting on EXEMPTIONS?

If you are a new student and want to finalise your exemptions you have 2 weeks after your first enrolment session to apply for any exemptions. You will need to submit your results or evidence of completion from previous qualifications by then, as exemption applications will not be considered after this.


Have your semesterFEES been finalised? If you are paying your fees upfront, please refer to your Confirmation of Enrolment letter for the

payment due date. Note: A $200 penalty applies for late payment.

Need aFORM? Check the website first: FREE use of the Hawthorn Pool!

Swinburne students have free access and use of the pool facilities at the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Linda Crescent Hawthorn. The pool is 50 metres in length and heated to a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius – making it perfect for swimming summer and winter! Please present your current student ID card to the front desk to obtain your pool pass card. For seasonal opening hours check the website


Giving GIFTS

All unit of study convenors, semester teaching staff and general administrative staff are not permitted to accept gifts during the semester until after final results are released.

Don’t miss out onGRADUATION!

In order to graduate, you need to apply online to receive your testamur (certificate/award) and/or a letter of completion. This should be done during your final semester of study, before you sit your final exams/assessments and before you receive your results.

Online application forms are available from:


Need to take someLEAVE?

Leave of Absence (LOA) is a period of approved absence you can take from your course after completing one academic year of your current degree. Students can apply for a maximum of one academic year's Leave of Absence.

Complete a LOA form and submit it to Student Admin prior to census date for the study period.

You can download the form from: For international students, please contact the Faculty directly.


12 |


MATHS and Stats Help Centre (MASH)

Struggling with your first year Maths or Statistics unit of study? Don’t stress - help is available! Visit


Students who have been enrolled with the Faculty of Business and Enterprise for at least six months (preferably a year) can apply to become a Business Mentor.

Business Mentors assist new students to the faculty. They may show them around campus, provide some tips on good study practices, introduce them to the cool spots in Hawthorn, help them settle in, and direct them to student services where appropriate. They can answer questions like “How do I borrow things from the library?” and “Where do I go to change a subject?” and “Who can help me find some place to live?”.

The service of a Business Mentor is free and students in their second or third semester are especially encouraged to sign up to ‘get connected’ with their fellow classmates.

All Mentors receive training appropriate to their role, leadership opportunities and recognition (certificate) from their Faculty. FBE Leaders are responsible for driving the faculty’s social activities and network; it’s fun to be a Leader!

Students who are interested in becoming a Mentor, or would like to get in touch with a Business Mentor, can contact or 9214 8633.



A free bus service, departing from outside the AGSE Building, corner John and Wakefield Street is available to take you to your car or local residence after dark.

Operating times

Monday to Thursday 7.10pm–9.40pm

For further enquires please contact SSAA on 9214 5445 or security on 9214 8176



Orientation gives you the chance to get a feel for campus life in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and gives you a fabulous introduction to your new campus.




 How do I get remote acess to Swinburne Network drives?

 What scholarships are available for Swinburne Abroad programs?

 I am struggling, what do I do?

 I need to purchase a laptop/computer – does Swinburne have any arrangements with preferred suppliers?

 What is the difference between deferral and leave of absence?

 If I work and study, which education expenses may be tax deductible?  How do I change my subjects for next semester?

Answers to these commonly asked questions may be found in Ask George website which allows student to search for common answers and submit enquires of their own.

Find out more


13 |


RESULTS online

Your results are available online at: The easy 1, 2, 3:

1. Enter your student number and your password 2. Click on My Results

3. View your results


SCHOLARSHIPS let you earn while you learn…

Most students think scholarships are granted solely on academic merit, but there are a range of scholarships with a range of criteria – there might be one for you.

For information on scholarships visit SPECIAL CONSIDERATION

The purpose of Special Consideration is to give a student, whose work for a mid-semester test or a final exam has been adversely affected by an extraordinary event beyond their control, a further opportunity to demonstrate their ability.

For further information visit:

Special examinations will only be granted if you have complied with all assessment requirements during the semester and are normally held during the special exam period.

Application forms are to be submitted online using the following link:

Online applications must be accompanied by appropriate supporting evidence. If consideration is sought for a medical reason, the medical impact statement form on the online application must be completed and stamped by a medical practitioner. The online application must be submitted before close of business on the third working day after the conclusion of the exam or assessment due date.


 Do you have questions but not sure where they should be directed?  Is your transition into university life running smoothly?

 Are you aware of all the services on offer to Swinburne students?

At the Faculty of Business and Enterprise our aim is to improve the student’s transition into university life and to enhance and improve the quality of the academic and personal experience of the student while at university.

The Student Support Service has been created within the Faculty of Business and Enterprise to help students find the answers.

Contact: Client Services Reception Telephone: 9214 5554



 Want to travel overseas whilst completing your degree?  Want to give your resume a competitive edge? Here’s a unique opportunity just for you:

Go on International Exchange Program during your degree!

Where would you like to go?

Austria, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Sweden, UK or the USA?


14 |

As a Swinburne student you have the opportunity to live and study in another culture, ensuring you get the best of both worlds – see the sights, and gaining Swinburne academic credit at the same time. Now that’s a learning experience you don’t want to miss!

Don't sit in class daydreaming about seeing the world – get out there and make it happen!


For the opportunity to speed up or spread out your studies by enrolling in one or two selected units of study.

For further details visit:


Important TIMETABLE Information Check your Allocate+ timetable on the website: or go to for timetables on all units of study offered within Swinburne.

Step One: Preference Entry Mode

 Select preferences – remember this is not your final timetable

 Be aware that classes may be cancelled at short notice due to lack of numbers; students may be reallocated to remaining available classes for the unit of study; full-time students may be moved from evening to day-time classes to make room for part-timers  Check your Allocate+ timetable prior to first week of classes

Step Two: Allocation Adjustment Mode Changes to your timetable can now be made

Once allocation is complete, you must attend classes at the times you are registered for on Allocate+. You will be asked to leave if you are not registered

See Student Admin if you have problems, valid timetable problems may include:  Part-time students unable to allocate to an evening class

 Final semester students who cannot allocate to a mandatory unit of study

 Students with irreconcilable timetable clashes in compulsory units of study that must be taken in Semester 1.

Administration staff will try to help with timetable problems where possible, however reasons such as: units of study clash with part-time work commitments, long distance travel or wanting to attend class with a friend will not be considered as valid reasons and cannot be accommodated.

If you experience Technical problems when accessing the Allocate+ system please go to: Don’t forget – full-time students are normally

expected to be available to attend classes Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm.


WITHDRAWING units of study

Census and payment dates are on your Confirmation of Enrolment. Check these if you need to withdraw to avoid financial and academic penalties.

For all important dates, please visit: calendar/useful-information.html


15 |


Successful people take advantage of all opportunities presented to them. This is your opportunity to start strong in your course, become a top student and stand-out candidate in your future career path of choice.

The Faculty of Business and Enterprise is offering you the opportunity to join the Faculty Leadership Program. Benefits include:

Development of leadership and mentoring skills Enhance your resume

Direct engagement with the Faculty of Business and Enterprise Access to the use of dedicated meeting rooms in the AGSE building Personalised reference letter from the Faculty of Business and Enterprise Opportunity to undertake workshops relevant to future career prospects You can choose to undertake one or more of the following activities: Support the Faculty of Business and Enterprise during events and activities Facilitate presentations to fellow students

Mentor and assist commencing students Be involved in basic administrative tasks

Participate in transition to HED programs for commencing students

If you are interested and would like to know more please go to the student support webpage:


16 |

IT Information & Systems

For more information on IT services, offers and programs visit


Allocate+ is a web based class allocation system for both Swinburne Higher Education & TAFE students. This system is designed to simplify the process of creating a student timetable. Students are able to indicate their preferred attendance time slots for the Units in the standard semesters they are enrolled in, or place themselves in a class, provided that those changes match each individual unit's delivery method.

More Info: Important Dates - 2013

Semester One – Term 1 and 2

Preference Entry Mode Opens

Fri 25th January (5pm)

Preference Entry Mode Closes

Mon 18th February (9am)

Allocation Adjustment Mode Opens

Thurs 21st February (5pm)

Allocation Adjustment Mode Closes

Wed 13th March (5pm) Term 2 – Wed 24th April (9am)

Winter Term

Allocate Adjustment Mode Opens

Mon 10th June (5pm)

Allocate Adjustment Mode Closes

Wed 26th June (9am)

Semester Two – Term 3 and 4

Preference Entry Mode Opens

Fri 12th July (5pm)

Preference Entry Mode Closes

Monday 29th July (9am)

Allocation Adjustment Mode Opens

Thurs 1st August (5pm)

Allocation Adjustment Mode Closes

Wed 21st August (5pm) Term 4 – 2nd October (9am)

Summer Term

Allocation Adjustment Mode Opens

Mon 2nd December (5pm)

Allocation Adjustment Mode Closes


17 |


The My.Swinburne system gives students and staff the opportunity to access information from commonly used

Swinburne University applications using a single username and password.

From My.Swinburne


can access information from:

WebMail - Receive and send email

Blackboard - Access subjects and announcements (Higher Education students only)

WebCT - Access subjects and announcements (TAFE students only)

Library - View information on loans, holds, fines, etc.

Ask George - Search FAQs and get information relevant to all current students

Allocate Plus - View subject timetable information (Higher Education students only)

View provisional and final exam timetables (all students)

View subject results and Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CAN)

View the interactive demonstration at


Welcome to online learning at Swinburne. Teachers may have set up their subjects differently but your online subjects





submission of assignments

information about your marks and


discussion groups and email

quizzes and self tests (assessments)

How do I get into the e-learning system?

You can access the system through a web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox. You will need a computer with a

connection to the Internet. You can access your subjects in 2 ways:

Option 1

Through My.Swinburne by selecting the appropriate subject under the My WebCT section

Option 2

Through the following address:

NOTE: You must allow pop-ups be allowed for this web site in order for it to function properly

You can click here to check that your Internet Browser will work with your e-learning subjects.

You will need a Username and Password to log in. for this will be:

Username = Full Swinburne 7 digit student ID number (see your student card)

Password – Date of Birth e.g.151286 If unchanged via My.Swinburne


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Useful Links and Resources

Student Info Centre



Support Services

Academic Calendar

Events & Campus Life

Policies and Procedures


Business and Enterprise

Faculty student enquiries

FBE Student Support

Campus Address


Level 1, AGSE Building

Cnr Wakefield and William Streets

Hawthorn VIC 3122

Contact us


(03) 9214 5554


(03) 9819 2117


Office hours**



8am - 4pm




9am - 5pm




9am - 6pm




9am - 5pm




9am - 2pm