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CSC Proprietary and Confidential 2/26/2013 1:56 PM Mobile Application Testing Services 2

Device Cloud and Benefits

CSC has partnerships with mobile device cloud services such as DeviceAnywhere

Device cloud platform provides an end-to-end solution for testing and monitoring of mobile apps and

mobile web sites to assure the quality, performance and uptime of the products and services as to

extend our business to the mobile channel.

Device cloud addresses the challenge of device and platform diversity and optimises manual testing

efforts to save time and expense as no infrastructure investment is required by the client. It enables

easy access to all popular and current smart devices in the market today including Android, iOS,

BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8, and WebOS handsets and tablets.

Allows QA teams to remotely interact and control every aspect of a device including pressing handset

buttons, viewing LCD displays, loading applications, viewing log files, tapping and swiping touch

screens, powering on/off, and anything else they could do if they held the physical device in their own

hands. These capabilities save valuable time and effort by eliminating the time and cost.

Test any mobile app or mobile web site including native apps, HTML5, network-aware, game,

streaming and multi-media.

Allows online reporting (including video and screen capture) and collaboration enable efficient review

and sharing with colleagues.

Cloud-based, enterprise SaaS solution that automates the testing of all of our mobile apps and

websites. It is highly scalable and purpose-built for mobile apps and websites. QA teams can quickly

create and automate test scripts to capture, verify and replay real user interactions on live mobile



Networks and Locations

• AT&T • Verizon, • Sprint, • Vodafone, • Bell • Idea, • Orange • O2, • T-mobile • Virgi


• USA • Canada • Europe • Asia


CSC Proprietary and Confidential 2/26/2013 1:56 PM Mobile Application Testing Services 4

Device Cloud Studio

My Device

Device Cloud Server for Smart Phones

Client Profile

Project Summary

The client is one of the largest and most respected insurance brands in North America. The group offers a wide range of insurance services including Auto, Business, Personal and Life Insurance, in addition to an international financial business.

Types of Testing Done :

• System testing on devices across iPhone, Android and Black Berry

• Performance / Load Testing

• Device Conformance Testing

• User Acceptance Testing

Tools :

• Device Anywhere for Device Conformance

• JMeter for Performance / Load Testing

Business Challenge

Results / Benefits

• Providing insurance quotation over mobile device to the user with localisation preferences.

• Providing a solution which will run on multiple devices belonging to a platform with varied screen sizes and hardware capabilities across multiple operators.

• Client had no prior experience with mobile applications.

• Applications launched in a short time

• Performance of the application was a prime objective during development.

• Improved customer reach - A user can get a quote on his mobile browser any time, any where.

• Successfully performed performance and device conformance testing to the client’s satisfaction for the application.

• On time launch of the application

• Traffic has increased for mobile quotes by 12,000 hits per day

• Detected Issues in the application while testing, which resulted in applications improvement

• Detailed reports and analysis on performance of the

application which covers all the pages and scenarios under different loads

• Reports for device conformance testing


Device Cloud Studio

My Device

Device Cloud Server for Smart Phones

Client Profile

• Client is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals in the Healthcare domain. They have various products on Windows, web-based, mainframes and mobile platforms. They have designed products which help Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Clinical specialists to find information about drugs, disease, alternative medicines, and interaction between drugs.

Results / Benefits

• Improved clinician productivity (a user can get information on his mobile browser any time any where).

• Successfully performed functional and regression testing to the client’s satisfaction for various applications.

• Successfully detected issues/problems/missing functionality in the existing system while testing, which resulted in application improvement / enhancements

• Improved customer satisfaction via faster processing time and user interface design

Project Summary

• Main objective is about the availability of information for the Doctors while they are on the move. It was required to install this application first on the system from the internet then install it on the PDA on which it was to be tested. The PDA had to be connected to the PC using Active Sync or Hot Sync depending on the PDA type. The application had to be tested in various environments before releasing to customers. CSC performed acceptance, installation, card support, File transfer, Syncing [Hot Sync and Active Sync] and UI testing.

Business Challenge

• Clinicians who use the solution trust what they find to be accurate and unbiased. It provides hospital clinicians in depth information with the assurance of providing answers to most clinical drug, disease, toxicology and patient education question

• Based on increased clinician demand for mobile access to information, a mobile solution based on smartphone technology was needed (both a competitive imperative and market opportunity). This required repurposing the web-based application to fit into the small screen of iPhone and Blackberry browsers