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Academic year: 2021

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APRIL 3, 2011 8:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Elementary and Secondary










1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet set. 2. Write the subject title “PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION” on the box provided.

3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your test booklet is Set B.


1. Which appropriate teaching practice flows this research finding on the brain: The brain’s emotional center is tied into its ability to learn.

A. Tell the students to participate in class activities or else won’t receive plus points. B. Come up with highly competitive games where winners will feel happy.

C. Establish the discipline of being judgmental in attitude.

D. Create a learning environment that encourages students to explore their feelings & ideas. 2. Which of the following step should be completed first in planning an achievement test?

A. Set up a table of specifications. B. Define the instructional objective. C. Select the types of test items use. D. Decide on the length of the test

3. Which practice does NOT fit in a classroom that recognizes individual different? A. Uniform requirements

B. Sharing from multiple perspective

C. Accommodating students learning styles. D. Various modes of assessing learning.

4. Teacher says: “ if it is billiard that brings student out of the classroom, let us bring it into the classroom. Perhaps, I can use it to teach math”. To which philosophy does teacher adhere?

A. Progressivism C. Essentialism B. Existentialism D. Reconstructionism

5. “The greatest happiness lies in the contemplative use of the mind”, said Plato. Therefore, let us give more opportunities for out students to do________.

A. Introspection C. Role playing

B. Social interaction D. Cooperative learning

6. Why is it sound to encourage our students to define terms in their own words? Because______. A. Defining the terms in their own word helps them memorize the definition faster.

B. They ought to connect the terms that they learn with other terns. C. This is one opportunity to brush up with other terms.


7. Pavlov is to classical conditioning as ______ is to operant conditioning.

A. A. Bandura B. J. Holt C. J. Watson D. B. F. Skinner

8. You arrange the rows of blocks in such a way that a row of 5 blocks is longer than a row of 7 blocks. If you ask which row has more, Grade 1 pupils will likely say that it is the row that makes the longer line. Based on Piaget’s-cognitive development theory, what problem is illustrated?

A. Assimilation problem C. Egocentrism problem B. Conservation problem D. Accommodation problem

9. Were teachers in the Philippines required of a professional license since the establishment of the Philippine Educational System?

A. No, but the equivalent of a license required was a certificate in teaching. B. Yes, it was required since the Americans established the educational system.

C. No, it was only with the effectivity of R.A. 7386 that professional license was required. D. Yes, except for the Thomasites

10. The increase in the number of school children left by OFW parents intensifies the teacher role as____.

A. Student’s friends C. Facilitators of learning B. Guidance counselors D. Substitute parents

11. As a teacher, you are rationalist. Which among these will be your guiding principle? A. I must teach the child so he is assured of heaven.

B. I must teach the child to develop his mental powers to the full. C. I must teach the child that we can never real knowledge of anything.

D. I must teach the child every knowledge skill & value that needs for a better future. 12. A teacher put together the output of her colleagues in one workshop and published it with her

name as author. Which is unprofessional about Teacher’s behavior? A. Failing to correct what appears to be unprofessional conduct. B. Giving due credit to others for their work.

C. Not giving due credit to others for their work.

D. Holding inviolate all confidential information concerning associates.

13. In what way can teachers uphold the highest possible standards of the teaching profession? A. By pointing out the advantages of joining the teaching profession.

B. By good grooming to change people’s poor perception of teacher. C. By continuously improving themselves personally & professionally. D. None of the above


14. To reach out to clientele who cannot be in the classroom for one reason or another, which of the following was established?

A. Special education C. Alternative learning delivery system B. Informal education D. Pre-school education

15. Which is the first step in planning an achievement test? A. Determined the group from whom the test itended. B. Go back to the instruction objective.

C. Select the type of test item to use. D. Make a table of specification.

16. In the context of multiple intelligence, which is the one weakness of the paper-pencil test? A. It puts non-linguistically intelligent pupils at a disadvantage.

B. It requires paper and printing and is so expensive. C. It utilizes so much time.

D. It lacks reliability.

17. Out of 3 distracters ina multiple choice test item, namely X, Y, and Z no pupil chose Z as an answer. This implies that Z is_________.

A. An effective distracter B. A Plausible distracter C. A vague distracter D. An ineffective distracter

18. The Thematic Appreciation Test is an example of a (an)_________. A. Self-report technique

B. Projective technique C. Interest inventory D. Socio-metric technique

19. The following are features of the Restructure Basic Education Curriculum EXCEPT; A. Increased time for task to gain mastery of competencies.

B. Interdisciplinary modes of teaching.

C. Greater emphasis on content, less on the learning process.

D. Stronger integration of competencies and values, across the learning area.

20. The free public elementary and secondary educational in the country are in line with the government effort to the educational problems of________.

A. Access nd equity B. Relevance and quality C. Effectiveness and Efficiency D. Productivity


21. The task of setting up routine activities foe effective classroom management as a task that a teacher should undertake________.

A. On the very first day of school B. Everyday at the start of the session C. Every homeroom day

D. As soon as the students have adjusted on their schedule 22. Teacher uses direct instruction strategy. Which will she first do?

A. Independent practice B. Guided student practice C. Review the prvious day`s work D. Presenting and structuring

23. Teacher observes cleanliness and order in her classroom to create a conductive atmosphere for learning. On which theory is her practice based?

A. Behaviorism B. Psychoanalysis C. Gestalt psychology D. Humanistic psychology

24. Which activity is meant for kinesthetically intelligent pupils? A. Independent study

B. Pantomime

C. Individualized instruction D. Cooperative learning

25. With which will the exisientialist agree? The school is a place where individuals_______. A. Listen and accept what the teachers say.

B. Can observe using their senses to the maximum. C. Can reflect on ideas.

D. Can meet to pursue dialogue and discussion about their lives and choices.

26. For mastery learning and in line with the Outcome-Based Evaluation model is essentially good. This view can help the teacher best when________.

A. Construction of criterion-reference tests. B. Non-provision of independent learning. C. Construction of norm-reference tests. D. Inclusion of non-performance objectives.

27. Which physical arrangement of chairs contributes to effective classroom management? A. Sticks to the traditional chair arrangement in the classroom.

B. Distinguishes teacher from students. C. Makes its easier to clean the room. D. Enhances classroom interaction.


28. Each teacher said to be trustee of cultural and educational heritage of the nation and under obligation to transmit to learners such heritage. Which practice makes him fulfill such obligation?

A. Use of the latest instructional technology. B. Study of the life of Filipino heroes.

C. Use of interactive teaching strategies.

D. Observing continuing professional education.

29. Writing an original essay is an example of which level of objective in the cognitive domain? A. Evaluation

B. Synthesis C. Analysis D. Application

30. Which terms refer to a teacher helping a colleague grow professionally? A. Technology transfer

B. Independent study C. Facilitating

D. Peer mentoring

31. Teacher helped his students recall that stalagmites grow on the ground while stalactites grow in the “ceiling” of a cave by associating “G” in stalagmites with ground and “C” in stactites in the ceiling. What did teacher make use of it?

A. Mnemonic device B. Visual aid

C. Audio-visual aid

D. Meaning–maker device

32. Makabayan as a subject in the Re-structive Basic Education Curriculum is the “laboratory of life”. What does this mean? It is in the subject where the learner______.

A. Will be taught the Filipino strengths and weaknesses. B. Will be taught the true concept of being pagkamakabayan. C. The biographies of heroes who are makabayan will be taught.

D. Will demonstrate practical knowledge & skills gained in the other subjects.

33. In the faculty room everyone is talking about Teacher who is tutoring for a fee her own pupil who is vying for honors. What is the professional thing for the other teachers to do?

A. Leave her alone, she might accuse you of meddling in her personal life. B. Correct her & remind her tutoring one`s own pupil for a fee is unethical.

C. Talk to the parents of the tutee. Tell them what teacher`s doing is unprofessional. D. As a group report her to the principal.


34. When teacher present sets of data then asks the students to enter a conclusion, generalization or a pattern of relationship which method does she use?

A. Type method B. Process approach C. Unit method

D. Inductive inquiry method

35. Which individualized teaching method makes use of workbooks, teaching machine or computers?

A. Project method

B. Programmed instruction C. Discovery method D. Inquiry

36. The American teachers who were recruited to help set the public educational system in the Philippines during the American regime were called Thomasites because:

A. They first taught at the University of St. Thomas.

B. They arrived in the Philippines on the feast of St. Thomas. C. They were devotees of St. Thomas Aquinas.

D. They disembarked from the CIS Transport called Thomas.

37. The Filipino learner envisioned by the Department of Education is one who is imbued with the desirable values of a person who is;

A. Makabayan, makatao, makakalikasan, at maka-Diyos. B. Makabayan, makatao, makahalaman, at maka-Diyos. C. Makabayan, makakaragatan, makatao, at maka-Diyos. D. Makabayan, makasarili, makakalikasan, at maka-Diyos.

38. Which terms refers to the collection of student`s products and accomplishment for a period for evaluation purposes?

A. Anecdotal record B. Observation report C. Diary

D. Portfolio

39. Teaching of health in school is backed yup by the concept that: A. Man has a dual nature.

B. Man has non-tangible & transcending dimensions. C. Man is nothing but matter.


40. Under which type of guidance service does the concern of schools to put students into their most appropriate courses fall?

A. Individual inventory service B. Research service

C. Placement service D. Information service

41. After having been humiliated by his teacher, student evaluates that teacher is very poorly, despite teacher`s excellent performance. Which trait is illustrated by student`s behavior?

A. Particularism B. Rationalism C. Personalism D. Impersonalism

42. Conducting follow up studies of graduates and drop out is guidance service that falls under: A. Research service

B. Placement services

C. Individual inventory services D. Counseling service

43. Under which assumption is portfolio assessment based?

A. Assessment should stress the reproduction of knowledge. B. An individual learner is adequately characterized by a test score. C. An individual learner is inadequately characterized by a test score. D. Portfolio assessment is dynamic assessment.

44. Which program was adopted to provide universal access to basic education to eradicate illiteracy?

A. Values Education Framework B. Education for All

C. Paaralan-sa-Bawat-Barangay

D. Science & Education Development Plan

45. Which schools are subject to supervision, regulation & control by the state? A. Sectarian & no-sectarian school

B. Private school C. Public school

D. Public, private sectarian and non-sectarian

46. About what percent of the cases falls between +2 and -1in a normal curve? A. 99.8%

B. 95.4% C. 43.1% D. 68.2%


47. What do the school campus expression “promdi” and “barriotic” indicate? A. The powerlessness of the poor

B. The power of the rich

C. Low literacy rate of the country D. The prevalence of ethnocentrism

48. Why is babyhood referred to as a “critical period” in personality development? Because______. A. The foundation is laid upon which the adult personality structure will be built.

B. The baby is exposed to many physical & psychological hazards. C. The brain grows & develops at such accelerated rate during babyhood. D. Changes in the personality pattern take place.

49. Andre, a grade 1 pupil is asked, “Why do you pray everyday?” Andre answer, Mommy said so, ‘Based on kohlberg’s theory, in which moral development stage is Andre?

A. Between pre-and-post-conventional levels. B. Convention level

C. Between conventional and post conventional level D. Post-conventional level

50. If you plan to develop a lesson on using s-verb forms with the third person singular as subject deductively, what is the first step in your lesson development outline?

A. Give sentences using s-verb form.

B. Ask the students about s-verb form & third person singular subject. C. State the rule on subject-verb agreement for third person as subject. D. Conduct appropriate sentence drill.

51. For lesson clarity and effective retention, which one should a teacher observe, according to the Bruner`s theory?

A. Star at the concrete level and end there.

B. Begin teaching at the concrete level but go beyond it by reaching the abstract. C. End teaching with verbal symbol.

D. Use purely verbal symbols in teaching.

52. Which activity should a teacher have more for his students if he wants them to develop logical- mathematical thinking?

A. Symposium B. Debate C. Brainstorming D. Panel discussion


53. The criterion of success in Teacher`s objective is that “the pupil must be able to spell 90% of the words correctly”. Luz and others in class spelled only 40 out of 50 words correctly while the rest scored 45 and above. This means the Teacher________>

A. Did not attain her lesson objective because of the pupil`s lack of attention. B. Attained her lesson objective because of her effective spelling drill.

C. Attained her lesson objective.

D. Failed to attain her lesson objective as far as the 25 pupils are concerned. 54. With assessment of affective learning in mind, which does NOT belong to the group?

A. Moral dilemma B. Reflective writing C. Diary entry D. Close test

55. Principal is talking about “grading on the curve” in faculty meeting. What does this expression refer to

A. A student`s grade determined whether or not the student attains a defined standard of achievements.

B. A student mark compares his achievement to his effort.

C. A student mark tells how closely he is achieving to his potential.

D. A student grade or mark depends on how his achievements compares to other. 56. Which statement on IQ and EQ is correct?

A. IQ has a greater contribution to performance than EQ.

B. Blending of both IQ and EQ can make a difference in performance. C. EQ has a greater contribution to performance than IQ.

D. The contribution of IQ and EQ to performance is dependent on factor`s like age & gender. 57. Alex, a grade 1 pupil, is happy when he win the game but sulks when he doesn`t. Which does

behavior indicate? A. Egotism B. Egocentrism

C. Semi-logical reasoning D. Rigidity of thought

58. The practice of non-graded instruction stem from_______. A. Progressivism

B. Reconstructionism C. Existentialism D. Essentialism


59. Theft of school equipment like tv, computer, etc. by teenagers in the community itself is becoming a common phenomenon. What does this incident signify?

A. Deprivation of Filipino schools.

B. Inability of school to hire security guards. C. Prevalence of poverty in the community. D. Community`s lack of sense of co-ownership.

60. What does extreme authoritarianism in the home reinforce in learners? A. Creativity in work.

B. Ability to direct themselves. C. Doing thing on their own initiative. D. Dependence on others for direction.

61. The main purpose of compulsory study of the constitution is to_______. A. Make constitutional experts of the students.

B. Develop students into responsible, thinking citizens. C. Prepare students for law-making.

D. Acquiant students with the historical development of the Phil. Constitution.

62. Studies in the areas of neurosciences disclosed that the human brain has limitless capacity. What does this imply?

A. Every child is a potential genius.

B. Pupils can possibly reach a point where they have learned everything. C. Some pupils are admitted not capable of learning.

D. Every pupil has his own native ability & his learning is limited to this native ability. 63. The principle of individual differences requires teachers to________.

A. Treat all learners alike while in the classroom. B. Prepare modules for slow learners in class. C. Give greater attention to gifted learners. D. Provide for a variety of learning activities.

64. Which assumption underlines the teacher`s use of performance objective? A. Performance objective assure the learner of learning.

B. Learning is defined as a change in the learner`s observable performance. C. The success of the learner is based on teacher performance.

D. Not every form of learning is observable.

65. The following are used in writing performance objective EXCEPT. A. Integrate

B. Delineate C. Diagram D. Comprehend


66. A pupil who has developed a love for reading keeps in reading for his enjoyment. His motivation for reading is:

A. Insufficient B. Intrinsic C. Extrinsic

D. Both intrinsic & extrinsic

67. Which educational trend is occurring in all modern societies as a result of knowledge explosion and rapid social, technological, and economic changes?

A. Nuclear education B. International education C. Lifelong learning D. Team teaching

68. Where are multi-media resources and computer, which is the favorable result of the optimal use if educational media technology.

A. Interactive learning B. Increase learning C. Speed learning

D. More interesting learning

69. Which refers to the filpino trait of practicing conflicting values in different venues and with different social group?

A. “Kanya-kanya” mentality B. Procastination

C. Existential intelligence D. Crab mentality

70. Under which type of guidance service does the concern of school to put students into their most appropriate courses fall?

A. Information service B. Placement service

C. Individual inventory service D. Research service

71. The teacher`s role in the classroom according to the cognitive psychologists is to_______. A. Make the learning task easy for the learner.

B. Dictate what to learn upon the learner. C. Fill the minds of the learner with information.


72. Which questioning technique would be appropriate for inductive lesson? A. Involve students actively in the questioning technique.

B. Expect participation only the more motivated students. C. Use questions requiring only memory responses. D. As a teacher, you ask no question.

73. When significantly greater number from the lower group gets a test item correctly, this implies that the test item:

A. Is not valid B. Is very valid

C. Is not highly reliable D. Is highly reliable

74. Teacher adds the number of cases and 1 over 2 to obtain: A. Median

B. Mode C. Mean

D. Median & mode

75. Which refer the single word or phrase that tells the computer do something with program or file? A. Computer language

B. Computer program C. Command

D. Password

76. Which is (are) signs of the student with Attention Deficit Disorder? A. Impatient while waiting for his/her turn during games. B. Completes work before shifting to another.

C. Excessively quiet

D. Cares for his/her personal thing

77. You observe that pupil answer even when not called, shout MA`AM to get your attention, and laugh when someone commit mistakes. What should you do?

A. Send the misbehaving students to the guidance councilor B. Set the rules for the class to observe.

C. Involve the whole class in setting rules of conduct for the whole class. D. Make a report to the parents about their children`s misbehavior. 78. Which is the final, indispensable, component of a lesson plan?

A. Evaluation B. Activity C. References D. Assignments


79. John, a grade 2 pupil, plays with his classmate but cannot accept defeat. Based on Plaget`s theory on cognitive development, in what development stage is John?

A. Formal operation B. Concrete operation C. Pre-operational D. Sensorimotor

80. Which seat arrangement has been proven to be effective for learning? A. Flexible to suit varied activities.

B. Fixed arrangement to maximize instructional time. C. Any suit arrangement to suit varied learning styles. D. A combination of foxed and flexible arrangement.

81. Which can run counter to the encouragement you give to your students to ask questions? A. Eye to eye contact.

B. An encouraging hand gesture. C. Radiant face

D. Knitted eyebrows when a question is raised.

SITUATION: One principle in the utilization of technology to classroom is appropriateness of material or activity.

82. Teacher A likes to show how the launching of spaceship takes place. Which of the following materials available is most fit?

A. Mock-up B. Realia C. Replica D. Chart

83. Teacher B likes to concretize abstract concept of an atom. She came up with a concrete presentation of an atom by using wires, plastic balls. How would you classify teacher B’s visual aid?

A. Replica B. Chart C. Relia D. Mock-up

84. Teacher C wants his students to master the concept of social justice. Which series of activities will be most effective?

A. Teaching-posttest

B. Pretest-teaching-posttest

C. Review-pretest-teaching-posttest


85. Which of these can measure awareness of values? A. Projective techniques

B. Rating scales C. Moral dellimas D. Sociogram

86. Which tests determine whether students accept responsibility for their own behavior or pass on responsibility for their own behavior to other people?

A. Lotus-of-control-tests B. Sentence-completion tests C. Thematic tests

D. Stylistic tests

87. Which process enhances the comparability of grades? A. Giving more HOTS (higher order thinking skills) B. Determining the level of difficulty of the test C. Using a table specifications

D. Constructing departmentalized exam for EA. Subject area. 88. Can an insane be blamed for killing a stranger?

A. Yes, because an insane person possesses a little degree of voluntariness B. Yes, because an insane person is not totally ignorant

C. No, because of his ignorance and lack of voluntariness

D. No, because the one killed is a stranger, not in any way related to him

89. A political boss builds a school in a distant barrio in order to get a votes for an unworthy and corrupt candidate. Is the action of the political boss moral?

A. No, the candidate is an deserving.

B. No, this motive was not meant for good effect. C. Yes, the votes were in exchange for the school built. D. Yes. It was his duty to strategize for his candidate to win.

90. The teacher`s first task in the selection of media in teaching is to determine the: A. Objectives of the lesson

B. Technique to be used C. Choice of the students D. Availability if the media


91. Which is the TRUE foundation of the social order? A. Strong political leadership

B. Equitable distribution of wealth C. Obedient citizen

D. The reciprocation of rights and duties

92. My right ends where the right of the other begins. What does this mean? A. Rights are inalienable

B. Rights are alienable C. Rights are not absolute D. Right are absolute

93. The worker`s rights to form unions or to strike can be suppressed in times of national emergency. On what norm is this based?

A. Higher law-analienable rights before alienable. B. Wider social order- the family before the individual. C. Clearer title- the certain before the title.

D. Nobler person- God before men.

94. Which skills should be taught if teacher wants to equip his students with the skill to organized information gathered?

A. Note-taking, outlining using the library.

B. Outlining, summarizing, using the card catalogue. C. Note-taking, outlining, summarizing.

D. Summarizing, note-taking using the library.

95. Annual medical check up required of teacher is done in the interest of: A. Filipino medical doctors

B. Parents

C. The state and of in every teacher D. School administration

96. In study conducted the pupils were asked which nationality they preferred if a choice. Majority of the pupils wanted to be Americans. In this case, in which obligation related to the state are schools seemed to be failing? In their obligation to:

A. Respect for all duty constituted authorities. B. Instill allegiance to the Constitution.

C. Promote obedience to the laws of the state. D. Promote national pride.


97. To be an effective classroom manager, teacher must be friendly but at the same time be: A. Buddy-buddy

B. Rigid

C. Business like D. Highly demanding

98. Which statement about grade 7 is correct?

A. Grade 7 was established by the education Act 1940

B. Grade 7 was introduce in America but never in the Philippines C. Spain introduced Grade 7 in the country

D. The 1901 Department of Public Instruction established Grade 7

99. If teacher wants to elaborate on a central idea by adding details to the central idea which one should he use?

A. Cluster map B. Time line C. Venn diagram D. Story map

100. All the examinees obtained scores below the mean. A graphic representation of the score distribution will be:

A. Perfect normal curve B. Negative skewed C. Positive skewed D. Leptokurtic

101. In a normal distribution curve a T-scopre of 70 is: A. Two SDs below the mean

B. Two SDs above the mean C. One SDs below the mean D. One SDs above the mean

102. Which one stifles student`s initiative? A. “Bahala na”

B. “Utang na loob” C. Rationalism

D. Extreme authoritarianism

103. The following are trends in marking and reporting system, EXCEPT A. Supplementing subject grades will checklist on traits.

B. Conducting parent-teacher conference as often as needed. C. Raising the pasing grade from 70 to 80.


104. Which is a type of graph in which lines represent each score or set of scores? A. Histogram

B. Scattergram C. Scatterplot

D. Frequency polygon

105. Which is an example of a perfect duty? A. Paying the worker the waged agreed upon. B. Donating an amount for a noble project. C. Giving aims to the needy.

D. Supporting a poor with a deserving students to school. 106. In what way can instructional aid enhance learning?

A. Entertain students

B. Hold students in the classroom C. Reinforce learning

D. Take the place of the teacher

107. The study type of reading exercises gives practice in: A. All sort of study method

B. Reading skills needed in other subjects C. Recognizing the precise meaning of words D. Picking out the man ideas

108 How students learn maybe more important from what they learn.. From this principle, which of the following is particularly important?

A. Knowing how to solve a problem B. Solving a problem within time allotted C. Getting the right answer to a word problem D. Determining the givens

109. For more efficient and management of schools as agent of change, one proposal is for the DepED to cluster remote stand-alone schools under one lead school head. Which factor ha the strongest influence in this proposal?

A. Historical B. Psychological C. Social

D. Geographical

110. In the problem solving of the teaching, which is the primary role the teacher? A. Clarifier

B. Judge C. Judge D. Director


111. To educate the child for freedom is to educate him/her to: I. Respond to others

II. Respond to himself/herself III. Do as he/she pleases IV. Live as he/she desires A. II, III

B. I, III C. I, II D. I,IV

112. What does the acronym EFA imply to schools?

A. The stress in the superiority of formal education over the alternative learning system. B. The acceptance of exclusive school for boys and for girls.

C. The concentration on formal education system. D. Practice in inclusive education.

113. A father tells his daughter “You are a woman. You are meant for the home and so for you, going to school is not necessary.” Is the father CORRECT?

A. Yes, women are meant to be mothers only.

B. It depends on the place where the daughter and father live. C. No, today women can take the jobs of men.

D. No, there is gender quality in education.

114. Wide spread abuse of Mother Earth prompted school to teach, sustainable development. Which one does he prove about school?

A. School can easily integrate sustainable development in their curriculum. B. Sustainable development cannot be effectively taught in the classroom. C. Environmental factors influence the school as an agent of change. D. The curricula of schools are centered on Mother Earth.

115. Which is the ultimate aim of classroom management?

A. To set up condition that brings about effective teaching and learning. B. To secure conformity to rules with ease.

C. To make children realize that they cannot do everything they want. D. To remove physical condition to the room.

116. Under which teaching strategy does a School`s Division practice on assigning a Girl Scout to serve as Superintendent of the Day or Mayor of the Day for leadership training fall?

A. Panel discussion B. Symposium C. Simulation D. Dramarization


117. With Republic Act 7836 the licensure exam for teachers is with: A. Civil Service Commission

B. Professional Regulation Commission C. Commission on Higher Education

D. Department of Education, Culture and Sports

118. The grades made valid indicators of student achievements which process should be observed? A. Explaining the meaning of marks and grades

B. Defining the course objectives as intended learning outcomes C. Adopting letter grades such as A,B,C, and D

D. Giving objective type of tests.

119. Who are NOT covered by the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers? A. All full time or part time public & private school teacher and administrator. B. Teachers of academic, vocational, special, technical or non-formal institution. C. Teacher in the Tertiary level.

D. Teacher in all educational institution at all levels.

120. Result in NAT for the past years show that achievements was higher in: A. Heograpiya

B. English C. Filipino D. Science

121. The failure of independent study with most Filipino students may be attribute to student_____. A. Higher degree of independence

B. Ambiance

C. Unpreparedness for schooling

D. High degree of dependence on authority

122. When you use the overhead-projector for topic presentation, point to the_________> A. OHP slide

B. OHP light C. OHP screen D. Projector wall

123. Where do you make the correction of your notes while using the overhead projector? A. On the overhead projector

B. On the projector wall C. On the screen D. On the slide


A. Help those given authority to their task

B. Distinguish those with authority from those without C. Be lorded over others

D. Make the subjects of authority recognize their superiors

125. For a discussion of a topic from various perspective, it is BEST to hold_______. A. Brainstorming

B. Symposium C. Debate

D. Panel discussion

126. Principal tells her teachers that training in the humanities is most important. To which educational philosophy does he adhere?

A. Perennialism B. Existentialism C. Essentialism D. Progressivism

127. Principal 2 shares this thought with his teachers. “Subject matter should help students

understand and appreciate themselves as unique individuals who accept complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and action.” From which philosophy is this thought based?

A. Essentialism B. Perennialism C. Progressivism D. Existentialism

128. Who stressed the idea that students cannot learn if their basic needs are not first met? A. Maslow

B. Miller C. Wertheimer D. Thorndike

129. A person who has had painful experiences at the dentist`s office, may become tearful at the mere sight of the dentist`s office building. Which theory can explain this?

A. Classical conditioning B. Generalization

C. Operant conditioning D. Attribution theory


130. Availment of the Philippine Educational Placement Test for adult and out-of-school youths is in support of the government`s educational progam towards________>

A. Relevance B. Quality

C. Equitable access D. Quality and relevance

131. Which of the play is most characteristic of a six-year old child? A. Associative and cooperative plays

B. Solitary and onlooker plays C. Cooperative and solitary plays D. Associative and onlooker plays

132. All of the following describe the development of a children aged eleven to thirteen EXCEPT. A. Sex differences in IQ become more evident.

B. They exhibit increased objectivity in thinking. C. They shift from impulsivity to adaptive ability. D. They show abstract thinking and judgment.

133. One learns Math by building on the Math previously learned. This is an application of______. A. Constructivist

B. Humanist C. Physiological D. S-R

134. A students dislike for Math due to the traumatic experience in the past. Which law explain this? A. Partial activity

B. Anology C. Vividness

D. Disposition/mind set

135. Which illustrate vicarious punishment?

A. We feel so much to classmate who punished we cnvonce them go to school on time. B. Out of comparison, we volunteer to get punished in plce of a friend.

C. We change to experience our being punished.

D. See someone get punished for habitual tardiness, we are less likely to be tardy.

136. John is very attached to mother and joan to her father. In what development stage are they according to Freudian psychological theory?

A. Pre-genital stage B. Latent stage C. Oedipal stage D. Annal stage


137. In instructional planning it is necessary that the part of the plan from the first to the last have: A. Symmetry

B. Coherence C. Conciseness D. Clarity

138. If teacher has to ask more higher-order questions, he has to ask more ________ questions. A. Convergent

B. Closed C. Fact D. Concept

139. For maximum interaction, a teacher ought to avoid ________ questions. A. Rhetorical

B. Leading C. Divergent D. Informational

140. Which guidelines must be observed in the use of prompting to hsape the correct performance of your students?

A. Use all prompts available B. Refrain from using prompts

C. Use the most intrusive prompts first D. Use the least intrusive prompts first

141. Teacher M wants to review and check on the lesson on the previous day? Which one will be most reliable?

A. Having students correct each other`s work.

B. Having students identify difficult homework problems.

C. Explicitly reviewing the task-relevant information for the day`s lesson. D. Sampling the understanding of a few students.

142. To promote effective practice, which guideline should you bear in mind? Practice should_____. A. Difficult for students to learn a lesson.

B. Arrange to allow students to receive feedback. C. Done in an evaluating atmostphere.

D. Take place over a long period of time.

143. Which one role of play in the pre-school and early childhood years? A. Separate reality from fantasy.

B. Develops the upper and lower limbs. C. Develop competitive spirit.


144. Teacher taught a lesson denoting ownership by means of possessives. He first introduced the rule, then gave examples, followed by class exercises, then back to the rule before he moved into the second rule. Which presenting technique did he use?

A. Sequential B. Combinational C. Comparative D. Part-whole

145. For which may you use the direct instruction method? A. Use a microscope properly

B. Distinguish war from aggression C. Appreciate Milton`s Paradise Lost

D. Become aware of the pollutants around us

146. By what name is indirect instruction the Socratic method also-known? A. Questioning method

B. Morrison method C. Indirect method D. Mastery learning

147. Which does NOT belong to the group of alternative learning system? A. Multi-age grouping

B. Multi-grade grouping C. Non-graded grouping D. Graded education

148. Teacher gave her first-grade class a page with a story in which pictures take the place some words. Which method did she use?

A. The Spaulding method B. The rebus method

C. The language experience approach D. The whole language approach

149. Combined several subject areas in order to focus on a single concept for indiciplinary teaching. Which strategy/method did use?

A. Unit method

B. Thematic instruction C. Problem-entered learning D. Reading writing method

150. Which is a major advantage of a curriculum-based assessment?

A. It tends to focus on anecdotal information on student progress B. It is based on a norm-referenced measurement model

C. It is informal in nature










PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION 101. C 102. B 103. A 104. D 105. A 106. C 107. D 108. B 109. A 110. B 111. D 112. B 113. D 114. D 115. A 116. D 117. A 118. A 119. C 120. B 121. D 122. A 123. D 124. B 125. A 126. D 127. A 128. D 129. C 130. C 131. A 132. C 133. D 134. A 135. B 136. A 137. B 138. D 139. A 140. C 141. B 142. A 143. C 144. B 145. A 146. D 147. A 148. C 149. C 150. B 51. A 52. D 53. A 54. C 55. A 56. B 57. C 58. A 59. C 60. C 61. B 62. C 63. B 64. A 65. D 66. D 67. D 68. A 69. B 70. A 71. A 72. B 73. B 74. C 75. A 76. D 77. A 78. B 79. D 80. D 81. D 82. B 83. A 84. B 85. C 86. A 87. B 88. D 89. A 90. A 91. A 92. D 93. B 94. D 95. C 96. B 97. A 98. D 99. A 100. D 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. C 11. A 12. D 13. B 14. A 15. C 16. C 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. D 21. C 22. A 23. B 24. D 25. A 26. C 27. B 28. A 29. D 30. A 31. B 32. A 33. A 34. C 35. B 36. A 37. D 38. C 39. C 40. B 41. A 42. C 43. B 44. D 45. D 46. A 47. A 48. C 49. B 50.B


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