A simple introduction to coaching in organizations and business

Quiz Coaching and mentoring are: a The same thing b Completely different things c They overlap and are not clearly separate Coaching is more geared towards: a The achievement of clear


Improving reading compliance with whole class qualitative quiz questions

Case Studies For both mature students and school leavers, changing reading habits is often a significant challenge, but, given the continuation of established pedagogic frameworks or


The emergence of born global firms : a least developed country perspective

ABSTRACT This empirical study addresses the impact of the principal founder’s human capital HC factors and their level of entrepreneurial orientation EO along with the national export

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Textual sentiment analysis in international financial markets

The main findings are that at the panel data level, negative words have an immediate negative impact on firm-level equity returns, while higher returns predict lower next-day negative

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Социальные системы корпоративного типа: генезис и функции

Однако не только корпоративные элиты диктуют условия остальным членам общества, но и общество влияет на деятельность корпоративных систем..

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The real thing: a profile of the coca cola company

A 0.1 or 0.2 % decline in share for Coke brands may not sound like much but it adds up to a large sum in a company with over $20 billion in annual revenues.7 This trend has been noticed


Evoluţii şi semnificaţii ale operaţiunilor de franchising pe plan naţional şi internaţional

Novelty apparent basis of: · importance and the complexity and variety of system franchise franchise, but at the same time very interesting and appropriate, the pace with this growing

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Evaluarea unei afaceri in franciza

The potential franchisee must pay attention to its potential financial and analyze it in depth, because the cost of a franchise not only reduce network fee, but require payment of fees


Social Networking: Changing the way we communicate and do business

18 Based on my research and personal involvement in social networking, specifically Facebook, I believe that social networking Web sites present a unique opportunity for small,


Potreba skúmania podnikateľských stretégií v postindustriálnej ére podnikania

Hlavná myšlienka bola, že pokiaľ informačné technológie umožňujú podniku zvoliť si stratégiu diferenciácie, stratégiu nákladového vodcovstva a súčasne nič nebráni ich


Legal aspects of electronic commerce

Article 6 Commercial Code provides that insurance settlements are not things or trade and are facts of life insurance business for the insurer and the current account and trade facts do

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Contract law as an alternative possibility for investments in transition economies

The 80’ of this century are characterised with increase of competition and scale economy2 which according to our opinion has narrowed and seriously hampered the interest of particular


Региональная система информационного обеспечения коммерциализации энергосберегающих и инновационных технологий в строительстве

Решение основных задач Стратегии социальноэкономического развития Сибири до 2020 года потребует принципиально нового подхода к развитию

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Це означає, що ступінь зносу основних засобів може розглядатися як індикатор рівня соціальної безвідповідальності бізнесу, ілюстрацією чого є ситу3 ація в Україні

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Methodological Considerations in Building Business Ontologies for Decision Support

Problems raised by decision support Realizing a distinction between a database and a knowledge base refers to data organization.. Organization must refer this time the concepts and not

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Подходы к повышению конкурентоспособности предпринимательской деятельности в сфере строительства

Предпринимательская деятельность в сфере строительства все более усложняется и для своего развития предпринимательские структуры должны учитывать

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Sustainable Intrapreneurship The GSI Concept and Strategy Unfolding Competitive Advantage via Fair Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Intrapreneurship The Concept of Graded Sustainable Intrapreneuring GSI Unfolding Competitive Advantage via Fair Entrepreneurship.. A Review of Intrapreneurship with New


Ranking Universities Based on Performance Evaluation by a Hybrid MCDM Model

AI3.2: Number of international conference Number of conference papers of full-time faculty papers per full-time faculty member members Restricted by conferences that have Restricted by


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