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Obesity associated cancer: an immunological perspective

Epidemiological studies have established an association between obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and a number of cancer types.. Research has focused predominantly on altered


Keeping Them in the Game: Taking Up and Dropping Out of Sport and Exercise in Ireland

Figure 4.7 Predicted Probabilities of Participation Across Second-Level School Years by Gender, Type of Activity and Location, with Social Class held Constant CSPPA ............ Figure

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Evaluation of novel biomarkers in the detection of chemotherapy mediated cardiac and kidney injury

Effect of statin therapy on the risk for incident heart failure in patients with breast cancer receiving anthracycline chemotherapy: an observational clinical cohort study.. Seidman A,

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Enlightenment and the Republic of Letters at the Dublin Medico Philosophical Society, 1756 1784

Journal of Postgraduate Research | Trinity College Dublin | 2015 communicate to the public’.77 In May of that year the society ruled that the selected papers were to ‘be given to be


Economic aspects of alcohol consumption in Republic of Ireland

It must be emphasised that the data of Table 3 refer to expenditure on alcohol, and not to quantities consumed:' Since expenditure equals price times quantity, the data suggest either


Associations of reproduction and health with the performance and profit of dairy cows

Reasons for culling cows in 60 commercial dairy herds in the Czech Republic average value LF = low fertility, MD = movement disorders, LMY= low milk yield, MGD = mammary gland diseases,


A global meat tax: from big data to a double dividend

Keywords: climate change, environment, ethics, European Union EU, food, Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO, foresight, health, human health, meat consumption, negative externalities,

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Three Essays on Economics and Information Shocks

This study experimentally investigates individual choices to monetarily reward or punish non-profit organizations in response to media coverage and how those choices influence the

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Acidosis at birth in term infants and early neurophysiological and cardiovascular changes

SUMMARY This thesis was mounted to evaluate and quantify the role o f umbilical cord pH m easurem ents in relation to the baby’s clinical condition, electroencephalographic pattern,

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Aristotle for nursing

Aristotle's definition of flourishing not health is famously set out in his Nicomachean Ethics; [Activity] of the soul in accordance with virtue [Nicomachean Ethics 1098a15] Clearly


Health triage in development management

Health triage in development management Marcus Grant, Angela Raffle and Stephen Hewitt Abstract A unique collaboration between the WHO Healthy Cities Collaborating Centre, Bristol City

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International perspectives on building capacity for planning and health

Some lessons from comparing practice in the USA and Europe include: Need for multi-layer approach to healthy urban planning: good neighbourhood planning must be set within a nest of

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Environmental, health, wellbeing, social and equity effects of urban green space interventions: A meta narrative evidence synthesis

In contrast, where park-based interventions only involved a physical change to the green space 22% 2/9 studies of studies showed a significant intervention effect for increases in


Variations in environmental contamination by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and chlorinated pesticides (Lindane, DDT) on ping farms in Hodonín district in 1994 to 1999

DDT concentrations in drinking water for pigs ng/l in Hodonín district in 1994–1999 n = 44 and a comparison with mean values for drinking water for farm animals in the Czech Republic in


cholesterol content and fatty acid composition of most consumed turkish hard and soft cheeses

Although several articles pertaining to the chemical composition of different Turkish dairy products have been published, the data referring to the fatty acid composition and

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Effect of cow energy status on the hypercholesterolaemic fatty acid proportion in raw milk 

We evaluated the proportion of fatty acid groups, with an emphasis on hypercholesterolaemic fatty acids, in the milk of 25 Holstein cows during the 1 st period of lactation in relation

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Congenital disorders in the cattle population of the Czech Republic

The offspring of 474 sires – 215 Czech Simmental, 236 Holstein, and 23 beef – were diagnosed with congenital disorders which were unevenly distributed because only 18 occurred in the


Diagnosis of business health

Suggestion of criteria of creating organization units is apparent from the characteristics of both internal and external factors and it expresses: A Manageability of organization unit

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