Is copyright blind to the visual?

The effects of this distinction, which focuses protection on the work or product, rather than the creative or artistic practice, are particularly noticeable in relation to works of


Positivism versus self determination: the contradictions of Soviet international law

Tunkin ‘Leninskiye printsipi ravnopraviya i samoopredeleniya narodov i sovremennoye mezhdunarodoye pravo Lenin’s principles of equal rights and the self-determination of peoples in


Legal and policy developments in the Russian Federation in 2007 with regard to the protection of minorities

13 The Government of the Russian Federation has now approved a Concept for a Federal Special Purpose Tselevoi Programme “Economic and social development of indigenous small in number


Legal mechanisms of the council of Europe and the EU

Al-Majdal - Badil's Quarterly English Language Magazine Issue #41 – Spring 2009 Legal Mechanisms of the Council of Europe and the EU by Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College, University of

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Freedom in the free world: the extimate becomes the law

represent but because language is outside the subject and at the mercy of the symbolic order: ‘The fact that the symbolic is located outside of man is the very notion of the


A body does not just combust: racism and the law in Germany

Racism ignored For many Germans, neither the fire that killed Jalloh nor the handling of the trial could have been the result of systemic or institutional racism, because these things

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Contemporary challenges in school recruitment for criminological survey research: lessons from the international self report delinquency study in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States

School surveys are frequently used in large multiwave cross-national studies on youth health and risk behavior HRB, such as the International Self-Report Delinquency Study ISRD;


The pharmacist's liability in the tort of negligence and product liability law in Ireland

Crean, F, Liability of Community Pharmacists in Negligence and for Defective Products, Chapter in Weedle, P, Clarke, L Editors, Pharmacy and Medicines Law in Ireland 2011 Pharmaceutical

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The legal protections of language in the Euopean Union

It is clear that the instruments of the Council of Europe were created to protect 'old' minorities.A lack of flexibility in this regard has been widely criticised.From an investigation

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Television courtroom broadcasting : a normative analysis of the legal policy issues, challenges and opportunities regarding TCB effects research

AR Paddon, ‘Television Coverage of Criminal Trials with Cameras and Microphones: A Laboratory Experiment of Audience Effects’ PhD thesis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1985; MT

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Issues in Infrastructure Development Today: The Interlinkages

Very briefly, countries in East Asia which carried out ‘oneshot’ land reforms, rather than using the state continually to redistribute as India has been attempting to do, and whose


Commemorative Metal Money and Monetary Economy

Definitions of Commemorative Money Commemorative metal money includes minted more rarely castings that are identical, partially different or completely different in their motive,


Nine protestants are to be esteemed worth ten catholics Representing religion, labour and economic performance in pre Industrial Europe, c 1650 c 1800

fewer holidays in England amounted to a financial advantage of an impressive 200 million livres.23 During the late eighteenth century a journalist of the Feuille Villageoise estimated


Gold, guilds, and government: the impact of monetary and labour policies on the Flemish cloth industry, 1390 1435

Munro, John, ‘Bruges and the Abortive Staple in English Cloth: An Incident in the Shift of Commerce from Bruges to Antwerp in the Late Fifteenth Century’, Revue belge de philologie et


Commerce, markets, and peace: Richard Cobden's enduring lessons

COMMERCE, MARKETS, AND PEACE case for trade with all and entanglements with none, Richard Cobden outlined an economic case.1 The first issue that Cobden emphasized was the opportunity


Builders’ wages in southern England and the southern Low Countries, 1346 1500: a comparative study of trends in and levels of real incomes

In 1975, twenty years after the publication of the Phelps Brown and Hopkins English index, Herman Van der Wee published a seemingly similar set of indexes for consumer prices and wages


Before and after the Black Death: money, prices, and wages in fourteenth century England

The city of London, however, had blatantly ignored the 1349 Ordinance, and, in the following year 1350, it issued its own wage ordinance: to fix the maximum wage for building craftsmen


Good governance in microcredit strategy for poverty reduction: focus on western Mindanao, Philippines

ODA Official Development Assistance PCFC People’s Credit and Finance Corporation PA People’s Association PD Project Dungganon PIDS Philippine Institute of Development Studies PMES

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