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Vision Hair Extensions

Suppliers of Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions

Order online at:

1-877-799-8363 or 1-603-358-0090 - 640 Marlboro St. Keene, NH USA 03431

2011 - 2012



Please Read

Thank you for you interest our products. We are committed to supplying our customers

with a wide range of high quality keratin, pre-tipped hair extensions to fit most budgets.

Every strand of hair that Vision sells is 100% Human Remy Hair. No matter which brand

you choose, you will receive the highest quality available as compared to other

competi-tively priced extensions. To help you with hair selection we have put together a chart to

compare hair extension qualities and textures - see page 3.

Online ordering recommended

Vision recommends placing your orders online. To keep our overhead down and to be able

to keep our prices as low as possible, Vision has elected to be primarily an internet

company. Our phones are staffed Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm EST. You are welcome to

call in an order or ask questions, but it is likely that you will need to leave a message or

place your order on “Voice Mail”. We will return your call as soon as possible.

The Easy Order Form at the end of the catalogue will help you organize your order before

placing it online or by phone. Make copies of this sheet to use every time you are placing

an order.

Professional Application

Vision Hair Extensions recommends professional application only. Hair extensions require

practice to properly apply and licensed hair stylists have the experience of working with

hair even if they have not applied extensions previously. We recommend all stylists

become familiar with the application of hair extensions. We have application instructions,

hair extension information and help on our website for the convenience of stylists.

Vision Hair Extensions

640 Marlboro St

Keene, NH 03431 USA

toll free: 1-877-799-8363 or 1-603-358-0090


Training information:

A Message from Vision Hair Extensions



3 - Comparison Chart

4 - 909 European

5 - 808 European Blend

6 - Euro SoCap

7 - Euro SoCap Color Chart

8 - Vision Economy Extensions

9 - Lord & Cliff, Vision Highlights and

Fantasy Extensions


10 - Keratin Rebonds and Micro Rings

11 - Application Tools and Removal

Supplies for Fusion

12 - I-Tip Supplies, Kits and Hair Care


13 - Shipping and Return Information

14-15 - Hair Color Selection Guide


Your Guide for Choosing the Best Extensions for Your Hair Type

(Color selection help is at the end of this Catalogue)

Brand Hair Quality & Texture About Keratin Tips U-Tip I-Tip Best choice if your hair is:



Made from 100% Remy Human Hair 70% Ukrainian and 30% Asian 1oz packs

909 Straight - Our top hair extensions for clients with

fine straight hair. Straight with slight body after

washing. Hair can be curled or straightened. 909 and 808 Hair Extensions have the same high quality

keratin in their U-Tips and I-Tips U-Tips are made of

Super Keratip the strongest keratin available. Fusion heat

application. (do not trim keratin)

I-Tips are made of Super Keratip formed into a very small I-tip. Apply using Micro

Ring application.


Best for people with fine,

straight to slightly wavy hair.

Curl or straighten as needed.

909 Body Wave - Excellent quality blends with fine,

slightly wavy hair. 909 Body Wave is only slightly wavier than 909 straight.You can curl or straighten

this hair.


Best for people with fine, slightly

wavy to wavy hair. Holds a curl

better than 909 straight. Curl or straighten as needed.

909 Deep Wave

Great quality hair extensions for people with wavy hair to very wavy hair. Wave is chemically added to

the hair. Hair can be curled or straightened.


Best for people with wavy hair to

very wavy hair. Wave may relax.

Curl or straighten as needed.




Made from 100% Remy Human Hair. 70% Asian and 30% Ukrainian 3/4 oz packs

808 Straight - Our top selling hair extensions blends

with medium/fine, straight hair. Very straight. Hair can be curled.

The top quality remy, Asian hair that makes up the bulk of 808 is slightly thicker than either Indian or Ukrainian hair.

Be-cause of this Vision recommends either 909 or Euro SoCap be used for people with VERY fine hair.


Works best for people with

medium/fine texture, straight hair. Curl or straighten as

needed. Not recommended for very fine hair

808 Body Wave - A great quality hair that blends

nicely with fine, slightly wavy hair. 808 Body Wave has only a slight wave.


The best hair for clients with

medium/fine texture lightly wavy/wavy hair. Holds a curl

better than 808 straight. Curl or straighten as needed.



100% Indian Remy Human Hair 25 strands

Euro So.Cap. - Very high quality hair extensions.

Made in Italy of 100% Indian Remy hair. Hair has a fine, natural body. Curl can vary between a slight

body wave to an S-wave. This hair can be straightened or curled.

Flat-tipped for Fusion or Ultrasonic. The Italian Keratin is

as strong as Super Keratip.Keratin can be

slightly trimmed


Best hair for people with natural wave, frizziness, or curl in their hair. Has more natural fullness than 909 or 808 extensions. Very good hair for micro bonding

into very fine hair. This hair can be straightened or




100% Remy Human Hair from India 25 Strands

Vision’s Economy Hair Extensions - Straight 100%

remy Indian hair. Great for straight - slightly wavy hair. Vision found a manufacturer producing good


Indian Hair Extensions at a low price. Not recommended for long term wear. This hair can be

straightened or curled.

Average strength keratin. Lasts 2-3 months on average.


Best for fine to medium hair that is straight/wavy. Quality may not be as good as other brands, Very good for high-lights and short term wear up to 2


This hair can be straightened or curled.


Color Ring for 909 & 808 Hair Extensions

909 European Hair


Our Top Quality Hair

909 European Hair is 70% Ukrainian and 30% Asian. The

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian hair has the same

silky, European texture that is so highly prized in Russian hair at a

much lower price. In the Ukraine there are hair merchants who purchase hair from

young women who choose to sell their hair. 909 and 808 hair extensions are made from this

beautiful healthy hair. Silky - fine texture 100% Human hair Remy quality-Cuticle correct Each pack has 1 full ounce of hair

(the longer the length the fewer strands in a pack)

U-Tips have a strong Super Keratip bond for fusion application.

I-Tip have small tips for a discrete application. 909 is best for people with straight hair or for those who wear their hair

straight most of the time. Can be curled and flat ironed. Deep wave best for wavy and curly


*Approximate strands per pack. Hair is sold by weight not pieces*

I-Tip Straight I-Tip Body Wave

14” 16” 20” 22” 16” 20”

U-Tip Straight U-Tip Body Wave Deep Wave

14” 16” 20” 22” 16” 20” 20”


45* 45*




45* 40*


30* 30*



909 U-Tips

909 I-Tips

Available colors: 1, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 24, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 37, 60, 613, 613/24,


808 European Blend is a mix of 30% Ukrainian hair and 70% Asian hair. The Asian hair is the highest quality available – no tangling, a luxurious, soft feel. Most Asian/Chinese hair exten-sions sold today will tangle after only a few washings. You will not have this problem with 808 European Blend hair extensions.

Silky and straight – Medium/coarse texture. Blend of European & Asian Hair.

Great Quality hair – Superior Value. Super Keratip Bonds.

I-tip and U-tip available.

Best for people with straight hair or who wear their hair straight all the time.

Can be curled.

808 U-Tip

Straight Body Wave

14” 18” 22” 14” 18”

808 I-Tip

Body Wave

14” 18”

The top quality remy, Asian hair that makes up the bulk of 808 is slightly thicker than

either Indian or Ukrainian hair. Because of this Vision recommends either 909 or

Euro SoCap be used for people with VERY fine hair.

30* 30* 33*

23* 25*



808 European Blend Hair Extensions

Available colors: 1, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 24, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 37, 60, 613, 613/24,

613/27, 18/22, 14/22 (not all textures and tips are available in all colors, see website for complete color availability)

*Approximate strands per pack. Hair is sold by weight not pieces*

Color Ring for 909 & 808

Hair Extensions



On the top of each lock of hair, Euro So.Cap. attaches a thin sheet of

keratin which, being distinct from silicones and waxes, blends

perfectly with the hair itself. You will find one of the strongest holds available

with Euro So.Cap keratin. With proper application there will be little or no

shedding or loss of hair extensions


Euro So.Cap is a leader in the field of 100% natural Remy Hair Extension manufacturing. Euro So.Cap has chosen to use

only and exclusively pure Indian hair since it’s characteristics and structural properties perfectly compliment European Hair. Before importing it from India Euro So.Cap.’s hair undergoes a series of strict quality control procedures. Specialized technicians carry out a thorough inspection. This

is essential to achieve an impeccable finished product. Euro So.Cap. has held a distinguished presence in the hair extension field for over 40 years and is considered one of the

highest quality products on the market today. Euro So.Cap. chooses to utilize only and exclusively Remy quality hair. This quality preserves the hair cuticle, keeping hair scales all turned in the same direction. This reduces any

chance of tangling - giving you beautiful hair, full of body.





*Coloring or perming hair extensions is sometimes possible but is not recommended Most human hair extensions have been chemically processed. All except the darkest colors have been lightened. The colors used to create the wide range of hair extension colors may react with any new chemical process. Vision Hair Extensions gives no warrantees against damages to hair that has been chemically processed by the consumer.

Euro So.Cap. colors run different than many other companies including 909 & 808. Refer to the “Hair Color Selection Guide”, pg 14-15, for a helpful



Economy Hair Extensions

Keratin U-tipped 100% Human Indian Hair

- 25 strands per pack - 18" long

- Italian Keratin - U-Tips - Fusion application

- Lasts 2-3 months on average - 0.7 g per strand

- Cuticle correct

Good quality remy hair extensions at value prices.

Straight with slight wave after wash Colors are:

1B - brownish black 2 - Dark Brown 4 - Medium Brown 12 - Lightest Carmel Brown 18 - Medium Natural Blonde

613 - Light Blonde

Can be applied along with 909 European, 808 Euro/Blend or Euro So.Cap.


For removal use D-bond gel or Visions #1 Alcohol based remover

Best for fine to medium hair that is straight/wavy.

Quality may not be as good as 909, 808 or Euro SoCap Hair Extensions.

Very good for highlights and short term wear 2-3 months.

This hair can be straightened or curled.

Vision’s Economy Colors


Fantasy Colors and Highlight Strands

Highlight Fantasy Color Hair Extensions

by Lord and Cliff

are the most vibrant colors available today!

Hair retains its color wash after wash.

Use with a fusion iron.

Lord & Cliff fantasy hair extensions have beautiful brilliant colors and are 100% human remy hair. Vision sells Lord & Cliff fantasy extensions by the single strand. These colors are I-Tipped and are

applied by fusion iron or large micro rings. 16” Long - 0.5g

5 strands for $6

Colors shown from left to right:

Blue, Purple, Baby Pink, Red, Hot Pink, 1B/Bug, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Blonde, Black

Vision Fantasy Hair Extensions - Fun for everyone!

Use these to promote functions and events.

Vision Hair Extension’s Fantasy colors are made of 100%

In-dian hair – 18” long. Each pack has 10 strands and is u-tipped

with Italian keratin. These are long lasting fantasy color hair

extensions with slight natural body. Strands are 0.7g and can

be cut into micro bonds.

colors are from left to right: Fuchsia Pink, Red, Dark Red,

Purple, and Blue.

Highlight Strands are the perfect way of purchasing just a few

strands at a time to add color to your style

Most hair is a minimum of 18" long.

All hair is u-tipped for use with a fusion hair extension iron. Can be blended together with all 909, 808 and Vision Hair Extensions

This is the same hair offered FREE with a $100 minimum purchase

Colors from left to right are:

Blue, Fuchsia, #35 Dark Auburn,#32 Bright Auburn, #30 Light Auburn, Purple, Red, Dark Red, #613 Lightest Blonde, #1B Brown/Black Not Shown: #2 Dark Brown, #4 Medium Brown, #12 Carmel Brown, #18

Medium Blonde

* Color options frequently change. See website for color selection at time of purchase.


Copper Micro Rings

2 sizes available Small - 2.5mm wide x 6mm long Large - 3.0mm wide x 6mm long

Purchase in:

100 or 1000 piece bottles

Keratin (fusion)

Silicone Micro Rings

3 sizes available

Small - 2mm inside, outside 4mm, 2.5 height Large - 2.5mm inside, outside 4.5mm, 3mm height

X-Large - 3mm inside, outside 5mm, 3mm height

Purchase in:

100 or 1000 piece bottles

Micro Rings


Copper Micro Rings are twice as long as a standard micro ring, this extra length means that they can keep your

extensions in for longer, they also have a lip at the end for easy insertion of the extension tip. They are very light and look smaller than standard micro rings.

909 & 808 I-Tipped extensions use the small size for fine hair and the large size for thick hair.

Silicone Micro Rings are shorter and slightly wider than copper micro rings. Made from aluminum and lined with

silicone to help hold and cushion the hair. Best for fine hair. The smallest rings hide best. 909 & 808 I-Tipped exten-sions use the small size for fine hair and the large and X-large sizes for thicker hair. Silicone micro rings are recomended by Vision for the best hold. The Micro Ring method is attached with a pulling hook or loop and pliers.

Super KeraTip Rebonds

250 tips per pack These are the strongest bonds

available. Rebond your Great Lengths, So.Cap., Vision and

KeraTip hair extensions.

Available in: Blonde, Brown and

Black Vision Rebonds 5 gram bottle Strong keratin Available in: Black, Brown, Blonde & Clear Keratin rebonds are used to re-tip and reuse your hair extensions. Save money by reusing hair extensions

that are too good to throw away. Just re-tip them. Keratin can be used for all hair types. Apply with Hair Extension Application Iron. Instructions available on our web site or DVD.

Clear Keratin Grains

designed for tipping and hair ex-tensions. Very Economical 1 pack

can do 300-500 extensions. 1.7 oz pack

Keratin Glue Sticks

Apply with Keratin Glue Gun Use for rebonding your hair


Available in: Blonde, Brown,

Black & White 10 sticks per pack


Removal Fluids


Vision Removal Fluid #1

Liquid alcohol based remover

4oz & 8oz sizes


D-Bond Gel

Thick gel-alcohol based remover 4oz size

Both types of removers will remove every type of keratin tipped hair extensions Vision sells. Vision Removal Fluid will also work on So.Cap USA,

So.Cap. Original and Great Lengths

Fusion Applicator Irons

Professional Removal Pliers

Basic Removal


Removal Pliers


For the fastest and easiest removal of keratin hair extensions Vision recommends the Professional Removal Pliers. Stainless steel,

cushion grip.

Budget line of removal pliers. These pliers will also work to apply and remove micro rings.



Hair Extension


10 shields per pack

Euro So.Cap.


Heavy Duty sold individually

Euro SoCap Fusion Iron

includes metal stand

Made in Italy. Professional quality, adjustable temperature. Our highest quality iron.

Economy Extension Iron

Good budget iron, will apply all fusion

exten-sions that Vision sells. Adjustable temperature.


I-Tip Supplies

I-Tip Hook

wood handle (left side)

I-Tip Loop

wood handle (right side)



I-Tip Loop and

Hook Set

Spare hooks are

in handle

I-Tip Pliers

Used to close and open

micro rings.


Extension Care

Super Looper Brushes


Boar/Nylon Bristle


Will not pull hair extensions even when brushing directly over the

keratin bonds. Daily brushing at the roots

is important for proper maintenance.

Vision carries high quality sham poo and

conditioner designed for hair extensions

(see website for details)

Complete Hair Extension Kit (fusion)

Everything the professional needs to begin applying hair extensions. Choice of Economy or

Professional Fusion Iron


Complete I-Tip Kit

Everything the professional needs to begin applying I-tip hair extensions. Economical way to


Shipping Information

Return Policy

How to Calculate Ground Shipping Time

Day 1 is the day after you place you order. Start counting delivery time then. Examples:

If you are in the 1 day area and you place your order on Monday before 4:00 EST, you will receive you order by the end of day Tuesday. If you are in the 4 day area and you place your order on Monday before 4:00 EST, you will receive you order by the end of day Friday. If you are in the 5 day area and you place your order on Monday before 4:00 EST, you will receive you order by the end of day Monday.

Overnight - 2 Day and 3-Day Delivery

Faster shipping is available. Delivery is calculated the same way as ground delivery except that your location does not matter. Overnight Shipping will be delivered the next day by 10:30 or 12:00, depending on your area.

2 Day Shipping will be delivered in 2 days by end of day. 3 Day Shipping will be delivered in 3 days by end of day.

Saturday Delivery

Saturday delivery is available to commercial addresses, salons and businesses.

If Saturday delivery is required place a request in the “Customer Notes” box when you check out. Saturday delivery is an extra $15 on top of the regular overnight fee. Applied at the time of shipping

Recommended Practice

It’s best to plan on receiving your order at least 1-2 days before it’s needed to guarantee you will have it on time and that there are no problems with the order. OPEN YOUR ORDER WHEN IT ARRIVES!By receiving and checking your order 1-2 days before your client is

in the chair there will be no surprises. Most problems can be resolved by a call or email 24 hours in advance. Vision Hair Extensions is not responsible for UPS delivery delays. Vision Hair Extensions reserves the right, without notice,

to send orders by the United States Post Office or FedEx if we deem a more appropriate shipping method.

Shipping Policy

Shipping takes place Monday-Friday, except holidays. Orders received by 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

will be shipped the same day. Weekends and Holidays should not be counted when calculating

shipping time.

Returns - All full price hair extensions, adhesives and hair care products can be accepted as a return within 30 days from date of

purchase provided they are unused or altered and in their original packaging. Products are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee will be waived if the return is used towards an exchange or future order credit. Please call prior to returning merchandise to get an RMA number. Returns will not be accepted without this RMA number written on the package. Return

shipping charges and replacement shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and will be charged accordingly.

No returns will be accepted after 30 days from date of purchase - send return out promptly after calling for RMA number Replacements - If products are damaged during transit please contact us within 3 working days from the date you received the

goods. Please retain all products, packing material and boxes for claim purposes as all shipments are insured. You will be instructed if a shipment requires investigation. Please return the damaged items within 30 days from date of invoice with the authorization. The customer is responsible for shipping charges. To receive your new item we must receive your merchandise first before we can send out a replacement. We do not offer refunds on the original shipping charges nor do we reimburse return shipping charges. No

COD shipping charges accepted. There are no returns, credits or refunds on wholesale orders or clearance items. We inspect all orders before shipping.


Hair Color Selection Guide

Black #1 - 909, 808 #1B - Euro So.Cap. Brownish/Black #1B - 909, 808, Q & Vision Economy #2 - Euro So.Cap. Dark Brown

#2 - 909, 808, Q & Vision Economy #4 - Euro So.Cap.

Medium/Dark Brown

#3 - 909, 808 #4 - Euro So.Cap.

This hair color selection guide is meant to be helpful in selecting between the different hair colors and

matching them to your client’s hair. Vision highly recommends purchasing color rings. The Vision Color

Ring matches 909, 808, Vision Economy and Highlight Strands. Euro So.Cap’s colors run differently than

the other hair we carry and have their own color ring. Whether you have printed this catalogue or you are

viewing it on a computer monitor be aware that what you are seeing can vary from the actual color. This is

to be used as a guide only

Sample strands can be purchased online to help with selection

Important: Hair extension colors do not run exactly along the same level system as hair color

products. Don’t order according to the hair color level system.

Light Warm Brown Mix

#5 or 6 & 12 - 909, 808 #12 & 14 - Euro So.Cap.

Medium Brown

#4 - 909, 808, & Vision Economy #6 - Euro So.Cap.

Cool Medium Brown Mix

#4A & 7 - 909, 808 #8 & 10- Euro So.Cap.


Strawberry Blonde Mix

#27 & 29 - 909, 808

Auburn Mix

#30, 33 & 35 - 909, 808 #30 & 33 - Euro So.Cap.

Bright Auburn

#32 - 909, 808

Dark Mahogany

#37 - 909, 808

Light Ash Brown

#8- 909, 808 #10 - Euro So.Cap.

Medium Blonde Mix

#14 & 18 - 909, 808 #DB3 & DB4 - Euro So.Cap

Two Tone

#8 & 4 - 909, 808 #10 & 8 - Euro So.Cap.

Cool Highlight Blonde

#18/22 & 8 - 909, 808

California Blonde Mix

#14, 24, & 16 - 909, 808 #DB4 & DB2 & 100 - Euro So.Cap

Light Blonde Mix

#613, 22, & 613/27 - 909, 808 #DB2 & 1001 - Euro So.Cap

Lightest Blonde

#60 or 613 - 909, 808 #1001 - Euro So.Cap

Very Ash Blonde


909 U-Tip & I Tip


14” Straight


16” Straight & Body Wave


20” Straight & Body Wave


20” Deep Wave (U-Tip only)


22” Straight (U-Tip only)


808 U-Tip & I-Tip

Regular Special

14” Straight & Body Wave

(I-Tip only comes in Body Wave)



18” Straight & Body Wave

(I-Tip only comes in Body Wave)



22” Straight



808 European Blend Extensions have a higher price for light and colors that require extra processing

Regular colors are: #1, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 27, 30, 33

Special Colors are: #4A, 7, 8, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 24, 29, 32, 35, 37,

60, 613, 18/22, 14/22, 613/24, 613/27

Euro So.Cap.

(25 strand pk)

16” Length


20” Length


16” Fantasy Colors

10 strands/$15

Vision Economy Extensions

18” Length

$22 each

Lord & Cliff Fantasy Colors 16”

5 Strands


Full Pack, 90 strands


Vision Fantasy Colors

Pack of 10 Strands


Highlight Strands

5 strand pack


Sample Strands

Sample Strands

$2.00 each


Super Keratip Rebonds


Vision Rebonds


Clear Keratin Grains


Keratin Sticks


Micro Rings 100/pcs. 1000/pcs.







Fusion Tools & Supplies

Euro So.Cap. Fusion Iron


Economy Extension Iron


Hair Extension Shields (10)


Euro So.Cap. Shields


Professional Removal Pliers


Basic Removal Pliers


Vision Removal Fluid #1 8oz


Vision Removal Fluid #1 4oz


D-Bond Gel 4oz


I-Tip Tools & Supplies

Aluminum Loop/Hook Set


I-Tip Hook - Wood Handle


I-Tip Loop - Wood Handle


I-Tip Pliers


Extension Care

Shampoo or Conditioner 12oz


Super Looper Brush-Regular Size


Super Looper Brush-Purse Size


Boar Bristle/Nylon Brush



Complete Fusion Kit - Professional Iron


Complete Fusion Kit - Economy Iron


Complete I-Tip Kit


Color Rings

Vision Color Ring


Euro So.Cap Color Ring





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