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Realizing you need help " When you realize you need help with your computer, phone, or printer, and your supervisor can not help, please go to


Academic year: 2021

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When you realize you need help with your

computer, phone, or printer, and your supervisor can

not help, please go to








Something very similar to this will appear:

Choose: I am a

Faculty or Staff

member seeking

Helpdesk Services


Now you have several

options for contacting


The preferred method is

submitting a ticket. The rest

of this PowerPoint will walk

you through this step.

Choose: Submit a






Just left of center and toward the top is the

knowledge base link. Click on Knowledgebase.

Lets look at the knowledge base first.

There you will find several categories of articles. These

articles may have the answer you are looking for. Browse

through to see if what you are looking for is there. You

can also use the search box to search for your issue. Just

type in a few keywords, like wireless network or eSafe.


If no help is found using

the knowledge base, then

you will need to submit a



Submitting a ticket is easy!

First you must log in. Use your

ACM username and password.

If you have problems with this

please call HELP (4357) from

campus or 301-784-5000 ext. 4357

from off campus.


Account Settings


My Profile

allows you to set up profile for yourself, You can

include your title/position, a phone number, and an image. Be

sure to click update when finished.



allows you to choose the correct time zone, enable

Daylight Savings Time and the language you are most

comfortable with.


Change Password

allows you to change your password for

helpdesk. This is a password change for helpdesk ONLY, it

won’t affect other passwords that you have.


Submitting a ticket



  General/Other-Choose this department if you are unsure of what category the problem falls under.

  (IT) Computer Lab-Choose this department if you are having an issue in any of our computer labs. This department is for student use computers

  (IT) ERP-Choose this department for problems related to ERP, Colleague, or Web Advisor. This queue also handles all legacy system problems.

  (IT) Hardware Requests- Choose this department for your hardware needs (except if it is in a classroom, then use the Computer Labs department). This includes mice, monitors, computers, printers, phones, etc…

  (IT) Portal (my.allegany.edu)- Choose this department if you are experiencing difficulties with the portal.

  (IT) Software Requests-Choose this department for any of your software needs. This includes any requests for new software or licensing questions.

  (IT) Website-Choose this department if you have a question about our college homepage (www.allegany.edu). You can also make requests to place content, get assistance if you are experiencing web/server errors or make adjustments to your existing page(s).

  (IR) Reports and Data Processing-Choose this department if you need a report ran or are having issues with data processing.

  (ITMMS)Blackboard-Choose this department if you need assistance with anything blackboard related.

  (ITMMS) Classroom Technology-Choose this department for help with projectors, document cameras, clickers, SMART podiums/boards and the Distance Learning Labs.

  (ITMMS) Media Services -Choose this department if you have any questions about or need help with producing media.

  (ITMMS) Photo Request -Choose this department if you have any questions about or need help with photography.

  (ITMMS) Video Request -Choose this department if you have any questions about or need help with video production.



Lets do a test ticket!


Make sure you are logged into


and choose Submit a Ticket.


Let’s use the General/Other department for our ticket.


Choose General/Other and click on the next button on

the bottom of the window.


Start filling in information:

Choose the campus Choose the building Enter the room number

Enter the phone number Enter the Contact Name

Choose the Department Type* Enter the Department Name

*Academic for Computer Lab issues. Administrative for Faculty/Staff issues


Enter a subject for this ticket

Enter in as much detail as possible, this is the reason for the ticket.

Click Submit

As you enter your Message Details

Knowledgebase suggestions will appear below. If you see the solution to your problem, click on it. You can solve your own problem and log out without having to submit a ticket. However, if you don’t see your answer then choose the submit button on the bottom of the page. You can also upload files/attachments by choosing Add File and attaching your file. This is helpful if you have screen shots of any errors you receive.


Once you choose submit, you will see a page similar to this:

This informs you that your ticket has been received. Take note of the Ticket ID #.

This will allow you to communicate more effectively with Helpdesk.


In your Allegany College E-mail you will receive a message similar to this one:

If you have any more information to add, you can reply to this ticket and it will

attach itself to the ticket in helpdesk/staff. You can always reply to this email or

any emails from ACM Helpdesk. What ever you reply will be added to the

helpdesk ticket that you created. Whoever is working on your ticket will be able

to see your replies. *When replying to the email, please be patient, it sometimes

takes the server a while to post to your ticket for the technician to see it.




For most faculty and staff this will end your technical

journey through helpdesk. You will continue to

communicate with a technician via phone, email

(ACM Helpdesk replies) or a technician will come to

your work area and resolve the problem. After

resolving the problem the technician will resolve the

ticket and you will receive a final email asking you to

complete a survey.


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