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Processing Supplier Invoices


Academic year: 2021

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Processing Supplier Invoices

All invoices are now sent to the Finance Department (Payments team) for processing. All current suppliers have been advised to send their invoices directly to the Finance department. The invoices are scanned and registered onto the Agresso system.

Purchase Invoices and Supplier Invoices

If the invoice has an Agresso purchase order number, it will be registered as a purchase invoice and will match against the purchase order already in the system.

If the invoice does not have an Agresso purchase order number, then it is registered as a Supplier Invoice.



Supplier Invoice flowchart

An invoice is registered by the Payments team in Finance. It does not have an Agresso PO number.

The invoice is sent via Agresso to the Finance Administrator for the relevant school/department

The Finance Administrator actions the invoice

Reject the invoice because it doesn’t

belong to the school/dept Enter the relevant info

against the invoice (category code, project

code, description etc.)

Does the invoice belong to the school/dept?

Yes No

The invoice is sent back to Finance to resend to another

school/dept, or query with Supplier for more info The coded invoice is sent to

the Procurement Approver to be ‘signed off’

If approved, the invoice is posted for payment



Coding a Supplier Invoice

You will receive an email alert informing you that you have a task to action in Agresso Access Agresso by opening Internet Explorer and typing the following web address into the address bar:

The Log In screen will appear:

When the home screen appears, your tasks will appear on the left hand side of the screen: Enter your log-in information:

USER NAME is your network ID CLIENT is always U1


4 A supplier invoice to be processed will be labelled ‘SINV Department to Code’

Click on the task to open the screen:

Look at the scanned image of the invoice. If you cannot see clearly on the screen or you need a hard copy, you can print from this screen by clicking .

This step in the process is to confirm that the invoice belongs to your school/department, and to gather information. There are a number of options at this stage:

 The invoice does not belong to your school/department  The invoice does belong to your school/department



If the Invoice does not belong to your school/department

Click . You will be prompted to leave a comment.

Leave a message giving the reason for your rejection, and click again to save your actions.

If the Invoice relates to a Purchase Order created in Agresso

The invoice may relate to a Purchase Order that you have created in Agresso, but the Supplier has failed to quote the PO number on the invoice.

Click . You will be prompted to leave a message.

Leave information regarding the PO number and click again. The invoice will return to the Payments team who will re-route to another school/dept, or contact the Supplier for more information



If the Invoice belongs to your school/dept

The ‘Purchase Invoice’ line will appear on the screen below the scanned image of the invoice.

The ‘Account’ and ‘Project Code’ fields will be defaulted to ‘dummy’ codes, for distribution purposes only.

Enter the correct account code (category code) and project code (cost code) in the relevant fields, along with a specific description:

If you do not know the account code, use the field help button to search for the relevant code by name.

Click on the Field Help button and enter the name or partial name


7 Once you have entered the relevant information, click

The invoice is ours, but the invoice is split between more than one project code

(cost code)

Enter the information above, inputting the first project code in the ‘Supplier Invoice details’ section. Click . You will be prompted to give details.

Specify the number of lines and the amount against each line, then click .

All coded invoices will workflow to a Procurement Approver for authorisation. Who this person will be will depend on the total value of the invoice:

 £0-£1000 will workflow to a Financial Administrator  £1000-£100,000 will workflow to a Senior Manager  Over £100,000 will workflow to an Executive Manager

For further information on specific members of staff, please seek advice from your College Manager or Dept Head.

The invoice will workflow to a Procurement Approver for final ‘sign off’.



Hospitality Invoices

All invoices that fall under the account code 557- hospitality will have an additional document check step, to prompt you to attach further information.

(You can click to manually send and receive tasks if you can’t see it in your list) Click to open the task:

The finance office requires the following information for all hospitality invoices:  the names of those in receipt of hospitality

 if they are internal (staff) or external  the name of the activity


9 The screen contains the following message:

Attaching a document

Click . The following window will open:

Click on the ‘AP Hospitality’ folder, then click


10 Click OK. You should see your document in the window.

Close the window, then click



Instructions for Procurement Approvers

Log into Agresso (see page 3 of this handout) – Supplier invoices for approval will show in your Tasks List:


12 The task will open in the Approval screen. In this screen you can view a scanned image of the invoice, and account and project code details.

Review details and action as appropriate.

Click Approve to accept the invoice – this will automatically post and will be ready to be considered in a payment run.

click Reject to reject the invoice. You will be prompted to leave a workflow comment – please enter the reason for your rejection. N.B. Rejected invoices will return to the Finance Administrator for your school/department.


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