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EaglE coptErs.





EaGlE coptErs stands For EXcEllEncE in innovation and sErvicE.

Eagle Copters Ltd. is a family-owned and

-operated business with a well-earned

reputation for taking a personalized

approach to providing leading helicopter

solutions to its customers worldwide.

Founded in 1975 and still based in Calgary,

Alberta, today’s Eagle Copters has

subsid-iaries and affiliated operations in three

locations around the world:

Eagle Copters Ltd. has a joint venture

part-nership with Ozark Aeroworks, LLC of

Springfield, Missouri. With our combined

experience, capabilities and reputations,

we can now offer the industry an attractive

new option for all Honeywell T53

mainte-nance, repair and overhaul needs.

Eagle Copters South America S.A. is located

just outside Santiago, Chile, and has all the

core capabilities of the Calgary facility, and

operates as the Bell Independent

Repre-sentative for commercial sales.

Eagle Copters Australasia Pty. Ltd. is

located in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

The Coffs Harbour base includes three

hangars and has the capability to fit out or

refurbish helicopters to meet the

opera-tional needs of lessees and purchasers, as

well as their ongoing maintenance support


After over 40 years in the business, Eagle

Copters Ltd. and its affiliates have the

expertise and the reach to provide

inno-vative helicopter solutions to meet almost

any requirement.









EstablishEd in 1975

FacilitiEs 80,000 ft² facility

in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Eagle Copters South America: 30,000 ft² facility in Santiago, Chile Eagle Copters Australasia: 17,000 ft² facility in Coff’s Harbour, Australia Ozark Aeroworks: 10,000 ft² facility

in Springfield, Missouri, USA



Buy and sell pre-owned and new turbine helicopters

Global leasing

Dry-lease specialists with world-class support plan

Fixture sales

Manufacturing, installation and OEM approvals


Refurbishment of existing helicopter through completion of new green helicopter

T53 engine series

Maintenance, repair and overhaul


Bell Platinum Customer Service facility

Department of Transport Maintenance Organization (AMO Certification Number 6-81)

Accepted FAA facility Accepted JAR-145 facility

Department of National Defense (DOD) approved contractor capabilitiEs:

Product development

• Eagle Single • Eagle 407HP

• Bell 412 flight-deck modernization

Full complement of engineering services Specialized products & technologies

• Avionics (formerly Geneva Aviation) • Digital Audio • Switch Console • Electrical Upgrade





WE sEll, lEasE, dEsiGn, dEvElop, EnGinEEr, ManUFactUrE… and EXcEl!

Eagle Copters is specialized in sales, leasing, product development and engineering, as well as

in specialized products and technologies, including avionics systems.

We have the expertise and unique capabilities to serve and support across virtually every aspect of

the industry. We also have the certifications, experience and proven reliability to meet the needs

of government and business sector clients active in security, defense, utilities, emergency medical

services and more.

proDUct DeVelopMeNt & eNgINeerINg

Product development is an important part of our business. The Eagle 407HP is an STC that replaces the existing engine in the venerable Bell 407 with a Honeywell HTS900, to pro-vide the ultimate in hot and high performance.

For operators looking for a better performance from the Bell 407, the Eagle 407HP conversion introduces increased shaft horsepower, improving the payload capability and ultimately resulting in increased capabilities for the heli-copter over a wider operating spectrum. Additional ben-efits include increased speed, reduced fuel consumption, and the incorporation of a true dual-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system.

Eagle Copters is also home to the Eagle Single, which is an STC that converts the Bell 212 helicopter to a single-engine application utilizing the Honeywell T53 engine. The EAGLE Single has been designed and is now poised to become the helicopter of choice in the medium lift market. It’s an all-commercial helicopter ensuring lasting value, product support, part commonality, aftermarket accessories avail-ability and unmatched performance. Currently certified in Canada, USA, Australia, Chile, Peru and Indonesia.


In the past 40 years, Eagle Copters has developed an experienced sales team that has conducted hundreds of purchasing and sales transactions. Strategically positioned in various parts of the world, we offer exceptional service, fair pricing, unparalleled sales support and a global network of estab-lished buyers and sellers.

Eagle Copters is structured to meet the industry’s requirements and can assist customers with any helicopter purchase or sale.



When it comes to helicopters, leasing is fast becoming the preferred option over purchasing. It offers organizations substantial benefits, like a lower capital investment and no exposure to residual value risk and it allows operators to conveniently budget set amounts.

Eagle Copters has built a solid reputation based on our flexible approach with leasing. We tailor client contracts to individual requirements, and we offer flexible lease dura-tions rather than a permanent purchase. Sale and lease-back arrangements can be prepared to meet client needs. Eagle Copters Ltd. currently has a lease fleet deployed around the world with various international lease arrange-ments. The lease fleet is comprised of Bell light & medium, Eurocopter AS350 and Sikorsky S76 helicopters.

One of the benefits of leasing a helicopter from Eagle Copters is knowing you have an extensive maintenance support network standing behind you. There’s no need to hold expensive components or time life parts on the shelf, because Eagle Copters will supply them as required. Eagle Copters can also install role-specific equipment from avion-ics, painting and firefighting, to HEMS to meet your indi-vidual or contractual requirements.

SpecIAlIZeD proDUctS & tecHNologIeS

As technologies and mission requirements evolve, Eagle Copters is always in step, advancing the availability of spe-cialized products and technologies to operators worldwide in the most cost-effective way possible.

With Eagle Copters, operators can count on the most reli-able, user-friendly and advanced products availreli-able, due to our advanced engineering capabilities in development, integration and certification. Our services range from prod-uct development, manufacturing and repair, to the modifi-cation, installation and testing of even the most advanced avionics systems.



823 McTavish Road NE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7G9

1.800.564.6469 / 403.250.7370

EAGLE COPTERS Australasia Pty. Ltd.

67 Aviation Drive Coffs Harbour Airport, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 AUSTRALIA Phone (+61 2) 6690 3300


EAGLE COPTERS South America S.A.

Aerodromo de Chicureo Camino Guay Guay s/n Colina

CP 9340000 CHILE Phone (+56 2) 2948 3200 Fax (+56 2) 2247 8290


Ozark Aeroworks, LLC. 452 S. Union Avenue, Suite B, Springfield, MO 65802 USA Phone (855) 737 7752


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