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Daniel Redondo

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First edition 1996 Reprinted 1997 Reprinted 1998 Reprinted 2003 Printers: Imprenta Berekintza



In order to achieve an approximation to the phonetics of some Spanish words it is necessary to resort to complicated phonetic symbols; for that reason, the use of a pocket book such as our Conversation Guide, would be very restricted. The user would have first to memorize all the phonetic symbols before being able to use the book.

Our aim is not, therefore, to teach the traveller correct pronounciation, but, to attain that, using the normal English letters, s/he may make himself/ herself understood in any Spanish-speaking country. In some cases we have preferred to sacrifice the possibility of a smart Castilian pronounciation for another, less smart perhaps, but more within reach of an English-speaking person.



At the customs 1 At passport control 2 Vocabulary 3 Hotels &boarding houses. 4 Vocabulary 5 General requirements 6 Vocabulary 7 Room service 8 Vocabulary 9 Paying the bill 10 Vocabulary 12 Money 13 Vocabulary 14 Travel(l)ing 15 Travel(l)ing by taxi 15 Vocabulary 16 Travel(l)ing by air 16 Vocabulary 17 Travelling by train 18 Vocabulary 19 Travelling by bus 20 Vocabulary 21 Hiring a car 21 Vocabulary 23 Driving 23 Vocabulary 24 At the garage 25 Vocabulary 26 Sightseeing 27 Vocabulary 30 What time is it? 33 Vocabulary 34 Asking the way 35 Vocabulary 37 Making a phone 39 Vocabulary 41 At the police 42 Vocabulary 44 At the post office 45 Vocabulary 48 At the restaurant 49 Vocabulary 50 Ordering breakfast 51 Vocabulary 52 Ordering dinner 53 Vocabulary 55 The menu: Starters 55 Typical Spanish dishes.56 Soups 57

Omelets 57

Fish and seafood 58 Meats 60 This is how food can be cooked 63 Poultry and game 63 Vegetables and legumes .. 65 Fruits 66 Desserts 67 Drinks 69 Asking for the bill 70 Age and jobs 71 Vocabulary 73 At the travel agent's 74 Vocabulary 76 At the bank 77 Vocabulary 79 Buying in a department store 81 Vocabulary 83 At the doctor's 85 Vocabulary 90 Chemist's /drugstore 93 Vocabulary 94 Buying in a shop or street market 96 Vocabulary 98 On the beach 99 Vocabulary 100

At dinner and an invitation to dinner 102 Vocabulary 104 Saying good-bye 106 Vocabulary 108


Countries 109 Ordinal numbers 109 Cardinal numbers 110 Calendar 110 Seasons 111 Dates 111 Days of the week 111 Warnings/Notices 112 Usual phrases 113 Greetings 113 Questions 114 Introductions 114 Politeness 114 Adjectives and pronouns 114 Possessive adjectives . 114 Demonstrative pronouns 114 Possessive pronouns ..114 Verb To Be 115~ Verb To Be 115 Verb To Have 116 Times Differences of G.M.T. in relation with other countries 117 Money 118 Equivalence 118 Distances, measures and weights 119 Map of Spain 121


At the customs

En la aduana

Have you anything

to declare? iTiene algo quedeclarar? Tyaynay ahlgoa kaydayklharahr? I have nothing to

declare, No tengo nadaque declarar. Noa tayngoa nahdahkay dayklharahr. I only have some

presents. Solo tengo unosregalos. Soaloa tayngoaoonoahss raygahloas. Which is your

lug-g a lug-g e ? equipaje?es su Kwahl ayss sooaykeepahkhay? How many cases

do you have? tienen ustedes?tCuantas maletas Kwahntass mahlaytahstyaynayn oostaydhess? We have three

cases. Tenemos tresmaletas. Taynaymoass trayssmahlaytahs. How many

ciga-rettes? tCuantoscigarrillos? theegahrreelyoass?Kwahntoass I have two hundred

cigarettes. Tengo doscientoscigarrillos. Tayngoadosthyayntoass theegahrreelyoas. How many bottles

of liquor? de licor?tCuantas botellas Kwahntassboataylyahss day leekor?

I have a bottle of brandy and a bottle of whisky.

Tengo una botella de conac y una de whisky.

Tayngoa oonah boataylyah day konyak ee oonah day weeskee. Are you on

holi-day? vacaciones?cEsta usted de Estoy en viaje de negocios.

Aystah oostdayd day bahkahthyonayss? I'm on business.

Tendra que pagar aduana por esto.

Aystoy ayn byahkhay day naygoathyoass. You will have to

pay duty on this. Teyndrah kay pahgahrahdwahnah porr aystoa. Open this case,

please. Abra esta maleta,por favor. Ahbrah aystahmahlaytah, porr fahbor. Where's

Informa-tion? <j,D6nde estaInformaciones? eenformahthyoness?Doanday aystah 1


At the customs - En la aduana

My baggage has not arrived. One case is miss-ing.

Where are the lug-gage lockers? Take these cases to a taxi.

Where are the bag-gage trolleys? Where's the informa-tion bureau?

Mi equipaje no ha llegado.

Fatta una maleta. <,D6nde esta consigna? Lleve estas male-tas a un taxi. <,D6nde estan los carritos del equipaje? &D6nde esta informaciones?

Mee aykeepahkhay noa ah lyaygahdhoa? Fahltah oonah mahlaytah. Doanday aystah konseegnah? Lyaybay aystahss mahlaytahs ah oon tahksee.

Doanday aystahn loss kahrreetoss dayl aykeepahkhay? Doanday aystah eenformahthyoness?

At passport control - En el control de pasaportes

Your passport, please.

May 1 see your pa-pers?

Here's my passport. My wife travels with me.

iHow long are you staying? I'll be staying... a few days. two weeks. I'm travelling alone. I'm American. Where are you staying?

What's your address in...?

Are you together?

Su pasaporte, por favor.

i,Me ensena su documentacion? Aqui tiene mi pasa-porte. Mi esposa viaja conmigo. &Cuanto tiempo se va a quedar? Me quedare... unos dfas. dos semanas. Viajo solo. Soy norteamericano. tDonde se hospeda? &Cual es su direccion en...? &Estan ustedes juntos? Soo pahssahportay, porr fahbhor. May aynsaynyah soo dokoomentahthyon? Ahkee tyaynay mee pahssahportay. Mee ayspoasah byahkah konmeegoa. Kwantoa tyaynpoa say bah ah keydahr? May keydahreh.... oonoass deeahss. doss saymahnahss. Byahkoh soaloa. Soy nortayahmayreekahnoa. Doanday say ospehdhah? Kwahl ayss soo deeraykthyon ayn...? Aystahn oostaydhayss hoontoss?


At the customs - En la aduana I'm just passing

through. Estoy de paso. Aystoy day pahssoh.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

customs anything bag bottle trolley cigarettes brandy to declare duty papers l u g g a g e missing spirits suitcase camera porter nothing business to pay passport gift tobacco holidays to travel traveller aduanas algo bolsa hotel la carrito cigarrillos cohac declarer derechos de aduana documentacion equipaje falta licores maleta maquina fotografica mozo nada negocios pagar pasaporte regalo tabaco vacaciones viajar viajero ahdwahnahs ahlgoa bolsah boataylyah kahreetoa theegahrreelyoass koanyak dayklahrahr dayraychoass day ahdwahnah dokoomentathyon aykeepahkhay fahltah leekorayss mahlaytah mahkeenah foatoagrahfeekah moathoa nahdhah naygothyoass pahgahr pahssahportay raygahloa tahbahkoh bahkahthyonayss byahkar byahkhayroa 3


Hotels &

boarding houses


y pensiones

Where is there a good hotel? Is there a boarding house in this place? Do you have a room? 1 want a single room with a shower.

1 want a double room with a bath. We want a room for three days. We've reserved a room.

1 want a quiet room. May 1 see the room? Do you have a room on the first floor?

A room looking on to the sea.

^Donde hay un Doanday igh oon buen hotel? bwayn oatehl? c,Hay alguna pen- Igh ahlgoonah payn-sion en este sitio? syon ayn aystay


iTienen ustedes Tyaynayn oostay-una habitacion? dhays oonah

ahbheetahthyon? Quierp una habita- Kyayroa oonah cion individual con ahbheetahthyon ducha. indibidooahl kon

doochah. Quiero una habita- Kyayroa oonah cion doble con ahbheetahyon bano. doablay kon bahnyoa. Queremos una Kayraymoass oohan habitacion para ahbheetahthyon tres dias. pahrah trays deeahss. Hemos reservado Ehmoass rayssayr-una habitacion. bahdhoa oonah

ahbheetahthyon. Quiero una habi- Kyayroa oonah tacion tranquila. ahbheetahthyon

trahnkeelah. i,Puedo ver la Pwaydhoa behr lah habitacion? ahbheeetahthyon? iTiene usted Tyanynay oostaydh alguna habitacion ahlgoonah ahbhee-en el primer piso? tahthyon ayn ayl

preemayr peessoa? Una habitacion que Oonah

de al mar. ahbheetahthyon kay day ahl mahr.


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones We want a twin

bed-ded room. How much is the room per day? Do you have some-thing cheaper? Are meals included? How much is full board?

Is there a television/ phone in the room? I want a room with a balcony. Can we have bed and breakfast? Do you have a room with a better view? Fill in the registra-tion form. It's too expensive. Do you want my passport? Queremos una habitation con dos camas. iCuanto es la habitation por dia?

<j,Tiene algo mas barato? tEstan incluidas las comidas? cCuanto es la pen-sion completa? c,Hay television / telefono en la habitation? Quiero una habita-tion con balcon. tPodemos tener habitation con desayuno? cTiene alguna habitation con mejor vista? Rellene el impreso. Es demasiado caro. tQuiere mi pasaporte? Kayraymoass oonah ahbheetahthyon kon doss kahmahss Kwantoa ayss la ahbheetahthyon porr deeah?

Tyaynay ahlgoa mahss bahrahtoa?

Aystahn eenklooe-dhass lahss koameedhahss?. Kwantoa ayss lah paynsyon konplaytah? Igh taylaybheessyon/ taylayfoanoa ayn lah ahbheetahthyon? Kyayroa oohan ahbheetahthyon kon bahlkon. Poadhaymoass tenerr ahbhetahthyon kon daysahyoonoa? Tyaynay ahlgoonah ahbheetahthyon kon mehkor beestah? Raylyenay ayl impresso. Ayss daymahssyah-dhoa kahroa. Kyaray mee pahssahportay?

Vocabulary * Vocabulario

per day balcony expensive meal too breakfast double al dfa balcon caro comida demasiado desayuno doble ahl deeah bahlkon kahroa koameedhah daymahssyahdhoa dayssahyoonoa doablay


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones twin room registration form included single cheaper boarding house full board looking on reserve quiet see gemela habitacion impreso incluido individual mas barata pension pension completa que de reservar tranquila ve haymaylah ahbheetahthyon eemprayssoa eenklooeedhoa eendeebeedooahl mahss bahrahtah paynsyon paynsyon komplaytah kay day rayssayrbahrr trankeelah bay

General requirements - Peticiones generates

What's our room number? Do you have a car park?

Can 1 have my key, please?

Does the hotel have a garage?

Can we have the meals in the room?

What time is break-fast?

Where's the beauty salon?

Is there a hairdress-er's at the hotel? Where's the lift?

cCual es el numero de nuestra habita-cion? <,Tienen ustedes aparcamiento? i,Me da mi Have, por favor? tTiene garaje el hotel? tPodemos tomar las comidas en la habitacion? i,A que hora es el desayuno? tDonde esta el salon de belleza? cHay peluqueria en el hotel? &D6nde esta el ascensor?

Kwahl ayss ayl noo-mayroa day nways-trah ahbheetahthyon? Tyaynayn oostay-dhays ahparka-myentoa?

May dah mee lyah-bhay, porr fahbhor? Tyaynay gahrahkhay ayl oatehl?

Poadhaymoass toa-mahr lahss koamee-dhahss ayn lah ahbheetahthyon? Ah kay oorah ayss ayl dayssahyoonoa? Doanday aystah ayl sahlon day baylyaythah? Igh paylookayreeah ayn ayl oatehl? Doanday aystah ayl ahsthaynsoar?


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones Is there a toilet on

this floor? Can 1 leave this in your safe? We need an extra pillow/blanket. We don't have a bath towel. Where's the dining-room?

Is there a telephone on the ground floor? Can we have a baby-sitter? Please, wake me up at...

1 want to see the manager.

When will the maid c o m e ?

1 need a typewriter and a tape recorder.

c, Hay servicios en esta planta? iPuedo dejar esto en su caja fuerte? Necesitamos otra almohada/manta. No tenemos toalla de bano.

t,D6nde esta el co-medor?

cHay telefono en la planta baja? iNos pueden man-dar un canguro? Por favor, despier-teme a las... Quiero ver al gerente. tCuando vendra la sehora de la limpieza? Necesito una ma-quina de escribir y una grabadora.

Ihg sayrbeethyoass ayn aystah plahntah? Pwaydhoa daykhar aystoa ayn soo kahkhah fwehrtay? Naythayseetahmoass oatrah ahlmo-aahdhah/mahntah Noa taynaymoass toaahlyah day bahnyoa.

Doanday aystah ayl koamaydhor? Igh taylayfoanoa ayn lah plahntah bahka? Noass pwaydhayn mahndahrr oon kahngooroa? Por fahbhor, days-pyayrtehmay ah lahs.. Kyayroa bayr ahl khayrayntay. Kwahndoa bayndrah lah saynyoorah day lah leempyaytha? Naythayseetoa oonah mahkeenah day ayskreebheer ee oonah ghrabadoarah.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

pillow car park lift safe baby-sitter dining-room meals almohada aparcamiento ascensor caja fuerte canguro comedor comidas ahlmoaahdhah aparkahmyentoa ahsthaynsoar kahkhah fwehrtay kangooroa koamaydhor koameedhahss 7


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones wake me up manager blanket typewriter hairdresser's floor beauty salon maid toilet bath towel tape recorder despierteme director manta maquina de escribir peluquerfa piso salon de belleza senora de la limpieza servicios toalla de bano grabadora dayspyayrtehmay deerehktoar mahntah mahkeenah day ayskreebheer paylookayreeah peessoa

sahlon day baylaythah saynyoarah day lah leempyaytha sayrbeethyoass toaahlyah day bahnyoa ghrabadoarah

Room service - Servicio de habitaciones

The television is not working. There's no soap. There's no hot water. There's no toilet paper.

There are no towels. The lavatory doesn't flush.

There are no ash-trays in the room.

The lamp doesn't work.

Do you have laundry service?

Can we have break-fast in the room?

Can the heating be turned up/down? La television no funciona No hay jabon. No hay agua caliente. No hay papel higienico. No hay toallas. La cadena del cuarto de bano no funciona. No hay ceniceros en la habitacion. La lampara no funciona. cHay servicio de lavanderia? iPodemos desa-yunar en la habita-cion?

i,Se puede subir/

bajar la calefac-cion?

Lah taylaybheessyon noa foonthyoanah. Noa igh khahbhon. Noa igh ahgwah kahlyayntay. Noa igh pahpehl e e k h y a y n e e k o a . Noa igh toaahlyahss. Lah kahdhaynah dayl kwahrtoa day bahnyoa noa foonthyoanah. Noa igh thaynee-thayroass ayn lah a h b h e e t a h t h y o n . Lah lahmpahrah noa foonthyoanah. Igh sehrbeethyoa day lahbhahndayreeah? Poadhaymoass dayssahyoonahr ayn lah ahbheetahthyon? Say pwayday soobyrr/bahkhar lah k a h l a y f a h k t h y o n ? 8


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones The air conditioning

doesn't work. May 1 have another blanket?

How long will the laundry take? Can I have this suit pressed?

Do you have a nee-dle and thread? Give me a call at eight o'clock. My key, please. Are there any letters for me?

Are there any mes-sages for me? Do you have writing paper/stamps / envelopes? What time is break-fast/lunch/dinner?

El aire acondiciona-do no funciona. cMe da otra manta? cCuanto tiempo tarda la lavande-ria?

&Me pueden plan-char este traje? iTienen aguja e hilo?

Llameme a las ocho.

La Have, por favor. i Hay cartas para mi?

oHay algun mensa-je para mi? iTienen papel de escribir/sellos/ sobres? iA que hora es el desayuno/la comida/la cena?

Ayl ighray ahkon-d e e t h y o a n a h ahkon-d h o a noa foonthyoanah. May dah oatrah m a h n t a h ? Kwahntoa tyaym-poa tahrdah lah lahbhahndayreeah? May pwaydhayn plahnchahr aystay trahkay? Tyaynayn ahgoo-kha ay eeloa? Lyahmaymay ah lahs oachoa. Lah lyahbhay, porr f a h b h o r . Igh kahrtahs pahrah mee? Igh ahlgoon maynssahkay pahrah mee? Tyaynayn pahpehl day ayskreebher/ saylyoass/soabrayss? Ah kay oarah ayss ayl dayssahyoanoa/ koameedhah/lah thaynah?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

needle safe heating ashtray how long breakfast to work aguja caja fuerte calefaccion cenicero cuanto tiempo desayuno funcionar ahgookha kahkhah fwehrtay kahlayfahkthyon thayneethayroa kwahntoa tyaympoa dayssahyoonoa foonthyoanahr 9


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones


thread soap laundry call key blanket messages writing paper toilet paper to press lavatory to leave stamps envelopes turn up/ down to take towels hilo jabon lavanderia llamada Have manta mensajes papel de escribir papel higienico planchar retrete salir sellos sobres subir/bajar tardar, llevar toallas eeloa khahbhon lahbhahndayreeah lyahmahday lyahbhay mahntah maynssahkayss

pahpehl day ayskreebheer pahpehl eekhyayneekoa plahnchahr raytraytay sahlyrr saylyoass soabrayss soobyrr/bahkahr tahrdahr, lyebahr toaahlyahss

Paying the bill - Pagando la cuenta

We are leaving to-morrow morning.

Can I have my bill ready?

What time must we check out?

Is tax included?

Can you call a taxi?

Do you accept credit cards?

Nos vamos manana por la manana

tMe prepara la cuenta?

iA que hora debe-mos desocupar la habitacion? tEstan incluidos los impuestos? tPuede llamar a un taxi? iAcepta tarjetas de credito? Noas bahmoass mahnyahnah porr lah mahnyahnah. May praypahrah lah kwayntah?

Ah kay oarah day-baymoass dayssoa-koopahr lah ahbheetahthyon? Aystahn eenkloo-eedhoass loass eempwaystoass? Pwayday lyahmahr ah oon taksee? Ahthayptah tahrkaytahss day kraydheetoa?


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones

Can I leave the lug-gage here until this afternoon?

We have had a pleasant stay.

Is there a reduction for children?

I think there's a mis-take in the bill.

This bill is wrong.

Can I have my lug-gage brought down?

Can you make the bill in my firm's n a m e ?

I'm coming back in February.

Can I reserve a room for that date?

Can you have my luggage taken to a taxi?

Will you accept a check?

I don't have enough cash.

iPuedo dejar el equipaje aqui' hasta esta tarde?

Hemos tenido una estancia agradable.

cHay algun des-cuento para los ninos?

Creo que hay una equivocacion en la factura.

Esta factura esta equivocada.

t,Me pueden bajar

el equipaje? ^Pueden hacer la factura a nombre de mi empresa? Vuelvo en febrero. cPuedo reservar una habitacion

para esa fecha?

iPueden llevarme el equipaje a un taxi? tAceptan cheques? No tengo bastante dinero en efectivo. Pwaydoa daykhar ayl aykeepahkhay ahkee ahstah aystah tahrday? Eymoass tayneedoa oonah aystahnthyah ahgrahdhahblay. Igh ahlgoon dayskwayntoa pahrah loass ^neenyoass?

Krehoa kay igh oonah aykeebhoa-kahthyon ayn lah fahktoorah Aystah fahktoorah aystah aykeebhoa-kahdhah. May pwaydhayn bahkahr ayl aykeepahkhay? Pwaydhayn ahthayr lah fahktoora ah noambray day mee aymprayssah? Bwaylboa ayn fehbrehroa. Pwaydhoa rayssayr-bahr oonah ahbhee-tahthyon pahrah aysah faychah. Pwaydhayn lyaybnahrmay ayl aykeepahkhay ah oon tahksee. Ahthayptahn chaykays? Noa tayngoa bahs-tahntay deenayroa ayn ayfaykteeboa.


Hotels & boarding houses - Hoteles y pensiones

Are all the extras tEstan incluidos Aystahn eenkloo-included in the en la factura todos eedhoass ayn lah bill? los extras? fhactoorah toadhoass

loass ayhkstrahs? Can you send any <,Puede mandar Pwayday mahndahr messages to this cualquier mensaje kwahlkyar maynssahkay address? a esta direccion? ah aystah deerehkthyon?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

to accept pleasant enough bill cheque address cash send mistake wrong stay date tax included to leave ready tomorrow morning to think reduction coming back aceptar agradable bastante cuenta cheque direccion en efectivo enviar equivocacion equivocado estancia fecha impuestos incluido irse listo, preparado mahana por la manana pensar reduccion vuelvo ahthaayptahr ahgrahdhahblay bahstahntay kwayntah chaykay deerehkthyon ayn ayfaykteeboa aynbeeahr aykeebhoakahthyon aykeebhoakahdhoa aystahnthyah faychah eempwaystoass eenklooeedhoah eersay leestoa, praypahrahdoa mahnyahnah porr lah mahnyahnah paynsahr raydookthyon bwaylboa



Where's the nearest exchange office?

Is there a bank near here?

Can 1 change ten thousand pesetas into pounds?

Will you take a cheque? Where can I cash this cheque?

Will you take my credit card?

What's the rate of exchange? I want to open an account.

May I change this into pesetas? i,D6nde esta la oficina de cambio mas cercana? c,Hay un banco cerca de aquf? tPuedo cambiar diez mil pesetas en libras? tAceptan cheques? iDonde puedo cobrar este cheque? &Aceptan mi tarjeta de credito?

<,A como esta el cambio? Quiero abrir una cuenta.

tPodrfa cambiar esto en pesetas?

Doanday aystah lah oafeetheenah day kahmbyoa mahss thayrkahnah? Igh oon bahnkoa thayrkah day ahkee? Pwaydhoa kahmbyahr dyayth meel payssaytahss ayn leebrahss? Ahthaypthan chaykays? Doanday pwaydoa koabrahr aystay chaykay? Ahthayptahn mee tahrkhaytah day kraydeetoa? Ah koamoa aystah ayl kahmbyoa? Kyayroa ahbreer oonah kwayntah. Poadreeah kambyar aystoa ayn payssaytahss?




Money - Dinero 14 Can I cash these

(revellers' cheques? Go to the cashier. Where do I sign? Sign here, please.

i,Puedo cobrar estos cheques de viaje?

Vaya al cajero. tDonde firmo? Firme aquf, por favor.

Pwaydoa koabrahr aystoas chaykays day byahkyay?

Bahyah ahl kahkayroa. Doanday feermoa? Feermay ahkee, porr fahbhor.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

to change exchange rate of exchange checks to cash how much? account dollars the nearest pounds credit card cambiar cambio el cambio cheques cobrar icuanto? cuenta dolares el mas cercano libras tarjeta de credito kahmbyar kahmbyoa ayl kahmbyoa chaykays koabrahr kwahntoa? kwayntah doalahrayss ayl mahss thayrkahnoa leebrahss tahrkhaytah day kraydeetoa




Travel(l)ing by taxi - Viajando en taxi

Where's the taxi rank?

&D6nde esta la parada de taxis?

Doanday aystah lah pahrahdhah day tahksee? I want to take

a taxi.

Quiero coger un taxi.

Kyayroa koahkayr oon tahksee.

Are you free? i,Esta usted libre? Aystah oosthaydh leebray?

Take me to this hotel. Lleveme a este hotel. Lyaybhaymay ah aystay oatehl Take us to the station. Llevenos a la estacion. Lyaybhaynoass ah lah aystahthyon.

Can you hurry? cPuede darse prisa?

Pwaydhay dahrssay preessah?

We are late. Vamos tarde. Bahmoass tahrday. Wait here,


Espere aquf, por favor.

Ayspayray ahkee, porr fahbhor.

Stop here. Pare aqui. Pahray ahkee Where can I

get a taxi?

cDonde puedo conseguir un taxi?

Doanday pwaydoa koanseh-geehr oon tahksee? Get me a taxi,


Consfgame un taxi, por favor.

Koanseehgahmay oon tahksee, porr fabhor. What's the fare


tCuanto vale ir a ...?

Kwahntoa bahlay eehr ah...?

Turn left. Gire a la izquierda. Kheeray ah lah eethkyayrdah. Can you help me

with the bags?

tPuede ayudarme con las bolsas?

Pwayday ahyoodharmay kon lahs bolsahss? Go straight


Vaya todo derecho. Bahyah toadhoa

dayraychoa. Turn right at the


Gire a la derecha en la esquina.

Kheeray ah lah dayraychah ayn lah ayskeenah.


Travel(l)ing - Viajando 16 How much do you

charge per hour/ per day? How much would it cost to go to...? It's too much.

iCuanto cobran por hora / por dfa? &Cuanto costan'a

ir a ...? Es demasiado.

Kwahntoa koabrahn porr oarah/porr deeah? Kwahntoa koastahreeah eer ah..? Ayss daymahssyahdoa.

Vocabulary - Vocabutario

the change near to take how much? right adress wait turn keep left rank far free to carry more slowly faster stop here hurry late taxi el cambio cerca coger icuanto? derecha direccion espere gire guarde izquierda parada lejos libre llevar mas despacio mas rapido pare aqui prisa tarde taxi ehl kahmbyoa thayrkah koahkayrr kwahntoa? dayraychah deerehkthyon ayspayray kheeray gooahrday eethkyayrdah pahrahdah layhkhoss leebray lyebahr mahss dayspahthyoa mahss rahpeedhoa pahray ahkee preesah tahrday tahksee

Travelling by air - Viajando en avion

At what time are we taking off?

At what time are we leaving?

When is the next plane?

When do I have to check in?

<j,A que hora despe- Ah kay oarah gamos? dayspaygahmoass? £A que hora Ah kay oarah salimos? sahleemoass? tCuando es el Kwahndoa ayss ayl proximo avion? prokseemoa ahbyon? tCuando debo Kwahndoa dayboa presentarme? praysayntahrmay?


Travel(l)ing - Viajando Can I change my


When do we arrive? At what time are we landing?

Is there a flight to New York? What's the flight number? I want to book two seats.

How much more will it cost? I want an open ticket. Please, cancel my reservation. Is there a bus or a train to the city center?

When does it leave? Where's the airline o f f i c e ?

Stewardess, can you bring me a whisky?

iPuedo cambiar

billete? el

cCuando llegamos? cA que hora aterri-zamos? i,Hay un vuelo a Nueva York? tCual es el numero del vuelo? Quiero reservar dos asientos. tCuanto mas me costara? Quiero un billete abierto. Cancele mi reser-va, por favor. c Hay algun autobus o tren al centra de la ciudad? cCuando sale? c,D6nde esta la oficina de las Imeas aereas? Azafata, ^puede traerme un whisky? Pwaydoa kahmbyar ayl beelyaytay? Kwahndoa lyaygahmoass? Ah kay oarah ahtayrreethahmoasss? Igh oon bwayloa ah Nwaybah Yoark? Kwahl ayss ayl noomayroa day bwayloa? Kyayroa rayssayrbahr doss assyayntoass Kwahntoa mahss may koahstahrah? Kyayroa oon beelyaytay ahbeeayrtoa

Kahnthayhlay mee rayssayrbah, porr fahbhor.

Igh ahlgoon owtoa-bhooss oa trayn ahl thayntroa day lah thyoodhahdh? Kwahndoa sahlay? Doanday aystah lah oafeetheenah day lahs leenayahs ahayrayahs Ahthahfahtah, pwayday trahayrmay oon weeskee?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

open height seats landing plane cancel abierto altura asientos aterrizando avion cancelar/anular ahbeeayhrtoa ahltoorah ahssyayntoass ahtayrreethahndoa ahbhyon kahnthaylahr/ahnoolahr 17


Travel(l)ing - Viajando 18 taking off airline check in reservation to book to leave to take flying flight despegando Imeas aereas presentarse reserva reservar salir tardar volando vuelo

Travel(l)ing by train - Viajando en tren

What time does the train leave? Which platform does it leave from? What time does it arrive?

When does the train from Zaragoza get in?

At which platform? Does the train stop at Burgos? Do I have to change? Is there a connec-tion to Valencia? Where's the railway station?

Where's the ticket o f f i c e ? I want a seat in a non-smoker. dayspaygahndoa leenayahs ahayrayahs praysayntahrsay rayssayrbah rayssayrbahr sahleer tahrdahr boahlahndoa bwayloa

&A que hora sale el tren?

<,De que anden sale? i,A que hora llega? iCuando llega el tren de Zaragoza? i,En que anden? i, Para el tren en Burgos? iTengo que cambiar? c Hay alguna combinacion a Valencia?

i,D6nde esta la esta-cion del ferrocarril? t,D6nde esta la taquilla?

Quiero un asiento en un compartimento de no fumadores.

Ah kay oarah sahlay ayl trayn?

Day kay ahndayn sahlay?

Ah kay oorah lyaygah?

Kwahndoa lyaygah ayl trayn day Thahrahgoathah? Ayn kay ahndayn? Pahrah ayl trayn ayn Boorgoass? Tayngoa kay kahmbyahr? Igh ahlgoonah koambeenahthyon ah Vahlayntheeah? Doanday aysta lah aystahthyon dayl fehrrokahrreel? Doanday aysta lah tahkeelyah? Kyayroa oon ahssyayn-toa ayn oon kom-pahrteemayntoa day noa foomahdhorayss


19 Travel(l)ing - Viajando I want a seat in

a smoking com-partment. Is there a restau-rant car on this train?

When is the next train to Madrid? Is there a through train to Sevilla? Is this seat free? This seat is taken. Where's the sleep ing car? Which is my sleeper? How long do we stop here? The heating is very low/high. Quiero un asiento en un comparti-mento de fumado-res. cHay un coche restaurante en este tren? tCuando es el proximo tren a Madrid? tHay algun tren directo a Sevilla? 6 Esta libre este asiento? Este asiento esta ocupado. <,D6nde esta el coche-cama? tCual es mi litera? tCuanto tiempo paramos aquf? La calefaccion esta muy baja / alta.

Kyayroa oon ahssyayntoa ayn oon kompahrtee-mayntoa day foomahdhorayss. Igh oon koachay raystowrahntay ayn aystay trayn? Kwahndoa ayss ayl prokseemoa trayn ah Mahdreedh. Igh ahlgoon trayn deerehktoa ah Saybeeleehah? Aystah leebray aystay ahssyayntoa?

Aystay ahssyayntoa aystah oakoopahdhoa

Doanday aystah ayl koachay kahmah? Kwahl ayss mee leetayrah?

Kwahntoa teehaympoa pahrahmoass ahkee? Lah kahlayfahkthyon aystah mwee bahkha/ ahltah

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

platform seat heating sleeping car restaurant car compartment baggage register sleeper later earlier anden asiento calefaccion coche-cama coche restaurante compartimento equipaje facturar litera mas tarde mas temprano ahndayn ahssyantoa kahlayfahkthyon koachay kahmah koachay raystowrahntay kompahrteemayntoa aykeepahkay fahktoorahr leetayrah mahss tahrday mahss taymprahnoa


Travel(l)ing - Viajando 20 porter ticket collector ticket office train through train window mozo revisor taquilla tren tren directo ventanilla moathoa raybeesoar tahkeelyah trayn trayn deerehktoa bayntahneelyah

Travelling by bus - Viajando en autobus

Where's the bus/ coach station? Does the bus stop here?

The bus to the Center stops over there. Which bus goes to the station? Where can 1 get a bus to the beach? There are buses every 20 minutes. What's the fare? Is there a sightsee-ing tour?

How long does it take?

When does the coach leave? What time does the coach get to Cambridge? What stops does it make? tDonde esta la estacion de autobuses. tPara el autobus aquf? El autobus al Centra para alii. i,Que autobus va a la estacion? tDonde puedo coger un autobus a la playa?

Hay autobuses cada veinte minutos. tCuanto vale el billete?

cHay algun recorrido turfstico?

tCuanto se tarda? i,Cuando sale el autocar? i,A que hora llega el autocar a Cambridge? &Que paradas hace?

Doanday aysta lah aystahthyon day owtoabhoossayss? Pahrah ayl owtoaboos ahkee? Ayl owtoabooss ahl thayntroa pahra ahlyee. Kay owtoaboos bah ah lah aystahthyon? Doanday pwaydhoa coakhayrr oon owtoa-boos ah lah plahyah? Igh owtoaboossayss kahdah bayntay meenootoass. Kwahntoa bahlay ayl beelyaytay? Igh ahlgoon rayhkoarreedhoa tooreesteekoa? Kwahntoa say tahrdah? Kwahndoa sahlay ayl owtoakahr? Ah kay oorah lyay-gah ayl owtoakahr ah Kaymbreech? Kay pahrahdahss ahthay?


Travel(l)ing - Viajando

This is a request stop.

Does this bus go to the beach? Where can 1 leave my luggage? Is there a toilet on the coach? Can I smoke on the coach? Does this bus stop at our hotel?

Esta es una parada discrecional. t,Va este autobus a la playa? tDonde dejo el equipaje &Hay servicios el autocar? en tPuedo fumar en el autocar? iPara este autobus en nuestro hotel?

Aysta ayss oonah pahrahdah deeskraythyonahl. Bah aystay owtoaboos ah lah plahyah? Doanday dayhkoa ayl aykeepahkhay? Igh sehrbeethyoass ayn ayl owtoakahr? Pwaydhoa foomahr ayn ayl owtoakahr? Pahrah aystay owtoaboss ayn nwasystroa oatehl?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

to get off every how often? excursion it runs sightseeing fare journey trip tour apearse cada <i,cada cuanto? excursion hace el recorrido haciendo turismo importe del billete viaje viaje vuelta ahpayahrsay kahdah kahdah kwahntoa? aykskoorsyon

ahthay ayl rehkorreedhoa ahtheeayndoa tooreesmoa eempoartay dayl beelyaytay byahkhay

byahkhay bwayltah

Hiring a car - Alquilando un coche

1 want to hire a car.

How much does it cost per hour/day? Do you want my driving licence? Is patrol included? Quiero alquilar un auto. cCuanto cuesta hora/di'a? por tQuiere mi permiso de conducir? cEsta la gasolina incluida?

Kyayro ahlkeelahr oon owtoa. Kwahntoa kwaystah porr oarah/deeah? Kyayray mee pehrmeessoa day kondootheer? Aystah lah gahssoaleenah eenklooeedhah? 21


Travel(l)ing - Viajando 22 Is mileage

included? 1 want full insur-ance.

Do you have any special rates? Is there a midweek rate?

Are there any weekend arrange-ments?

Can 1 have a big car, please? What's the charge? Can I leave the car somewhere in Santander? Can you give me the address of your agent in...? Do you have an office in...? 1 want a large automatic car. Could you show me how to work the lights? Show me how the reverse gear works. Where's the horn? I don't like this car. Can I have another car? I want a bigger/ smaller car. <,Esta incluido el kilometraje? Quiero seguro a todo riesgo. tTienen tarifas especiales? i,Hay una tarifa para dfas de labor? i,Hay algun arreglo para el fin de sema-na?

i,Me da un coche grande, por favor? iCuanto cobran? cPuedo dejar el coche en algun sitio en Santander? tMe da la direccion de su agente en...? iTienen oficina en...? Quiero un coche automatico grande. iPodria ensenarme como funcionan las luces? Enseneme como funciona la marcha atras. tDonde esta la bocina? No me gusta este coche.

t,Me da otro coche? Quiero un coche mas grande/mas pequeno. Aystah eenklooeedhoa ayl keeloamaytrahkhay? Kyayroa saygooroa ah toadhoa ryaysgoa. Tyaynayn tahreefahss ayspaythyahlayss? Igh oonah tahreefah pahrah deeahs day lahboar?

Igh ahlgoon

ahrraygloa pahrah ayl feen day saymahnah? May dah oon koachay grahnday, porr fahbhor? Kwahntoa koabrahn? Pwaydhoa daykhar ayl koachay ayn ahlgoon seeteeoa ayn Sahntahndayr? May dah lah deerehkthyon day soo ahkhayntay ayn...? Tyanay oafeetheenah ayn...?

Kyayroa oon koachay owtoamahteekoa grahnday. Poadreeah aynsay-nyahrmay koamoa foontheeoanahn lahs loothays? Aynsaynyaymay koamoa foontheeoanah lah mahrchah ahtrahs. Doanday aysta lah boatheenah? Noa may goostah aystay koachay. May dah oatroa koachay?

Kyayroa oon koachay mahss grahnday/ mahss paykaynyoa.


23 Travel(l)ing - Viajando

Vocabulary • Vocabulario

accelerator hire, rent automatic horn charge deposit return brakes to work large, big mileage windscreen wipers lights reverse gear windscreen small, little driving licence insurance wheel acelerador alquilar automatico bocina cobrar deposito devolver frenos funcionar grande kilometraje limpia parabrisas luces marcha atras parabrisas pequeno permiso de condu-cir seguro volante ahthaylayrahdoar ahlkeelahr owtoamahteekoa boatheenah koabrahr dayppoaseetoa dayboalbayr fraynoass foonthyonahr grahnday keeloamaytrahkhay leempyah pahrahbreessahss loothays mahrchah ahtrahs pahrahbreessahss paykaynyoa pehrmeessoa day kondootheer saygooroa boalahntay

Driving - Conduciendo

How far is the near-est petrol station? Is there a garage near here? Do you have a road map?

Fill it up please. Clean the wind-screen. Change the oil. Check the battery.

iQue distancia hay a la proxima gasolinera? iHay un garaje cerca de aquf? iTiene algun mapa de carrete-ras?

Lleno, por favor. Limpie el parabri-sas.

Cambie el aceite. Compruebe la baterfa.

Kay deestahnthyah igh ah lah proakseemah gahssoaleenayrah Igh oon gahrahkhay thehrkah day ahkee? Tyaynay ahlgoon mahpah day cahrraytayrahss? Lyaynoa, porr fabhor. Leempyay ayl pahrahbreessahss. Kahmbyay ayl ahthaytay. Koamprwaybay lah bahtayreeah.


Travel(l)ing - Viajando 24 What's the speed

limit? Where is there car park?


I've run out of petrol.

I've had a break-down.

Can you send a mechanic? How long will you be? What time does the garage close? Where are the toilets?

Have you a break-down service? Can you give me a lift to a telephone? My car won't start. I have a flat tyre. Where are you? Where's your car?

oCual es el Ifmite de velocidad? tDonde hay un aparcamiento? Me he quedado gasolina. sin He tenido una averfa. &Puede mandar mecanico? un i,Cuanto tardara? c,A que hora cierra el garaje? {.Deride estan los servicios? tHay servicio de averfas? t,Me Neva hasta un telefono? No me arranca el coche.

Tengo pinchazo. cDonde esta usted? cDonde esta su coche?

Kwahl ays ayl leemeetay day bayloatheedahdh? Doanday igh oon ahpahrkahmyayntoa? May eh kaydahdoa seen gahssoaleenah. Eh tayneedoa oonah ahbayreeah. Pwaydhay mahndahr oon maykahneekoa? Kwahntoa tahrdahrah? Ah kay oarah thyayrrah ayl gahrahkhay. Doanday aystahn loass sayrbeethyoass. Igh sayrbeethyoa day ahbayreeahs. May lyaybhah ahstah oon taylayfoanoa? Noa may ahrrahnkah ayl koachay. Tayngoa peenchahthoa. Doanday aystah oostaydh?

Doanday aystah soo koachay?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

oil motorway road check diversion one way street garage petrol station wash keep right aceite autopista carretera comprobar desvi'o direccion unica garaje gasolinera lavar mantener la derecha ahthaytay owtoapeesstah kahrraytayrah koamproabahr daysbeeoa deerehkthyon ooneekah gohrahkhay gahssoaleenayrah lahbahr


25 Travel(l)ing - Viajando pedestrians danger tyre pressure no parking no entry fill toilets speed

At the garage

peatones peligro presion de los neumaticos prohibido aparcar prohibida la entrada rellenar servicios velocidad payahtoanays payleegroa prayssyon day bass nayomahteekoass proaeebeedoa ahpahrkahr proaeebeedah Ian ayntrahdah raylaynahr sayrbeethyoass bayloatheedahdh

• En el garaje

My car won't start. The engine is firing badly. The battery is flat.

I've lost my car keys.

Can you repair it? How much will When will the be ready?

t cost? car Can you rapair the flat tyre? We haven't got spares. There's something wrong with... the car. the brakes. the steering wheel. the lights. the clutch. the engine. the battery. No me arranca el coche. El motor funciona mal. La bateria esta descargada. He perdido las Haves del coche. cPuede arreglarlo? tCuanto costara? i,Cuando estara listo el coche? tPuede arreglar la rueda pincha-da? No tenemos recambios. Hay algo que no va bien en... el auto. los frenos. el volante. las luces. el embrague. el motor. la baterfa.

Noa may ahrrahnkah ayl koachay.

Ayl moator foonthee-oanah mahl.

Lah bahtayreeah aystah dayskahrgahdah. Eh payrdeedoa lahs lyahbhays dayl koachay. Pwayday

ahrrayglahrloa? Kwahntoa koastahrah? Kwahndoa aystahrah leestoa ayl koachay? Pwaydhay ahrrayglar lah rwaydhah peenchahdah. Noa taynaymoass raykahmbyoass. Igh ahlgoa kay noa bah beeayn ayn. ayl owtoa. loass fraynoass. boahlahntay. lahs loothays. ayl aymbrahgay. ayl moator. lah bahtayreeah.


Travel(l)ing - Viajando 26 There's a smell of petrol. The engine is overheating. It's smoking. Can you repair it temporarily? You need a new oil pump. Huele a gasolina. El motor se calienta. Esta sacando humo. tPuede arreglarlo de momento? Necesita una bomba de aceite nueva.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

accelerator anti-freeze battery bulb plug gearbox bonnet cylinder tank distributor clutch brakes jack indicator lights trunk number plate engine door spares spare wheel window steering wheel acelerador anti-congelante baterfa bombilla buji'a caja de cambios capot cilindro deposito distribuidor embrague frenos gato intermitente luces maletero matricula motor puerta recambios rueda de repuesto ventanilla volante waylay ah gahssoaleenah. Ayl moator say kahlyayntah. Aystah sahkahndoa oomoa. Pwaydhay ahrrayglahrloa day moamayntoa? Naythayseetah oonah boambah day ahthaytay nwaybah. ahthaylayrahdoar ahntee-konkhlaylahntay bahtayreeah boambeelyah bookheeah

kahkhah day kahmbyoass kahpoat ceeleendroa daypoaseetoa deestreebweedoar aymbrahgay fraynoass gahtoa eentayrmeetayntay loothays mahlaytayroa mahtreekoolah moator pwayrtah raykahmbyoass

rwaydah day raypwaystoa bayntahneelyah


Sightseeing Visita turfstica

Where's the Tourist Office/Information Centre?

What are the main points of interest?

Where can 1 get in-formation? Is there a good sightseeing tour? Are there any popu-lar excursions? Is there a map of the places to visit?

Do you have any guidebooks? Is there an excursion to the castle? Is the gallery open on Sundays?

i,D6nde esta la Oficina de Turismo / el Centre de Infor-macion?

cDonde estan los puntos principales de interes? cDonde puedo conseguir informa-tion? i Hay algun recorrido tun'stico bueno? Hay alguna excursion popular? <,Hay algun mapa de los lugares que visitar?

oTiene alguna guia? iHay alguna excursion al castillo? i. Esta abierta la galerfa los domin-gos?

Doanday aystah lah oafeetheenah day tooreesmoa/ayl thayntroa day eenformahthyon? Doanday aystahn loass poontoass preentheepahlays day eentayrayss? Doanday pwaydhoa konsaygyr eenformahthyon? Igh ahlgoon rehko-rredhoa toorees-teekoa bwaynoa? Igh ahlgoonah ayskskoorsyon poapoolahr? Igh ahlgoon mahpah day loass loogahrays kay beeseetahr? Tyaynay ahlgoonah g e e a h ? Igh ahlgoonah aykskoorsyon ahl kahsteelyoa. Aystah ahbhyayrtah lah gahlayreeah loass doameengoass?





Sightseeing - Visita turfstica 28

When does it open? How much is the entrance fee? Can I buy a cata-l o g u e ?

Is it all right to take photographs? Are there reductions for children? Where do I buy a ticket? Is admission free? Is there a catholic/ anglican church near here? Is there a syna-gogue/mosque in this town? At what time is mass?

I'd like to see the priest/vicar/rabbi.

What's on at the cinema/theatre tonight?

Can you recommend a revue/musical?

What time does the performance begin? Who is directing the orchestra? tCuando abre? tCuanto es la entrada? iPuedo comprar un catalogo? iSe pueden sacar fotos?

& Hay descuento para ninos? tDonde compro la entrada?

i,Es gratis la entrada?

cHay alguna iglesia catolica/anglicana cerca de aqui?

iHay alguna sinagoga/mezquita en esta ciudad? <,A que hora es la misa? Quisiera ver al sacerdote/vicario/ rabino. cQue echan en el cine/teatro esta noche? tPuede recomen-darme una revista/ un musical? &A que hora empie-za la funcion? cQuien dirige la orquesta?

Kwahndoa ahbray? Kwahntoa ays lah ayntrahdah? Pwaydhoa komprahr oon kahtahloagoa? Say pwaydhayn sahkahr foatoass? Igh dayskwayntoa pahrah neenyoass? Doanday komproa lah ayntrahdah? Ays grahtees lah ayntrahdah? Igh ahlgoonah eeglayssyah kahtoaleekah/ ahngleekahnah thayrkah day ahkee? Igh ahlgoonah see- nahgoagah/mayth-keetah ayn aystah thyoodhahdh? Ah kay oorah ays lah meessah?

Keessyayrah bayr ahl sahthehrdoatay/ beekaryoa/ rahbheenoa. Kay aychahn ayn ayl theenay/tayahtroa aystah noachay? Pwaydhay rakoamayndahrmay oonah rehbheestah/ oon moosseekahl? Ah kay oorah aympyathah lah foonthyon? Kyayn deereekhay lah oarkaystah?


29 Sightseeing - Visita turfstica

Can I have two seats for the matinee?

I want a seat in the stalls.

How much are the tickets in the circle?

May I have a pro-gramme, please?

Where's the Opera House/Concert Hall? What's on at the opera tonight? Is there a concert? Who's singing? Which orchestra is playing? Who is the conductor? Where can we go dancing? Is there a discoteque in town?

May I have this dance?

Would you like to dance?

Is there a jazz club here?

Which is the best disco in town?

i,Me da dos

entradas para la matinal?

Quiero una butaca.

&Cuanto valen las entradas de anfiteatro? i,Me da un progra-ma, por favor?

^Donde estaja Casa de la Opera/ Sala de Concier-tos?

cQue hay en la opera esta noche?

tHay un concierto? i,Quien canta? <,Que orquesta toca? tQuien es el director?

i,A donde podemos ir a bailar?

c Hay una discoteca en la ciudad?

6 Me concede este baile?

£l_e gustarfa bailar?

iHay algun club de jazz aqui? iCual es la mejor discoteca de la ciudad?

May dan doss ayn-trahdhahs pahrah lah mahteenahl? Kyayroa oonah bootahkah. Kwahntoa bahlayn lahs ayntrahdhahs day ahnfeetayahtroa?

May dan oon

proagrahmah, porr fahbhor?

Doanday aystah la kahsah day lah oapayrah/sahlah day konthyayrtoass?

Kay igh ayn lah

oapayrah aystah noachay? Igh oon konthyayrtoa? Kyayn kahntah? Kay oarkaystah toakah? Kyayn ayss ayl deerayktoar? Ah doanday poadhaymoass eer ah bighlahr? Igh oonah deeskoataykah ayn lah thyoodhahdh? May konthaydhay aystay bighlay? Lay goostahryah bighlahr? Igh ahlgoon kloob day yass ahkee? Kwahl ays lah mehkhor deeskoataykah day lah thyoodhahdh?


Sightseeing - Visita turfstica 30 Where's the nearest

tennis court / golf c l u b ?

What's the charge per game / per hour?

Where can we go swimming? Is there a swimming pool/skating rink?

I'd like to go cross-country skiing/to a football match.

Where is the race course?

Who is the jockey? What are the odds on this horse?

Donde esta la pista de tenis /club de golf mas cercano? tCuanto cuesta por partido /por hora? tAdonde podemos ir a nadar?

i Hay alguna pisci-na/pista de patina-je? Me gustaria ir a hacer esqui de fondo/a un partido de futbol. cDonde esta el hipodromo? cQuien es el jockey? <,C6mo estan las apuestas en este caballo?

Doanday aystah lah peestah day tayneess / kloob day goalf mahss thehrkahnoa? Kwahntoa kwaystah porr pahrteedhoa/ porr oarah? Ah doanday poadhaymoass eer ah nahdhahr? Igh ahlgoonah peestheenah/ peestah day pahteenahkhay? May goostahreeah eerr ah ahthayr ayskee day foandoa/ ah oon pahrteedhoa day footbol Donday aystah ayl eepoadroamoa? Kyayn ays ayl yoakayy? Koamoa aystahn lahs ahpwaystahs ayn aystay kahbhahlyoa?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

admission circle odds to dance dancing a dance stall castle catalogue catholic admision anfiteatro apuestas bailar baile un baile butaca Castillo catalogo catolico ahdmeessyon ahnfeetayahtroa ahpwaystahs bighlahr bighlay oon bighlay bootahkah kahsteelyoa kahtahloagoa kahtoaleekoa


31 Sightseeing - Visita turfstica golf club jazz club charge buy reduction conductor directing discoteque, disco entrance fee skiing all right excursion photographs performance gallery free guidebook race course jockey church information interest game places matinee mosque mass musical swimming orchestra football match swimming pool club de golf club de jazz cobrar comprar descuento director dirigiendo discoteca entrada esquiar esta bien excursion fotograffas funcion galena gratis gufa hipodromo hockey iglesia informacion interes juego lugares matinal mezquita misa musical natacion orquesta partido de futbol piscina

kloob day goalf kloob day yass koabrahr komprahr dayskwayntoa deerayktoar deereekhyayndoa deeskoataykah ayntrahdah ayskyahr aystah byayn aykskoorsyon foatoagrahpheeahss foonthyon gahlayreeah grahtees geeah eepoadroamoa yoakayy eeglayssyah eenformahthyon eentayrayss khwaygoa loogahrayss mahteenahl maythkeetah meesah mooseekahl nahtahthyon oarkaystah pahrteedhoa day footbol peestheenah


Sightseeing - Visita turfstica 32 skating rink tennis court main points rabbi revue priest sinagogue tourist vicar sightseeing visit tour pista de patinaje pista de tenis principales puntos rabino revista sacerdote sinagoga turista vicario visita turfstica visitar vuelta peestah day pahteenahkhay peestah day tayneess preentheepahlayss poontoass rahbheenoa rehbheestah sahthehrdoatay seenahgoagah tooreestah beekahryo beeseetah tooreesteekoa beeseetahr bwayltah


What time is it?

oQue hora es?

What time do you leave work? What time does the Post Office close/ o p e n ?

Can you tell me the time, please? It is ten o'clock. It is half past eleven. At a quarter past f i v e .

What time was it when she came? At what time did it happen?

It was very late. It is very early. It was about mid-day/midnight. What time is the train/coach leaving? What time does the plane take off? What time are we arriving?

The train is leaving in five minutes.

&A que hora sales del trabajo? i,A que hora cierra/ abre Correos? tPuede decirme la hora, por favor? Son las diez. Son las once y media. A las cinco y cuarto. tQue hora era cuando vino? i,A que hora sucedio? Era muy tarde. Es muy temprano. Era sobre medio-dfa/medianoche. i,A que hora sale el tren/autocar? i,A que hora despe-ga el avion? £A que hora llegamos? El tren sale dentro de cinco minutos.

Ah kay oarah sahlayss dayl trahbhakhoa? Ah kay oarah ahbray/ theeayrrah korrehoass? Pwayday daytheermay lah oarah, porr fahbhor? Son lahs dyayth Son lahs onthay ee maydhyah

Ah lahs theenkoa ee kwahrtoa

Kay oarah ayrah kwahndoa beenoa? Ah kay oarah soothaydeeoa? Ayrah mwee tahrday Ayss mwee

taymprahnoa Ayrah soabray maydhyoadheeah/ maydhyahnoachay Ah kay oarah sahlay ayl trayn/owtoakahr? Ah kay oarah dayspay-gah ayl ahbhyon? Ah kay oarah lyaygahmoass? Ayl trayn sahlay dayn-troa day theenkoa meenootoas. 33

What time is it?

oQue hora es?


What time is it? - <,Qu6 hora es? The plane is

tak-ing off at ten to six.

We are landing in ten minutes. The train is arriv-ing on time. What time do the shops open? They open at nine o'clock.

What time do su-permarkets close here?

What are your opening times? Today we are clos-ing at six thirty.

El avion despega a las seis menos diez.

Aterrizamos dentro de diez minutos. El tren llega puntual.

<,A que hora abren las tiendas? Abren a las nueve. &A que hora cie-rran los supermer-cados aqui? tCuales son sus horas de apertura? Hoy cerramos a las seis treinta.

Ayl ahbhyon dayspaygah ah lahs sayss maynoass dyayth.

Athayrreethahmoass dayntroa day dyayth meenootoass. Ayl trayn lyaygah poontooahl.

Ah kay oarah ahbrayn lahs tyayndahs?

Ahbrayn ah lahs nwaybhay.

Ah kay oarah thyeyrrahn loass soopayrmayr-kahdoass ahkee? Kwahlays son soos oarahs day ahpayrtoorah? Oy thayrrahmoass ah lahs sayss trayntah.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

open opening land on time close lunch post office tell me breakfast takes off midnight midday leaves happened late early shops came abre apertura aterrizamos puntual cierra comida correos decirme desayuno despega medianoche mediodfa sale sucedio tarde temprano tiendas vino ahbray ahpayrtoorah ahtayrreethahmoass poontooahl thyayrrah koameedhah korrehoass daytheerme dayssahyoonoa dayspaygah maydhyahnoachay maydhyoadheeah sahlay soothaydeeoa tahrday taymprahnoa tyayndahs beenoa 34




the way


el camino

Excuse me, Where's the monument?

Perdone, &donde esta el monumento.

Payrdoanay, doanday aystah ayl moanoomayntoa? Where's the National

Theatre, please?

iDonde esta el Teatro Nacional, por favor?

Can you tell me the way to the harbor/ cathedral/Town Hall?

Doanday aystah ayl tayahtroa nahtheeoanahl, porr fahbhor? tPuede indicarme el camino al puerto / la catedral / el ayuntamiento? Pwaydhay eendeekahrmay ayl kahmeenoa ahl pwayrtoa/lah kahtaydrahl/ayl ahyoontahmyayntoa? Where's the tourist

information centre, please?

i,D6nde esta la Informacion de Turismo, por favor?

Doanday aystah Ian eenformahthyon day tooreesmoa, porr fahbhor?

How far is it? &A que distancia esta?

Ah kay

deestahntheeah aystah? How can I go there? &C6mo puedo ir


Koamoa pwaydhoa eer ahlyee? Can you tell me the

way? tPuede decirme el camino? Pwaydhay daytheermay ayl kahmeenoa? Can you show it to

me on the map?

i,Me lo ensena en el mapa?

May loa aynsaynyah ayn ayl mahpah? Could you show me

the way to the

cas-tle, please?

iPodria ensenarme el camino al casti-llo, por favor?

Poadreeah aynsaynyahrmay ayl kahmeenoa ahl kahsteelyoa, porr fahbhor?


Asking the way - Preguntando el camino 36 How can we go to

the fortress? I'm lost. Where am I?

Can you tell me on the map where we are?

This is Constitution Square, but where is it on the map?

Which is the best way to go to the City Centre?

Can we drive up to the castle? Can I drive along this street?

Is there a car park in the City Centre?

What's the best way to drive out of town?

Take the second turning on the left and go on for two hundred meters.

i,C6mo podemos ir a la fortaleza? Ando perdido. & Donde estoy? cPodrfa indicarme en el mapa donde estamos?

Esta es la Plaza de la Constitucion, tpero donde esta en ei mapa? <,Cual es la mejor forma de ir al Centra de la Ciudad? i Podemos ir en coche hasta el castillo? iPuedo ir en coche por esta calle? <,Hay un aparca-miento en el centra de la ciudad? £,Cual es la mejor manera de salir en coche de la ciudad? Coja la segunda bocacalle a la iz-quierda y siga unos doscientos metros. Koamoa poadhaymoass eer ah lah fortahlaytah? A h n d o a payrdeedhoa. Doanday aystay? Poadreeah een-deekahrmay ayn ayl mahpah doanday aystahmoass? Aystah ayss lah plahthah day lah konsteetoothyon, payroa doanday aystah ayn ayl mahpah?

Kwahl ayss lah meh-khor formah day eer ahl thayntroa day lah thyoodhahdh? Poadaymoass eer ayn koachay ahstah ayl kahsteelyoa? Pwaydhoa eer ayn koachay porr aystah kahlyay?

Igh oon ahpahrkah-myayntoa ayn ayl thayntroa day lah thyoodhahdh? Kwahl ayss lah mehkhor mahnayrah day sahleer ayn koachay day lah thyoodhahdh? Koakha lah s a y g o o n d a h boakahkahlyay ah lah eethkyayrdah ee seegah oonoass dosthyayntoass maytroass.


Asking the way - Preguntando el camino Take the third

turning on the right and walk for about a hundred meters. You'll come to a cin-ema.

Turn left there. Walk along this avenue until you come to the Na-tional Theatre. Turn left there and go on for five hundred meters. Follow this road until you come to the traffic lights.

Turn right and drive for about four or five hun-dred meters. You'll see a church on the right. Coja la tercera bocacalle a la derecha y camine unos cien metres. Llegara a un cine. Gire a la izquierda alii.

Camine por esta avenida hasta que llegue al Teatro Nacional. AIM' gire a la izquierda y siga unos quinientos metros. * Siga por esta carretera hasta que llegue a los semaforos. Gire a la derecha y siga conduciendo unos cuatrocientos o quinientos metros. Vera una iglesia a la derecha.

Koakhah lah tehrthayrah boakahkahlyay ah lah dayraychah ee kahmeenay oonoass thyayn maytroass. Lyaygahrah ah oon theenay. Kheeray ah lah eethkyayrdah ahlyee. Kahmeenay porr aystah ahbhayneedah ahstah kay lyaygay ahl tayah-troa nahtheeonal. Ahlyee kheeray ah lah eethkyayrdah ee seegah oonoass keenyayntoass maytroass.

Seegah porr aystah kahrraytayrah ahstah kay lyaygay ah loass saymahfoaroass. Kheeray ah lah dayraychah ee seegah k o n d o o t h y a y n d o a oonahs kwahtroa thyayntoass oa keenyayntoass maytroass. Bayrah oonah eeglayssyah ah lah dayraychah.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

parking aparcamiento ahpahrkahmyayntoa Town Hall ayuntamiento ahyoontahmyayntoa turning bocacalle boakahkahlyay street calle kahlyay walk camine kahmeenay


Asking the way - Preguntando el camino 38 way road castle cathedral take tell me right distance show me way fortress turn church show me show us drive left way map better monument lost excuse me I can port traffic lights go on camino carretera castillo catedral coja decirme derecha distancia ensenarme forma fortaleza gire iglesia indicarme indicarnos ir en coche izquierda manera ma pa mejor monumento perdido perdone puedo puerto semaforos siga kahmeenoa kahrraytayrah kahsteelyoa kahtaydrahl koakhah daytheermay dayraychah deestahntheeah aynsaynyahrmay formah fortahlaythah kheeray eeglayssyah eendeekahrmay eendeekahrnoass eer ayn koachay eethkyayrdah mahnayrah mahpah mehkhor moanoomayntoa payrdeedhoa payrdoanay pwaydhoa pwayrtoa saymahfoaroass seegah



Making a phone


Haciendo una


Haciendo una

Operator, I'd like to make a phone call.

I'd like to speak to Paris, but I don't know the code number.

Can I make a phone call to London from here?

A long distance call to the U.S.A.

I'd like to make a phone call to New York, please. A long distance collect call to Washington. The number is engaged. The line is over-loaded. Try again later.

I'll get you through to Sr. Rodriguez. What's your room number? Telefonista, quisiera hacer una llamada telefonica. Quisiera hablar con Pan's, pero no se el prefijo. &Puedo llamar a Londres desde aqui? Una conferencia a los Estados Unidos. Me gustarfa hacer una llamada a Nueva York, por favor. Una conferencia a cobro revertido a Washington. El numero esta comunicando. La h'nea esta sobrecargada. Pruebe otra vez mas tarde. Le pongo con el Sr. Rodriguez. cCual es el numero de su habitacion? Taylayfoaneestah, keessyayrah ahthayr oonah lyahmahdah taylayfoaneekah Keessyayrah ahblahr kon Pahrees, payroa

noa say ayl

prayfeekhoa Pwaydhoa lyahmahr ah Loandrayss daysday ahkee? Oonah konfayraynthya ah loass Aystahdhoass Ooneedhoass May goostahryah ahthar oonah lyahmahdhah ah Nooaybah Yoar, porr fahbhor.

Oonah konfayraynthya ah koabroa raybhayr-teedhoa ah Washington. Ayl noomayroa aystah komooneekahndhoa. Lah leenayah aystah soabraykahrgahdhah. Prwaybhay ootrah bayth mahss tahrday. Lay poangoa kon ayl saynyor Roadreegueth. Kwahl ays ayl noomayroa day soo ahbheetahthyon?


Making a phone call - Haciendo una llamada 40

You can speak now.

Can I speak to Sr. Gomez, please?

With the export de-partment, please.

With Sr. Perez, the manager, please.

Sr. Benito is on the other line.

Mr. Cruz is out. He won't be back until this afternoon.

Srta. Alcain is in a meeting. Can you call again in half an hour?

There's no answer at Sr. Lucas's office.

Mr Mendez will call you back in a few minutes.

Srta. Julia is not in. Can 1 give her a message?

Sr. Alvarez has a visitor. He'll call you back in half an hour.

Pueden hablar ahora. tPuedo hablar con el Sr. Gomez, por favor? Con el departa-mento de exporta-cion, por favor.

Con el Sr. Perez, el director, por favor. El Sr. Benito esta en la otra h'nea. El Sr. Cruz ha salido. No volvera hasta esta tarde. La Srta. Alcain esta en una re-union. iPuede llamar dentro de media hora? No responden en la oficina del Sr. Lucas. El Sr. Mendez le llamara a usted dentro de unos minutos. La Srta Julia no esta. iPuedo darle un mensa-je? El Sr. Alvarez esta con una visi-ta. El les llamara dentro de media hora.

Pwaydhayn ahblahr ahoarah.

Pwaydhoa ahblahr kon ayl saynyor Goamayth, porr fahbhor.

Kon ayl daypahrtah-maynto day ayks-poartahthyon, porr fahbhor.

Kon ayl saynyor Payrayth, ayl deereayk-toar, porr fahbhor. Ayl saynyor Baynee-toah aystah ayn lah oatrah leenayah Ayl seynyor Crooth ah sahleedoa. Noa boalbayrah ahstah aystah tahrday. Lah saynyoareetah Alkine aystah ayn oonah rayoonyon. Pwaydhay lyahmahr dayntroa day maydhyah oorah? Noa rayspoandayn ayn lah oafeetheenah dayl saynyor Lookahs. Ayl saynyor Mayndayth lay lyahmahrah ah oostaydh dayntroa day oonoass meenootoass. Lah saynyoareetah Hooleeah noa aystah. Pwaydhoa dahrlay oon maynsahkhay?

Ayl saynyor Albahrayth aystah kon oonah beeseetah. Ayl lays lyahmahrah dayntroa day maydhyah oarah.


41 Making a phone call - Haciendo una llamada Please tell him

that Mr. Rossini has called. Tell Sr. Valverde that I am at the Hilton Hotel. Can you tell Sr. Rosser that I'll be expecting his call? Tell Srta. Nuria that I'll call again in half an hour.

Dfgale por favor que el Sr. Rossini ha llamado. Dfgale al Sr. Valverde que estoy en el hotel Hilton. tPuede decirle al Sr. Rosser que es-tare esperando su llamada?

Dfgale a la Srta Nuria que volvere a llamar dentro de media hora.

Deegahlay porr fahbhor kay ayl saynyor Rossini ah lyahmahdo. Deegahlay ahl saynyor Balbayrday kay aystoay ayn ayl oatehl Hilton. Pwaydhay daytheerlay ahl saynyor Roassayr kay aystahray ayspayrahn-doa soo lyahmahdah. Deegahlay ah lah say-nyoareetah Nooreeah kay boalbayray ah lyahmahr dayntroa day maydhyah oarah.

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

collect call engaged long distance call again expecting export out phone call later message few

get you through to code number


answer meeting overloaded operator visitor be back cobro revertido comunicando conferencia de nuevo esperando exportacion fuera llamada telefonica mas tarde mensaje pocos poner con prefijo probar, intentar respuesta reunion sobrecargado telefonista visita volver koabroa raybhayrrteedhoa komooneekahndhoa konfayraynlhya day nwayboa ayspayrahndoa aykspoartahthyon fwayrah lyahmahdah taylayfoaneekah mahss tahrday maynsahkhay poakoass ponayr kon prayfeekhoa probahr, eentayntahr rayspwaystah rayoonyon soabraykahrgahdhoa taylayfoaneestah beeseetah boalbayr


At the police

My passport was stolen. Somebody has stolen my bag. My case was stolen in the airport. I've lost my bag. I've lost my wallet.

We've lost our dog. My car has disap-peared.

Where's the nearest police station? I'm looking for a po-liceman.

Can you describe the bag?

What colo(u)r is it? What does it look like? Me han robado el pasaporte. Alguien me ha robado el bolso. Me han robado la maleta en el aeropuerto. Se me ha perdido el bolso. Se me ha perdido la cartera. Se nos ha perdido el perro. Mi coche ha desaparecido. i,D6nde esta la comisan'a mas cercana? Estoy buscando un policfa. tPuede describir-me el bolso? cDe que color es? i,Que aspecto tiene?

May ahn roabhahdhoa ayl pahssahportay. Ahlgyayn may ah roabhahdhoa ayl boalsoa.

May ahn roabhahdhoa lah mahlaytah ayn ayl ahehroapwayrtoa. Say may ah pehrdee-dhoa ayl boalsoa. Say may ah pehrdeedhoa lah kahrtayrah.

Say noass ah pehrdee-dhoa ayl payrroa. Mee koachay ah daysahpahraytheedhoa. Doanday aystah lah koameessahreeah mahss therkahnah? Aystay booskahndoa oon poaleetheeah. Pwaydhay dayskree-beermay ayl boalsoa? Day kay koaloar ayss? Kay ahspayktoa tyaynay?

At the police


En la comisari'a

I want to report a Quiero informar

t h e f t d e u n r o b o .

K y a y r o a e e n f o r m a h r d a y o o n r o a b h o a .


43 At the police station - En la comisarfa What make is it?

What breed is it? It's brown and square.

My wife's passport is inside. It's round and black.

It's a brown leather case.

My driving licence is inside.

What did you see, sir?

I saw the accident. It didn't stop at the traffic lights. The little boy ran across the road. When I looked, the man was already under the car. I heard a noise but I didn't see any-thing.

I heard the crash, but I didn't see what happened. I couldn't see any-thing from where I was.

t,De que marca es? &De que raza es? Es marron y cuadrado. El pasaporte de mi mujer esta dentro. Es redonda y negra. Es una maleta de cuero marron. Mi permiso de conducir esta dentro. tQue ha visto, senor? He visto el acciden-te. No ha parado en el semaforo. El nino atraveso la carretera corriendo. Cuando mire, el hombre estaba ya debajo del coche. Of un ruido pero no vi nada.

Of el choque pero no vi lo que paso. No pude ver nada desde donde yo estaba.

Day kay mahrkah ayss? Day kay rahthah ayss? Ayss mahrron ee kwahdrahdoa. Ayl pahssahportay day mee mookher aystah dayntroa.

Ayss raydoandah ee nehgrah.

Ayss oonah mahlaytah day kwayroa mahrron. Mee pehrmeessoa day kondootheer aystah dayntroa. Kay ah beestoa, saynyor? Eh beestoa ayl ahktheedhayntay. Noa ah pahrahdoa ayn ayl saymahfoaroah. Ayl neenyoa ahtrah-baysoa lah kahrray-tayrah korryayndoa. Kwahndhoa meeray, ayl oambray aystahbah yah daybhahkhoa dayl koachay.

Oy oon rweedoa payroa noa bee nahdah.

Oy ayl choakay payroa noa bee loa kay pahsoa.

Noa poodhay bayr nahdah daysday doanday yoa aystahbah.


At the police station - En la comisarfa

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

accident airport ran across bag looking for wallet crash police station square under inside disappeared describe wife to report what case make brown nearest looked didn't stop I heard passport dog look like breed stolen theft noise traffic lights happened I saw already accidente aeropuerto atraveso corriendo bolso buscando cartera choque comisarfa cuadrado debajo dentro desaparecido describir esposa informar lo que maleta marca marron mas cercana mire no paro 01 pasaporte perro que aspecto raza robado robo ruido semaforo sucedio vi ya ahktheedhayntay ahehroapwayrtoa ahtrahbaysoa korryayndoa boalsoa booskahndoa kahrtayrah choakay koameessahreeah kwahdrahdoa daybhahkhoa dayntroa daysahpahraytheedoa dayskreebeer ayspoasah eenformahr loa kay mahlaytah mahrkah mahrron mahss therkahnah meeray noa pahroa oy pahssahportay payrroa kay ahspayktoa rahthah roabahdhoa roabhoa rweedoa saymahfoaroah soothaydyoa bee yah 44



En correos

Where's the nearest post office?

Where's the main post office?

Where's the letter-box?

What time does the post office open? Which counter do I go to for stamps/ telegrams/money orders? Telegrams at that counter.

Stamps are sold at that counter. There's a letter-box at the corner of the street.

Can I have some stamps, please? Give me ten 40-peseta. stamps, please. tDonde esta la oficina de correos mas cercana? tDonde esta la oficina de correos principal? i,D6nde esta el buzon?

<,A que hora abre correos? &A que mostrador voy a por sellos/ telegramas/giros postales? Los telegramas en ese mostrador. Los sellos se ven-den en aquel mos-trador.

Hay un buzon en la esquina de la calle.

i,Me da unos sellos, por favor? Deme 10 sellos de 40 pesetas, por favor.

Doanday aystah lah oafeetheenah day korrehoass mahss thehrkahnah? Doanday aystah lah oafeetheenah day korreoahs preentheepahl? Doanday aystah ayl boothon?

Ah kay oarah ahbray korrehoass? Ah kay moastrahdhor boy ah porr saylyoass/ taylaygrahmahs/ kheeroass postahlays? Loass taylaygrahmahs ayn aysay

moastrahdhor Loass saylyoass say bayndayn ayn ahkayl moastrahdhor. Igh oon boothon ayn lah ayskeenah day lah kahlyay

May dah oonoass saylyoass, porr fahbhor? Daymay dyayth say-lyoass day kwahrayntah paysaytahs, porr fahbhor.

At the post office

En correos


At the post office - En correos Can I have three

25-peseta stamps, please?

How many do you want, sir? Here you are, madam. Ten 20-peseta stamps. 200 pesetas, please.

How much is it to send a letter sur-face mail? I want to send this letter express. I] want to register this letter. What's the postage for a letter to Europe.

Which window do I go to for stamps? Airmail express, please. How much will it be? Registered mail, please.

Postage for surface mail is 550 pts. <•, Me da 3 sellos de 25 pesetas, por favor? iCuantos quiere, senor?

Aqui tiene, senora, 10 sellos de veinte pesetas. 200 pese-tas, por favor.

cCuanto vale enviar una carta por correo ordinario? Quiero enviar esta carta urgente. Quiero mandar esta carta certificada. tCuanto es el franqueo de una carta a Europa? &A que ventanilla voy a por sellos? Por avion, urgente, por favor. cCuanto sera? Correo certificado, por favor. El franqueo para el correo ordinario es 550 pesetas.

May dah trayss saylyoass day baynteetheenkoa paysaytahs, porr fahbhor. Kwahntoass kyayray, saynyor? Ahkee tyaynay, saynyoarah, dyayth saylyoass day bayntay paysaytahs. Dossthee-ayntahs paysaytahs, porr fahbhor.

Kwahntoa bahlay aynbeeahr oonah kahr-tah porr korrehoa oardeenahryo? Kyayroa aynbeeahr aystah kahrtah oorkhayntay. Kyayroa mahndahr aystah kahrtah thayrteefeekahdah. Kwahntoa ayss ayl frahnkayoa day oonah kahrtah ah


Ah kay bayntahneelyah boy ah porr saylyoass? Por ahbhyon,

oorkayntay, porr fabhor, kwahntoa sayrah? Korreoa

thayrteefeekahdoa, porr fahbhor.

Ayl frahnkayoa pahrah ayl korrehoa

oardeenahryo ayss keeneeayntahs theenkwayntah paysaytahs.


47 At the post office - En correos If you want to

reg-ister the letter fill in this form. The postage to England, airmail

is 150 pts.

You can buy stamps at all these windows.

I want to send a parcel, express, please. Can I send this parcel to England? Do I need to fill in a customs declaration? I want to register a parcel.

I'd like to send a telegram, please. How much does it cost per word? May I have a form for a telegram? How long will a cable to London take?

I want to send a cable, it's rather urgent. Si quiere certificar la carta rellene este impreso. El franqueo a Inglaterra por avion es 150 pesetas. Se pueden comprar sellos en todas esas ventanillas. Quiero mandar un paquete urgente, por favor.

cPuedo enviar este paquete a Inglate-rra?

tTengo que relle-nar un impreso de aduanas? Quiero mandar un paquete certifica-do. Quisiera enviar un telegrama, por favor.

cCuanto cuesta por palabra? &Me da un impreso para un telegrama? iCuanto tardara un cable a Londres? Quiero enviar un cable, es muy urgente. See kyayray thayrteefeekahr lah kahrtah raylyaynay aystay eemprayssoa. Ayl frahnkayoa ah Eenglahtayrrah porr ahbhyon ayss theeayntoh theenkwentah. Say pwaydhayn komprarhr saylyoass ayn toadahs aysahs bayntahneelyahs Kyayroa mahndahr oon pahkaytay oorkhayntay, porr fabhor. Pwaydhoa aynbeeahr oon pahkaytay ah Eenglatayrrah? Tayngoa kay raylyaynahr oon eemprayssoa day ahdwahnahs?

Kyayroa mahndahr oon pahkaytay thayrteefeekahdhoa. Keessyayrah aynbeeahr oon taylaygrahmah, porr fahbhor. Kwahntoa kwaystah porr pahlahbra? May dah oon eemprayssoa pahrah oon taylaygrahmah? Kwahntoa tahrdahrah oon kahblay ah Lohndrays?

Kyayroa aynbeehr oon kahblay, ayss mwee oorkhayntay.


At the post office - En correos 48

Vocabulary - Vocabulario

customs letter-box cable letter registered surface mail express post office how long declaration corner postage money order form nearest may I have? counter rather urgent word parcel airmail main I'd like fill in stamps telegrams window aduanas buzon cable carta certificado correo ordinario correo urgente correos cuanto tiempo declaracion esquina franqueo giro postal impreso mas cercano <,me da...? mostrador muy urgente palabra paquete por avion principal quisiera rellenar sellos telegramas ventanilla ahdwahnahs boothon kahblay kahrtah thayrteefeekahdoa korrehoa oardeenahryo korrehoa oorkhayntay korrehoass kwahntoa tyaympoa daykhlahrahthyon ayskeenah frahnkayoa kheeroa postahl eemprayssoa mahss therkahnoa may dah...? moastrahdhor mwee oorkhayntay pahlahbrah pahkaytay porr ahbhyon preentheepahl keesyayrah raylyaynahr saylyoass taylaygrahmahs bayntahneelyah




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