Keynote: Competitive Sales-Enablement Not Your Father s CI Program







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September 17-18, 2015 – Boston, MA

September 18, 9:45 AM

Keynote: Competitive Sales-Enablement – Not Your Father’s CI Program

Tools, tactics, and techniques that win internally and externally

Ed Allison, Managing Partner and Founder at Compelligence, Inc.

Working to change the way companies compete and win, Ed Allison is the Managing Director and co-founder of Compelligence, Inc. a competitive, market and sales intelligence platform.

Ed previously served as a competitive team leader at Cisco Systems, Symbol Technologies, Juniper Networks and Polycom. In his most recent engagement, Ed helped Polycom, the leader in video communications, grow from a $1B to a $1.4B annual sales.

Ed Allison brings a history of front line competitive experience. He's a practitioner, not a theorist, of competitive, market, and customer intelligence leadership at large, marketing-leading technology companies. Ed developed analysis and strategy techniques as a military officer in the U.S. Army (Signal Corp) and has adopted those techniques to strategic planning and sales effectiveness.

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Competitive Sales-Enablement

Not your father's CI Program…

Ed Allison

Compelligence, Inc.


Ed Allison

• Education: Computer & Management Science • US Army: Captain • Career – Cisco Systems – Symbol Technologies – Juniper Networks – Polycom – Compelligence – Speaker


Rules of the road…


Compelligence, Inc.


Historic view of CI practice

The best intelligence in the world is of little use if it is not presented in a manner that makes it credible, compelling and relevant for senior


- Ken Sawka


The new approach…







The Intelligent Organization

Intelligence cannot be utilized only by executives but must be used by all teams regardless if you are designing and building offers, selling them, or leading the organization that does.

- Edward Allison


Organizational Competitive Assessment





Technology, M&A, Vision, AOP Corporate Strategy

Improved CAP / GAP Innovation

(Solutions/ Products / Services)

Marketing Preference, Brand, Offers

Sales Win / Loss Ratio


Increased Competitive Knowledge and Culture

Culture Islands Sales / Exec Product / Marketing Strategic Ldshp Includes BoD

Deliverables News Responses & Diff Campaigns & GTM Predictive Tactical to Strategic

Sources Public Field / Customers Research Projects Predictive Analysis Customized

Systems Non / Free M.S. / Web / CRM CIMS Advanced Dist. Financial


Competitive Organization Worksheet

Culture Islands Sales / Exec Product / Marketing Strategic Ldshp Including the BoD

Deliverables News Alerts Responses & Tools Campaigns & GTM Predictive Analysis Tactical to Strategic

Sources Public Field / Customers Analyst Firms Research Projects Customized / Mixed

Systems Non / Free MS. / Web / CRM CIMS Advanced / Custom Integrated / Custom

Investment Part-time Minor Full-time Competitive Team Sr. Leadership Board Reports

_____________ Total: _____________ Culture: _____________ Deliverables: _____________ Sources: _____________ Systems: _____________ Investment: 15 20 25 1 2 3 4 5 5 10


Competitive Team Structure

• Executive Sponsor

• Centralized Leader (Director or above) • Technical Research

• Analyst / Marketing Research • Corporate Liaisons

• Champions Network - Field

• Competitive Program Steering Committee • External Advisor / Analyst / Coach


Level 2 Competitive Sales Enablement

•Typically would have a Sr. Sales leader as sponsor

•Quarterly Competitive Steering Committee Meeting would include a specific section for Competitive Win / Loss

•Deliverables would include Competitive Responses, Competitive Sales-Guides and Win / Loss Reports •Field participation would be strong

•Customer win / loss could be involved

•CRM Integration is likely and CI Team Members are users •CI Team is formally recognized with possibly one or more


Sales Enablement

• The activities, systems, processes and

information that support and promote

knowledge-based sales interactions with

client and prospects.


Competitive Sales Enablement

•The activities, systems, processes and information that support and promote

knowledge-based sales differentiation leading to increased customer trust, win rates and an


Compontents of Competitive Sales Enablement

•Customer Analysis •Win / Loss Research

•Competitive Landscape Analysis

•Technical Analysis •Industry Analysis

•Pricing / Value Analysis

Competitive Battle Cards

Executive Sponsorship

•Competitive Champions

•Competitive Deal Support •Competitive Training




Win Loss Analysis & Win Loss Reviews

Win loss analysis is a forensic market research

exercise that focuses on de-constructing how companies market and sell their products and services from the

prospect's perspective. The process typically entails conducting extensive telephone interviews with new clients or lost prospects.


Win Loss Reviews

This unique and authorative text from the Microsoft Executive Leadership Series focuses on gaining actionable competitive insights through the scalable process of quickly and

effectively capturing win and loss information from those directly on the front lines who have the clearest view of the action - the sales force.

• Andrew Beurschgens on August 20, 2011


Win Loss Analysis Example

2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000

Why We Win Government (Non USA)

Transportation To be Determined Telecommunication equipment/ services Telecom Technology Technology Systems Integrator State & Local Government (USA & No Service Provider Pharmaceuticals Petroleum Petroleum Other Manufacturing IT Consulting/Services Information Technology Hospitals Higher Educ (University/College)


How do you solve these problems?

• Help them win deals

• Lower the cost to participate • Timeliness

• Incentives • Culture

• Value both Win and Loss • Use the information


Win / Loss & Opportunity Lifecycle

Lead Opportunity Deal Customer Service

Win Loss Research

Win Loss Research

Typically stored in a

document or presentation and presented during business reviews to leadership

Should include transaction research in a more timely manner. When complete should be delivered to

• Sales (Sales-helping-sales) • Marketing

• Product Management • Leadership

Should be stored in an information system to support trend analysis Additionally should be included in dashboards for executives.

• Low frequency • Interview based • High Cost

• Impact Sales Process

• High volume • System based • Low cost

• Min. Sales Process Impact


Compelligence Win / Loss

Research meets Twitter


Going beyond observation:

Early Warning Analysis

Trend 1

Report / Dashboard Trend 2

Trend 3

Win Loss News Event Customer Environmental


Battle Card Definition

A type of sales tool that presents information to a sales person to enable fact-based specific


Transaction Data &


What are the keys to Battle Cards

• Messaging and Positioning • Relevant

• Timely

• Fact Based • Dynamic • Short


Example: Competitor Threat Dashboard


Competitive Analysis …


FAROUT Methodology • Future Oriented • Accurate • Resource Efficient • Objective • Useful • Timely


Analytics is required to face a new

changing Competitive Landscape


What is an Analytical Competitor

Extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models and fact-based management to




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