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A Framework for Pension Policy Analysis in Ireland: PENMOD, a Dynamic Simulation Model

This restricted model focuses on decisions over labour supply including the possibility of part-time employment, consumption, and pension participation, given a household’s age, its


Data literacy conceptions, community capabilities

A further goal is that marginalised people are directly involved, rather than simply being the intended beneficiaries of data projects Davies et al., 2016 Table 2: Most common terms in


Fear filter: Visualising the UK terror threat level

FEAR FILTER, PHOTOGRAPHY AND TERROR Fear Filter exploits the confluence of mobile digital photography, platforms, networks and the online security theatre of the UK Threat Level to

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Genetic resources of the genus Cucumis and their morphological description (English Czech version)

A set of morphological descriptors for genetic resources of the genus Cucumis should serve a tool for species determination and for a discrimination of infraspecific variation..


Knowledge based case studies 

Key words: diagnostics, structural parameters, diagnostic parameters, combination function, model, distinguishing level Abstrakt: Výrazu „diagnostika“ se obvykle používá ve významu

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Knowledge based higher education

Four aspects of the k-based curriculum need to be study: – identification of knowledge claims domains in the content of study plans, – technical support and infrastructure for k-based


Knowledge and information systems

This creates problems during the management of intellectual funds which is based on: – employees knowledge and information – information found in transactional OLTP and OLAP databases

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A Study of the Perceptions Held by Information Technology Professionals in Relation to the Maturity, Value, and Practical Deployment of Big Data Solutions

ABSTRACT This research study investigated relationships between an information technology IT professional's self-assigned understanding of big data and their assessment of the maturity,


Machine Learning: Prospects, Opportunities and Benefits to the Greek Railways

24, June 2019 The creation of a model of machine learning for the prediction and the data mining is in position to be the basic tool in the improvement in the process of making

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G SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing) A Paradigm Shift in E Governance Agility

This generate the requirement of integrated technology model SMAC , which is a combined use of Social media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing, where Social help in connecting

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Big Data Analysis: A Review

Big data relies on large storing capability and as the data is increasing a big number, it is not good for the existing data managing systems to fulfill the data requests.. The

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Prediction of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Market Returns Using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Prediction of the Bombay Stock Exchange BSE Market Returns Using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Yusuf Perwej1, Asif Perwej2 1.. Computer Science & Information System,


Searching for music: understanding the discovery, acquisition, processing and organization of music in a domestic setting for design

In order to accomplish this the downloaded album is taken as an example, it is opened in Finder, the file type is noted, and the reason for converting the file is stated below:


Living with interpersonal data: observability and accountability in the age of pervasive ICT

Far from reconstituting the setting under a new technologically-mediated omnipresent gaze, it is striking just how subservient this technical data is to human reasoning situated within


Explicating the challenges of providing novel media experiences driven by user personal data

The results of this study reflect that while personal data used in new media technologies is a significant contributor to creativity and innovation, there is the desire for improved


A re vision of information systems

Secondary Task Developments Computation Plugged panel File processing Magnetic stores Transaction Direct access processing storage Data management Record processing Text processing


Defining the informatic person : exploring how socio technical relationships are created and negotiated in informatic contexts

The Informatic Context is the context of data and data technologies in contemporary society, and is defined by the presence of Data Interfaces that connect individuals to digital

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A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era

products by the Ocean2k working group12,13, or by PAGES2k-2013, whether the record is superseded by another in this version, the archive type, the primary publication citation, its


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