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An investigation of the basis of representation of aesthetic objects held in collections in museums

What different kinds of data or information domain experts consider important to build knowledge of the collection.. Artwork data or Archive

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I dont know what Im looking for but I'll know it when I see it

Through the study of particular artists and artworks such as Antony Gormley’s, Angel of the North Gateshead and Jeremy Deller’s, Battle of Orgreave Sheffield, two similar in theme but


Fear filter: Visualising the UK terror threat level

FEAR FILTER, PHOTOGRAPHY AND TERROR Fear Filter exploits the confluence of mobile digital photography, platforms, networks and the online security theatre of the UK Threat Level to

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The Interaction of Cybernetics and Contemporary Economic Graphic Art as "Interactive Graphics"

The Interaction of Cybernetics and Contemporary Economic Graphic Art as "Interactive Graphics" Ashkaboosi, Maryam and Ashkaboosi, Farnoosh and Nourani, Seyed Mehdi Department of Visual

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Study on Entertainment Teaching Experiment for Track and Field in Physical Education Major

Abstract: By utilizing the method of documentation, experimental teaching in contrast, mathematical statistics to experimentally study on entertainment teaching experiment for track and

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High pregnancy and implantation rates can be obtained with preincubation of oocytes before insemination in IVF and ICSI procedures

In our study all transfers were made at blastocyst stage and similar blastocyst formation rate in both groups was evident, but patients whose oocytes were preincubated 4 - 6 h prior

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The Effect of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) on Body Composition and Clinical Markers of Lipodystrophy in HIV Infected Children Assessed in Follow Up Study

Remaining anthropometric z-scores measurements changed in therapy groups with an increase in z-scores except calf circumference z-score which changed to decrease to –0.13 when compared

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The Scenic of the Problematic Memory in the Novel: There in the Glen of the Wind

The story was presented directly as Hassan lived it , and as reflected in his consciousness, and presented ideas and visions and feelings as formed by the curriculum , the novel

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The Performance Art of Marina Abramovic as a Transformational Experience

We sought to link these concepts to analysis on the selected works and recollections in order to comprehend the dimensions of the transformational aspects of Marina Abramovic’s


Aspects of Replayability and Software Engineering: Towards a Methodology of Developing Games

Towards a software engineering oriented game design methodology, we collect player opinions on Replayability via surveys and provide methods to analyze the data.. We believe these

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A New Paradigm Relating Art and Sport

5-8 notes that there are a number of trends linking aesthetics to the everyday, such as “participatory aesthetics” and “social aesthetics” by Berleant as an alternative to aesthetics


Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV 1 Infected Female Sex Workers in Benin: A Comparative Study with Patients from the General Population

ABSTRACT Objective: The aim of this study conducted in Benin was to compare HIV-1 infected female sex workers FSW and patients from the general population GP to see whether there was a

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Confluences between Art and Sport

Yet, since we are not talking of opposites as such but simply complementary pairings, there is a relationship and an oscillation - a creative, enriching one - between them so that it is


Effect of vitrification procedure on chromosomal status of embryos achieved from vitrified and fresh oocytes

As an alternative to slow freezing, the vitrification procedure has been recently applied for human oocytes and embryos [15,16] allowing to improve the percentages of oocyte survival,


Discussion Article: Disciplinary Boundaries for Creativity

In all this interest, however, there is a tendency to promote creativity in terms of the creation of novel or innovative ideas that are independent of the teaching and the content of

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Subject Specific Humor as a Creative Method to Communicate Health Knowledge

Comparison of the Grades The second step is to analyze the development of content knowledge over the three measurement points within a grade to find out if the age of the students has


Prevalence and Factors Associated with Virologic Failure among People Living with HIV (PLHIV) Monitored in a Decentralized Health Care Facility

The objective of the study was to study the prevalence of virologic failure of first-line antiretroviral therapy for PLHIV treated at the Roi Baudouin public health care center and to


Beneficial effect of reduced oxygen concentration with transfer of blastocysts in IVF patients older than 40 years old

Since older women have a higher incidence of oocytes and embryos with aneuploidy [54,60] but with similar rates of embryonic blastulation than young women ≤ 35 years old, 35-39 years

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