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Agostino Marengo

Feb 2014


University of Bari Economics Department

Via C. Rosalba, 45 70124 BARI

Phone 080 504 92 11 Fax 080 504 92 41 Skype: agomare

e-mail: URL:

Biographical notes

Born in Bari the 12th of March 1968 Living in Bari - Italy Nationality: Italian

Activity and Qualifications

President and Owner at OSEL Consulting Srl ( - Spin Off

Company of the University of Bari “ALDO MORO”. The Company is one of the most

important italian player on e-learning, online learning, instructional design.

Assistant Professor at University of Bari, Faculty of Economics, Scientific Field INF/01

Informatics since January 2005.

Researcher in Informatics, Information Systems, Saas, e-learning and Instructional


Informatics, e-learning Expert and Instructional Designer at University of Bari, Informatics Services Department, since 1994.

Master of Science in “Online Training and Education OET” by the Luigi Bocconi

University in Milan.

Winner of the scholarship for the PhD in “Artificial Intelligence in e- learning” by

the Sunderland University in Sunderland – Newcastle (UK).

Engineer professional law list – matr. 6847.

Degree: Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari with a graduation thesis on:

E-learning applications in mechanical engineering. Chairman: Prof. Eng. Michele


Professional Activity

Since 2005 Agostino Marengo is, the coordinator of OSEL (Open Source e- learning, research project, in which the research plan is to create

professionalism on two main e-learning fields: 1. Instructional Design and Instructional Management.

2. Evaluation and Management of LMS (Learning Management Systems) and CMS (Content Management Systems) with a special view to Open Source e-learning platforms. The OSEL research project became a University Spin Off Company on 2009. Agostino Marengo is the CEO and the Chief of Instructional Design Team of OSEL

Consulting LTD.

Scientific and research activity

The research activity of Agostino Marengo takes place, in 1994, above all in the field of

didactical methodologies implemented by the use ICT technologies, in particular the

development of e-learning web-based platforms LMSs and CMSs to facilitate the introduction of distance learning technologies in traditional courses, availing of the didactical methodologies that such technologies imply and emphasize (active learning, constructivism and socio-constructivism), with the purpose to improve the effectiveness of the intervention of traditional didactic activity in presence, and coming in this way to the best known blended formula.

A research activity, which has the purpose of verify, through the competence acquired and consolidated with the participation to Master courses at the Bocconi University in Milan and at the CO.IN.FO. in Turin, the use of methodologies and instruments technologically advanced, in such a way to complete and improve the action of the conventional didactic activity, and addressed to the production and experimentation of formative programme and hypermedia and hypertext software applications, of didactical aspect.


Recently the goal of his research plan is to build a System Prototype of a Machine Learning on which running the management of different kinds of Reusable Learning Objects to evaluate: 1. The fixing of the relationships between “semantic web scheme” and “ontology model”;

2. The building of specific ontologies for the RLO (Reusable Learning Objects) and building the repository for a “pilot teaching topic”; 3. The integration of the defined ontologies with the Semantic Web inside the LMS using RDF/OWL language and the creation of the Intelligent Software Agent;

The goal of the research is setting up an e-learning course (preferably in System Dynamics) structure, implemented on a Learning Management System (web based and Open Source), on which evaluate Semantic Web applications using the Intelligent Software Agent, built during the research development, to plan and build a learning path.

In such innovative research areas, Agostino Marengo has been the author of some research papers published on international high rated journals and conferences. His first

paper was published in AICA International Conference on 1996.

International Activities

The research and academic activity has given the opportunity to be invited as Co- Chair and Reviewer for some International Conferences:

1.Programme Chair and Chief of Committee of the 8th ECEL European

Conference on e-learning, Bari 29-30 October 2009.

2.ConferenceChairandCo-memberofCommitteeofthe4th International Conference

GIGP 2007: International Conference of Graduate Programmes. Split

(Croatia) 15-17 october 2007.

3.InvitedLectureduringthe3rdInternationalConferenceGIGP2005: International

Conference of Graduate Programmes. Irkutsk (Russia) 3-5 october 2005.

4.ConferenceChairandCo-memberofCommitteeoftheWorld Congress on Engineering

and Computer Science - WCECS 2007 - San Francisco (USA) on October 2007.

5.ConferenceChairandCo-memberofCommitteeofthe5th International Conference on

Education which is held in Honolulu (USA) on January 2007.

6.ComponentoftheProgrammeCommitteefor3rdInternational Conference GIGP 2005:

International Conference of Graduate Programmes. Held in Irkutsk (Russia)


7.InvitedLectureduringthe3rdInternationalConferenceGIGP2005: International

Conference of Graduate Programmes. Irkutsk (Russia) dal 3 all’8 October


8.Reviewer on the 3rd ECEL - European Conference on e-Learning, since 2004.

9.Reviewer on IEEE Education Society FIE – Frontiers in Education

International Conference, since 2004.

10.Reviewer on the Informing Sceince + IT Education Conference, since 2006.

11.Reviewer on the JIITO - Journal of Information, Information Technology and

Organization. Since 2006.

12.Reviewer on the 29th International Conference “Information Technology

Interfaces” ITI 2007, since 2007.

13.Track Committee Member of The 24th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied

Computing. Since Year 2007.

Since May 2008, he's member of e-learning Committee at University of Bari.

International Cooperation

The research activity has given the opportunity of activate some international collaboration with:

1.January 2013: Coordinator at OSEL Consulting on Tempus IV Project - Tempus

IV Project. - Cardiff University leadingPROJECT REFERENCE N°: 158979-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-UK-TEMPUS-SMGR - Project Name: Leadership in Higher Education Management.

2.October 2012: Coordinator at l’University of Bari “Aldo Moro” on Tempus IV

Project – American University of Beirut leadingPROJECT REFERENCE N°: 2012-3168/001-001 - Project Name: IDEAL: Innovation and Development of Academic-Industry Partnerships through Efficient Research Administration in Lebanon.

3.October 2012: Coordinator at OSEL Consulting on Tempus IV Project. - Cardiff

University leading PROJECT REFERENCE N°: 530485-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPGR titled “Building Capacity for University Management in the ENPI South region (BUCUM)”.

4.July 2012: Fellow at Staffordshire University on Tempus IV Project. - PROJECT

REFERENCE N°: 511070-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-UK-TEMPUS- JPCR - Project Name: Higher Education Management.


5.Tempus IV European Project. Coordinator of the Italian Unit at University of Bari for the Tempus IV Project. Cardiff University leading PROJECT REFERENCE N°: 158979-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-UK-TEMPUS- SMGR Project Name: Leadership in Higher Education Management

6.Senior Research Fellowships Program of the Internet Interdisciplinary

Institute (IN3) at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) a research

activity on “A semantic web based approach for dynamic e-learning -

Learning Insight System - LIS Project” – June - September 2009.

7.Tempus Project JEP 24009-2003 European Project with University of Sunderland,

University of Bari, University of Irkutsk (Ukraine), University of Donetsk (Russia). Tempus Project Coordinator: Prof. Alfredo Moscardini, Tempus Project Technical Director for University of Bari: Prof. Eng. Agostino Marengo.

8.Luleå University of Technology di Luleå in Svezia, coordinated by Prof. Thomas

Olofsson: To support institutions and teachers in:

• Setting up and maintain Web servers to run calculation scripts.

• Assist teachers in make web learning tools consisting of WebPages and scripts. • Set up and maintain Learning Management Systems.

• Inform institutions and teachers in new useful e-learning tools.

• On consult basis assist teachers in making web learning tools. Advantage with

a collaboration across Europe.

• Two different universities with specific culture, learning methodology and


• Two different ways to approach the problem (webmathematica and matlab)

• We will collaborate to mix and exchange our experiences on web learning tools. 9.

Prof. Alfredo Moscardini University of Sunderland (UK) for the study of the

implications of Artificial Intelligence into e-learning systems and methodologies. 10.Prof. Robert Chi, Associate Professor at California State

University of Long Beach, for the research on CRM open-source software,

understanding how they improve business performances and how to implement them in different kinds of marketing oriented companies. 11.Prof. Michaela Driver, assistant

professor in Management, East Tennesee State University, providing some solutions for basic courses and concentrating more on the technology and elementary web tools, we are really interested in further developing the interaction between students and teachers. We are thinking of a course mailing-list and a free e-space where students/teachers can share news and comments on the course material and, above all, we are thinking to project a didactic- methodological path on a prototype. This prototype will be easily used from teachers and technicians involved on e-learning project development. MORE: Ordinary member of IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic

Engineers. Ordinary Member of Society of Artificial Intelligence in Education -


Scientific Publications And Manuscripts

.:::: International Journal ::::.

1. Journal Of Information Technology Education

A. Marengo, V. Marengo

”Measuring The Economic Benefits Of E-Learning: A Proposal For A New Index For Academic Environments”

JITE 2005 Vol. 4 – pages 329-346. ISBN: 1539-3585.

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4. IEEE Computer Society Transactions (CSIE 2009)


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5. Open Source solutions in Education - J. Burton Browning Ed.

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Pp. 21-46. ISBN: 1-932886-26-5 978-1-932886-26-9

6. Evaluation of Student Performance in adaptive e-learning

processes with active tutorship - A. Marengo, A. Pagano, A. Barbone – International Journal of Technology Diffusion (IJTD) 2013 – IGI Global - ISSN: 1947-9301


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.:::: Books ::::.


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