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Our well-established company has devoted 11 years and counting to the automation

field. With automation having a broad spectrum of components and

requirements, Elegant Systems offers the expertise of over 40 years of combined experience to tackle the most complex projects, turning them into peace-of-mind

personal systems.

About Us

Our Awards

We use chiselled project

methodologies to streamline every project from the ground up. This is thanks to our different departments

that handle specific aspects of a project. With specialized focus,

Elegant Systems can give our

customers outstanding workmanship, unbeatable customer service and comprehensive after-sales support.

Received The






& Hospitality

Building Automation

Count on a trusted solution for building automation that controls light, temperature,

media, teleconferencing, security cameras and HVAC systems, to make your business

more effective while driving efficiency automatically. Even the smallest Control4

commercial projects deliver a big

bottom line impact. Our solutions easily integrate with your existing business infrastructure, enabling communication

between devices from virtually any manufacturer.

Welcome to a Smart Hotel: A hotel that delivers unique experiences for guests

and staff. This is where service meets sustainability; where comfort, quality and luxury are never compromised. Through a

single interface, whether it’s a remote, touch screen or a keypad on the wall,

guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, and music, schedule wake-up scenes, request valet service and



Smart Homes

Our automation services cover a wide range of applications in the residential and commercial fields. We offer full-service projects as well as those with specific requirements. A meticulous approach to

problem solving and solution generation that we have moulded over the years, has allowed Elegant Systems to factor confidently in the following services.

Control4 premium automation solutions make you the true master of your domain. Easily and intelligently control every aspect of your house,

from lights, security, climate control, home theatre, music and more even if you are miles

away or, Simply let it all happen

automatically. Music can stream throughout the house from any source. When it’s game time, dim the lights, lower the shades and tune the TV

to the right input; all with one tap. Your security system arms automatically as the lights go out.

It is that simple and fully customizable for any home, big or small.

Your most valued asset is your family.

Control 4 gives you complete control over all the security systems and devices in your home, so your treasures are always safe and secure. Stay in-the-know with 24/7 integrated

security systems and home monitoring from your smartphone. Make sure your garage

door wasn’t left open, if it was, close it instantly. View your alarm status any time, from anywhere and get text alerts based on

certain actions, all with Control 4.


Smart lighting can be added to frequently used rooms or throughout the entire house and with different types of interactions, including a touch screen that allows for easy ramping or dimming of any light. A dedicated keypad that activates a “scene” at the touch of one button, or control of

the lights using just a voice command. Smart lighting with Control4 is both brilliant and beautiful. You can even program the lights to respond to a homeowner’s schedule, without

any touch at all.

Smart lighting


Home Theatre Systems

Elegant Systems has partnered with Brands that deliver an immersive entertainment

experience and exceptional sound quality, for any surround sound home theatre or media room.

The magic of a truly riveting home theatre is a combination of sight and sound so realistic that you feel embodied in the film.

Added to a massive screen and projector, we make your home theatre experience far

superior than going out to see a movie.

With one touch, fire up your Dolby Atmos system, queue the surround sound, drop the screen, and dim the lights. All you’ll need is to sit back, relax and enjoy, with your popcorn obviously!



"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elegant Systems. Their upfront advice and guidance was exceptional. Their work ethic and workmanship superb. Their response time is

excellent. This team is a fountain of expertise and enthusiasm. Overall Elegant Systems is a highly professional outfit that take pride in what they do whilst ensuring the delivery of

extraordinary value for money"

Roger Foster-CEO of Airlink

"Following the successful installation of our home automation system, we want to congratulate Elegant Systems with their professionalism and great quality service we

received throughout the design and installation process of our home automation

system. The knowledge, efficiency, quality and friendliness of your personnel exceeded all expectations. Gavin already had a design ready after we only sent through our house plans

the previous afternoon. A big tap on the back to Gavin, Philip and team. We will definitely strongly recommend Elegant Systems to anyone who is interested in a home automation

system. Well done"

Don and Sonja van der Riet

"The service I received from Elegant Systems was excellent from start to end. The after sales service was also brilliant, The team's always willing to help 24/7 and the technicians

really know the product well. The control4 system is a must have, we as a family find the system very user friendly, I would definitely recommend Elegant Systems to everyone."

Serengeti Estate-Dickson

"From the initial proposal and design phase through to the end of the installation,

Elegant Systems did the highest quality work. I can't say enough good things about Gavin and Phil who were in charge of our solar panel installation. The 5kva system was more than

enough to run all the lighting at our home and the team always supported the electrical contractors throughout the build of our home. The Victron System they installed gives me

a live view of my consumption and I can manage the usage daily if needed. Our home owners association inspector gushed about how well everything looked during the

post-install inspection. Honest, knowledgeable, and so hard working. I would recommend that you look nowhere else for solar home solutions other than Elegant Systems."

Ashen Maharaj-Waterfall Estate Midrand

"What an exceptional service provider! We just love our Control 4 system.... neat, tidy, user friendly.. absolutely awesome!!!

Thanks for a system that's worth every cent!!!"

Deryn Barker

"A very professional company from the word go. An excellent after sale service. The technicians are friendly and always courteous. Value for money, Best tech

company by far!"

Fareed Hajat

"Dear Jared and Team, We cannot thank you and your team enough for fixing all our issues and teaching us how the system works. We are really in awe of how you stepped in and even picked up things that we were not aware of. We are indeed considering upgrades and

we want no one but Elegant Systems, Jared and Team. You have indeed made us happy and set us on a new journey to experience the system. Lets talk in the near future!"


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