Where do you work? Where do you work?

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“Where do you work?”

The answer used to be the name of the company you worked for and assumed you worked in their office building. But today that question takes on a whole new meaning.

Today, more and more organizations are finding the freedom to enable their employees to work with anyone from anywhere.

“Where do you work?”

“I work from home,” “…on a commuter train,”

“… from a café in Seattle,” “…from Central Park.”

Citrix mobile workstyle solutions make it easy for businesses and individuals to harness inspiration wherever it strikes.

Instantly collaborate with remote peers or customers to brainstorm on a new idea. Work from home seamlessly with direct access to your office computer files. Thrill customers by fixing their issues in minutes — not hours or days. Train global channel partners on best practices without traveling to remote sites.

Let’s take a look at how we do that…


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Citrix Mobile Workstyles

Work with anyone, anywhere.

While each mobile workstyle solution is designed for specific function (running collaborative meetings, fixing issues remotely, or accessing office files from home), when used collectively, the benefits are magnified across your entire organization.

• Simple intuitive design drives internal adoption because there is no learning curve.

Adoption in turn increases return on investment and sales.

• Centralized management and administration improves productivity and streamlines workflow across the organization.

• Strong authentication requirements and end-to-end encryption reinforces security compliance without burdening IT staff.


present work remotely

monitor, track, resolve







Citrix audio solutions provides a best-in-class conferencing experience to support your standalone conferencing needs and provide a premium experience for your web collaboration meetings.

Whether it’s the fully integrated toll-free, VoIP and local toll calling built into the Collaboration suite or our standalone and toll-free audio options, we ensure your voice is heard. Basic features include:

• Web controls

• Phone controls

• Recording

• Outlook® integration

• Mute/unmute

• Reservationless conferencing

• Online account management

• International local toll calling

Standalone Audio

For traditional conference calls where presentations or visuals are not being shared, HiDef Corporate offers several benefits:

• Control: HiDef Corporate gives you full control over your conferencing users with options for on-demand account provisioning, real-time billing and usage statistics and full reporting capabilities.

• Recording: Record and store calls in MP3 format at no extra charge.

• High Capacity: HiDef Corporate is the only reservationless, standalone audio conferencing service that supports up to 500 attendees per call without the requirement of operator assisted services.

Integrated Toll-Free Audio (available for Collaboration customers)

Providing meeting, webinar or training participants a toll-free number adds to the professionalism of any online session.

• Flexibility: Offer toll-free or complimentary toll and VoIP to allow your participants to choose the most convenient and affordable method of access.

• Increase International Coverage: Expand your international presence by offering toll-free access in 48 countries.


2013 Citrix® Systems. Restricted Use & Distribution: Internal, Customers, Partners Only 4


Communicate better. Build trust. Get more done.

With GoToMeeting® with HDFaces® Video Conferencing, meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere. We’ve combined screen sharing, integrated audio and high definition video to give you a seamless online collaboration experience simple enough to use everyday. You can even take your meetings on the go with free mobile apps for iOS, Android & Windows tablet devices.

• Increase sales: Quickly qualify and follow up with interested prospects with live, engaging demos.

• Boost productivity: Collaborate in real time on ideas and projects while completing them faster than ever

• Reduce costs: Keep employees and customers up to date without traveling. Host more sessions- at the same low rate

Growing business on a shrinking budget might sound like an impossible puzzle. But with GoToWebinar® companies of all sizes are able to conduct do-it-yourself web events hosting up to 1,000 people for one flat rate. Engage your audience and make a lasting impression with attendees using HDFaces Video Conferencing (included with the GoToWebinar 100-attendee plan at no additional cost).

• Expand your marketing reach: Generate and nurture leads by

educating your target market. Reach prospects in wider geographic areas.

• Streamline company communications: Conduct company-wide all-hands meetings online. Quickly update employees and partners on new programs and procedures.

• Host online seminars: Present to hundreds of participants without travel and logistical concerns. Easily coordinate with subject matter experts from across the globe.

Premier Event

Hosting large virtual events is easy with Citrix. GoToWebinar Premier Event is your complete webcasting solution, offering a secure and reliable way to reach audiences of all sizes. Now you can host a web event that reaches thousands of attendees. Plus, our professional project managers will ensure peace of mind and a successful event

• Promote your brand: Support your growing marketing efforts with live video or on-demand video clips along with a fully-branded look and feel

• Improve corporate communication: Host analyst briefings, all-hands meetings and investor calls with a simple download-free solution that supports all of your smart phone devices too

Now users can hold unlimited webcasting events for up to 5,000 attendees for one monthly fee. Set-up is easy with our 5-step webcast wizard, allowing users at any skill level to schedule, customize and broadcast webcasts.

Broadcast with audio or video to live and on-demand audiences.

• Brand awareness: Increase the frequency of your events. Experience the freedom of hosting an unlimited number of webcasting events without having to worry about an increase in spend.

• Expand your reach: Improve attendance and participation with a simple download free join experience that even supports mobile viewers on smart devices.


Companies are looking for talented team members and partners in all areas of the country, not just their own city. The challenge comes when it’s time to train a dispersed team. Travel costs and downtime needed to attend training in person can be difficult to justify.

With GoToTraining® you can deliver a classroom experience online with up to 200 learners, anywhere in the world, quickly and

effortlessly. In fact, GoToTraining helps organizations expand training programs and even use them to build or develop a revenue stream.

Now, GoToTraining with HDFaces Video Conferencing lets you better engage learners with easy-to-use high-definition video conferencing. Here’s how:

• Adoption: Intuitive training set-up and online access from anywhere creates a comfortable learning environment.

• Reach: Reduce travel and reach more employees, customers and partners with real-time and recorded experiences.

• Engagement: Our easy-to-use interface is purpose-built for trainer delivery and an interactive user experience.

• Growth: The GoToTraining with RevStream™ integrated payment processing feature offers an easy fee- based option to draw new revenue sources from your expanded online capability.

Work the way you want to:

Citrix Podio is the collaborative work platform where you can build apps and set up workspaces to support your preferred workflows and help you be more effective. Easily manage projects and other

business processes and interact with clients, partners and team members, anytime, anywhere.

Get organized in the cloud:

Whether you're working alone or with colleagues – inside or outside of your company – Podio has hundreds of free business apps you can customize to create your ideal cloud-based workflow. Or, you can build your own! No technical skills required.

• Collaboration: Give your team a place in the cloud to discuss ideas, share files and organize meetings – it even integrates with GoToMeeting.

• Project management software: Keep track of your deliverables, budget, time and files all in one place.

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enable your salespeople to easily store and share lead information and sales stats.

• Recruiting: Manage the entire recruitment process, from job descriptions and applicant tracking to on- boarding new hires.

• Events: Plan events and keep everyone on your team informed. Store data about venues, supplies, attendees, budget, deadlines and more.


2013 Citrix® Systems. Restricted Use & Distribution: Internal, Customers, Partners Only 6

IT Support

Every IT professional has struggled with trying to visualize what a remote customer is seeing on their screen or walk them through steps over the phone to correct the issue. GoToAssist® Corporate provides a comprehensive and secure remote support solution for your multi-agent support organization. Simply connect to customers (whether they are on a PC, Mac® or Blackberry®, Android) in a GoToAssist Corporate session and solve their issue in minutes instead of hours or days. Improve customer satisfaction, increase first-time call resolution and streamline operations with advanced administration, reporting and integration features.

• Resolve: Instantly connect with customers to resolve issues quickly.

• Reduce: Reduce call times and escalations.

• Report: Easily manage, monitor and report on service levels.

• Connect: Provide customers with multiple connection methods: web, chat, phone and email.

GoToAssist Corporate FastChat™: Connect with customers instantly right from your website. FastChat allows companies to immediately start supporting customers without downloading any software. In addition to faster response time, FastChat gives organizations greater flexibility to expand and customize connection methods, including chat-only support, to suit a diverse customer base.

Remote Support, Service Desk Management, and IT Monitoring

We’ve covered how GoToAssist Corporate enables multi-agent support centers to solve technical problems quickly.

But what about managing incidents and Service Level Agreements? Or monitoring your critical machines? What if you could correct problems before they even happen?

That’s where GoToAssist® comes in. This solution provides end-user remote support, service desk management with ITIL best practices, and proactive monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure. The remote support module enables both live on-demand support and unattended access to servers and workstations. The service desk module provides management of incidents, problems, knowledge, changes, releases, and configurations. The monitoring module is perfect for proactive monitoring of critical servers and services. It provides the ability to manage networks from anywhere at any time.

GoToAssist Remote Support

• Support: Deliver live, on-demand support to both PC and Mac end users.

• Connect: Instantly connect to unattended servers and workstations at any time.

• Deliver: Easily deliver IT services and support worldwide.

GoToAssist Service Desk

• Manage and Track: Easily manage, track and resolve incidents while delivering on Service Levels.

• Tier 0 Support: Empower user self-service through a user friendly knowledge base.

• Plan, Build, and Test: Easily collaborate on suggested changes and schedule releases.

GoToAssist Monitoring

• Control: Be in complete control of your IT ecosystem.

• Reliability: Ensure maximum uptime of critical servers and services.

• Flexibility: Manage your network from anywhere at any time.

• Accountability: Increase accuracy of hardware and software audits.


Access & Cloud

What does GoToMyPC® mean to the people that use it? It means you never have to worry that you forgot something important at work or stay late to finish up, because you’re free to access your files and programs anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, GoToMyPC increases productivity by allowing employees to work in their familiar desktop environments remotely, improving morale, employee retention and work flexibility.

Instantly work with your files, programs and network — from anywhere — just as if you were at your desk.

• Ease of Use: GoToMyPC is the ultimate combination of speed, reliability and simplicity in a remote access solution. Setup is automatic (no hardware or software to install), no training is necessary and free customer support is available 24/7.

• Anytime Access: With GoToMyPC, there’s no reason to be stuck in the office late nights and weekends.

Leave when you want, log in from home and finish your work when it’s convenient for you.

• Secure: GoToMyPC is as secure as online banking. Every connection is protected by government-standard end-to-end 128-bit encryption and other optional security features. You can be sure that your critical data is always safe and secure.

• Mobility: With the GoToMyPC app for iPad, you can instantly work on your Mac or PC from your iPad using intuitive, iPad-specific functionality. Now you can travel light and still be productive — everything you need is just a touch away.

Securely share, sync and store large files in the cloud

ShareFile® is a secure, cloud-based file sharing and storage solution specifically built for business. Send, receive, sync and store files with anyone, anywhere, using any device!

Easily retain control and security of all users

• Provide users instant access to their files, in sync across all of their devices

• Enable the business to support working virtually through secure file sharing inside and outside the organization

• Provide IT the control and management required to help ensure security and compliance

• Receive full reporting on file sharing activity Sync files across all of your devices

• Sync files across all devices, including PC, Mac, tablets and mobile phones so you always know you’re working with the most updated version

• Access your data whenever you need it, wherever you are

• Works with the tools you already use such as MS Outlook

• Real-time collaboration

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