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1. Which is true regarding the evolution of Native American cultures in Georgia?

A Over time they developed more advanced technology and better agricultural techniques.

B As they evolved, Native American groups were less likely to remain in one area.

C Eventually, Native American groups relied more on hunting for food instead of agriculture.

D Later groups demonstrated fewer cultural developments.

Use the list of events below to answer question #__2_ *Development of smaller, more pointed arrowheads *Greater use of agriculture

*More elaborate burial sites

2. The list above MOST LIKELY describes the

A evolution of early Native American cultures in Georgia.

B change in Georgia under the Royal Governors.

C impact of the Spanish Mission systems.

D effects of entrepreneurs on Georgia.

3. Which impact was a result of the Spanish Mission system?

A Spanish Catholics adopted Native American beliefs.

B Native American culture expanded.

C Savannah was developed.

D Native American culture declined.

4. Why are Hernando de Soto's expeditions into Georgia significant?

A He was the first European to explore the area.

B They were the last expeditions.

C James Oglethorpe was a part of the expeditions.

D He removed the Cherokee's from Georgia.

5. Which three European groups were interested in the agricultural opportunities and trade with the Indians in the Southeastern part of the United States in the 18th century?

A Georgia, Florida, South Carolina

B French, Spanish, British

C Germans, Mexican, British

D Yamacraw, Creek, Yamasee

6. During the early 1700’s, the French, Spanish, and British had several conflicts in the territory that would eventually become Georgia. Why were these three countries interested in this region?

A The French and Spanish were allied together in an effort to completely remove the British

presence from the Southeast.

B Only Georgia provided the necessary combination of fertile land and friendly Indian tribes to


C It was the first place each one had designated as their primary colony in the new world,

therefore, none of the countries could afford to leave the Southeast.

D All three countries had an interest in expanding; France’s trade from the west, Spain’s

mission systems from the south and Great Britain’s trade networks from the north.

Use the following quote to answer question #_7__

"...they might not only gain a comfortable subsistence for themselves and families, but also

strengthen our colonies and increase the trade… and wealth of these our realms."

- The Georgia Charter, 1732

7. The quote above MOST DIRECTLY relates to which reason for settling Georgia?

A economics

B defense

C exploration

D missions

8. How was Tomichichi significant to the development of early Georgia?

A Oglethorpe hired him to develop Savannah.

B He led violent revolts against the colonists.

C He was a mediator between the colonists and the Yamacraw.

D The Yamacraw used him to encourage the malcontents.

9. Which is a true statement about the Charter of 1732?

A It was never approved and Oglethorpe founded the colony illegally.

B It stated reasons why Georgia needed to be independent of England.

C It provided King George an opportunity to invade Spain.

D It listed multiple reasons, including charity, defense, and economics, for founding Georgia.

10. James Oglethorpe was important to the colony of Georgia because he

A led the initiative to get the Charter to start the colony.

B fought in the Revolutionary War alongside Elijah Clarke.

C founded and developed the city of Atlanta.

D served as one of the first Royal Governors.

11. Which describes why the English and Spanish were interested in the Southeastern United States?

A It provided a strategic position to attach French Settlements in the north.

B There were natural resouces in the area they could use to make their country richer.

C They had made an agreement to cooperate and settle the region together.

D It was the easiest place to get to.

Use the following list to answer question #_11__:

*Cultural connection between Yamacraw and Creek Indians and English Colonists *Served as interpreter between Oglethorpe and Yamacraw

*Established several trading posts around Georgia


A Mary Musgrove B Tomichichi C Nancy Hart D Austin Dabney

13. The complaints of the malcontents were significant to the trustee period because they demonstrated that the

A Trustees did not represent the changing population in Georgia.

B malcontents were trying to take over the colony.

C original Charter was inaccurate and needed to be removed.

D Spanish threat from Florida was the most important issue of the time.

14. What group was greatly opposed to trustee laws banning rum, slavery, and land purchases? A Salzburgers B Highland Scots C Malcontents D Moravians

15. During the Trustee Period, many small forts and protective buildings were built to the south of Savannah in order to

A give the unemployed colonists something to do.

B serve as protection against the Spanish in Florida.

C appease the Highland Scots when they complained.

D fulfill the obligations of the contract with England.

16. The protestant group that developed New Ebenezer and contributed many social improvements to Georgia, including the first orphanage and first Sunday School were called the

A Salzburgers B Malcontents C Moravians D Spanish

17. Which statement is true concerning land ownership under the Royal Governors of Georgia?

A Georgia lost territory, especially around Savannah

B Creek and Cherokee Indians gained territory through negotiations

C The Proclamation of 1763 prevented Georgia from gaining land.

D Georgia gained territory, particularly in the west.

18. How did government in Georgia change when the colony moved from the trustee period to a royal colony?


B It was weaker and caused much more conflict with Spain.

C The Government caused the colony not to grow and lost huge sums of money.

D The Royal Governors successfully avoided all conflicts with Indians.

19. Which is evidence that Georgia supported the American Revolution?

A There were no soldiers from Georgia in the Revolutionary army.

B Georgia had delegates that signed the Declaration of Independence.

C Georgia followed South Carolina in seceding from the Union.

D The Stamp Act and Intolerable Acts were popular in Georgia.

20. How did the Proclamation of 1763 impact the colonies?

A It prevented them from expanding westward.

B It required them to pay extra taxes.

C It prevented them from trading with Indian tribes.

D It required them to house British Soldiers in their homes.

21. How did the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) contribute to the American Revolution?

A France wanted revenge after losing the war and negotiated with the colonies to fight


B Indians that fought in the war supported the colonies and encouraged them to fight the


C England went into debt because of the war and decided to tax the colonies to get their money


D England was unhappy with the colonies performance in the war and punished them with


22. Which document officially separated the original 13 colonies from England in 1776?

A The United States Constitution

B The Georgia Constitution

C The Articles of Confederation

D The Declaration of Independence

23. What was significant about the Battle of Kettle Creek?

A It was the largest Loyalist victory in the American Revolution.

B It was the first time the British won a Battle.

C It was a Loyalist defeat and encouraged other patriots in Georgia.

D It was the attempt to re-take Savannah from the British.

24. Button Gwinnett, Lymon Hall, and George Walton all contributed to the American Revolution by

A signing the Declaration of Independence.

B fighting in the Battle of Kettle Creek.

C participating in the siege of Savannah.


25. Austin Dabney was significant to Georgia in the American Revolution because he

A lost the Battle of Kettle Creek.

B provided the British with key information as a spy.

C successfully took Savannah back from British control.

D was a slave that fought against the British.

Use the information in the box below to answer question _26___:

*Led patriot forces at Battle of Kettle Creek

*Fought against British and American Loyalists in South Carolina *Rewarded after American Revolution with a large plantation *Participated in Yazoo Land Fraud

*Participated in Georgia Constitutional Convention of 1789

26. This list describes significant events of which individual?

A Elijah Clarke B Austin Dabney C Button Gwinnett D James Oglethorpe

Use the following list to answer question #_27__: • No national military

• No power to collect taxes

• No power to regulate trade

• Requirement of all 13 colonies

to make amendments

27. The list above could be used to explain the

A strengths of the Georgia Constitution of 1777, which other states later copied.

B reasons for writing the Declaration of Independence.

C problems of having England rule over the colonies which lead to the Revolutionary War.

D weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation that led to a need to revise the Articles.

28. Which can be seen as a strength of the Articles of Confederation?

A The central government couldn’t levy taxes on the states.

B In foreign affairs, the 13 colonies were united under one government.

C There was no standing military to threaten the colonies.

D No written document existed so the rules of government were flexible.


29. Abraham Baldwin served in the first session of the United States House of

Representatives and then in the United States Senate until 1807. Why was he more prepared for these responsibilities than other Georgians?

A He served at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that helped create the national


B There were no other Georgian’s at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

C Baldwin was at the Second Continental Congress that wrote the Declaration of


D Only Baldwin had the college education necessary to serve in the national legislature.

30. Many Georgian’s agreed that the United States Constitution of 1787 corrected the major weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. Because of this Georgia

A pushed for many new amendments to the Constitution.

B copied the United States Constitution as its own.

C ratified the new Constitution, as did the other colonies.

D fought to delay the ratification of the Constitution.

31. After the Revolutionary War, there was a large immigration boom into Louisville, Georgia. Also, by the late 1700’s there was more commerce and a larger population in the interior of the state. Which event was a consequence of these facts?

A The University of Georgia was established in Athens.

B Louisville was established as the third capital of Georgia.

C The headright system was established to encourage businesses to move to Georgia.

D Savannah was no longer used as a major center of commerce.

Use the information below to answer question #_32__:

*Georgia’s oldest University *Largely developed in early 1800’s

*Became the model for future state-supported colleges

32. The list above describes which Georgia school?

A University of Georgia

B Georgia Tech University

C Georgia State University

D Valdosta State University

33. The Yazoo land fraud was a negative event for Georgia because it

A ruined any chance Georgia had of removing Indians from its territory.

B divided state political figures and strained Georgia’s relationship with the Federal


C was the primary event that led to Georgia entering the Revolutionary war, where many

citizens died.

D caused Georgia to go into a deep depression because of the amount of money they had to pay


34. Which was an immediate impact of the headright system in Georgia?

A It created a buffer zone of land that protected Georgians from violent Creek and Cherokee

Indian tribes.

B Georgia violated the Constitution and had to defend the system at the Supreme Court.

C Since each head of household was granted only 200 acres, the system left most of Georgia


D It was more successful and eventually replaced the land lottery system.

35. How did technological developments like the cotton gin and railroads impact Georgia’s growth?

A The cotton gin required more slaves to harvest the additional cotton and this slowed the

overall growth of Georgia.

B Because of the new technologies, more cotton could be produced and shipped quicker, which

greatly increased Georgia’s growth rate.

C Railroads eventually led to many people leaving Georgia, which had a negative effect on

Georgia’s growth.

D Neither the cotton gin nor the development of railroads had any significant impact on

Georgia’s growth since Georgia remained the same size.

36. Which development had a significant, positive impact on Georgia’s growth?

A banjo B railroad C civil war D boll weevil

37. How did William McIntosh aid in the removal of Native American tribes from Georgia in the 19th century?

A He informed white settlers about gold on Creek lands.

B He attacked white settlers, forcing them to remove the Creeks.

C He signed a treaty giving Creek lands to the United States.

D His outbursts in court turned Congressmen against the Creeks.

38. The Cherokee Indians, Andrew Jackson, and John Marshall are all related to which Supreme Court case?

A Brown vs. Board of Education

B The Dred Scott case

C Furman vs. Georgia

D Worcester vs. Georgia


Use the following graphic for question #_38__:

39. Which historical figure BEST fits in the circle?

A Alexander McGillivray

B Andrew Jackson

C Alexander Stephens

D Alonzo Herndon

40. Which describes the relationship between the Compromise of 1850 and the Georgia Platform?

A The Georgia Platform, which upheld Georgia’s right to slavery, led to a need for the

Compromise of 1850.

B They are the same event just known by two different names in Georgia.

C It was the Georgia Platform, many believe, that saved the union because it showed southern

support for the Compromise of 1850.

D Both events were trying to resolve the differences people had over the results of the Dred

Scott case.

41. Southern states considered the Dred Scott case a victory because according the decision in the case slaves were

A treated like all other citizens.

B considered to be property without rights.

C to be released within the next fifty years.

D able to kept as slaves in every state of the country.

42. Which battle was important because it temporarily kept the Union army out of Georgia after they had taken Chattanooga?

A Gettysburg

B Antietam

C Andersonville


43. Why was the Emancipation Proclamation important during the Civil War?

A It was the document that officially ended the war after the Battle of Antietam.

B It was an official statement from the Union banning the practice of slavery.

C It stated voting rights could not be denied based on race.

D It allowed blacks to officially join the Confederate army.

44. Why was the Union blockade of Georgia’s coast significant during World War II?

A With the blockade, there was no way to retreat from battles so surrender was the only option.

B It meant that to end the blockade, most of the Civil War battles would be fought at sea.

C The blockade delayed or prevented international help from reaching the Confederacy.

D Union resources were wasted on the ineffective blockade, thus delaying their victory in the


45. What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau?

A To fight for the freedom of Southern slaves

B To oppose federal troops in Reconstruction Georgia

C To make sure former slaves did not exercise their rights

D To provide former slaves with basic needs

46. Immediately following the Civil War southern states tried to limit the civil rights of blacks. How did the federal government eventually respond?

A They started the KKK to help blacks fight racism.

B Andrew Johnson forced southern states to revoke their laws.

C Congress worked to pass the 13th – 15th amendments.

D The laws were allowed under Reconstruction compromises.

47. How did the Bourbon Triumvirate affect 19th century Georgia?

A They promoted industrial and commercial development in Georgia.

B They created laws that protected the rights of sharecroppers.

C They reformed state politics so women could run for office.

D They expanded government programs in order to help the poor.

48. The Leo Frank Case was important for Georgia because it showed how

A widespread prejudice against Jews could prevent a fair trial.

B rich defendants could easily bribe judges to avoid punishment.

C witnesses would be ignored simply because they were black.

D murder victims were often ignored if they were of a lower class.

49. Following the decision made in Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896, many states in the south, including Georgia, began creating laws that intentionally segregated blacks from whites in most parts of society. In Georgia, specific laws were passed mandating that blacks and whites have different restaurants and baseball fields. Why were these laws allowed after the 14th amendment had been passed and ratified?


A According to Plessy vs. Ferguson, as long as the facilities were “equal” it was okay to

separate them.

B The Supreme Court said that Jim Crow laws did not fall under the Constitution.

C No one was fighting against these laws since the majority of people wanted them.

D Since this was only happening in southern states like Georgia, many blacks simply moved

north to avoid the laws.

50. During his first extended stay in Georgia, W.E.B. DuBois had which impact on race relations?

A He used his status as the “Great Accommodator” to build relationships with white leaders

and get invited to the White House.

B He conducted several important research projects on blacks and crime and help to found the


C His barbershop and investment in real estate helped to unify blacks and whites.

D He realized through his research that a peaceful, non-threatening approach was the way to

unify blacks and whites.

51. Which award would be most appropriate to give Alonzo Herndon?

A “Most successful businessman”

B “Most popular religious figure”

C “Best educator in Atlanta”

D “Best Governor of Georgia”

52. Why was Georgia important to the World War I effort?

A The Lusitania was sunk just off the coast of Georgia.

B Georgia was the most outspoken state against the war.

C Many US Soldiers trained in Georgia training camps.

D The treaty that ended the war was signed in Georgia.

53. For an extended period of time from 1915 through the 1980s, cotton farmers in Georgia were having unprofitable years because they were having to spend much money on pesticide while at the same time reducing the number of acres on which they could farm. What was a primary cause of this negative consequence?

A the cotton gin

B the boll weevil

C new legislation

D railroad construction

54. Multiple farming disasters, a major stock market crash, and runs on many banks in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s resulted in

A World War I.

B the Yazoo Land Fraud.

C the Great Depression.


55. Why is the political career of Eugene Talmadge significant to Georgia?

A He is the only politician to get enough support from both major political parties to run for

office 3 times.

B His uses of executive orders, removal of elected officials, and declarations of martial law are

an example of how a strong governor can have a tremendous impact on the state in positive and negative ways.

C His career is the perfect example of how someone can move from small town politics to state

politics and eventually to national politics as a State Senator.

D Eugene Talmadge’s career was the primary inspiration for Jimmy Carter to get into politics

and their career paths are nearly identical.

56. How were Georgia’s farmers helped by the New Deal?

A The Social Security Agency agreed to pay them for any land they could not use.

B Cotton prices were reduced to the lowest they have been in years.

C The Agricultural Adjustment Act combined many smaller farms into fewer, larger ones.

D Electricity was finally provided for many farms due to the push for rural electricfication.

57. Which was a direct impact of the Civilian Conservation Corps?

A it created more jobs and parks for Georgians

B it provided retirement pay for the elderly

C farmers were paid to produce less cotton

D racial segregation was greatly reduced

58. Why was the bombing of Pearl Harbor a significant event during World War II?

A It prevented Japan from invading the United States.

B It put an end to the lend lease program.

C It caused the United States to get involved in the war.

D It was the first use of nuclear weapons in war.

59. What was the importance of Pearl Harbor during World War II?

A It provided supplies to troops in the Pacific.

B It was attacked, which made America enter the war.

C It served as a testing site for the first atomic bombs.

D It was captured by Americans, which hurt Japan badly.

60. Savannah and Brunswick were important to Georgia’s efforts in World War II in which way?

A Those are the two places where most of Georgia’s infantry were trained.

B Franklin Roosevelt used those locations as his primary headquarters in Georgia.

C These were the two cities selected to build Bell Aircrafts.


61. Why did President Franklin Roosevelt frequently visit Georgia before and during his time in office?

A He felt the key to winning World War II was getting Georgia’s support.

B To visit his house at Warm Springs and receive medical treatment.

C His family was instrumental in Georgia politics at the time.

D Because he did not enjoy being in the Northeast.

62. Development of better technology and less reliance on agriculture after World War II had which effect on Georgia’s growth?

A More citizens wanted to work in farm areas.

B Georgia’s importance in the Southeast decreased.

C Georgia’s urban areas grew rapidly.

D The state’s growth slowed drastically.

63. Following World War II, which statement is true concerning growth in Georgia?

A Almost all returning GIs went back to work on their farms.

B Growth in Georgia slowed because military equipment was no longer needed.

C Georgia’s urban areas struggled as more of the population moved to rural areas.

D A decline in the importance of agriculture meant urban areas grew quickly.

64. What is one way that Mayor William B. Hartsfield shaped Atlanta in the 20th century?

A He reformed the city police to stamp out corruption.

B He helped establish many small colleges in the city.

C He helped black residents gain more political rights.

D He discouraged big businesses from coming to the city.

65. Which is true concerning Atlanta’s growth following World War II?

A As Atlanta grew in importance, Georgia became more significant to the country.

B As Atlanta grew in importance, Georgia as a state became less significant to the country.

C Atlanta’s reliance on transportation meant it could not grow after World War II.

D Atlanta had so much destruction following World War II it was difficult to grow.

66. Ellis Arnall is significant to post-World War II Georgia because

A he was largely responsible for ending segregation in Georgia.

B as a state senator he led the efforts to end the use of the county unit system.

C during his term as governor, he passed an ambitious reform program and paid off large state


D his attempts to interfere with the state universities caused many of them to lose their



67. What is the relationship between Brown v. Board of Education and Plessy v. Ferguson?

A Plessy v. Ferguson overturned the decision in Brown v. Board of Education to allow Jim

Crow laws to remain in Georgia.

B Plessy v. Ferguson approved the idea of “separate but equal” and Brown v. Board overturned


C The only thing the cases have in common is that they both dealt with race relations.

D Brown v. Board was the case that supported the decision made in Plessy v. Ferguson to allow

“separate but equal” facilities.

68. Martin Luther King, Jr. was important to the Civil Rights Movement in Georgia because

A his belief in violent separation from whites was a welcome change from Malcom X.

B there were no other prominent leaders in the state that could impact the movement.

C he used his local connections and leadership skills to organize many events in Georgia.

D this is where he started the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.

69. The work of the Sibley Commission related to the social problem of

A poverty.

B droughts.

C segregation.

D immigration.

70. The issues faced by Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter are MOST SIMILAR to the issues raised by which other event?

A Brown v. Board of Education

B the election of Maynard Jackson

C end of the county unit system

D effects of the boll weevil

Use the following headline to answer question #__71___:

“Maynard Jackson Elected Mayor of Atlanta in Historic Election!”

71. Why would this particular election be labeled “historic?”

A Jackson was elected mayor during Sherman’s march to the sea.

B It was the first election in which blacks were allowed to vote.

C It was the first election without the county unit system.

D Jackson was the first African-American mayor of Atlanta.

72. Why was Georgia important to the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)?

A All of the leaders of the SNCC were from Georgia.

B Albany and Atlanta were sites of major SNCC events.

C Georgia provided the funding for SNCC events.


73. Since the civil rights movement, how has Andrew Young continued to have an impact on Georgia?

A His uncompromising personality and angry protests have led to many conflicts between

Georgia and the rest of the world.

B As a UN Ambassador and member of the Olympic committee, he has brought much positive

international attention to Georgia.

C Being the first US President from Georgia, many foreign leaders have visited the state since

his term in office.

D Because of his work, Georgia does not have to deal with issues of race or inequalities


Use the following list to answer question #_74__: • Civil Rights Leader

• Elected Mayor of Atlanta 1981 • UN Ambassador

• Member of the 1996 Olympic Committee

74. The list above references which individual?

A Andrew Young

B Maynard Jackson

C Charlayne Hunter

D Martin Luther King, Jr.

75. Which group benefitted the MOST when the county unit system was stopped?

A rural areas

B south Georgia

C coastal regions

D large cities

76. What was the result of the end of the county unit system in Georgia?

A Heavily populated areas gained more power in elections.

B County governments lost power to the state government.

C Primary elections became more important than general elections.

D Rural areas became more influential in state politics.

77. Prior to becoming president, Jimmy Carter also served Georgia in which two influential positions?

A state senator and governor

B mayor of Atlanta and state representative

C mayor of Plains and US Senator

D state representative and state senator


78. What is a result of the rise of the two-party system in Georgia?

A Elections are now less competitive.

B Rural areas are more important in elections.

C Elections happen more frequently.

D Republicans have gained power in Georgia.

Use the following list to answer question #_78___: *New sports venues built

*Over $5 Billion of economic activity *2 million visitors to Atlanta

79. The list above demonstrates the effect of which event on Georgia?

A Jimmy Carter’s rise to the Presidency

B the Civil Rights Movement

C Sherman’s march to the sea

D the 1996 Olympic Games

Use the following table to answer question #__79____:

80. According to the table, how have immigrant communities had an impact on the economy of Georgia?

A The number of jobs immigrants hold is decreasing over time.

B Less educated immigrants are replacing less educated native Georgians in the workforce.

C No conclusion can be draw about the impact of immigrants from this chart.

D It is more desirable to hire a less educated native than an immigrant with only a high school



81. When describing Georgia in relation to the rest of the United States, it would be correct to say Georgia is in which region?

A Northeast

B Northwest

C Southwest

D Southeast

82. You hear another student say: “Georgia is located in the Southeastern Region of the United States, which is on the continent of North America.” This student is

A partially correct, he means South America instead of North

B partially correct, he means Southwestern region instead of Southeastern.

C incorrect, his entire statement is wrong

D correct, that is Georgia’s location

Use the following map to answer question #_82__:

83. Which letter correctly identifies Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains?





84. Marcus is travelling in the northwest portion of Georgia. He notices that as he travels he is consistently going over steep hills and plateaus and then back into low areas. In which geographic region is Marcus travelling?

A Piedmont

B Coastal Plane

C Blue Ridge


85. Why is the Chattahoochee River important to Georgia?

A It is the primary mode of transportation between Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

B It provides several areas of the state with drinking water and recreational activities.

C Savannah uses it for the city’s deepwater port.

D There are no other rivers that run through the middle of the state.

Use the picture below to answer question #__85___:

86. The shaded region on region on the map above BEST shows the location of the

A Fall Line. B Appalachian Mountains. C Savannah River. D Okefenokee Swamp.

87. How has Georgia’s climate had a positive effect on Georgia’s overall development?

A It allows for many agricultural and vacation opportunities.

B It encourages much investment because no other state has this climate.

C The climate cured Franklin Roosevelt’s medical problems.

D The temperature is nearly the same all year, which makes planning trips easy.


88. Over the past several decades, many international companies have moved their manufacturing and production warehouses to Georgia. Since these goods have to be shipped once they are produced, why is Georgia a wise choice for these companies?

A The interaction of our airports, roads, deepwater ports, and railroads makes it easy to ship

goods in, around, and out of the state.

B Since the climate is not good for farming, it makes more sense to use the land for


C Being right in the middle of the country makes Georgia equal distances from most major


D Georgia is more stable than most states and we have not had problems with droughts, wars,

or depressions in the past.

89. Which statement is true concerning Georgia’s four major transportation systems?

A Each works independently and rarely relies on the other three

B All four interact to deliver domestic and international goods

C Most businesses only use railroads and the deepwater ports

D Only businesses are allowed to use the transportation systems.

90. Why is Georgia a good place to have a business that produces goods that get sold around the country and around the world?

A Georgia has four major transportation systems, including a major airport to help move goods


B Georgia does not charge any taxes on property so it is cheaper to produce here.

C Labor is much cheaper in Georgia because of immigration concerns.

D There is very little rain in Georgia so shipping does not get disrupted by weather.

91. What is one major benefit of having four large transportation systems in Georgia?

A Traffic is not a concern.

B There is not as much pollution.

C It is easy to move goods and services.

D It eliminates the need for the Post Office.

Use the following list to answer question #_91__: dock workers and tugboat drivers

highway construction workers

railroad engineers

pilots and airline mechanics

92. All of the jobs in the list above exist because of

A government laws.

B funding from the legislature.

C Georgia’s transportation systems.

D programs from the University of Georgia.


93. Which is correct concerning the structure of the Georgia State Constitution?

A All parts of the constitution are written under one long section.

B After the preamble, each piece of the government, including a bill of rights, is explained in

its own section.

C It is a short document that consists only of a preamble, a bill of rights, and a brief description

of the three branches of government.

D It is unique because there is no bill of rights in it.

94. Dividing the government into executive, legislative, and judicial branches is MOST related to the concept of

A separation of powers.

B segregation of schools.

C the county unit system.

D weak mayor councils.

Use the following list to answer question #:__94____

Freedom of Religion Freedom of Speech

Guarantee of Due Process of law

95. Which BEST describes the list above?

A The items listed are all responsibilities of Georgia citizens.

B Everything in the list was in the original Georgia Constitution, but has since been removed.

C The list identifies rights of Georgia citizens listed in the Georgia Constitution.

D These are the only items that are considered rights and responsibilities of citizens.

96. Sharon was born in Georgia and is 20 years old. She currently lives in Alabama, but plans on moving back to Georgia soon. She has never committed a crime. If she tries to register to vote for an upcoming election in Georgia, what will be the


A She will be approved because she meets all of the qualifications.

B She will be denied because she is not a United State’s citizen.

C She will be denied because she is not old enough to vote in Georgia.

D She will be denied because she is not currently living in Georgia.

97. What is a major role of political parties during elections?

A limit the number of potential candidates

B create and pass laws

C force people to vote

D promote free speech


98. Which of the following is true about members of Georgia’s General Assembly?

A No one can serve more than two terms.

B Members only serve a two year term.

C New members cannot be on more than one committee.

D A member must be over 25 to serve in either house.

b. Describe the organization of the General Assembly, with emphasis on leadership and the committee system.

99. Most day to day decisions about laws in the General Assembly are

A decided solely by the leadership with little input from any other members.

B major news stories and are very distracting for legislators.

C discussed in smaller committees, rather than the entire assembly.

D sent to the Governor in the form of long reports so he is in the loop at all times.

100. The Georgia Supreme Court rarely overturns a law passed by the General Assembly. This is largely because

A the General Assembly works to make sure the laws they write are specific and aligned with

the constitution.

B the Georgia Supreme Court cannot overturn laws.

C laws are typically not enforced by the Executive branch.

D the General Assembly chooses the judges that will sit on the Georgia Supreme Court.

101. Even though it is rare and unlikely, it is possible for the governor and lieutenant governor in Georgia to be political enemies, from different parties, and not work well together. How is this possible?

A They do not run together, each office is listed separately on the ballot when they are


B The lieutenant governor is appointed by the General Assembly.

C The governor is elected through popular vote and the lieutenant governor is elected by

the county unit system.

D They are elected in alternate cycles, not during the same election.

102. Leaders of education, public safety, and transportation agencies fall under which branch of Georgia’s government?

A Legislative B Judicial C Senate D Executive


103. Why do executive agencies like the Public Safety Commission and the Department of Education receive large amounts of funding from the General Assembly?

A To administer programs and enforce laws for the executive branch.

B The agencies are paid to create new laws.

C Because they need money to run the courts for their policy areas.

D So they can fulfill their roles as the primary employers of the state.

104. Which statement is correct regarding how judges are selected in Georgia?

A Most Georgia judges are elected through non-partisan elections.

B Only Supreme Court judges are elected in Georgia, all other are appointed.

C Only a few judges in Georgia are elected while the rest are appointed by the governor.

D Trial court judges are elected while appellate court judges are appointed.

105. Robbery, manslaughter, and arson all carry potential jail or prison time as sentence options. Since these involve more than just fines or money penalties they are categorized as A civil laws. B criminal laws. C traffic laws. D juvenile laws.

106. In the adult criminal justice process, which step closely follows the arraignment? A trial B sentencing C arrest D booking

107. Sally and Jasmine are neighbors. Sally finds out that Jasmine’s dog has been entering her yard and digging up her very expensive flowers. When Sally presents the evidence to Jasmine and asks to be paid for the flowers, Jasmine denies the dog has done anything wrong. What should Sally do NEXT in order to try to avoid further trouble and settle the dispute peacefully?

A Immediately call the police and try to have Jasmine arrested under her city’s “leash law”.

B Trap the dog next time and take it to the humane society.

C Attempt to get Jasmine to use Georgia’s mediation services to resolve the issue.

D Sue Jasmine for as much money as Sally can get from her.


108. How does the judicial branch attempt to fulfill its duty to ensure justice in our legal system?

A by creating as many clear and fair laws as possible

B by interpreting laws and allowing people to appeal their decisions

C by arresting as many criminals as it can and getting them in prison quickly

D by selecting fair and impartial judges at all levels of courts

Use the following list to answer question #:__108___ • Interpreting Laws

• Listening to Appeals

• Following Judicial Procedures

109. The list above BEST matches which topic below?

A duties of the governor

B roles of the judicial branch

C problems with the judicial branch

D expectations of the legislative branch

110. In many states, large cities, not counties, dominate the political and cultural decisions around the state. How is this different in Georgia?

A Large and small cities have equal power in Georgia.

B Cities have no actual political power in Georgia.

C In Georgia, Counties are still the primary source of local political power.

D Counties and cities are often merged together in Georgia so they cannot be viewed


111. Why were counties originally set up in Georgia?

A To reduce the influence of rural politicians

B To divide rural areas among wealthy farmers

C To help create more cities in the countryside

D To establish political centers for rural areas

112. Tonya is the Mayor of a city in Georgia. In her daily work she has full responsibility of the city’s operations. She has the power to appoint people to run different departments and recently vetoed a new law passed by the city council. The city council, however, was able to override her veto. Based SOLELY on this

information, what type of local government does this city have?

A council-manager

B strong mayor-council

C weak mayor-council

D special purpose government


113. What is the specific role of special-purpose governments in Georgia?

A to carry out the laws passed by the General Assembly

B They investigate corruption and illegal activities in the state government.

C They only exist long enough to raise money for a specific project and then they are


D to create and enforce law or rules that focus on specific areas like education or city


114. Public schools, transit systems, water and sewage systems are examples of areas that are often governed by

A special-purpose governments

B anyone living in Georgia

C strong mayor-councils

D the General Assembly

115. What is the typical relationship between local governments and state agencies when trying to administer state programs?

A Local governments tell the state agencies what they will and will not do.

B Local governments provide the state agencies with the money to enforce the programs.

C State agencies have no control over local governments with how they spend money.

D State agencies provide guidance and sometimes money to local governments for state


Use the graphic below to answer the question that follows:

116. Which two items would BEST fit inside the arrow?

A money and regulations

B employees and offices

C legislative and judicial

D councils and mayors


117. A child that is purposefully avoiding his parents and not attending school is classified as

A unruly, but not delinquent.

B delinquent, but not unruly.

C unruly and delinquent.

D neither unruly nor delinquent.

118. When comparing delinquent behavior to unruly behavior, which statement is true?

A Only adults can be charged with delinquent behavior.

B Unruly behavior only applies to middle school age children.

C Delinquent behavior involves acts that would be crimes if committed by adults.

D Unruly behavior is considered to be more serious than delinquent behavior.

Use the following list to answer question #_118__:  Right to an attorney

 Right to trial (but not necessarily a jury trial)

 Right to have parents at questioning

 Right to not testify in court

119. This list describes the rights of which group of people?

A All adult offenders in the Georgia justice system

B Juvenile offenders who have been taken into custody.

C The original settlers when they moved to Georgia.

D The rights of unruly juveniles.

120. Which step of the justice system is ONLY found in the juvenile justice process? A arrest B hearing C trial D commitment

121. Why is committing armed robbery with a firearm a significant offense when committed by a juvenile?

A Judges often treat armed robbery with a firearm the same way they treat manslaughter.

B The juvenile must get a job and pay for everything taken during the robbery.

C The crime can subject the juvenile to the adult criminal process.

D It carries a mandatory life sentence.


122. Why is transferring a case from juvenile court to Superior Court important?

A Superior Court carries more serious sentences and punishments.

B A juvenile loses all their rights at Superior Court.

C Juveniles are more likely to be found not guilty at Superior Court.

D It means that there will not be a jury involved in the final verdict.

123. Cotton, tobacco, peanuts, Coca-Cola, and onions all have what in common?

A They are all goods that have been produced in Georgia in different historical periods.

B All of the items listed are the only goods still profitable in Georgia.

C The items in the list are only found in Georgia.

D Georgia’s farmers and inventors created these items.

124. Arrowheads, clay pots, cotton, peaches, and tickets to sporting events all represent ways that Georgians have done what over time?

A made items for museums

B produced goods for trade

C created items for survival

D used the land for agriculture

125. Georgia is well prepared for national and international trade because

A goods can easily be shipped by air, rail, sea, or truck.

B there are no state sales taxes on goods sold in the state.

C it is the largest state in the Southeastern United States.

D the General Assembly does not interfere with the economy.

126. Entrepreneurs have taken many financial risks to start companies like Coca-Cola, Delta, Georgia Pacific, and Home Depot. In general, why do entrepreneurs take financial risks to start companies?

A They have not been taught the downfalls of taking financial risks.

B By law, only entrepreneurs can start businesses.

C Starting a business is an easy way to avoid paying taxes.

D Profits provide an incentive that outweighs the risk.

127. Which statement describes entrepreneurs taking a risk to develop a new business?

A The founders of Home Depot spending money to build the first store in Georgia.

B Workers in a cotton field getting paid for fixing broken cotton gins.

C Coca-Cola deciding to stop running a series of advertisements.

D Georgia Pacific giving a scholarship to a college student.


128. John Pemberton and Asa Candler were important entrepreneurs to Georgia because

A their development and marketing of Coca-Cola created many jobs and tourist opportunities

for Georgia over the years.

B they used all of their profits from Delta to re-design the city of Atlanta.

C without their business knowledge and risk taking, Georgia-Pacific would likely be called

Alabama-Pacific today.

D they were able to convince Home Depot to locate their headquarters in Georgia, providing

many new job opportunities.

129. Which tax source is the largest source of revenue for the state of Georgia?

A personal income taxes

B property taxes

C sales taxes

D SPLOST taxes

130. In bad economic times people buy fewer goods and services so Georgia loses revenue because of a decline in

A personal income taxes

B property taxes

C sales taxes

D SPLOST taxes

131. Which policy area receives the largest amount of state funding?

A transportation B legislature C agriculture D education

132. Why do lawmakers and politicians in state and local governments often face tough choices on how to spend tax revenue?

A They can only spend money once every few years so they have to get it right.

B Revenues are limited, but there are nearly unlimited wants and needs.

C Each tax payer must receive a certain amount of spending and they all want different things.

D Most money decisions have to be made in a day so there is no time for debate.

133. A person is MOST likely to use credit when they

A are saving money for a future goal.

B get a raise in their income.

C need to buy something they don’t have cash for.

D wish to invest in a new company.


134. Investing in the stock market is sometimes preferable to a savings account because

A stocks usually have higher returns than savings accounts.

B savings accounts are rare and hard to find.

C investments in stocks are guaranteed to make money.

D you can’t get compound interest in savings accounts.