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Technologize Your Business


Academic year: 2021

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Technologize Your Business

Second CRM – On Demand Customer Relationships



How to Raise the Game?

Malaysian Market is small, export is the key growth driver, but

barring the top companies, many small guys struggle while

dealing with mature and professional businesses outside

70% SME’s don’t use automated quotes or invoices, 80% don’t

even have complete profile of their Customers and more than

50% don’t even know what a CRM is and what it can do*

SME’s are afraid of buying Servers & Software, hire IT Guys and

the problems that come with software - version upgrades,

backups or system crash, data loss - et all



Second CRM – On Demand Customer Relationships

Especially for Small & Medium Enterprises, who has never used

any automated tool other than

MS Excel - Everybody’s First CRM

Sales Force Automation

Marketing Automation

Customer Support

On Demand, No Investment on Servers or Software, No hassles to

hire IT Guy, Secure Server, Automated daily backup, No Data loss

Easy-to-use, customizable, can use it Any Time, Any Where or on

Any Device

Free Trial, Online Activation, Support, Pay As you Use, Stop

Whenever you Want

Invoicing & Payment

Purchasing & Inventory Tracking

Reporting & Analytics


On Demand Customer Relationship Management is enabling Companies to

do more for less. The recent report by Gartner, revels it all:

Based on a survey of 3,254 customers, independent research firm MarketTools Inc. found that companies using

Salesforce.com CRM (a market leading On Demand CRM):

 Boosted win rates by 27%

 Improved sales revenue by 34%

 Increased lead volume by 52%

 Cut service and support costs by 23%


Second CRM Features

Sales Force Automation

 Leads Management

 Account Management

 Sales Quota & Pipeline Tracking

 Quotation Management  Services & Service Contracts

 Capture Website Leads

 Web Mail with Email Templates

Customer Support

 Account Management

 Manage Service Contracts  Customer Issue Management

 Customer Portal

 Knowledgebase, FAQ’s

Marketing Automation

 Campaign Management

 Mass Mail, with Email Templates  Fax & SMS directly from System

 MS Word & Outlook Integration  Calendaring & To Do Management

 Document Management

Business Intelligence

 Dashboard & Charts

 Advanced Reporting  Alerts & Notification

 Data Analysis

Operations Management

 Project Management

 Product & Vendor Management  Invoicing, Payment & Receipt

 Basic Inventory Control

 Customer Asset Management

 Computer Telephony Integration


 Modular Architecture

 Web Services API  Mobile Interface

 Import / Export Data  Configurable Workflow


Enterprise Features


Your data is protected

 All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in

multiple locations.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

 Second CRM don’t store data for its customers in ONE single database, we

maintain separate databases for each for full data isolation. Though this model is expensive to manage, but it offers best security and confidence for our customers.

Sophisticated physical security

 Our state-of-the-art servers, are protected by biometric locks and round-the-clock

interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. 24/7/365 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entry and security breaches.

Application security and sharing

 Second CRM provides a flexible, layered security framework that lets you share

different data sets to different users, using profiles, roles, hierarchies, rules, etc. Administrators can configure various sharing access levels.


Editions & Pricing

Choose the BEST Fit


Implementation & Support

To make the process simple Second CRM team has made it all online starting

from registering for 30-Day Free Trail to pay using credit card for Paid version.

 Create an Account on www.secondcrm.com

 View Demos and Compare Editions

 Register for 30-Day Free Trail

 Access Support Portal and Getting Started guides to learn basics and ask questions on forums to clear doubts

 Upgrade to Paid Version and Go Live

Estimated Implementation Time < 30 days*

Continuous Support during Subscription Period

 Application Hosting at SoftSolvers Cloud (Guaranteed Uptime 99.9%)

 Server & Application Maintenance (Backup, Patches, Upgrades, etc)


Feature Unit Price Total Cost

Software License – 10 Users

(Assuming Client buying mid range CRM) 20,000 Server Hardware (assuming a single machine) 5,000 Server Hosting (Per Month for Data Centre) 300 10,800 System Admin (Monthly Salary) 2,800 100,800

Total Cost in RM (For Three Years) 136,600

Traditional CRM

Second CRM – Professional Edition

Feature Unit Price Total Cost

Server & Application Setup Nil Second CRM Subscription Fee (Per User Per Month) 85 30,600

Rest Everything Nil

Total Cost in RM (For Three Years) 30,600

Comparing Second CRM’s Professional Edition offering with traditional On

Premise CRM implementation, over a period of Three years, assuming with

Ten active users.

Few Considerations

 With own Hardware there is no scalability, if more users are required

 After 3 years, most of

hardware need upgrades or even replacement

 For any reason replacing a trained System Admin could be a nightmare for the company

 Second CRM grows with

your Company, keeps you always Lean & Agile


Technologize Your Business

On Demand, Subscription Based

No Capital Investments on Servers or Software, Secure Servers, Daily

Backups, Security Updates, all taken care off, just focus on your


Best Price Value Package

Second CRM is highly cost competitive as compare to other global

players, both in terms of Subscription fee and the professional services


Open Source, Cloud Computing, Malaysia Cost Advantage

Zero Risk Trials, Highly Flexible Subscription

Second CRM clients are encouraged to try before they buy, without

even swiping their Credit Card. Also Second CRM allows clients to

rebalance usage up or down monthly/quarterly to meet business



Success with Second CRM

2010 Silver Award for Best CRM Programme Implementation

Case Study: MYOB South Asia

Growing with them

More than 1 year, we’ve been

serving them

Recently added HK region

Our Product is growing

Everyday working with them

Implementation & Launch

More than 40k Customers across

Asia Pacific

Sales, Marketing, Customer Support

Migration from Siebel


We are NOT Alone


Industry Accolades



Thank You

Questions & Answers

Soft Solvers Solutions Sdn Bhd

C-G-17, SME Technopreneur Centre, 2270

Jalan Usahawan 2, Cyberjaya, 63000, Selangor, MALAYSIA Tel: +603 8315 6101 Fax: +603 8315 6102

Web: www.softsolvers.com Email: info@softsolvers.com.my


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