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2 Call 08457 23 33 43

Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am–7pm,

Saturday 9am–4pm

Getting the

right cover

needn’t cost

the earth

It’s important to have good insurance in place. But getting the right cover needn’t cost the earth.

We’ve come up with insurance for everything, including your home, holiday or illness – and all at a competitive price. Not sure which products you need? Our in-branch team will be happy to help. They can talk you through the detail of our insurance range, and can also review your general financial situation – checking all your accounts with us, and helping you plan for the future with confidence.



First things first 4

Home insurance – great value from the start 6

Car insurance 8

Travel insurance 10

Protection for Life 12


4 Call 08457 23 33 43

Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am–7pm,

Saturday 9am–4pm

First things fi rst

Chances are you already know what kind of insurance you want. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things to think about.

1. Do I really need insurance?

It could be essential – some mortgage lenders will only give you a mortgage if you’ve got buildings insurance, for example. And while you may think you don’t need other types of insurance, they can still give you peace of mind. If you’re not sure, we can help you work out what best suits you.

2. What level of insurance do I need?

Most types of insurance come with different levels of cover. So you need to balance how much cover you want with how much you’re prepared to pay. Less cover costs less – but you run more of a risk. And remember to shop around. Not all policies are the same so a bit of legwork beforehand will help you decide on the best deal.

3. What commitment do I need to make?

Here’s what you’ll need to commit to:

Pay your premium. If you don’t pay,

you’re not covered. It’s that simple. Most general insurance policies cover you for a year and you can usually pay it all up front or in monthly instalments. You’ll have to pay each monthly instalment in full and you may have to pay interest. You can find this out from your policy document.


4. Are there any risks?

There may be events that your insurance doesn’t cover. So make sure you’ve read your policy terms and conditions and get in touch if you’ve got any questions. If you choose the wrong level of cover, you might end up underinsured or paying for cover you don’t need. So make sure you choose the right level when you set up your policy.

Need more information?

If you’ve read this brochure and want to know more, talk to your local branch or visit www.halifax.co.uk/insurance Or book yourself in for a Customer Review, where we can help you decide on the cover you need. We’ll make sure you’re completely happy before you make your final decision.

Make an


6 Call 0800 111 200

Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am–7pm,

Saturday 9am–4pm

Great value from the start

Halifax Home Solutions Insurance, underwritten by Lloyds Bank General Insurance Limited.

Bills going up. And many of us still feeling the pinch. But we’re always looking at ways to help make life easier – starting with quality home insurance. In fact, from the first day you take out your Halifax home insurance policy, not only will you be rewarded with fully comprehensive insurance that will protect your home – but you can save money too:

Spread your payments – you can

spread your premium across 12 monthly instalments. And unlike some insurers, we won’t charge you a penny

of interest.

No claims discount – find out whether

you could enjoy our no claims discount – even if you’re transferring from another insurer.

First-time insured discount –

even if you’ve never held a home insurance policy before, we’ll help by giving you a discount on your buildings, or combined buildings & contents premium.

Extra ways to save – if your house is

alarmed you could get a discount on your contents, or combined buildings & contents premium. Or if you hold a Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account, you could be entitled to a further discount.

Regular great value deals – to

find out more about what we’re currently offering, ask in your local branch, or pick up one of our Home Insurance brochures.

Bear in mind all discounts are applied consecutively and minimum premiums apply.


5 Star quality home


Sometimes things go wrong. And if the worst happens and you need to claim, at least you know that Halifax Home Solutions Insurance will look after your home and the things you value. It’s been rated as 5 Star by the independent fi nancial research company Defaqto, making it one of the best quality home insurance products on the market.

No one wants to pay more for their insurance than necessary. But compromising on your cover isn’t a good idea – and can end up costing you far more when making a claim. So it’s important to check that you’ve got the right level of cover that will suit your needs.

Visit www.defaqto.com/star-ratings to compare our insurance with your current cover. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed.

A great range of benefi ts, including: • Unlimited sum insured buildings cover

– so if the worst happens you can afford to rebuild your home.

• Unlimited sum insured contents cover – so your possessions can be repaired or replaced if they get stolen or damaged. There are some limits for contents, such as up to £10,000 in total for valuables and £3,000 for any single valuable item.

• Specialist UK based claims teams – for theft, fire and water damage. So if something goes wrong, you’ll be in safe hands.

• Alternative accommodation for you and your pets – if an insured event causes such severe damage that you can’t live at home, we’ll find you somewhere to live until things are sorted – that includes your domestic pets too. Under buildings insurance, we’ll pay up to £30,000 for alternative accommodation and, under contents insurance, up to £20,000.

• Personal Claims Consultant – if you’re making a complex claim, and we feel you need the extra support, you’ll get your own Personal Claims Consultant who can visit you at home.

Apply today


Call 0800 980 6315 quoting HLMOT

Car insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 8am–9pm,

Saturday 9am–5pm, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am–4pm


Car insurance

Free MOT off er

Nobody likes to fork out for an MOT. So when you buy car insurance from Halifax, your next MOT is free. That makes good motoring sense.

Just buy a policy at www.halifax.co.uk/car or call 0800 980 6315 (quoting HLMOT), hold the policy for 14 days and make sure your payments are up to date. Terms and conditions apply.

If your car is less than three years old and doesn’t need an MOT during the next 13 months, you can take advantage of a free 26-point vehicle health check instead.

More than just a great price

No one wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance, but you need to know you’ve got the right cover too. That’s why we’ve teamed up with BISL Ltd to arrange and administer our car insurance.

You’ll get a competitive quote from a panel of leading insurers and enjoy these great benefits:

• A three year guarantee on all approved claims repairs – for added peace of mind.

• 24 hour emergency and windscreen helpline – because accidents can happen day or night.

• 60 days European Union cover – so you’re insured to travel with your car in Europe, for 60 days, at no extra cost.

And if you take out a comprehensive policy, you’ll also enjoy the following additional benefits:

• New car replacement – if you’ve had your car from new and it’s less than 12 months old, you’ll get a replacement as close to make, model and

specification as possible, if it’s stolen and not recovered.

• Vandalism cover as standard – which protects you if your car gets damaged, accidentally or maliciously.

• Courtesy car – we supply you with a courtesy car while yours is with an approved repairer (subject to availability and eligibility).

Free MOT offer information


Want extra peace of mind?

If our standard cover is not enough, you can also include additional cover with your policy for an extra cost.

Motor Legal Protection

You get up to £100,000 legal cover. And it’s just £25.99 a year.

If you’re involved in a road accident that isn’t your fault you could use Motor Legal Protection to help you claim compensation for personal injury, death, damage to your vehicle or items in the vehicle not covered by your car insurance. Terms and conditions apply. Underwritten by AmTrust Europe Ltd and administered by ACM ULR Limited.

RAC Breakdown – Cover starts from just £39.99 a year

You never know when a breakdown could happen. But if it’s ever happened to you, you’ll know just how inconvenient it is. When you get a Halifax Car Insurance quote you can add RAC breakdown cover to your policy. Terms and conditions apply. Provided by RAC Motoring Services.


Take away the hassle of losing your keys for just £14.99 per year.

Most of us have lost our keys at some point and it can cause such a lot of stress and hassle, if you’re locked out of your house and car. But you can avoid this easily by adding Keycare to your Halifax Car Insurance policy. Terms and conditions apply.

Underwritten by Groupama Insurance Company Limited.

Important information

Halifax Car Insurance is underwritten by a panel of insurers and is arranged and administered by BISL Limited who are an independent intermediary authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England No. 3231904.

To apply

Go to www.halifax.co.uk/Car

Call us on 0800 980 6315 quoting HLMOT.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am–9pm, Saturday 9am–5pm, Sunday and public holidays


Call 0800 169 8784 Travel Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 8am–8pm, Saturday 8am–7pm, Sunday 9am–5pm


Travel insurance

Looking out for you when you’re away

Nobody wants to think about insurance when you’re excited about your holiday. But it’s essential to have just in case you need it.

Do you travel a lot?

If you like a lot of holidays, how about we cover you for a whole year with our annual multi-trip policy? This can save you time looking for travel insurance at each occasion and gives you cover for trips up to 60 days duration.

Need something more specifi c?

We can offer individual packages for single trips and world explorer for longer trips (up to 12 months).

Great benefi ts

Whichever policy you choose, it’ll provide:

• 24-hour medical assistance.

• Up to £10 million towards medical expenses.

• Up to £250 for travel delays (annual multi-trip and single trip policies not applicable for world explorer).

• Up to £600 for the cost of replacing your passport (annual multi-trip and single trip policies, world explorer £200).

• Travel disruption cover as standard which includes missed departure, air space closure and catastrophe e.g. volcanic eruption (not applicable on world explorer).

We also offer winter sports and golf cover options (additional premiums apply).

Here’s how to save more

Have a quick look at your home insurance policy – if it includes personal belongings cover you may not need personal baggage cover on your travel insurance.

Get a quote now

Call 0800 169 8784 quoting reference

IBB1. Lines are open Monday to Friday

8am–8pm, Saturday 8am–7pm and Sunday 9am–5pm. Or buy online at


Travel advice and tips

Pay a visit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website

www.fco.gov.uk/travel or


Bear in mind

You may not be eligible for Halifax Travel insurance cover. Cover is also subject to certain exclusions. Upper age limits apply: 75 for single and annual multi-trip cover, 64 for winter sports, 65 for trips to the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and 40 for world explorer. Please call if you fall outside of these age ranges, as we may be able to arrange alternative cover for you. Terms and conditions apply. The policy is administered by FirstAssist Insurance Services Limited and underwritten by Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC.

If you like a lot

of holidays how

about we cover

you for the


Call 0845 850 0695 Life Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 8am–6pm, Saturday 9am–1pm


Protection for Life

When it comes to looking after the important things in life – you, your family and your lifestyle are all special. So it only stands to reason that you’d want to protect what’s important to you by providing financial security, should the worst happen to you.

Helping to keep your financial goals in place

Protection can be used to provide cover in the event of death, accident or critical illness. It’s a sad fact but illnesses such as cancer or heart disease can affect any one of us at any time in our lives.

Have you thought about how your family would meet the regular monthly bills such as mortgage payments if you were taken ill, had an accident and were unable to work, or if you died?

A Halifax adviser can help ensure you, your family, income and lifestyle are fully protected, including any outstanding mortgage on your home. So you can have one point of contact to ensure all your financial goals are kept in place, whatever the future holds.

Protection for Life plan

Our advisers can help provide the reassurance you need by recommending flexible solutions from the Protection for Life plan.

This plan, provided by Scottish Widows plc, can be adapted as your life changes such as:

• Getting married

• Entering into a civil partnership

• Having children

• Buying or moving house

• Changing jobs.

Valuable cover available

The Protection for Life plan offers different types of cover which you can pick and mix from:

Critical illness cover


Life cover

Your adviser can help you make sure you have enough life cover in place, so you’ll know that your family and dependants can be better placed to make ends meet if the very worst happens to you.

With Protection for Life, you can take out cover for your mortgage which covers you should you die or suffer from a critical illness specified in your policy. Don’t forget you can also apply to adapt your plan if you have a change in circumstances e.g. need to change your mortgage.

Income protection

Cover arranged for when you can’t work for a period of time due to an accident or long-term sickness. You may want to ask our adviser about what options are available that could help maintain your lifestyle.

Lifetime cover

Lifetime cover lasts the whole of your life and provides a lump sum when you die – this type of cover could be used to pay for expenses on death. For cover of £15,000 or less you’ll be accepted in almost all cases without a medical. For Lifetime cover policies, you may pay more in premiums than the amount of cover you take out.

Would you like to know more about protection? One of our advisers can help you take the next steps. To set up a no-obligation meeting with an adviser:

• Visit your branch

Call us on 0845 850 0695

• Go to


Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am–6pm and Saturday 9am–1pm.

Please remember:

Protection for Life has no cash-in value at any time.

If you don’t pay your premiums on time your cover will stop, your benefit will end and you’ll get nothing back.


Call 0800 111 200 Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm

14 Call 08457 23 33 43

Insurance lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am–7pm,

Saturday 9am–4pm




Insurance can be confusing at the best of times. So to help you make the right decision here’s some more detailed information for you.

Like all insurance policies, ours contain specific exclusions. If you’d like a comprehensive summary of each policy, including its main benefits and exclusions, just ask. If you want the full details, ask us to give you the policy terms and conditions.

Do you need extra help?

We want to help our customers

in any way we can. If you have a

hearing or speech impairment

you can use Text Relay (previously

Typetalk) or Textphone on

08457 32 34 36 (lines are open

seven days a week 9am


We can provide brochures and

other documents in large print,

Braille, CD and audio tape. Please

ask a member of staff if you’d like

individual pieces of literature in

any other formats or would like

to know more.

Customer service

Our promise is to do our best to resolve

any problem you have immediately. Where we can’t, we’ll ensure you know who is dealing with your complaint. To complain:

Visit a branch and speak to any member

of the team.

Call our Telephone Banking Service on 08457 25 35 19.

Write to us at Halifax, PO Box 548,


If you’re still not happy and we can’t put things right to your satisfaction, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to look at your complaint – provided you have tried to resolve the matter directly with us first. We hope you won’t need to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service but if you do, we’ll tell you how to do this.

Free booklets and information

This brochure gives you an overview of the Halifax Insurance range. If you’d like more detailed information, our staff will be happy to help.

The Money Advice Service (MAS) also provides a range of free booklets and factsheets. You can call their consumer helpline too. To find out more, visit www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk or call 0300 500 5000. Please note that the MAS will only give you general information and are unable to give you any advice, investigate a complaint or contact a financial company for you. All the information in this booklet was correct when it was printed (August 2013).

Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc. Registered in Scotland no. SC327000. Registered office: The Mound,

Edinburgh EH1 1YZ.


Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc. Registered in Scotland No. SC327000. Registered Offi ce: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

1/3390220-2 (09/13)

It’s easy to get in touch

Insurance 08457 23 33 43 Current accounts 08457 20 30 40 Savings 08457 26 36 46 Credit cards 08457 28 38 48 Personal loans 08457 24 34 44 Mortgages 08457 27 37 47 Secured lending 08457 27 37 47 Share dealing 08457 22 55 25 Lost and stolen cards 08457 20 30 99

Speak to a colleague in branch today

Phone your local branch direct. You can find the number online at www.halifax.co.uk/branchfinder

Do you need extra help?

We want to help our customers in any way we can. Please contact us if you’d like this information in an alternative format such as Braille, large print or audio.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment and would prefer to use a Textphone, please feel free to call us on 08457 32 34 36 (lines open 9am–5pm, 7 days a week).

If you are Deaf and prefer to use BSL then you can use the SignVideo service available on our website www.halifax.co.uk/accessibility/signvideo


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Our Home insurance policy is designed to provide you with a wide range of standard cover when insuring the buildings and contents of your home, personal possessions, valuables,

Our Home insurance policy is designed to provide you with a wide range of standard cover when insuring the buildings and contents of your home, personal

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