National progress indicators for sustainable economic, social and environmental development

For example, while it is clear that the proportion of households with access to a PC or the Internet is relevant to the Utilisation and Development of the Information Society, this

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The Myth of Organic Agriculture

Public perceptions, mainly based on nonscientific uncorroborated data, lead to the belief that organic agriculture as a farming system exists in harmony with nature, with lower inputs


The vascular flora of Mt. Oiti National Park and the surrounding area in Greece

The aim of this study is to provide the first comprehensive species list of native vascular plant species for an especially important area concerning plant biodiversity, namely National


Douglas-fir ( Pseudotsuga menziesii(Mirb.) Franco) and its role in the Czech forests

Douglasfir is then considered to be its possible and more than adequate substitute for a number of reasons: i The production potential of Douglas-fir at lower and middle altitudes is


Effect of decomposition on physical properties of fibrous peat

Physical properties of test materials after incubation treatment Figures 4–7 present the measured values of water content, LOI, specific gravity of solids and fibre content plotted


The Ecological Effects of Light Pollution: A Three Site (Bull Island, Trinity College Dublin & Killiney Hill) Comparative Study

From the light meter readings of the three study sites of Bull Island, Trinity College Dublin and Killiney Hill it is evident that County Dublin has widely spread light pollution,


Bisphenol S instead of bisphenol A: a story of reproductive disruption by regretable substitution – a review

2007: Chapel Hill bisphenol A expert panel consensus statement: integration of mechanisms, effects in animals and potential to impact human health at current levels of exposure.. 2015:


Legal and environmental aspects of authorizing edible insects in the European Union

Since the European Commission itself does not have the scientific resources to evaluate the possible health hazards of introducing edible insects to the EU market, it commissioned the

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A global meat tax: from big data to a double dividend

Keywords: climate change, environment, ethics, European Union EU, food, Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO, foresight, health, human health, meat consumption, negative externalities,

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Approaching environmental sustainability of agriculture: environmental burden, eco-efficiency or eco-effectiveness

Abstract: The main goal of the article is to compare three approaches to measuring environmental sustainability in agriculture: i the environmental burden index; ii the sustainable

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Draft recommendations on access to environmental information

5.5 In order to create the capacity within public bodies to fulfil their obligations under the Directive, the following measures should be adopted i the designation of information


Adaptation to Climate Change: Issues for Business

The research process in which Forfás has engaged In preparing this work, Forfás has undertaken an extensive literature review and engaged with its sister agencies IDA Ireland and


Novel sampling method for assessing human pathogen interactions in the natural environment using boot socks and citizen scientists, with application to Campylobacter seasonality

Novel sampling method for assessing human-pathogen interactions in the natural environment using boot socks and citizen scientists, with application to Campylobacter seasonality JONES,


The law of insuperable environment: What is exhibited in the exhibition of the process of nature?

3 That the moments of the Idea are outside the Idea, taken alongside the critique of Kant’s concept of space as being reducibly subjective,47 suggests that externality is necessary and


Czech research in veterinary medicine

1999: Isolation of Rhodococcus equi and atypical mycobacteria from lymph nodes of pigs and cattle in herds with the occurrence of tuberculoid gross changes in the Czech Republic over

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 Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis in a mouflon herd without clinical symptoms monitored using IS900 real time PCR: a case report

paratuberculosis detection in faeces of mouflon lambs and ewes using IS900 quantitative real-time PCR IS900 qPCR No... Lambs with negative results 16 lambs are not included in the table

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Exposition of working and natural environment to noise during timber transport by helicopter MIL MI 8 in Carpathian region of Slovakia

Besides these values sound-level meter also measured: sound level in frequency ranges Lfeq, Lfmax, Lfmin, sound A equivalent level in frequency range LAfeq, sound A peak level LCpk and

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Soil and plant pollution by potentially toxic elements in Slovakia

But a higher coefficient of correlation r was found between the 2 mol/l HNO3 extracted amounts soil heavy metal content and plant content whereas the highest coefficient of correlation

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