Healthcare reform in Russia: problems and prospects

Many OECD countries still finance hospital investment out of central and regional budgets – even those, like Germany and the Netherlands, that rely on public medical insurance systems


Waiting for health care: a concept analysis

Waiting for health care is identified in the literature as an unspecified yet measurable period of time between identification of a healthcare problem and its diagnosis and treatment,


Understanding informal payments in healthcare: motivation of health workers in Tanzania

The study had three objectives: first, to assess whether, how and in which ways informal fees occur in the case study area of Tanzania and represent a critical issue for the health

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Stroke awareness in the general population: knowledge of stroke risk factors and warning signs in older adults

Stroke awareness in the general population: knowledge of stroke risk factors and warning signs in older adults Anne Hickey*1, Ann O'Hanlon1, Hannah McGee1, Claire Donnellan2, Emer

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The Leadership Gap: Ensuring Effective Healthcare Leadership Requires Inclusion of Women at the Top

Future research recommendations include analyzing the results from companies that have implemented leadership development programs with a focus on women, studying the percentage of


Readiness to Screen for Domestic Violence against Women in Healthcare Uganda: Associations with Demographic, Professional and Work Environmental Factors

Readiness to Screen vs Demographic/Occupational Factors Female care providers were less likely to blame the victim for IPV, and expressed lower concerns about victim safety in relation


Privacy of Wearable Electronics in the Healthcare and Childcare Sectors: A Survey of Personal Perspectives from Finland and the United Kingdom

The goal is to gather and compare the personal views of people about privacy in WE application from Finland and the UK in order to provide an account of the perceptions and highlight


Utilization of Telehealth in India

Telehealth Utilizations in India Recent Telemedicine Users’ meet held in Ahmedabad by the ISRO during May 2007 has published some data on the hospital-wise super specialty

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Using a Health Level 7 Interoperability Bus to Support Legacy Systems in the Health Domain

Wrapper Development Effort In order to acquire data about the effort involved in the development of HL7 wrappers, we monitored the development effort of two different wrappers

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Gerechtigkeit und Verteilungswirkungen der Gesundheitsreform 2007

Die Finanzierung der Gesundheitsausgaben wird durch diesen Tarif gerechter im Sinne beider Theorien, da hierdurch das Risiko krank zu werden je nach Art und Höhe der Prämie sogar


Sensors Applied in Healthcare Environments

Sensor enabled mobile phone devices are going to revolutionize personal and social network based sensor data collection leading into the next generation of innovative and secure mHealth

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Quantification is Incapable of Directly Enhancing Life Quality through Healthcare

The use of these diagnostic catalogs is incapable of directly enhancing health, a component of life quality; because health is not the control or absence of disease, and practitioners

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Nurse Staff Allocation in a Multi stage Queuing System with Patients’ Feedback Flow for an Outpatient Department

p1 for the Impact of System Values With the patient routing probability input examination station p1 varying from 0.1,1.892 and other parametersare fixed, so the changes of the costs of

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Startery podlaskiej gospodarki analiza gospodarczych obszarów wzrostu i innowacji województwa podlaskiego Sektor produkcji żywności leczniczej

Uwarunkowania rozwoju sektora Na podstawie szeregu analiz prowadzonych w ramach badań sektora produkcji żywności leczniczej uznać można, że wśród głównych determinant rozwojowych

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Optimizing the stake holder’s perspective on enhancing the service quality in health care

The aim of this paper is to analyze different perspectives on health care quality in the level of health care organization and to determine quality dimensions, important to patients,


Impact of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors Training on the Delivery of Malaria, Diarrhoea, and Family Planning Services in Nigeria

In realization of this fact, the Society for Family Health SFH through the Expanded Social Marketing Project in Nigeria ESMPIN provides comprehensive periodic training focusing on

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iPhone Independent Real Time Localization System Research and Its Healthcare Application

From Figure 20 and Table 6, we can know that, for short-term distance error, 9 sampling points’ case has better performance than others.. For long-term distance error, 16 sampling


Perspectives for Wearable Electronics in Healthcare and Childcare

Several important points to consider were brought up in free comments and in the Internet forum survey, e.g., related to the safety of children, individual privacy of people, practical

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