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The only company devoted

exclusively to serving the

pest management needs of

the commercial, national

account market

This is Copesan’s sole reason for being, and it allows us to focus our local and North American resources on delivering consistent, high quality solutions to your pest

management needs.

It is our goal to help you maintain your competitive advantage and increase your profitability through our customized programs.

Businesses with multiple locations turn to Copesan for consistent brand protection

Copesan is an alliance of premier pest management companies. We are united as a single entity for the sole purpose of providing quality pest solutions to businesses with locations throughout North America.

Since 1958, Copesan has been providing quality pest management services to a long list of demanding industries. These include: • Food Processing • Warehousing/Distribution • Chain Restaurant • Grocery/Supermarket • Health Care • Hotel/Motel • Property Management • Retail • Transportation

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Copesan has a definitive view that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an on-going process, using all

appropriate pest management options to manage pests while balancing the benefits of control, costs, public health and protection of the environment. Our view of IPM combines creative strategy and multiple techniques proven to eliminate pests. Copesan also views IPM as a partnership, providing long-term solutions by working together, with our clients.

Inspection Sanitation Exclusion Quality Control Documentation Administrative Support Pest Trapping Service Technician Education Mechanical Control Pesticide Applications Physical Control

A puzzle is used to help visualize how IPM service is not just dependent on one or two items, but depends on the interaction of many components, or tactics, to form a complete picture. Copesan’s service team is trained to piece together the right combination of tactics to achieve results, exceed expectations and protect your brand and the environment.

Local technical expertise Copesan has the most extensive

group of technical experts in the industry. They are internationally

recognized experts in pest management for being leaders

in research, training, education, advancements in strategies for service delivery and for defining pest management for the future. Located throughout North America, these technical experts apply their skills at the local level. As a Copesan client, your service program is supported by this vast network of knowledge to solve your unique pest challenges.

We realize the key to your overall satisfaction is directly dependent upon the quality of people who perform the service. Copesan’s Partners continually educate and train our IPM Service Specialists in the most advanced pest management techniques. This provides you with the most qualified and experienced specialists servicing your facilities.

Copesan’s online learning center, Copesan University, provides specialized training that drives consistent, high-quality service.


Copesan’s North American coverage assures you of responsive, personal service Copesan offers you the most complete coverage in the industry, with Service Centers located throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. This extensive, coast-to-coast coverage assures you of efficient and locale-specific pest protection—no matter where your facilities are located. Quality standards guarantee performance

Copesan ensures the quality of service through consistent monitoring of an established set of Performance Standards. These standards make it possible for us to provide consistent, effective service to all of your facilities. We guarantee it!


Environmental Care Philosophy ~

A Green Approach

On every service, for every client, Copesan emphasizes quality, consistency, collaboration and respect for the environment. To that end, Copesan operates with three guiding principles of pest management:

• We take specific, proactive actions to solve pest issues within the context of our natural ecology, even in the absence of regulatory mandates.

• We seek to use the most permanent solutions with the least amount of material, waste and disruption to the environment.

• We aggressively explore and implement alternatives, innovation, technology and advances in materials and methodology to reduce or replace pesticide use and support the sustainability of the earth.

These principles guide us in our pest management decisions and strategies to protect the safety and health of our clients and their employees, and to help preserve the integrity of our clients’ brands.

Contact Copesan — Our expertise is your solution.

Consistent communication and documentation As an innovator in providing unparalleled pest management solutions, Copesan utilizes a proprietary, electronic data

reporting system – RapidTrax™. RapidTrax provides you with a wide range of options for communication, documentation and to monitor your program’s effectiveness.

• Electronic service reports capture essential service details including pest activity, types of pests, sanitation and structural deficiencies, materials used, time and date of service.

• Web-based data allows designated client employees to access service details on a secured site, view trend reports and generate customized reports.

• Escalated Issue Reporting and Email Notifications provide important insight for you and your staff into critical issues requiring immediate attention.

• Deficiency Notices triggered by unresolved sanitation or structural deficiencies make follow-up easy and ensures conditions conducive to pest activity are resolved. Client-focused relationships

Copesan is a client-driven organization with a focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Copesan’s Strategic Account Management process is a systematic and proactive approach that fosters a productive relationship for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. To accomplish this, we engage key people within both organizations and develop a proactive communication model to facilitate effective information flow. When you partner with Copesan, our Strategic Account Management Team goes to work building the framework for a true strategic partnership. Our goal is to build client loyalty and retain your business long into the future.

Account managers learn about your business and provide individualized support through proactive communication and close-the-loop protocols.


The food processing industry has high standards when it comes to pest management. Copesan understands this and brings a technically-sophisticated approach and unmatched level of expertise to meeting these needs. Signature Care® is delivered by service professionals who are certified in providing pest management services for the highly regulated food industry. Signature Care is a great fit for facilities that are inspected, have third-party audits or operate under organic protocols.

Providing patrons with a safe, enjoyable and pest-free dining experience is critical to the success of any foodservice establishment. Unlike any other program on the market, Culinary Care™ delivers a powerful combination of unique benefits developed specifically for the restaurant industry, including coverage for the most visible and problematic pest—flies.

Market differentiation and managing brand consistency across all locations can be a challenge and the key to success in the hospitality industry. Total Guest Care™ safeguards your properties with a new level of protection for your hotels with solutions for bed bugs, flies and other key pests. The critical needs and highly sensitive environments of the health care industry require special knowledge and expertise. Copesan is committed to protecting these environments, as well as the health and safety of residents, patients and employees through our Prescription Care™ program.

With responsibility for managing multiple locations, you need options when it comes to a pest management solution. That’s why Copesan created Care Select™, a modular Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Designed with choices in services and covered pests, Care Select zeroes in on the target for simple, effective solutions to a variety of pest problems.


A sterling reputation is vital to any brand. Copesan is committed to protecting the brands of our clients through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process that ensures Consistency, Accountability, Responsiveness and Effectiveness — the CARE that is the foundation of each of our programs.



Copesan’s CARE programs are dedicated to protecting your products, reputation and environment through an integrated pest management process that ensures Consistency, Accountability, Responsiveness, and Effectiveness.



Copesan will consistently adhere to the standards set forth in your customized program, from service specifications and communication to pricing and special requests.



Copesan will be accountable to your specific requirements in terms of regulatory compliance, quality assurance, licensing and time of service.



Copesan will respond to emergency calls within 4 hours. We realize that any pest visible to your customers could be devastating to your reputation and profitability. With the largest, local service response team in place, Copesan is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



Copesan will deliver the most comprehensive service in the most effective manner with minimal disruption to your facilities.

Copesan people

set the toughest

standards in the

pest management




Bed Bug Inspections and Treatments Bioremediation Services

Bird Exclusion Services

Electronic Reporting/Trend Analysis Flying Insect Management


Fumigation Alternatives GMP Audits

Green and Organic Service Programs In-House Training, Materials and Support Insect Management

Insect Light Traps and Maintenance IPM Seminars and Workshops Nuisance Wildlife Management Pest Identification

Pest Prevention/Exclusion Consultation Pest Proofing

Pheromone Monitoring Product and Equipment Sales

Product Pest Contamination Consultation Rodent Management

Sanitation Inspections

Stored Product Pest Management Termite Inspections and Treatments Vegetation Management

Wood Destroying Organism Inspections Wood Destroying Organism Treatments

Copesan is an alliance of premier pest management companies that are united as a single entity for the sole purpose of providing quality pest solutions to businesses with locations throughout North America.

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Copesan’s industry leadership helps your business comply with regulations

Through active involvement with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and state associations, Copesan plays an instrumental role in the development of laws, regulations and industry standards with your needs

and concerns in mind. In fact, more Copesan leaders have served as NPMA President than any other organization.





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