The Myth of Organic Agriculture

Public perceptions, mainly based on nonscientific uncorroborated data, lead to the belief that organic agriculture as a farming system exists in harmony with nature, with lower inputs


Prevalence and Characteristics of Salmonella in Retail Poultry and Pork Meat in the Czech Republic in 2013–2014

Altogether, 176 randomly collected samples of fresh and frozen poultry meat 128 samples of chicken meat, 24 samples of hen meat, and 24 samples of turkey meat and 223 samples of fresh

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Activity of natural radionuclide 210 Pb in Czech foodstuffs and its annual intake

Annual food groups consumption comparison for Czech consumers in 2017 CSI 2017 and annual reference values for adult people world average from UNSCEAR 2000 Food groups Milk products

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The Sweezy model of price competition among private labels of chain stores

The share of private labels in products offered by the individual retail chains in the Czech Republic in 2014 in % Source: Incoma GfK Czech 2014.. Germany, the share of private labels

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A global meat tax: from big data to a double dividend

Keywords: climate change, environment, ethics, European Union EU, food, Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO, foresight, health, human health, meat consumption, negative externalities,

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Consumer purchasing behaviour for “biodiversity-friendly” vegetable products: increasing importance of informal relationships

The importance of networks is reflected in: – the production level for integrating conservation systems “in situ” and “ex-situ”; – the participatory approach that defines


Demand for food in Ireland 1947 1973

Since some food items are undoubtedly inferior goods, one w o u l d perhaps have preferred to have included both positive and negative income elasticities.. However, the difficulties o


Exogenous chemical substances in bird perception: a review

Some results of experiments with anosmic and control pigeons suggest that olfactory and visual cues play a fundamental, but apparently mutually interchangeable role for pigeon

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Virulence factors and antibiotic resistance in enterococci isolated from food stuffs

The aim of this study was to monitor the distribution of virulence factors and the antibiotic resistance of various enterococci species isolated from food-stuffs... Original Paper

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The determination of isoflavones and coumestrol by capillary electrophoresis

The separation of six isoflavones biochanin A, isoformononetin, formononetin, prunetin, daidzein and genistein and coumestrol on an uncoated fused-silica capillary electrophoresis

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Liquid chromatographic determination of biogenic amines in a meat product during fermentation and long term storage

Liquid chromatographic procedures employing two derivatisation reagents, dansylchloride and o-phthaldialdehyde OPA, were compared and applied for the determination of biogenic amines in

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The histamine content in some samples of food products

Read within 60 min after the addition of the stop solution RESULTS AND DISCUSSION A standard curve for the histamine determination by fluorimetric method based on the reaction with

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Acrylonitrile in food contact materials – two different legislative approaches: comparison of direct determination with indirect evaluation using migration into food simulants

Testing relation of results from two different methodologies – acrylonitrile content in polymer mass and acrylonitrile migrated into food simulants The main objective of this study was

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Nourishing and health benefits of coenzyme Q10

The research by Schultz showed that mitochondrial function is impaired in patients with Parkinson’s disease and CoQ10 levels are reduced in the mitochondria of Parkinsonian patients..


'GAB' generalised equation as a basis for sorption spectral analysis

As to the sorption data approximated by a polynomial of 6-th order, we are able to distinguish between resorption and adsorption; the [w]’/[w] plot lies a little higher for desorption


Discriminatory power assessment of the sensor array of an electronic nose system for the detection of non alcoholic beer aging

This study was aimed at the evaluation of the discriminatory power of each sensor included in the sensor array of the electronic nose for the identification of the aging process in

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Total, soluble, and insoluble dietary fibre contents of wild growing edible mushrooms 

Mushrooms have been long valued as tasty and nutritional foods for human beings and assumed to contain beneficial fibres, so the objective of this study was to analyse 20 species of

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Feeding ecology of invasive Perccottus glenii (Perciformes, Odontobutidae) in Slovakia

2003: Contribution to the knowledge of competitive relationships between the invasive fish Amur sleeper Perccottus glenii and native species.. In: 9th Zoology

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