DTN: An Architectural Retrospective

In addition, methods for routing bundles may involve creation and deletion of single or multiple copies of a bundle, various degrees of knowledge about the topology and traffic pattern

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The European Court of Justice Case of Breyer

Breyer, had no option but to seek interpretative guidance from the European Court of Justice, via the Preliminary Ruling procedure.18 Upon receipt of the request from the German court,

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UK passenger transport information on the internet: Promoting best practice through accreditation

A series of interface goals exist including: maintaining information accuracy to ensure users revisit the site; keeping the interface simple but where possible stimulating and thereby


The intensity and quality of Internet usage in the agriculture sector and possibilities of its further development – Information

Information available on the AGRIS WWW portal – up-to-date news – reporting of the portal itself, the CTK service, monitoring of the national and regional press, prepared events,

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eFarmer – project “Bringing the datawarehouse for agriculture into practice”

The integrated database is internally divided into three components: 1 entry structures – structures into which source data are imported in order to gain supplementary data required for

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Information and communication technologies and multifunctional agri food systems in the Czech Republic

Despite of the technological development and European and world trends, the Internet connectivity in the Czech Republic did not develop towards transition to a high-speed connection,

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Knowledge and information systems

This creates problems during the management of intellectual funds which is based on: – employees knowledge and information – information found in transactional OLTP and OLAP databases

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Development of communication infrastructure in rural areas of the Czech Republic

The technical structure of the built communication infrastructure is partly different from other countries the EU, advanced countries; above all, through the outstanding prevalence of

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Analysis of the exploitation of information and communication technologies in the agri food sector companies

When verifying the validity of the statistical hypothesis, the testing procedures lead to the following conclusions: – The share of employees using a computer depends on the legal form

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Endogenous Reputation Formation: Cooperation and Identity under the Shadow of the Future

Table A.4: History Information and Cooperation Decisions in the RG-F and RG-C Treatments supplementing Table 3 of the manuscript Dependent Variable: A dummy variable that equals 1 0 if


Frictions in Internet Auctions with Many Traders: a Counterexample

Because the PS strategies are simple and based on easily observed data, a branch of the empirical auctions literature has used some of the theoretical predictions of the bidding rule

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Архетипический маркетинг как методология и методика исследования Интернета : психология восприятия контента

Идентичность, самовосприятие, - можно сказать, что это постоянный творческий процесс восприятия себя глазами другого, подтверждение своих характеристик, разыгрывание

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Интернет, гражданская культура и эволюция механизмов координации

Полтерович ЦЭМИ РАН и МШЭ МГУ Аннотация Выдвигается и обсуждается гипотеза о том, что при высоком начальном уровне гражданской культуры внедрение интернета способствует


Bitcoin: Future transaction currency?

4.2 Bitcoin usage as a currency and the cryptocurrency market: Table-2: Literatures on Bitcoin usage as a currency and the cryptocurrency market Author s Year of Topic of investigation


Real Time Internet Based Teleoperation

System tracking response without wave prediction a and the system output tracking response with wave predicttion b, and with proposed multi-model adaptive control system c in variable


A General Framework For Determining the Temporal and Evolutionary Dynamics of Religion Based Website Popularity on the Internet

Prediction of a model if selection drives temporal change in the proportion PV of web hits out all hits for all religion-based websites that a religion-based website receives over time

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Impact of Technology in Life of a University Student

From this information, Wenglinsky found that the students and teachers of eighth grade who used computer for Mathematics gain more scores of up to 15 weeks and 13 weeks respectively

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An Automated Plant Pot Controlled via the Internet based on Arduino Applications

ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to developed a low-cost Arduino based automatic pot that performs the following functions: i monitor plant's living conditions, such as temperature,

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