Numerical modelling of parametric resonance of a heaving point absorber wave energy converter

Figure 4.7: a Experimental time trace for pitch free decay test b frequency domain amplitude spectrum for pitch free decay test.. Table 4.4: Nautral frequencies of SML17 based on free

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Micromechanical modelling of normal, drug treated and osteoporotic bone using scanning acoustic microsopy and finite element analysis

Within year 2 sample types control and drug treated ovariectomised samples have similar distributions, conversely the ovariectomised sample type has a different distribution, having

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Feature Cut: Video Object Segmentation Through Local Feature Correspondences

The reason that H02 is rejected for the “Eating Apple” and “Quad-bike” sequences is that the differences between the automatic and author’s ground truth mattes are significantly

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EHD augmentation of convective boiling within a transparent heat exchange

Chang, "A two-phase flow pattern map for annular channels under a DC applied voltage and the application to electrohydrodynamic convective boiling analysis," International Journal of

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The effect of wheel eccentricity and run out on grinding forces, waviness, wheel wear and chatter

These concepts were implemented into the Scallop Waviness Model, which predicts final profile shape and scallop height from the grinding parameters and wheel eccentricity.. Waveshift


The Demand and Supply of Engineers and Engineering Technicians

Employment in NACE Rev 1 331 Manufacture of Medical and Surgical Equipment and Orthopaedic Appliances and of NACE 37 Instrument Engineering* Employment Projections for Medical Devices

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Cooling by high speed air jet in orthogonal machining operations

The research set out to develop a finite element model of the orthogonal cutting process assisted by high speed impinging air jet in order to investigate the effect of the mechanical

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Evaluation of the Unsteady Effects for a Class of Wind Turbines

Lf we consider the motion of a flexible blade sliding entirely on the trajectory left by its leading edge, then the blade will not disturb the inviscid fluid, because every point of the

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Surface effects in simple molecular systems

In the spirit of the van der Waals theory, we assume that the pair correlation function for a uniform fluid near the critical point can be expanded as a Taylor series in the variables..

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Nonspherical vapor bubble collapse

initial bubble shape had a radius of 5 mesh lengths in thi s n et for thr., problem of an initially spherical bubble collapsing near a solid wall and a mean radius of 10 mesh lengths

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Lattice anomalies and magnetic states in Fe 5Si 3 Mn 5Si 3 alloys

For this reason, analysis of electrical resistance throughout the present work has been carried out in terms of the relative resistance with respect to its room temperature value fact

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The Principles Involved in a Factory Cost System

2 or lost and why, and to turn on the searchlight of investi gat ion so 1uickly a fter the event, to permit the.. of every concealed foe


A An Investigation of the Relation Between the Tensile Strength and (Brinell) Hardness of Non Ferrous Alloys B A Design of a Fatigue Testing Machine for a College Laboratory

Reduced a~a of specimen subjected to a unifor-m load by mean• of suspended weights, hung on ball bearings... Excessive coat of te at


Capping transport emissions: A welfare analysis of a personal carbon trading scheme

Finally, the effects of a modal switch away from private vehicles to public transport on emissions and permit allocation in the scheme is investigated using a scenario analysis.. The

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Bike ology: Evaluating inter urban and rural cycling infrastructure

preferred route after an extensive inspection of the existing infrastructure in the area, where it was identified that the on-road cycle lane would cost approximately the same, as the

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Automatic recognition of ageing speakers

In Chapter 7, the effect of ageing on the performance of both i-vector and GMM-UBM systems, using the Trinity College Dublin Speaker Ageing TCDSA database, was presented.. A similar

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Applications of the Theory of Critical Distances in Failure Analysis

Failure is assumed to occur if the effective stress is greater than some material constant value σo or, in the case of fatigue failure, a stress range ∆σo.. The second type of analysis


An investigation into the effects of the density of on site wastewater treatment systems on Irish aquifer

The focus of this thesis is a 3 year study to quantify the effects of the density of on-site wastewater treatment systems on groundwater quality at different groundwater vulnerability

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